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Porsche Taycan

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2019 Porsche Taycan Ratings & Reliability
Porsche plans to take on Tesla with a new, all-electric sedan that promises the power, performance, and range to rival the Model S. The name Taycan means "lively young horse" in reference to the stallion at the center of the Porsche crest. The automaker states that the production car will have more than 600 horsepower and be able to accelerate from 0-60 mph under 3.5 seconds, matching the time for the Model S P85D that CR tested. The charging times also will be super-fast. Porsche said that in 4 minutes, the Taycan could take on enough electricity to travel more than 60 miles. And in 15 minutes, it could add 250 miles of range. The range is said to be greater than 300 miles. Production will begin in 2019, and Porsche dealers have started to take orders. The Taycan will likely spawn a wagon version with SUV styling details.