The Nissan Murano is a comfortable SUV with high interior quality and refinement. While it has lost some of its sportiness, Murano gained a quieter, more comfortable ride. Its powertrain delivers lively acceleration and relatively good fuel economy. The rear seat and cargo area are roomy. Rear visibility remains a problem, a victim of styling. A blind-spot detection/lane-departure warning system is available.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"I really don't care about styling. I only care that the car is dependable"

Anonymous, NY (2013 Nissan Murano)

"It's an SUV but handles like a car"

ANTHONY B., ON (2013 Nissan Murano)

"Fast acceleration. My son described it as zippy"

Anonymous, WA (2013 Nissan Murano)

"Acceleration - very touchy, need to be cautious when pressing down on the gas pedal. Supriseingly very quick in accelerating if not use to it."

JAMES M., WA (2013 Nissan Murano)

"Good acceleration and handling."

DIANE V., MI (2013 Nissan Murano)

"We owned a 2005 murano & the acceleration on our 2013 is a noticeable improvement."

Anonymous, NE (2013 Nissan Murano)

"When backing up, the car does not have the best visibility. There's a backup camera but you still have to turn and check the sides."

JOHNS R., MO (2013 Nissan Murano)

"Power is fine. The vehicle drives loosely, like a boat."

GREGORY S., MO (2013 Nissan Murano)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Power seat design is uncomfortable with high edges to stop sideward movement. Wide tires are difficult to steer since traction pulls car toward slope of road. Air conditioning does not drain properly and emits an odor when first turn on. Sporty suspension makes for a rough ride."

Anonymous, FL (2013 Nissan Murano)

"Lumbar support very helpful"

THOMAS G., NY (2013 Nissan Murano)

"Have some tire noise after last rotation"

Anonymous, TX (2013 Nissan Murano)

"High quality fit and finishes. Well built automobile."

THOMAS C., KS (2013 Nissan Murano)

"I believe that Nissan has the most comfortable seats on the market. I tested many vehicles and the Nissan always was the most comfortable of any, larger or smaller no matter what brand of vehicle."

JOSEPH S., MI (2013 Nissan Murano)

"Like the overall handling of the Murano. Tends to run pretty smoothly. A couple negatives: It's difficult to find a comfortable setting for the driver's seat. Also, was disappointed when the A/C completely stopped working during July 2016. My perspective is that the car was too 'young' to have that type of problem."

Anonymous, WI (2013 Nissan Murano)

"Seats should have 8 way power. Not very comfortable."

ADAM M., NY (2013 Nissan Murano)

"When Nissan gave a more swept-back styling to to vehicle the seat position and middle console correspondingly were further back from the foot peddles and steering wheel relative my physical stature. Consequently, without adjustable height to the peddles the driver 's seat is potentially too close to the steering wheel, jeopardizing me from airbag release."

Anonymous, ON (2013 Nissan Murano)

"roomy seating, responsive ac/heat"

Anonymous, NJ (2013 Nissan Murano)

"I thought the vehicle would be quieter my major problem with the vehicle is they put the Blindside warning light not in the mirror but on the post near the windshield if I did not buy another Murano that would be a major reason why"

STEPHEN W., NY (2013 Nissan Murano)

"This Murano is quieter than all our previous vehicles, including Lexus."

ALBERT P., KY (2013 Nissan Murano)

"Road noise audible inside of cabin. Climate control not as accurate as the last murano I owned."

Anonymous, ON (2013 Nissan Murano)

"very comfortable, good visibility easy to park and needs nothing but regular service"

Anonymous, VT (2013 Nissan Murano)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"The voice recognition system is terrible! In spite of several visits to the dealership and complaints to corporate, they have never been able to remediate this problem."

SPENCER D., NY (2013 Nissan Murano)

"Terrific relative value when compared to other mid size SUVs. Extremely well made, comfortable, quiet, good power"

KEN K., BC (2013 Nissan Murano)

"Test drove both Infiniti and Acura SUV's, and the Murano was a much better value for the features delivered."

Anonymous, MO (2013 Nissan Murano)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"I had leather seat covers installed to cover the cloth ones. Now the Murano looks and feels terrific!"

Anonymous, CA (2013 Nissan Murano)

"Side door map holders are inconvenient, Main Console is too far back"

Anonymous, NJ (2013 Nissan Murano)

"Had to have seat belts replaced as they would not retract enough in front seats. Back leg room is inadequate."

DIANE V., MI (2013 Nissan Murano)

Would you buy this car again?

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