Nissan's full-sized pickup competes well with most other models. The Titan is quick, handles relatively nimbly and rides reasonably well. The cabin is also roomy. An optional towing package lets the Titan pull an impressive 9,500 pounds. Strong acceleration is a plus, but constant engine and exhaust noise can become tiresome. Stability control and curtain airbags are standard.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"bad paint job"

LARRY L., CA (2004 Nissan Titan)

"Excellerates well. Handling could be more responsive."

Anonymous, IA (2004 Nissan Titan)

"For a truck, handling and acceleration are excellent."

GARRY C., NC (2004 Nissan Titan)

"automated door locks do not work, style is not good"

RICHARD S., PA (2004 Nissan Titan)

"Good hauler rides very well bad gas mileage but that is to be expected. First year issue"

Anonymous, KS (2004 Nissan Titan)

"Sits high in the seats Rides smoothly Handles like a sports car Looks greart"

Anonymous, SC (2004 Nissan Titan)

"handling is a bit tough at times on the truck with turns and maneuvering. Brakes have never been the strong suite on the truck with longer than normal stopping distance even after I put in performance rotors and pads."

Anonymous, MA (2004 Nissan Titan)

"Good acceleration and handling. Under load, including light trailers performs average, about what I would expect in a light pick-up."

Anonymous, CO (2004 Nissan Titan)

"I enjoy driving the Titan, as it has good acceleration and has lots of power."

Dottie N., ID (2004 Nissan Titan)

"Truck has plenty of power for acceleration. Rides rough due to 4 wheel drive. Does not instill confidence on rain slick roads like AWD SUV"

Anonymous, TN (2004 Nissan Titan)

"Very good for trailer towing"

Anonymous, AZ (2004 Nissan Titan)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"both driver and passenger seats are 5 way adjustable very good for long trips pulling a trailer"

SUZANNE F., FL (2004 Nissan Titan)

"They are really comfortable, luxurious!"

DOTTIE N., ID (2004 Nissan Titan)

"The seats are very comfortable, and it has adjustable pedals. As a 2004 model it was an early provider of this feature."

Anonymous, PA (2004 Nissan Titan)

"Driver seat is uncomfortable after about 90 minutes of travel. Passenger seat is not the same seat as driver. We wish all manufactures would make both driver and passenger seats the same rather than giving the passenger seat less comfort and function."

Anonymous, TN (2004 Nissan Titan)

"seatbelts were not designed for smaller drivers or passengers. The shoulder strap cuts across your neck and as the truck ages the belts do not retract very well at all."

Anonymous, MA (2004 Nissan Titan)

"The dash developed Crack in the center piece, the paint is wearing out and the plastic is a different color, the radio pushbutton paint is coming off."

Edward F., CA (2004 Nissan Titan)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"First initial years after the warranty passed there were a lot problems with the truck that we have just learned to live with. Emissions evap system failed multiple times (even during warranty period), DS window motor failed inexplicably, various trim pieces falling off. Just does not exude quality and confidence."

Anonymous, WI (2004 Nissan Titan)

"Good truck"

Anonymous, MD (2004 Nissan Titan)

"other than routine replacement items (batteries, tires) I have had zero problems with this vehicle. low gas mileage is due to it being a heavy 4-wheel drive vehicle. it has been very a very dependable vehicle."

H L., TX (2004 Nissan Titan)

"No mechanical problems. Comfortable cab. Chose this vehicle or Ford 150 due to small area of feet on passenger side of the Ford. Would have preferred a Ford, but the Transmission housing intruded too much into passenger area."

Anonymous, TN (2004 Nissan Titan)

"Best price on a full size, crew cab truck when I purchased it....."

Anonymous, TN (2004 Nissan Titan)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"The style stood out from other full size trucks with their big boxy frontends. Sadly, I understand Nissan caved on their choice and will be putting a big box on the 2017."

CHARLES C., FL (2004 Nissan Titan)

"It looks newer than it actually is! I think it looks beautiful!"

DOTTIE N., ID (2004 Nissan Titan)

"Exterior styling is ok, but i really like the interior design (for a 2004). Seats, steering wheel, dash and stereo are all designed well for my requirements."

Anonymous, PA (2004 Nissan Titan)

Would you buy this car again?

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