Although this version of the G37 was feeling a bit old, the Infiniti scored well in our Ratings. Highlights included very strong drivetrain performance, along with exceptional agility and handling. The G37 is very quick in either rear-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive form. The cabin is snug and two adults can sit in reasonable comfort in the back seat. Controls remained refreshingly simple to use.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Consumer Reports’ Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey can improve the chances of finding a compatible car match. How? Our survey data reveals whether, all things considered, owners would buy the same car again. The answer to that question is what determines our owner-satisfaction rating, which is a powerful piece of intel because it predicts how well a particular model will satisfy other owners.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"I especially like the acceleration factor. It gives me power to get on the highway or passing acceleration that I want. This car handles very well. I love my car."

Anonymous, FL (2009 Infiniti G)


JACK H., FL (2009 Infiniti G)

"very good acceleration, great balance."

Anonymous, NC (2009 Infiniti G)

"Touchy acceleration. It can take off fast with slight pressure"

Anonymous, NH (2009 Infiniti G)

"one of the best handling cars I've owned and the acceleration has always been impressive"

Anonymous, UT (2009 Infiniti G)

"It's very quick and handles great. S model has a stiffer suspension and paddle shifters. Very good climate control and Bose audio system."

Anonymous, TX (2009 Infiniti G)

"It's just plain fun!"

Anonymous, CO (2009 Infiniti G)


JOHN C., MO (2009 Infiniti G)

"It is very quick, excellent passing ability, easy to merge with cars on highway. You can drive it very aggressively on back roads."

Anonymous, WA (2009 Infiniti G)

"I drove a number of other cars that were presumably competitive. None came close to the G in terms of performance and handling (Sorry Audi & BMW--I'll drive this car up a twisty highway anytime, can't say the same about you). The seats could use a little more padding, but the car is comfortable and cozy (some might say "cramped."). Curiously, the noise level on the highway seems somewhat less than in our M."

JAMES T., GA (2009 Infiniti G)

"Engine was powerful enough to satisfy torque and acceleration sport driving experience"

Anonymous, ON (2009 Infiniti G)

"Corners like it's on rails. However the Sport suspension is a kidney buster. It needs an electronic suspension so I can change from sport to soft depending if I'm on the freeway or a curvy rural road."

KIM R., CA (2009 Infiniti G)

"So easy to drive and great acceleration"

Anonymous, IN (2009 Infiniti G)

"Steering wheel doesn't seem stable. If I get my hands off from the steering wheel, it veers off in one or the other direction. I'd like it to drive straight but that is not the case. By the way this is the G37. You should have put the G37 as a choice."

TESFA G., CA (2009 Infiniti G)

"Car turns on a dime, great for parking. Acceleration, especially for passing, is very impressive. Best car I have had in this regard or any other regard (except interior room) for that matter."

JOHN M., TX (2009 Infiniti G)

"handles well, awesome acceleration."

PETE B., WI (2009 Infiniti G)

"Outstanding acceleration and handling this a a 2 door coupe. All wheel dive feels very secure on slick roads"

ARTHUR L., UT (2009 Infiniti G)

"great acceleration although with a slight delay"

Anonymous, WA (2009 Infiniti G)

"The G-37 has great acceleration at low and moderate speeds never leaving me frustrated when I have to pass. it's handling is tight and responsive on turns m and has a very small turning radius. It drive great even after the 129000 miles that I have put on the car and had needed no repairs. Great car."

MICHAEL F., FL (2009 Infiniti G)

"Great acceleration from this 325 HP powerhouse. Handles wonderfully and is especially fun to drive on two lane, curvy roads!"

Anonymous, WV (2009 Infiniti G)

"Excellent acceleration of quickly merging onto highways. Responsive for routine and emergency maneuvering."

Anonymous, MA (2009 Infiniti G)

"6 speed stick shift fun to drive excellent acceleration"

Anonymous, FL (2009 Infiniti G)

"Great agility and road hugging experience"

JEFFREY H., TX (2009 Infiniti G)

"330 hp"

Anonymous, CA (2009 Infiniti G)

"Great acceleration and handling. The all wheel drive was great in the snow."

T Z., AZ (2009 Infiniti G)

"Fun to drive and shift"

Anonymous, FL (2009 Infiniti G)

"Outstanding responsive accelaration and precise sports car level handling."

Anonymous, MD (2009 Infiniti G)

"The car is a convertible thus with all the additional weight the car has more than enough power to enable what I consider to be outstanding acceleration for a touring type vehicle"

William K., MI (2009 Infiniti G)

"Unhappy with the automatic transmission, always has had a lg in acceleration and responsiveness."

Anonymous, CO (2009 Infiniti G)

"Hugs the road well and is very responsive to input while performance driving. Smooth and easy when driving relaxed luxury cruising."

Jeffrey H., TX (2009 Infiniti G)

"power and tracking"

Paul F., FL (2009 Infiniti G)

"I consider my car a lot of fun to drive. It accelerates and responds beautifully, has a very good turning circle, and I never feel like I have to work at driving it."

Anonymous, FL (2009 Infiniti G)

"Excellent acceleration when you need it (e.g. entering freeway)"

Anonymous, CA (2009 Infiniti G)

"very sporty and crisp without being uncomfortable. Overall a pleasant ride. 6 cyl. engine is smooth and strong."

Bobcr J., TX (2009 Infiniti G)

"Acceleration is very possitive and powerful. Steering is direct and active all the time."

John C., ON (2009 Infiniti G)

"Very good handling car but a somewhat stiff ride."

Stan S., NY (2009 Infiniti G)

"Good is that the car is very responsive, can accelerate with a lot of horse power. Bad is sometimes, gear shifting is rigid"

Benjamin L., GA (2009 Infiniti G)

"Quick acceleration and very responsive handling."

Anonymous, CA (2009 Infiniti G)

"Fun car to drive. Plenty of power and it handles well for a sedan. There's a "known problem" with the 3.7L motor where the gaskets of both sides of the timing chain housing go bad. This is NOT meant to be a wearable part. The gaskets have been redesigned. If it's a known problem, and it's a MAJOR repair, Infiniti / Nissan should issue a TSB or recall rather than sticking the owner with the BIG bill!"

John B., PA (2009 Infiniti G)

"Phenomenal acceleration! The car has power to spare and handles like a dream, providing a secure and in control driving experience."

Elgin E., KY (2009 Infiniti G)

"The car handles precisely and predictably, and is well-behaved on all sorts of roadways (paved highways, gravel, dirt). The acceleration of the car is strong, and even at high speeds (over 60 miles per hour), it is easy to get more performance."

Melinda R., FL (2009 Infiniti G)

"We bought it to handle the roads in rural Europe, and now it is doing fine on the rural roads of Kentucky."

Anonymous, AE (2009 Infiniti G)

"best car I've owned when it comes to acceleration, handling, and stability. Just an excellent car."

Anonymous, WA (2009 Infiniti G)

"good acceleration with enough torque"

Anonymous, ON (2009 Infiniti G)

"Has great pickup for an automatic sedan Smooth, quiet ride."

Donald D., CA (2009 Infiniti G)

"The problem appears to be fixed for now, but earlier in the year I had to take the car to the dealer to have them fix the known problem with these vehicles going into "limp mode" suddenly when driving. They reset the ECM and it hasn't gone into "limp mode" again yet."

Anonymous, KY (2009 Infiniti G)

"Outstanding acceleration / handles well in tight corners"

Anonymous, BC (2009 Infiniti G)

"Very strong acceleration and excellent handling, even in snow. It is all wheel drive."

Anonymous, BC (2009 Infiniti G)

"Hugs the road on tight turns and accelerates quickly when necessary."

F B., KY (2009 Infiniti G)

"Handles well. Was one of few vehicles in that class that was available with the 6-speed manual transmission."

Steve S., MD (2009 Infiniti G)

"These mid level Infinitis have great power from the V6 and feel very peppy from a stoplight and entering the highway, etc. The handling is excellent, especially for a sedan. We have owned 6 Infiniti models (2 of the early model Q45s, a G35 sedan, a G35 Sport Coupe, a M35 and a M45) and have found all to have an excellent driving experience and high reliability. The Infiniti service departments are A+ and that is one reason we go back to the brand."

Jim O., AZ (2009 Infiniti G)

"Accelerates and handles very well. Auto transmission upshifts too soon at low speed."

Anonymous, CA (2009 Infiniti G)

"Car handles like a dream and is really really fast."

Edward F., IL (2009 Infiniti G)

"smooth and responsive v6 auto"

Donald D., CA (2009 Infiniti G)

"Powerful acceleration, excellent braking and low center of gravity with sport suspension is a joy to drive!"

Jonathan S., IL (2009 Infiniti G)

"Very responsive with acceleration on demand when needed. Tight steering and good braking."

Cameron T., SK (2009 Infiniti G)

"Excellent acceleration, handling and braking"

Ron M., CA (2009 Infiniti G)

"very, very fun to drive. blistering acceleration and very precise handling..!!"

Ed H., FL (2009 Infiniti G)

"See previous comment"

Christopher F., AR (2009 Infiniti G)

"Acceleration is great - a lot of fun. It handles very well in corners."

Anonymous, OH (2009 Infiniti G)

"Fast and precise handling"

Arthur L., UT (2009 Infiniti G)

"Great car to drive, real sport feel. Bad car to be a passenger for the same reason. Not for people with back or neck problems."

Anonymous, NJ (2009 Infiniti G)

"Quick speed and smooth ride. Lots of horsepower"

Anonymous, GA (2009 Infiniti G)

"The high-revving engine is very fun to wind up, it is well-paired with a good 7-speed automatic, and the car has excellent acceleration. Acceleration out of a tight corner, for the Base and Journey cars, can suffer due to lack of a limited slip differential (which the Sport model has) and a very intrusive traction control system that completely shuts down the power."

Theodore D., CA (2009 Infiniti G)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"good support very comfortable"

HARVEY P., MO (2009 Infiniti G)

"Ride is a bit too firm and engine noise in cab could be dampened."

DONALD L., BC (2009 Infiniti G)

"tight fit for tall or older person"

Anonymous, NJ (2009 Infiniti G)

"A lot of road noise."

Anonymous, GA (2009 Infiniti G)

"Biggest compliant is that this model year did not have a USB port for my iPod."

JOHN S., CA (2009 Infiniti G)

"A small rattle from brake dust plate."

Anonymous, NY (2009 Infiniti G)

"Handling, quickness/acceleration, visibility."

M J., CO (2009 Infiniti G)

"Most comfortable seats ever sat in while driven long distances. Range of adjustment is great and the heated and cooled leather seats are wonderful! Ride, noise, and handling are much better with this hard top convertible than with our previous soft top."

Anonymous, WV (2009 Infiniti G)

"Stiff suspension.Sport seats no for long trips."

DONALD D., CA (2009 Infiniti G)

"Difficult to enter and exit vehicle. Front seats not particularly comfortable for long trips. The ride and noise levels are very good."

BARBARA K., NJ (2009 Infiniti G)

"Great acceleration and handling. Gas mileage could be better."

James T., GA (2009 Infiniti G)

"Comfortable seats / very stable ride"

Anonymous, BC (2009 Infiniti G)

"The car feels very solid on the road (even in high winds or when a lot of water is present). The seats are reasonably supportive, although they could be a bit firmer on long (8+ hour) drives. The interior is very quiet, even at highway speeds."

Melinda R., FL (2009 Infiniti G)

"The seats are comfortable on long rides"

Anonymous, NJ (2009 Infiniti G)

"The seats are easily adjusted. Lots of leg room for front seats. There is a reasonable throaty noise on full acceleration when needed."

John C., ON (2009 Infiniti G)

"Overall no major complaints, but the driver seat could be a little more comfortable. It's a little cramped inside, and the elevated ridges on the sides of the seat are hard on the legs when sliding in."

Anonymous, KY (2009 Infiniti G)

"Very quiet, comfortable ride with plenty of seat adjustments available which I appreciate because I’’m tall. I never feel like I have to adjust my body for turns and curves as the car’s suspension does it for me."

Anonymous, FL (2009 Infiniti G)

"Seats are extremely comfortable with many options for positioning. The ride is very quiet and even though the vehicle is 9 years old there are no squeaks or rattles. Great acceleration and very responsive steering - a joy to drive."

Anonymous, SK (2009 Infiniti G)

"Love everything about the car, but perhaps there is more road noise than other luxury sedans. Excellent feel for the road and tremendous handling."

Anonymous, AZ (2009 Infiniti G)

"The seats are very comfortable but there is a noticeable amount of road noise."

Anonymous, CA (2009 Infiniti G)

"Front passenger seat footwell is slightly truncated on left side and either requires passenger to sit farther back or to sit on an angle."

Anonymous, NJ (2009 Infiniti G)

"The firmness and bolstering in seats has remained like new for the nine years I've owned the car. It has the perfect combination of comfort and support. Driving position is great for both my wife and me."

Elgin E., KY (2009 Infiniti G)

"excellent ride for a "sports" car. good and quiet as well."

Ed H., FL (2009 Infiniti G)

"Super handling,fast almost zero maint lots of comments on how great it looks.Almost useless trunk"

William H., WI (2009 Infiniti G)

"very comfortable for long drives. Seats just right."

Donald D., CA (2009 Infiniti G)

"In its class, still the best pure driving car in terms of handling, acceleration, and response. Downside, it is also has a lot of road noise, and the front seats can become uncomfortable on a long trip. With that said, my wife will not give it up and will now let me drive it only if she is sure I will give it back when I'm finished."

James T., GA (2009 Infiniti G)

"good views out of window to see traffic"

Anonymous, AL (2009 Infiniti G)


Anonymous, TX (2009 Infiniti G)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"I purchased near the end of the model year, so I was able to get it for well below sticker. Also I received the Obama rebate. So this car was a better value for me than might be generally indicated for this model."

Anonymous, WA (2009 Infiniti G)

"Good price, very low mileage"

RICHARD J., FL (2009 Infiniti G)

"I great value compared to other cars in its class"

STEVE P., ON (2009 Infiniti G)

"Had a blown engine last year. The ride is very rough. For a premium car / price, not happy at all."

Anonymous, MA (2009 Infiniti G)

"It now has over 90k miles and drives as well as when it was new. In over 6 years, the cost to maintain has been low compared to other cars I owned before. The all-wheel drive is always valued in our state that has icy, snowy winters. Ride and acceleration superb."

NORMAN C., WI (2009 Infiniti G)

"Infiniti certified pre owned program has one of the best warranties, but prices differ wildly among dealerships; shop around and be very patient."

Anonymous, TN (2009 Infiniti G)

"excellent car that was very affordable"

Anonymous, WA (2009 Infiniti G)

"We have had some problems, but nothing really major. One negative is the amount of inexpensive materials used for trim on the exterior. Over the almost 7 years we have owned it, we have enjoyed the car. My wife is reluctant to let me drive it because she still fears that I will keep it."

JAMES T., GA (2009 Infiniti G)

"due to the bad car market in 2009, I was able to get an excellent price for my then brand new Infiniti"

Anonymous, WA (2009 Infiniti G)

"The car is 9 years old and the only major expense was brakes and the 60,000 mile recommended service. that service was done at 50,000 mile due to the age of the car."

T Z., AZ (2009 Infiniti G)

"Excellent value! Virtually no mechanical or electrical problems. Body solid as a rock. Interior well appointed. Strong acceleration, excellent in winter conditions (all wheel drive). Handling impressive."

Anonymous, BC (2009 Infiniti G)

"Compared to a BMW. By the time one included automatic transmission, leather seats, etc., the BMW was $15,000 higher than the Infiniti."

F B., KY (2009 Infiniti G)

"Got good deal - excellent value for the money consdering very good quality and features and low maintenance costs"

Anonymous, CA (2009 Infiniti G)

"Car was relatively expensive but it has been nearly trouble free for the nine years I owned the car. Two minor electrical issues--clock and dashboard fuel lights are out."

Donald D., CA (2009 Infiniti G)

"The car - a convertible no longer made - has been appreciating in value the past couple of years! The styling doesn't age, the shear fun and reliability is also timeless. Aside from the hydraulic struts assisting in opening the trunk, nothing except tires and wiper blades has aged or failed."

Eastlake D., CA (2009 Infiniti G)

"It's a great car for the money I paid. Few problems. Dependable car, rides beautifully, handles well."

Jay B., IL (2009 Infiniti G)

"it has been a stylish and trouble free car. It rides well, has enough weight to it to feel solid and substantial on the road despite smaller size. I completely recommend this car!"

Anonymous, TX (2009 Infiniti G)

"This car (G37S) is a garage queen, but even given that, after eight years it is still hugely fun to drive. Handling and acceleration are still terrific."

Christopher F., AR (2009 Infiniti G)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Much better styling , husband likes feel and acceleration"

Anonymous, VA (2009 Infiniti G)

"I still am impressed with the sleek and stylish design."

Anonymous, WA (2009 Infiniti G)

"Aggressive stance"

Anonymous, CA (2009 Infiniti G)

"It turns heads with the top down and never gets old."

GREGORY E., CT (2009 Infiniti G)

"I love the style of the vehicle, even though it is an older model."

Anonymous, WI (2009 Infiniti G)

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