The Infiniti G35 is a pleasant car with some notable drawbacks. Its powertrain is strong, refined, and very quick. We also like the G35's comfortable ride and nicely finished interior. Handling is agile, but when pressed to its limits, we found the car can get tricky -- even with stability control. We also found some controls unintuitive and frustrating to use.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"I've never had a car with better acceleration. In a pinch, when you need to scoot, this engine always responds instantly. The trade off is so-so mileage, but it is a thrill to drive."

Allen W., AL (2006 Infiniti G)

"A real sports car Z car with civilized body"

Anonymous, FL (2006 Infiniti G)

"It is a very fast and responsive car. I love accelerating with this car. You never feel the car shifting gears."

Louis N., AZ (2006 Infiniti G)

"Excellent accaleration and pasing."

Anonymous, TX (2006 Infiniti G)

"Very surprised how quickly it accelerates to freeway speeds and it handles extremely well like a high-end sports should! It has been a very reliable vehicle!"

Luciano B., CA (2006 Infiniti G)

"great acceleration and handling"

Anonymous, NV (2006 Infiniti G)

"The car is easy to drive. By that I mean it corners competently when you ask it to and has ample power to accelerate when that is wanted. Corners without complaint."

R B., CA (2006 Infiniti G)

"Great acceleration, a little to much road noise"

ZACK L., SC (2006 Infiniti G)

"Car drives & handles exceptionally well"

WILLIAM P., CT (2006 Infiniti G)

"The 2006 G35 that I have drives very well. It has excellent acceleration and is pretty good on gas. Because it is small and relatively lightweight the V6 280 Horsepower engine feels more like a V8 from the old muscle-car days but it gets 22 mpg. The car handles like it is on rails and I have to control my myself when driving it so I don't go too fast and risk a ticket."

FRANK W., VA (2006 Infiniti G)

"3.5L V-6 engine has been bulletproof for 115K miles, and provides effortless acceleration. Car overall has been super reliable"

BARRY B., AZ (2006 Infiniti G)

"Acceleration is incredibly quick and the handling is sharp and predictable with minimal roll in corners."

WERNER K., TX (2006 Infiniti G)

"I still love pressing my for against the accelerator pedal and hearing it 'growl'"

MAURI M., CA (2006 Infiniti G)

"Great midrange acceleration, precise handling at speed."

ROBERT C., IN (2006 Infiniti G)

"Very good transmission and motor"

Anonymous, QC (2006 Infiniti G)

"smooth ride, power when I need it."

Fred T., NE (2006 Infiniti G)

"This car is my daily driver and I spend at least 90 minutes every weekday in my car. The driving experience is second to none. I upgraded from a 2008 Elantra, and my G35 is outstanding. Comfort, handling, power, and overall driving experience are outstanding."

Thomas F., CA (2006 Infiniti G)

"smooth acceleration and responsive handling"

Anonymous, CO (2006 Infiniti G)

"Great acceleration and handling. Fun to drive."

Anonymous, OH (2006 Infiniti G)

"Outstanding acceleration (300hp), very good handling (rwd)"

Robert C., IN (2006 Infiniti G)

"Handling and acceleration are excellent in this car."

Anonymous, OH (2006 Infiniti G)

"handles well, pick up speed fast."

Anonymous, NJ (2006 Infiniti G)

"Very fun to drive, excellent handling. However, the automatic transmission is not smooth, and that is something that was fixed on later models."

Anonymous, CA (2006 Infiniti G)

"Very good acceleration and handling."

Claude P., FL (2006 Infiniti G)

"Good acceleration"

Alex K., TX (2006 Infiniti G)

"Very responsive to acceleration and cornering."

R B., CA (2006 Infiniti G)

"For an old sedan it still performs well: both responsive steering and acceleration."

Anonymous, ON (2006 Infiniti G)

"This is really what sold me on the car. Plenty of power, and always feels sure-footed"

Anonymous, PA (2006 Infiniti G)

"very quick 0-60, ability to pass cars at any speed, handles great in an out of turns"

Anonymous, WI (2006 Infiniti G)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Placing the seat controls right in the seat makes it very comfortable"

WILLIAM P., CT (2006 Infiniti G)

"Car is very bumpy and the noise is sometimes overwhelming."

Anonymous, OH (2006 Infiniti G)

"Sometimes difficult to carry on conversation because of road noise inside car."

JAN A., IN (2006 Infiniti G)

"I love that the driver's seat can go up and down, and tilt, plus the usual forward and back. The climate control is precision engineering and I really enjoy it. It has a comfortable ride and is not noisy...of course the excellent radio (NOT a Bose) would drown out any road noise."

MARY B., CA (2006 Infiniti G)

"Power seat controls of both driver and passenger were damaged after 7 years of ownership."

Anonymous, FL (2006 Infiniti G)

"Seating position is comfortable. Road noise is OK. Ride is on the rough side but offset by handling."

R B., CA (2006 Infiniti G)

"climate control is outstanding, seats are very comfortable and provide great support."

FREDERICK T., NE (2006 Infiniti G)

"the seats in the G35 are somewhat uncomfortable since they put the seat adjusting controls in the bottom side bolster thereby narrowing the seat significantly and leaving a very hard spot that presses on my thigh."

Anonymous, CA (2006 Infiniti G)

"Unlike most four door sedan cars, the rear seatbacks in my G35 can recline some for added comfort."

ORLANDO W., GA (2006 Infiniti G)

"The front seats are terrific for short and intermediate trips, and have very good lateral support. But coupled with their firmness as well as the sport suspension, long trips can be a bit tiring. Also, a considerable amount of tire noise is always present in the cabin."

WERNER K., TX (2006 Infiniti G)

"nothing stands out on G in terms of comfort. it is a good transportation tool."

Anonymous, NJ (2006 Infiniti G)

"Quiet, good acceleration"

Alex K., TX (2006 Infiniti G)

"The seats provide good support and the power seats have multiple controls to raise/lower seat, adjust back, adjust forward/backward, etc. I can change positions quickly to avoid fatigue."

Anonymous, CA (2006 Infiniti G)

"Car is relatively small and cockpit is very tight for someone 6 foot tall. This is an issue that goes beyond this car and erodes my confidence in the reviews by Consumers Report when they say a certain car has comfortable front seats and don't note that is not comfortable for tall drivers (over 5'10")."

Anonymous, OH (2006 Infiniti G)

"low road noise, very comfortable multi setting position heated seats"

Anonymous, WI (2006 Infiniti G)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"this car cost less than a similarly equipped BMW (3 Series) or Audi (A4) with more content available as standard equipment. service has been minimal, engine and drivetrain flawless."

Anonymous, CT (2006 Infiniti G)

"Pocket Rocket AERO model V6 with V8 power"

Anonymous, FL (2006 Infiniti G)

"The manual transmission versions of the G35 sedan sells for a lot less than the automatic transmissions do. This price is especially lower for the used models."

ORLANDO W., GA (2006 Infiniti G)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Sleek lines, good handing, nice leather."

Anonymous, VA (2006 Infiniti G)

"Cup holder between the driver and front seat passenger is a disaster"

JAMES L., ON (2006 Infiniti G)

"Very tight and sexy"

ZACK L., SC (2006 Infiniti G)

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