The Infiniti G35 is a pleasant car with some notable drawbacks. Its powertrain is strong, refined, and very quick. We also like the G35's comfortable ride and nicely finished interior. Handling is agile, but when pressed to its limits, we found the car can get tricky -- even with stability control. We also found some controls unintuitive and frustrating to use.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Excellent handling and very strong 3.5 Liter engine. Car is very fun to drive. Have not had any problems with this great car."

SEAN W., WA (2005 Infiniti G)

"Very responsive and great handling."

Anonymous, VA (2005 Infiniti G)

"Does terrible in snow. Can not drive much in winter."

Anonymous, OH (2005 Infiniti G)

"Very fun car to drive. Great handling and acceleration. Also handles snow and ice very well."

P L., VA (2005 Infiniti G)

"excellent but overpowered"

Anonymous, TN (2005 Infiniti G)

"Car is drives heavy, front caster is set too aggressive that it wears inside of tires."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Infiniti G)

"Very fast,excellent handling,precise steering, great brakes"

Anonymous, CO (2005 Infiniti G)

"Even at 11 years old, the car has few equals among passenger cars for acceleration and handling. When we lost our 2004 G35X to an accident after 175K miles, we sought out a low mileage replacement from the same series (2003-2005) because the later models from Infiniti are getting less and less sharp as driver's cars each year. This car (w/ 63K miles on it) is a gem. I used to drive a BMW 3-series, but we bought our 2004 G after reading Consumer Reports high praise back then. You were not wro"

ERIC V., TN (2005 Infiniti G)

"Drives with exceptional stability at 100 mph+"

Anonymous, MT (2005 Infiniti G)

"Hard ride and steering."

J T., TN (2005 Infiniti G)

"I bought this car because it has a manual transmission. I prefer a stick-shift car. They are increasingly difficult to find in today's market."

DANIEL M., NC (2005 Infiniti G)

"Great acceleration and handling, especially from highway speeds to higher speeds. Very useful in big city traffic (Phoenix). The steering wheel feedback gets tiring on longer trips."

LORI P., AZ (2005 Infiniti G)

"Ditto my notes on the 07. It's just a pleasure to drive! You can hit 100mph before you know it. Very smooth acceleration. But also downshifts very smoothly. It has primarily been used for driving to school, so low mileage. Unfortunately, due to not being garaged, the interior is showing more wear, tear."

Sue R., TX (2005 Infiniti G)

"great acceleration and handling"

Patrick G., NM (2005 Infiniti G)

"Drives like a sports car!"

Kimberley H., OR (2005 Infiniti G)

"Love the acceleration and ride."

Jerry S., SC (2005 Infiniti G)

"lots of jump, handles very well"

Ralph R., BC (2005 Infiniti G)

"Very good acceleration and performance"

Gary S., CA (2005 Infiniti G)

"I love the way the 2003-2005 Infiniti G35X drives so much that when a collision with an old Grand Prix totaled our 2004 G35X (w/ 170,000 mi on it) my wife and I agreed that, rather than replace it with a blunted, bloated late-model Infiniti, we would seek a low-mileage early model. This one drives even better than our first one, and I hope it lasts a long time. The car is a joy to drive, handles nimbly, and accelerates like a sports car."

Eric V., TN (2005 Infiniti G)

"Kick ass car acceleration and handling."

Anonymous, TX (2005 Infiniti G)

"Excellent handling and performance. Even after 13 years."

Steven S., OH (2005 Infiniti G)

"Very quick and responsive -- handles like sports car."

Anonymous, VA (2005 Infiniti G)

"It is a driving machine - handling and acceleration is great"

Anonymous, TX (2005 Infiniti G)

"very powerful ,has sport package so handling exceptional"

Anonymous, TN (2005 Infiniti G)

"fast acceleration, easy, tight handling, relaibile, feels safe"

Anonymous, TN (2005 Infiniti G)

"Excellent handling and acceleration"

Anonymous, MD (2005 Infiniti G)

"Outstanding acceleration and handling."

Dave B., NV (2005 Infiniti G)

"Both acceleration and handling are outstanding."

Richard M., ID (2005 Infiniti G)

"It's pushing 100K miles, and still corners on rails, accelerates smoothly and quickly, and is very comfortable to drive. I still love the way this car handles, especially on the open road."

Anonymous, OR (2005 Infiniti G)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Squeaking & rattling have been a bane of this car since purchased. After-sale support has been able to address most squeaks, but some recur over time. Wind noise has become an increasing issue that no one can seem to diagnose and effectively repair."

MICHAEL K., MN (2005 Infiniti G)

"This car eats brakes and tires. Tires her cupped after a few months of use, followed by awful road noise."

MATT M., PA (2005 Infiniti G)

"Seats are a little narrow. Road nouse, especially now with over 100K miles is a bit tiresome on long trips"

Anonymous, CA (2005 Infiniti G)

"Bad gas milage. Other than that great car"

Anonymous, ON (2005 Infiniti G)

"It is a comfortable car except for excessive road noise."

Anonymous, IL (2005 Infiniti G)

"Front seats very comfortable & driving position is adjustable to suit (steering wheel & instruments panel adjust, & the seating positions are flexible to suit any driver). Rear seating is a bit cramped for adults, especially if carrying a center rear passenger."

ERIC V., TN (2005 Infiniti G)

"love the ride"

Patrick G., NM (2005 Infiniti G)

"Seat adjustment is excellent. Low noise. Comfortable ride."

Kevin B., MO (2005 Infiniti G)

"Seat controls are clunkers. It’s impossible to get the seat alligned the way it is needed."

Anonymous, TX (2005 Infiniti G)

"Best driver seats with lumbar support"

Anonymous, VA (2005 Infiniti G)

"Very harsh road noise."

Dave B., NV (2005 Infiniti G)

"uncomfortable seat"

Anonymous, VA (2005 Infiniti G)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Had to replace the entire instrument panel around 25000 miles. Air nag sensor has died at 44000 miles -- totally unacceptable."

HENRY H., MD (2005 Infiniti G)

"The Infiniti 6MT coupe has an enduring styling, forged Rays 19" wheels, large gas tank, smooth running V6 that pulls great, great sounding exhaust, great all-around visibility, Xenon headlights, and a CD changer that still works after 12 years. I have never taken it to the shop except for normal maintenance in 12 years."

James L., CA (2005 Infiniti G)

"My husband bought this car. The mileage is poor and the radio quality and ease of use is difficult. I like the heated seats and ease of handling and acceleration. Also like the fact that it is all wheel drive which is very important to us."

Pat S., NH (2005 Infiniti G)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Styling looks good even after 11 years"

Anonymous, CA (2005 Infiniti G)

"Timeless. Every time I walk up to my car I think about how great it looks!"

MICHAEL K., MN (2005 Infiniti G)

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