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The Maxima is a quick car, but it doesn't add much over the less costly Nissan Altima overall. While pleasant, it falls short in some ways. Handling is responsive, but at low speeds the steering is overly light. The car is quiet, and the ride is decent. But the new coupelike silhouette has compromised visibility, trunk room and rear-seat comfort.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"very responsive both acceleration and handling. I have never driven anything better."

Harry D., TN (2014 Nissan Maxima)

"I have a model which responds to a toe on the accelerator. Its acceleration really frightened me at first, then I learned to control it. I'm really surprised at how fast I am traveling because the ride is that smooth. The handling is just as responsive."

Linda M., NJ (2014 Nissan Maxima)

"The transmission type is definitely not well suited for this type of car. It's supposed a "sport" car but the more I drive it the more I get frustrated as to how it lacks the sporty feel and performance."

Anonymous, CA (2014 Nissan Maxima)

"This car is fun to drive."

EDWARD S., GA (2014 Nissan Maxima)

"The engine is awesome, however, the front wheel drive can't handle the engine's power. Torque steer and floating front end during hard acceleration are a real drawback. It doesn't handle like its Infinity brothers nor a BMW or a Honda. This is so disappointing that we would probably not buy it again (even though it was a great value)"

WAYNE R., IL (2014 Nissan Maxima)

"For a nice family sedan, the car has remarkable acceleration and has the steering and overall handling of a sportscar."

GARY D., FL (2014 Nissan Maxima)

"The Max has a lot of power overhead to satisfy. I had a '72 1500 cc VW with 40 HP. My current Nissan has 1500 cc's with a 109 hp. Technology has changed. The note is a great all around town car."

BERNHARD W., NY (2014 Nissan Maxima)

"Very responsive."

VIRGINIA G., IL (2014 Nissan Maxima)

"The turn radius in the 2014 is not good."

Cynthia K., OK (2014 Nissan Maxima)


Anonymous, TX (2014 Nissan Maxima)

"Handling - responds easily"

Vinni H., IL (2014 Nissan Maxima)

"Smooth acceleration and good handling."

Anonymous, MA (2014 Nissan Maxima)

"For a family sedan, the acceleration is much better than most with sports car level of handling"

Gary D., FL (2014 Nissan Maxima)

"When I first drove this car, I knew IMMEDIATELY this was the car I was going to buy. The seats are extremely comfortable. The steering is very responsive and the acceleration is EXTRAORDINARY. It hauls a** !! I absolutely LOVE everything about this car and haven’t considered or driven a Nissan since 1979 when they were known as Datsun."

John B., TX (2014 Nissan Maxima)

"Great power to weight ratio allows powerful acceleration, but only when using manual shift mode. The CVT transmission produces OK acceleration at normal throttle application, but the shifting "soulless", not exciting."

Richard H., FL (2014 Nissan Maxima)

"Quick response AND ACCELERATION"

Anonymous, LA (2014 Nissan Maxima)


George M., NC (2014 Nissan Maxima)

"Good response to handling and quick acceleration when needed"

Anonymous, CT (2014 Nissan Maxima)

"Great acceleration and sporty feel. I can feel the road. It doesn't have a waterbed feel. Some hydroplaning but that may be tires."

Anonymous, KY (2014 Nissan Maxima)

"Scary front wheel drive car, with that CVT Transmission, you stomp the fuel pedal, and it is sometimes hard to keep in lane due to the acceleration counter steer. That CVT is sometimes a little slow to respond, but I figure just the rubber bands not wound to tight yet"

L W., AZ (2014 Nissan Maxima)

"Acceleration is awesome, but the handling is poor because of the front wheel drive and the fact the car is very powerful. The car gets a bit out-of-control under hard acceleration."

Wayne R., IL (2014 Nissan Maxima)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Uncomfortable drivers seat"

Anonymous, NY (2014 Nissan Maxima)

"Best comfort in drivers seat compared to other cars tested"

Anonymous, CT (2014 Nissan Maxima)

"ride is too rough for a family sedan. right hand passenger seat cannot be moved up and down which necessitates pillows for short people. too much road noise at highway speeds. might be tires, but they are Michelins. Road worthiness and handling are superb. Car only has 3000 miles on it."

ALB E., PA (2014 Nissan Maxima)

"The Maxima is very comfortable. at highway speed, there is more road and wind noise than desirable for this class of car."

WAYNE R., IL (2014 Nissan Maxima)

"The seats are very comfortable, Controls easy to use. I feel the car is noisy and could be better insulated. A lot of road noise"

Anonymous, TX (2014 Nissan Maxima)

"Seats are amazingly comfortable. Did a 1000 mile trip in one day and was not fatigued or hurt in any way. Best seats in the business"

Michael N., GA (2014 Nissan Maxima)

"The seats are comfy. There is more road noise than i would like over 50 mph"

Wayne R., IL (2014 Nissan Maxima)

"It has a bit of a rough ride and road noise level is higher than I would like."

Anonymous, AZ (2014 Nissan Maxima)

"Adjustable seats work well and are comfortabke"

Anonymous, GA (2014 Nissan Maxima)

"The ride is smooth and comfortable with very little noise. The seats are comfortable and position adjustments are easily made."

Anonymous, MA (2014 Nissan Maxima)

"The Driver's seat keeps breaking away from its mounting rails/welds. Service tells me its a known issue. When they fix it, its usually 6 months or 6,000 miles before it breaks again. Causes the seat to rock forward and back. Safety issue."

Eric A., FL (2014 Nissan Maxima)

"Great comfortable seats with thigh extender for driver seat. Smooth ride and very sporty."

Timothy C., NY (2014 Nissan Maxima)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Expensive, but worth it."

Anonymous, LA (2014 Nissan Maxima)

"fast car.....good looking....easy to SEE out of...pretty good gas mileage"

Anonymous, TX (2014 Nissan Maxima)

"Incredibly fun to drive and luxurious vehicle. Everything works as it should and the seats are fantastic."

TIMOTHY C., NY (2014 Nissan Maxima)

"I learned what the phrase BUYER BEWARE"

Anonymous, FL (2014 Nissan Maxima)

"Over priced"

Anonymous, NY (2014 Nissan Maxima)

"My 39 month lease payment is under $500. Luxury at a reasonable price."

VIRGINIA G., IL (2014 Nissan Maxima)

"electronics are like they were in 2004. It's a premium car, yet no back up camera, extremely annoying connections to use cell phone, in general using the electronics is way too complicated. Plus I didn't realize how fast Maximas depreciate. It was a $30,000 car new. Now just 2 years later it's a $15,000 car."

Anonymous, CA (2014 Nissan Maxima)

"I HAVE BEEN A Nissan family for the last five cars; very satisfied with reliability."

Vinni H., IL (2014 Nissan Maxima)

"Good vehicle for the price. Bought at end of 2014 model year and there was no 2015 Maxima pending a complete makeover for 2016 models"

Anonymous, GA (2014 Nissan Maxima)

"IT was being phased out since Nissan did not mfg 3015: there we received an excellen deal or at least I think we did."

Anonymous, TX (2014 Nissan Maxima)

"I have had no problems with my 2014 Maxima. The ride is good and it has a lot of power."

Anonymous, TN (2014 Nissan Maxima)

"This by far is a great car for the money. Due normal maintenance and you're good to go. I wouldn't hesitate to drive this vehicle cross country and back."

Michael C., PA (2014 Nissan Maxima)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Style is OK with us. Who really cares about that anyway?"

BERNHARD W., NY (2014 Nissan Maxima)

"It has paddle controls that really do nothing of value"

Anonymous, CT (2014 Nissan Maxima)

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