This version of the Infiniti G was our top-rated car in its class. Quick, agile and sporty, the pleasantly refined driver’s car rides comfortably. However, both the cockpit and the rear seat are snug. The trunk is also small. The all-wheel-drive version of the car is just as good as the rear-wheel drive model (which we also tested) with but a slight loss of fuel economy (and a higher price).
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"The engine performance is very good, more horsepower would be welcome. Handling is very good but ride quality suffers."

Anonymous, VA (2008 Infiniti G)

"This car is so much fun to drive. Acceleration is great and it responds so well when we drive on curvy mountain roads."

CYNTHIA M., CA (2008 Infiniti G)

"It is so much fun to drive"

KIM P., CA (2008 Infiniti G)

"Even eight years later, the car is very quick (as opposed to fast) and the turning radius and handling are the best I have experienced in any vehicle I have ever owned."

JIM W., IN (2008 Infiniti G)

"This car has a very powerful, but stealthily smooth, quiet acceleration. It is, by far, the best, deceivingly powerful engine and smoothest drive train that I have ever experienced. I love to drive it. The only drawback is that the ride is firm and jittery, particularly on uneven highways, but not a problem around town."

Anonymous, IL (2008 Infiniti G)

"Plenty of power and great handling however there has always been a very sudden "tip in" or start to accelerate from a standstill. The car "jumps" forward which is very difficult to get used to. A manufacturer reprogramming of the transmission a couple of years ago helped but not enough."

Anonymous, AB (2008 Infiniti G)

"Great performance car, such as good performance on turns and climbing hills."

Anonymous, CA (2008 Infiniti G)

"The engine has a ton of horsepower, is firm throughout the acceleration curve, it is responsive in how it handles, I feel like I know what the car is doing. All this, and the car is very quiet and considering it's a sports sedan, it is very comfortable even though it has tight handling. This is a great car."

SCOTT D., TX (2008 Infiniti G)

"The most fun I've had in a car since high school."

RICHARD R., OK (2008 Infiniti G)

"This car is a true sports sedan. It is responsive and nimble that makes driving a pleasure."

N H., CT (2008 Infiniti G)


Anonymous, NJ (2008 Infiniti G)

"Sure footed. Enough acceleration for my needs. I like the adaptive cruise control"

GEORGE B., NJ (2008 Infiniti G)

"The navigation system in the 2011 vehicle is so confusing that we bought an add-on Garmin unit."

PETER B., ON (2008 Infiniti G)

"It's QUICK! Handles great."

BARBARA R., CA (2008 Infiniti G)

"Very good acceleration, AWD for rain, snow and ice. Good mountain driving car and excellent brakes."

JAMES H., CO (2008 Infiniti G)

"This car drives fabulous - has total acceleration when you need it and stops fast. Love this car - dream to drive and very comfortable as well. Really handles corners and moves from lane to lane like a tiger!"

MANTON S., CA (2008 Infiniti G)

"Excellent tracking and stability, strong acceleration"

Anonymous, OH (2008 Infiniti G)

"Acceleration is very good. Handling is first rate around corners. Ride is smooth."

Ron G., CA (2008 Infiniti G)

"Drives like a rocket. Effortless acceleration is addictive"

Paul C., VA (2008 Infiniti G)

"Acceleration and handling are top-notch."

N H., CT (2008 Infiniti G)

"Fun car to drive. Great acceleration and solid driving experience."

Anonymous, CO (2008 Infiniti G)

"great acceleration"

Anonymous, TX (2008 Infiniti G)

"Good acceleration, crisp handling. Especially pleased with handling in snow."

John S., NY (2008 Infiniti G)

"Great acceleration and handling"

Anonymous, FL (2008 Infiniti G)

"Great handling, acceleration, sound and driving position. Overly sensitive tip-in (when the gas pedal is first depressed) takes getting used to."

Anonymous, AB (2008 Infiniti G)

"Powerful acceleration, great handling, though the ride is (a little) bumpy at times, but that is to be expected for the high performance."

James W., PA (2008 Infiniti G)

"Exceptional handling and acceleration."

Jeffry L., NY (2008 Infiniti G)

"This ca s zippy. When I wat it to move, it goes fast. The handling on it is v wry precise. Easy and smooth ride. Many times crazy drivers could have caused an accident that I was able to avoid because of the handling."

Anonymous, TX (2008 Infiniti G)

"Sporty fast when it needs to be, fun to drive."

Michael B., TX (2008 Infiniti G)

"3.7 liter engine is very powerful. Accelerates well. In normal drive mode, however, when you punch the accelerator, it reliably hesitates when you need it most. Suspension is tight which is good; however, you feel every bump in the road."

Anonymous, MD (2008 Infiniti G)

"Best driving car I've ever owned great acceleration. Perfect exhaust sound."

Anonymous, OH (2008 Infiniti G)

"Exhilarating ride....yet comfortable"

Anonymous, MD (2008 Infiniti G)

"road grip helps me feel a driver confidence"

Steve S., AZ (2008 Infiniti G)

"Performance is very responsive. Sports tuning is great."

Andres Z., TX (2008 Infiniti G)

"Insanely quick and also stupid fast. Tight steering. Would like to have a firmer brake pedal."

David H., TN (2008 Infiniti G)

"The G35 is amazing to drive. During my normal commute to work, it seems like a normal, well sorted car. But, when I get on a back road and put the transmission into sport mode, it takes off and puts a huge smile on my face. My only critique would be that the transmission sometimes shifts a bit harshly during normal driving."

Anonymous, AL (2008 Infiniti G)

"The car is fun to drive and handles like it is on rails. The original factory tires are very soft, so had to switch to a harder Firestone compound to save money on tire replacements. Need the new tires because the car is fun to drive on curvy country roads."

Scott A., NC (2008 Infiniti G)

"Acceleration because it drives like a sports car, but is a 4 door sedan. Steering out of tight places is very easy."

Luis R., PR (2008 Infiniti G)

"Car is still extremely responsive, sturdy and agile despite 10 years of service. Still drives like sport car."

Anonymous, OH (2008 Infiniti G)

"dependable and powerful engine. Good acceleration and handling"

Anonymous, CA (2008 Infiniti G)

"Quick, smooth, quiet, comfortable"

Anonymous, FL (2008 Infiniti G)

"Terrific handling and acceleration."

Carol K., IL (2008 Infiniti G)

"This car has a great feel on the road. It has a nice weight, the car handles well and the red and acceleration are great both on the open road and when dealing with craz,yon and off ramps in congested areas. The ride is nice, it’s a great car to drive but the noise in the cabin is a little on the high side though."

Anne B., NJ (2008 Infiniti G)

"Acceleration is superb and controlled."

Anonymous, IL (2008 Infiniti G)

"Fun to drive tight suspension, responsive"

Donald F., IL (2008 Infiniti G)

"Feels nimble and sporty"

Anonymous, CA (2008 Infiniti G)

"Having ~300 horsepower with a rear-wheeled drive biased all wheel drive system lets you accelerate without any fear of torque steer. The handling continues to feel relatively flat when driving on curvy roads or highway exit ramps. The hydraulic steering system communicates plenty of road feel which may not exist in the future."

Herbert C., NJ (2008 Infiniti G)

"Agile handling and quick acceleration, well balance to comfortable highway ride."

Anonymous, TX (2008 Infiniti G)

"Quick off the line; will cruise all day at 100 + mph. Very comfortable, and a delight as a road car."

Anonymous, WA (2008 Infiniti G)

"Acceleration and handling are sportswear-like in the coupe."

Michael M., TX (2008 Infiniti G)

"Both accelreation and handling are great"

Anonymous, MI (2008 Infiniti G)

"superb handling, accelleration, stopping"

Anonymous, MA (2008 Infiniti G)

"Great acceleration. Great handling - tight around corners, very responsive."

Anonymous, ON (2008 Infiniti G)

"Very smooth acceleration and very good power."

Donald T., FL (2008 Infiniti G)

"Very quick, powerful engine response"

Anonymous, PA (2008 Infiniti G)

"Acceleration and handling are fine except that the "tip in" or starting from a standstill is very sudden. I takes a lot to get used to. Also, handling is very dependent on tire quality. The Goodyear's the vehicle came with were terrible but replacing them with Michelins improved this significantly."

Terry S., AB (2008 Infiniti G)

"Drives powerful."

Juan G., TX (2008 Infiniti G)

"Very strong acceleration and responsive steering"

Anonymous, TX (2008 Infiniti G)

"The car hugs the road around curves and accelerates very fast. It is very responsive and serious drivers will like it."

Virginia T., MD (2008 Infiniti G)

"Allows you to put the car where ever you want it."

Earl S., CA (2008 Infiniti G)

"Just did on previous comment box."

Anonymous, NV (2008 Infiniti G)

"Great acceleration and precise cornering."

Anonymous, CA (2008 Infiniti G)

"Designed for active driving, well built to do that"

Adra E., CA (2008 Infiniti G)

"very satisfying acceleration and handling, which is fitting its sports sedan character"

Darius K., ON (2008 Infiniti G)

"It is a rocket ship on wheels. It has loads of power and very taut handling. It is fun to drive."

Anonymous, MD (2008 Infiniti G)

"Great acceleration good handling"

Doug B., NC (2008 Infiniti G)

"While the Infinity is a very good looking, and handling sedan, It surprises you if you ever have to floor the gas peddle to get out of a tight spot on the highway. It's a veritable pocket rocket. The down side is that the engine in my car uses premium gasoline. That extra horsepower comes with a price at the pump."

Joseph M., NY (2008 Infiniti G)

"This car has 330 horse power, goes from 0-60 in a hair over five seconds. It handles like a sports car with firm ride and excellent handling. I"ve had it for ten years and it and people still are still commenting on how great it looks. I've owned over twenty vehicles over the years and none were as exceptional as the Infini."

Anonymous, OR (2008 Infiniti G)

"Outstanding acceleration and handling"

Peter C., HI (2008 Infiniti G)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Flat controlled handling"

TIM M., PA (2008 Infiniti G)

"Front passenger seat is not comfortable - does not have adjustable lumbar support. Seat heaters do not work as well as I expected from a luxury vehicle and the dealer told me I would have to replace the ENTIRE seat to correct the problem and it would not be covered by the warranty!!!!! I called Infiniti and they said the heating unit would be replaced under said he misunderstood and entered it in the computer incorrectly......right...... The seat heaters still do not work"

NANCY W., GA (2008 Infiniti G)

"It is very comfortable for long rides. Feels very solid all around"

GEORGE B., NJ (2008 Infiniti G)

"The driver's seat does not provide a lot of support for long (>2 hour) rides for my (6' +) upper legs."

MARKUS K., TN (2008 Infiniti G)

"It has the sport package, but seat supports are too hard. It should been adjustable instead of static metal."

Anonymous, SC (2008 Infiniti G)

"My only meal complaint about this vehicle is the seats, too firm and uncomfortable."

ROBERT V., MA (2008 Infiniti G)

"Like the duel memory seat posi9"

John S., NY (2008 Infiniti G)

"Great seats, lots of adjustability"

Anonymous, AZ (2008 Infiniti G)

"Very comfortable. In great shape after over 9 years. No noise. Smooth ride. Great acceleration."

Carol K., IL (2008 Infiniti G)

"Seats are comfortable for about 5 hours, then need gel cushion. Noise level is higher then my old Lexus. Road feel and acceleration is good. Will keep the car for this benefit."

Anonymous, NV (2008 Infiniti G)

"Easy to position the seat for maximum comfort. Attractive leather seats. Great exterior lines."

Anonymous, WA (2008 Infiniti G)

"seats are very comfortable, cabin is not as quiet as I would like on the highway"

Joseph S., CA (2008 Infiniti G)

"Seats are "saggy", but then again it's eleven years old. More noise than I'd expect from a high-end vehicle. Rides very nice, handles well, good acceleration."

Anonymous, MO (2008 Infiniti G)

"Seats are very uncomfortable for medium to long trips"

Anonymous, PA (2008 Infiniti G)

"The seats are super-comfortable and the driver feels as if he's settled into a supportive "cockpit" while the noise is minimal and the ride is smooth."

Anonymous, CA (2008 Infiniti G)

"Freakishly quiet and smooth. Seats could be a bit better and there is barely any headroom for me at 5’11‿, even with the seats all the way down. Unlimited possibilities for driving position with seat range and telescopic steering range."

David H., TN (2008 Infiniti G)

"Drives like dream, and is ultra comfortable"

Anonymous, WA (2008 Infiniti G)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Paid 26k for this car when it was 2 years old, with 18k miles. Quick, great handling, lots of fun for the $$$'s."

ROBERT V., MA (2008 Infiniti G)

"Bought it used-only 2.5 years old with only 18K on the odometer, paid 75% (50% of new car price) of low blue book. Cat in pristine condition as it was my son's leased car."

RUBEN O., WA (2008 Infiniti G)

"Unhappy with some eliments of interior. Trim on interior of two doors has fallen off and coating on arm rest and steering wheel scratches easily and has revealed an ugly underlying color."

Anonymous, TX (2008 Infiniti G)

"We bought it used and I thought we paid too much."

MIKE H., PA (2008 Infiniti G)

"Excellent value. I compare the car to the BMW 3 Series. The engine technology is more advanced. The quality is comparable, the handling is comparable and the price was at least $5K less."

RON G., CA (2008 Infiniti G)

"very zippy experience driving with out the sticker shock."

Anonymous, NJ (2008 Infiniti G)

"Infiniti is not as popular as the other premium car lines and consequently offers more for the same money."

R P., PA (2008 Infiniti G)

"Problem: hi test gasoline needed. Very poor mileage around town (14mpg)"

Anonymous, GA (2008 Infiniti G)

"The Infiniti G35 is a good value however the car is prone to rust and it's brakes seem to wear rapidly."

ANTHONY G., NY (2008 Infiniti G)

"Exterior and interior design has as much up to date look and feel as it does today as it did 8 years ago. Acceleration just as good today as it was 8 years ago. Although called for premium gas always used 89 mid range with no down side. Only downside was the constant wearing out of material used where one has to use the hand to close door.(all four doors). Red paint still looks showroom new."

FRANK N., FL (2008 Infiniti G)

"The best car i have ever owned fun to drive quiet comfortable"

Howard G., NY (2008 Infiniti G)

"The G-35/37 series may have been the last great Infiniti. The very precise and responsive rack & pinion steering allows the driver to feel what the car wants to do and control it very easily. This car is a pleasure to drive. We tried the new, "more advanced" Q-series and they are not nearly as pleasurable to drive. The G was a perfect balance vs. the new, highly controlled/automated computer controlled vehicles. No longer feels like a sports car in any way."

Stephen M., TX (2008 Infiniti G)

"It's got over 115,000 miles and still performs exceedingly well. With very little expenditures on repairs."

Jeffry L., NY (2008 Infiniti G)

"this type of car, 4 door, sporty v6 with manual transmission is a hard car to find in the auto industry. Fair price good longevity."

Anonymous, TX (2008 Infiniti G)

"Have had virtually no mechanical problems with the vehicle for this past 11 years, so extremely satisfied with that."

Anonymous, MO (2008 Infiniti G)

"We purchased the car at a good price and have had it 10 years now. It has held its looks and performance. With over 150Kmiles it still looks showroom new after a quick detailing."

Scott A., NC (2008 Infiniti G)

"Compared to BMW it was a better value"

Anonymous, MD (2008 Infiniti G)

"Although the vehicle is over 10 years old, the engine continues to be a blast under full throttle acceleration. It sets the bar high for a replacement vehicle."

Herbert C., NJ (2008 Infiniti G)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Styling is perfect. People come up to me saying they can't believe car is 8 years old. Design looks very current. Interior dash has a contemporary easy look flow from info screen to gear shift."

FRANK N., FL (2008 Infiniti G)

"Minimal body sculpting. Body sculpting serves no purpose. The G has a slight body line that runs from front to the rear fender where it curves downward and terminates. It's not obtrusive. The line of the hood is smooth and unimpaired. Viewed from the side, the car appears lower in the back than the front due to the roof line. A good design job overall."

RON G., CA (2008 Infiniti G)

"When it came out as a new model in 2008 it was a stunning design for that era. I always look to styling when I buy a car, along with reliability and value."

Anonymous, IL (2008 Infiniti G)

"Interior trim including the steering wheel are not holding up as well as I expected. Disappointed in the overall quality."

Anonymous, NC (2008 Infiniti G)

"This is a great looking car. The body is unique enough that nobody confuses it with the standard four door sedans out there like a Camry or Lexus. It's sporty, distinctive, and classy."

SCOTT D., TX (2008 Infiniti G)

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