The Mazda6 is among the sportiest family sedans. In addition to being fun to drive, it is roomy, quiet, and quick. It also has a high-quality interior. Road noise is a bit pronounced. Fuel economy is not a strong suit with the powerful V6.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say


Anonymous, TX (2010 Mazda 6)

"Handling is very good and acceleration is adequate."

Philip B., VA (2010 Mazda 6)

"Handling is very smooth compared to other cars I've driven. Acceleration is good but not great."

MICHAEL B., WI (2010 Mazda 6)

"Manual transmission is terrific. Accelerates well, shifts easily. Definitely has a "fun factor!""

MARGARET D., TX (2010 Mazda 6)

"Rear gear shifting is problematic. It takes a lot of effort to engage the rear gear."

MAXIM R., NM (2010 Mazda 6)

"Very good handling for a mid-size sedan. Acceleration for a 4 cylinder is more than adequate, if not exhilarating."

MICHAEL H., TX (2010 Mazda 6)

"Handling is excellent, and acceleration is adequate."

PHILIP B., VA (2010 Mazda 6)

"Adequate acceleration, but could be better."

RICHARD R., CT (2010 Mazda 6)

"I was worried about acceleration with the 4 cylinder engine - but it accelerates very well."

DAVID C., CA (2010 Mazda 6)

"The handling of this car is considerably better than comparable models. I like that the suspension is stiffer and the steering is quicker."

MICHAEL F., OH (2010 Mazda 6)

"Seats are not comfortable with poor back support"

Anonymous, CA (2010 Mazda 6)

"4 cylinder engine a bit weak Under on etc..."

Anonymous, QC (2010 Mazda 6)

"Great acceleration and handles curves in roads very well."

Anonymous, KY (2010 Mazda 6)

"Response is quick and solid. My Mazda 6 has kept its "fun factor!" And the clutch is original--over 120K miles! Bough stickier tires which held during heavy downpours. Have replaced driver-side window motor. Overhead lights not working. Small details fail but not the drive!"

Anonymous, TX (2010 Mazda 6)

"Could use a little more power for better acceleration"

Anonymous, CT (2010 Mazda 6)

"Weak acceleration (4-cylinder model) requiring a "heavy" foot to accelerate. Overall handling (steering, braking) is good."

Anonymous, CA (2010 Mazda 6)

"Acceleration is just adequate, but the handling is great with very good road feel."

Philip B., VA (2010 Mazda 6)

"Transmission started to slip after 100k miles. Unable to shift correctly when putting the pedal to the floor at 0mph or when going over 70 mph. The car's steering is loose but responsive."

Antony R., TX (2010 Mazda 6)

"This car has excellent handling characteristics for a vehicle of its size and price range. Acceleration is adequate for normal driving, but is nothing extraordinary."

Anonymous, MI (2010 Mazda 6)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"cabin is noisy and car is hard to get in and out of"

Anonymous, AR (2010 Mazda 6)

"Riding in the passenger seat is quite uncomfortable despite attempts at adjustment. More than an hour pains my back. The noise and ride are adequate."

Frank C., MI (2010 Mazda 6)

"The seats are far more comfortable and the ride is much more quiet than that of the 2008 Mazda 3."

MICHAEL B., WI (2010 Mazda 6)

"Driver's seat height is tricky to adjust to be able to read speedometer clearly. Maybe I need to grow up!"

T M., SC (2010 Mazda 6)

"I loved my Mazda, got more than my money's worth, beautiful ride, looks great, Only complaint, the front drivers seat could be more cushy for driving, the deep indent often put my hip out if driving for long periods"

Anonymous, ON (2010 Mazda 6)

"The ride is a bit too firm, and road noise is moderately loud."

PHILIP B., VA (2010 Mazda 6)

"A lot of road noise"

JOHN S., CA (2010 Mazda 6)

"The heater and air conditioner have been a point of dissatisfaction ever since I've had this car. The heater takes too long to warm the car and the air conditioner weak at all times in the summer."

Roger L., CO (2010 Mazda 6)


Anonymous, ON (2010 Mazda 6)

"styling, ride, interior design are all very well done."

Christopher M., OH (2010 Mazda 6)

"You don't have a lot of insulation from noise and usually have to have the volume at 75% or more to drown out external noise. The ride of the car seems average but the shocks on my car didn't last after a replacement. Steering is very loose but responsive."

Antony R., TX (2010 Mazda 6)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"This is my second Mazda and they both have been incredibly reliable!"

Anonymous, TX (2010 Mazda 6)

"An excellent car. Other than routine maintenance the car has cost very little to keep on the road. In the 7 years we have owned the car it has required no repairs of any kind. The car itself is provides a very good ride and is reasonable comfortable. It is also very easy to start in cold and wet weather. Overall an excellent car for the money."

Bob S., ON (2010 Mazda 6)

"The car has great styling, good handling, decent mileage, good luggage space and the original cost was about $27,000."

Philip B., VA (2010 Mazda 6)

"Excellent car for the value."

Anonymous, IL (2010 Mazda 6)

"The Mazda 6 has very good reliability and extra bonus features, such as standard Blind Spot Monitoring System, for thousands of dollars less than a Toyota Camry or Honda Accord."

ALLEN M., MN (2010 Mazda 6)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"The exterior styling of the Mazda 6 is very sleek and makes it appear like a luxury vehicle. Have received many positive comments on its looks. The interior is also laid-out very well with high quality materials."

ALLEN M., MN (2010 Mazda 6)

"New in 2010 it still looks good every time I look at it."

DAVID C., CA (2010 Mazda 6)

"Shape, Colour - maroon looks sporty"

Anonymous, ON (2010 Mazda 6)

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