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Lexus RX 2017 4-door SUV
Trim Shown: RX 350 F Sport
The RX has avant-garde exterior styling and lots of advanced safety features. Its 3.5-liter V6 is linked to an eight-speed automatic, delivering ample power and a commendable 22 mpg overall. The fuel-thrifty 450h hybrid gets an excellent 29 mpg overall. Inside, the RX is very quiet and well-finished. Ride comfort is plush, whether you get the base car on 18-inch tires or more uplevel versions with 20-inch tires. Handling, however, is ponderous and devoid of any sporty feel but ultimately secure. The mouselike controller and distracting interface require a steep learning curve. Rear passengers get lots of leg and knee room. The Lexus Safety System+, which includes automatic emergency braking and lane-departure warning, is standard.

Safety Equipment

ABS and side air bags standard. ESC standard from 2001. Head protection air bags standard from 2004.

Road Test

Despite hordes of imitators, the Lexus RX crossover lineup has continued to win the loyalty of its buyers by delivering a driving experience that accentuates comfort, tranquility, and luxury, topped off with superb reliability. The RX has long been L...


  • Very quiet cabin and soft, cushy ride continue to be RX hallmarks
  • Hybrid is extremely fuel efficient


  • Annoying mouse-like controller for audio and navigation systems
  • Rear visibility restricted by small back window, thick roof pillars

Best Version to Get

We're most impressed by the RX 450h hybrid, thanks to its amazing 29 mpg overall. Consider the blind-spot monitoring system (which is standard on the RX 450h). We'd skip the F Sport simply because it runs counter to the car's mission. The handling improvements are slight and despite all o...


2 front, 3 rear
Drive Wheels
AWD , Front

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Body Styles
4-door SUV
Transmissions Available
  • 8-speed Automatic
  • CVT
Engines Available
  • 3.5-liter V6 (295 hp)
  • 3.5-liter V6 hybrid (308 hp)