The Nissan Murano is a comfortable SUV with high interior quality and refinement. While it has lost some of its sportiness, Murano gained a quieter, more comfortable ride. Its powertrain delivers lively acceleration and relatively good fuel economy. The rear seat and cargo area are roomy. Rear visibility remains a problem, a victim of styling. A blind-spot detection/lane-departure warning system is available.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Slow acceleration when trying to pass"

RAY H., WA (2014 Nissan Murano)

"It does not have very good turning radius. Parking straight on your first try is tough."

PATRICIA D., CA (2014 Nissan Murano)


Anonymous, KY (2014 Nissan Murano)

"adequate acceleration on highway"

Anonymous, IL (2014 Nissan Murano)

"Poor turning radius"

DICK B., FL (2014 Nissan Murano)

"Excellent in snow and ice. Good acceleration and easy handling."

Anonymous, WI (2014 Nissan Murano)

"Wish the gas mileage would be more in the range of 22-24 mpg"

CHARLES K., PA (2014 Nissan Murano)

"all aspects of this vehicle are good."

Anonymous, NM (2014 Nissan Murano)

"The Murano is easy to drive. Has the push button start that I have come to enjoy. It accelerates as I need to and is easy to handle. The only thing I wish was better is the range of vision thru the back."

Anonymous, TX (2014 Nissan Murano)

"Do NOT like the CVT (rubber band) transmission"

MIKE P., TN (2014 Nissan Murano)

"comfort, security."

Anonymous, NJ (2014 Nissan Murano)

"It handles great"

Anonymous, NJ (2014 Nissan Murano)

"Acceleration, stability and overall handling"

Anonymous, NY (2014 Nissan Murano)

"It has great acceleration and handling. I had to make a cross country trip last February, and is didn't let me down once."

ROSS P., AZ (2014 Nissan Murano)

"I was expecting about 20% better mileage. The EPA numbers suggested I should get about 10% better mileage than my Mercury, but it is 10% lower. I think Nissan is cheating on the EPA numbers."

Anonymous, OH (2014 Nissan Murano)

"Smooth Handling, turning radius"

GREG G., TX (2014 Nissan Murano)

"Handles with ease cornering and take off from a dead stop!"

MARK L., OH (2014 Nissan Murano)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"I am 6'4" and my wife is 5'4" so it is very difficult to find a car that fits. We had a Murano previous and I liked the fit. We looked at 2015 Muranos but they redesigned the interior and there was not as much leg room for me."

TOM D., CO (2014 Nissan Murano)

"excellent legroom in front, very comfortable seats"

JAMES K., NY (2014 Nissan Murano)

"Size is important, it fits anywhere. It is comfortable for me to make trips from 1 to 5 hours."

Anonymous, TX (2014 Nissan Murano)

"Seat bottoms are too short"

MIKE P., TN (2014 Nissan Murano)

"Too much wind noise"

Anonymous, SC (2014 Nissan Murano)

"Had to replace the controls under the drivers seat because it was making a noise when you moved the seat up and back"

DEBBIE S., PA (2014 Nissan Murano)

"comfortable on long trips"

Anonymous, IL (2014 Nissan Murano)

"Longer front seats would be more beneicial to support legs."

Anonymous, PA (2014 Nissan Murano)

"Very disappointed that the A/C compressor failed at 65,000 miles"

Anonymous, VA (2014 Nissan Murano)

"Ride & Handling are excellent regardless of weather conditions rain or shine. When I fist picked up the automobile the service dept. had to adjust and balance the wheel assembly because the transmission has a tendency to shake & rattle the steering wheel a little bit. The problem was rectified and hopefully will never return."

Anonymous, KY (2014 Nissan Murano)

"This is without a doubt the most comfortable car I've every owned. The leather seats are wonderful and the ride is stable. Nissan no longer produces this car, but from the reactions I've received from others on the road (and in parking lots!), they're missing a good bet."

JAMES S., IN (2014 Nissan Murano)

"I find that the air conditioner works very hard to keep the cabin cool, which causes the fan to run on a higher speed then I feel is acceptable."

Anonymous, WI (2014 Nissan Murano)

"The Murano rides very well and gets up to highway speed easily."

MAXWELL F., CT (2014 Nissan Murano)

"The seats are very comfortable, soft but very supportive."

THOMAS G., OH (2014 Nissan Murano)

"The seats and roominess are exceptional. Couldn't be better."

ROBERT C., PA (2014 Nissan Murano)

"Seats could be a bit more comfortable. The Thigh extension found on the Maxima would be a very well received feature as would Cooled seating"

DOUG C., ON (2014 Nissan Murano)

"Only real complaint was the blind spot is somewhat excessive. I purchased [from an auto parts store] an extra blind spot mirror to over come the situation."

Anonymous, ON (2014 Nissan Murano)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Competitively priced and you feel like you are sitting in a luxury car"

FRANK C., SC (2014 Nissan Murano)

"Styling: Very fluid ,curvy styling, grille that does not look like a truck. High End interior Luxo-Look. Year end discount reduced list price to 2014 Nissan Rogue List Price. Last year of Japanese production .Ride ,Handling and Noise are very good."

BRIAN L., ON (2014 Nissan Murano)


Anonymous, NM (2014 Nissan Murano)

"Excellent. Has many standard features that are options on many other brands."

Anonymous, IL (2014 Nissan Murano)

"The 2014 Murano lacks some of the conveniences of thre newer model. t was expensive to lease for what we got making it a bit less of a value"

WILLIAM M., AZ (2014 Nissan Murano)

"This is a really nice fully loaded SL with all the bells and wishes. Should have been closer to $30k. We got it for just at $25k."

DARIN C., TN (2014 Nissan Murano)

"Excellent handling peppy fair mileage"

WILMA B., FL (2014 Nissan Murano)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"My wife likes the styling and the fact that she sits up a little higher. There is a lot of room inside and the rear seat has plenty of leg room. The only bad thing is that all SUVs are starting to look alike and Murano is moving toward Lexis."

TOM D., CO (2014 Nissan Murano)

"Great styling"

WILMA B., FL (2014 Nissan Murano)

"Upscale look overall, with a smaller non-truck looking grille."

BRIAN L., ON (2014 Nissan Murano)

"Convertible top is fast and easy to use, ride is smooth very comfortable floats on air, responsive acceleration, Bose sound system is great with or without top down or up."

MARK L., OH (2014 Nissan Murano)

"The 2015 model had just come out, and it was the "edgy" redesign. I really did not like it at all, and it was larger, giving me concerns about the car fitting into my garage."

ELINOR C., PA (2014 Nissan Murano)

"I like the styling of the Murano. It stands out from other SUV's."

MAXWELL F., CT (2014 Nissan Murano)

"There is a design flaw with the front license plate holder - it gets mangled every time you run the car through an automated car wash. Have replaced the holder three times since purchase."

KEITH G., MO (2014 Nissan Murano)

"I don't like the blind spot on the right created by the front windshield being so far forward and the column being so wide. I literally have to lean forward and backward to be sure a car or person is not hidden in that spot."

Anonymous, AR (2014 Nissan Murano)

"At the time styling was ahead of the competition. This is true of the new Murano as well."

F L., CT (2014 Nissan Murano)

"Styling is what I expected."

Anonymous, PA (2014 Nissan Murano)

"The paint is not of good guality my car is black I have had black cars in the past never like this don't like the front grill I needed a AWD the jeep was to costly for me"

CAROLYN T., MI (2014 Nissan Murano)

"Wherever I drive, people constantly ask what the car is and if it was custom made; people think it's beautiful! I've been asked to demonstrate how the convertible top works! Why Nissan stopped making it is a mystery to all!"

DIANA L., CT (2014 Nissan Murano)

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