The Mazda6 has several strong attributes, including responsive handling, excellent brakes, a reasonably spacious and comfortable interior -- and quick acceleration in the V6 version. But overall, the Mazda6 remains a notch below some competing models. The automatic transmission lacks smoothness and responsivness, plus the 41-foot turning circle hampers tight maneuvering.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Drives very well on highways. Good acceleration and handling at any speed. Manual transmission has performed very well. Only problem is that fifth gear is not geared low enough (i.e. RPM is too high in fifth gear)."

John S., BC (2004 Mazda 6)

"This Mazda is a wonderful car to drive. The Zoom Zoom factor is certainly noticed. really good acceleration for a small engine."

Anonymous, ON (2004 Mazda 6)

"Good excelleration"

Robert H., WI (2004 Mazda 6)

"Tight and responsive steering, but wide turning circle"

Anonymous, GA (2004 Mazda 6)

"Fun to drive , manual shift."

Anonymous, VA (2004 Mazda 6)

"turning radius could be better."

Anonymous, WA (2004 Mazda 6)

"The 2004 Mazda has been a very reliable vehicle for over 12 years. The only issue during the 10th year was the lost ability to manually select gears. I like to shift into a lower gears on some longer downhill stretches to keep the brakes from overheating. That problem was eventually fixed by the dealer."

HANS M., OH (2004 Mazda 6)

"slow to accelerate until it hits mid-rpms where the torque is - not good for city driving overall handling is good"

Anonymous, CA (2004 Mazda 6)

"It has a poor turning circle"

PHILLIP G., CT (2004 Mazda 6)

"The Mazda 6i has slightly sluggish acceleration and mediocre brakes, but it "handles" better than any other car I have ever driven. It corners beautifully and it is very aerodynamic - it barely even notices strong cross winds."

Anonymous, CA (2004 Mazda 6)

"Drives well for a smaller car"

Anonymous, OH (2004 Mazda 6)

"A lot of fun to drive."

Anonymous, FL (2004 Mazda 6)

"Drives very well on the highway. Good driving on secondary paved roads. Very comfortable driving position."

John S., BC (2004 Mazda 6)

"Handling of the car is excellentn and accelaration is very quick and also excellent. In driving this car you would not guess that is 14 years old."

Anonymous, ON (2004 Mazda 6)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Very comfortable and reliable"

Robert F., CA (2004 Mazda 6)

"Drivers arm rest too hard"

Robert H., WI (2004 Mazda 6)

"The Mazda runs very rough at this point in its life. It's very loud in the cabin and every bump in the road is felt in the seats. The seats don't hug your body as much as I'd like."

Anonymous, UT (2004 Mazda 6)

"Front seat are comfortable, but back seats have way too little head room for my 6'2" body. Road noise is an issue."

Joseph F., NC (2004 Mazda 6)

"Fabric covered seats are not as comfortable as expected and are showing wear and soiling due to tan color and age of 12 years."

Anonymous, PA (2004 Mazda 6)

"Lack of lumbar support in front seats"

Anonymous, VA (2004 Mazda 6)

"noisy ride, otherwise nice"

Anonymous, CA (2004 Mazda 6)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"An amazing little wagon, so sorry they stopped making it. Fun to drive, comfortable and still a good looking style."

Anonymous, CT (2004 Mazda 6)

"Good price, very reliable"

Robert F., CA (2004 Mazda 6)

"when new it was terrific. now it is feeling it's age, like me!"

Anonymous, CA (2004 Mazda 6)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"It's a beautiful car. Sleek with nice curves and a great profile. I prefer it to the newer edition"

ALAN H., MA (2004 Mazda 6)

"Good overall design. I don't like the Vee accent of the front grill. Mazda screwed up the lines in the design of the new models."

JERRY B., OR (2004 Mazda 6)

"when new everyone watched it go by"

Anonymous, CA (2004 Mazda 6)

Would you buy this car again?

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