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Porsche’s new, all-electric sedan has the power, performance, and high-tech vibe to rival a Tesla. The Taycan is a low-slung four-door sedan costing six-figures.
It’s quick, agile, rides comfortably, and is very enjoyable to drive. The EPA-rated range is 203 miles. Charging time is long on a 240 volt connector, taking 11 hours for the larger 93 kWh battery. Public charging isn’t as seamless as it is with a Tesla, however. The front seats are very comfortable, the rear is a bit tight. Visibility to the rear and sides is limited. The car has a decent trunk and an additional small one up front. The controls are complicated and remain unintuitive even after repeated use, and the EV-related displays aren’t as prominent as in a Tesla. The car is substantial but interior ambiance is less impressive than it is in other Porsche models.
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