The Outback wagon has long been a popular all-wheel-drive alternative to a small SUV, especially for those living in more northern climes. It's a very practical package, with great visibility, a roomy back seat and a spacious cargo hold. Fuel economy is a class-leading 24 mpg overall. The four-cylinder version has long been impressive, but the Outback isn't exactly a pleasure to drive.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"car is equipped with 4 cyl engine which I see as rather anemic in hill country and acceleration."

Anonymous, IN (2014 Subaru Outback)

"It does not respond quickly to the accelerator, like the Forester does. I have heard it is the transmission, which has been "tweaked" after 20014. Only fair acceleration."

Anonymous, MN (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Acceleration is very difficult when fully loaded. The car is marketed as an outdoor activity car but the engine chugs when loaded for camping. That would be with 2 persons, two dogs, tent gear and cooler. I don't know how it could be rated to tow anything once loaded. It does do well on rough roads when not fully loaded."

Anonymous, CA (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Acceleration is sluggish with lots of engine noise. Also don't care for the delay in the automatic transmission when selecting DRIVE from REVERSE."

Anonymous, AZ (2014 Subaru Outback)

"This car has the smaller engine of the two engines offered. It gets great gas mileage, but it labors to get up to speed."

Anonymous, CO (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Very smooth."

Anonymous, NC (2014 Subaru Outback)

"The transmission is jerky. It is difficult to start out smoothly from a stop. Acceleration is good otherwise. Handles well especially on tight curves because of the low center of gravity among other things."

Anonymous, MD (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Handling is excellent especially on wet or snow covered roads. I would like a bit better acceleration, but it is adequate. Acceleration from a standing stop is very good, would like a bit more for passing."

Anonymous, SC (2014 Subaru Outback)

"It sometimes does not respond immediately when putting pressure on the gas pedal, resulting in hesitation when entering traffic."

Anonymous, IA (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Drives very well in all weather. Interior, transmission and engine noises are excessive."

JAMES S., CO (2014 Subaru Outback)

"The Outback has surprisingly good handling with the right tires."

JAMES D., NV (2014 Subaru Outback)

"The acceleration is what you would expect for a station wagon. It gives me the sense of safety with the airbags in place. It most definitely is not a sporty car."

Anonymous, AK (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Very good handling. Acceleration is adequate, but the 6 cylinder gives more zoom."

CLARK A., TX (2014 Subaru Outback)

"handling is not very easy. car is very noisy"

SUSAN L., NY (2014 Subaru Outback)

"The biggest issue with driving the Subaru Outback is that it tends to hesitate when pressing the accelerator. This causes you to press a bit harder and then it lunges a bit because you gave it more gas. It is very hard to do an even slow start."

MIKE S., CA (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Excellent steering/vehicle control system, no torque steering. Fantastic in poor weather conditions. Snow tire used in winter."

ROSS S., ON (2014 Subaru Outback)

"good acceleration and supperb handling"

BORIS T., WI (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Acceleration is terrible. The engine revs up; the 'rubber band transmission' winds up; the car slowly accelerates until it gets a bit of a slingshot boost, as if from a stretched rubber band. The CVT transmission causes the car to decelerate too much when 'coasting' up to a turn, a stop sign, interstate exit, etc."

PHILLIP W., WY (2014 Subaru Outback)

"I'm not really enthusiastic about the CVT transmission. When shifting between forward and reverse, they car will drift just a tiny bit before it 'catches'. When cold, shifts a bit 'jerky'. Both are more annoying than unsafe. Don't want to go back to the dealer at this point; afraid they might make it worse."

Anonymous, CT (2014 Subaru Outback)

"For a four cylinder it has very good acceleration. handles a little stiff, but I prefer a little stiffer ride."

JEFFREY P., NC (2014 Subaru Outback)

"The CVT requires a change in driving habits."

LEONARD W., CO (2014 Subaru Outback)

"ride comfort is slightly harsher than the 2010 outback."

RICHARD C., IN (2014 Subaru Outback)

"The actual steering wheel is very stiff & hard"

MARGARET T., OR (2014 Subaru Outback)

"It's great in snow and rain. I feel very safe when I'm driving this car"

DALE J., KS (2014 Subaru Outback)

"The car was hesitating and having a hard time accelerating with speed, determined the transmission needed to have a forced relearn done on it. Got car back, still stuttering while trying to accelerate."

Anonymous, NY (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Needs more power"

WILLIAM D., PA (2014 Subaru Outback)

"I don't like the CVT transmission. It performs OK, but I just don't like the way the engine revs up and sounds like the transmission is slipping during acceleration. I much prefer a standard transmission that shifts through the gears. I wouldn't buy another car with a CVT transmission."

MARK K., AZ (2014 Subaru Outback)

"My wife credits this car with saving her life by avoidind an accident she would have otherwise been in."

SAMUEL M., KS (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Very good handling. Would like better acceleration."

Anonymous, WI (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Perfect. Turns on a dime. Manages heavy, dangerous city traffic and unpaved country roads with equal ease and safety. This car has saved my life in heavy traffic in Austin, when a big truck merged into the space I was occupying. It's smart brakes and rapid acceleration allowed me to maneuver away from a seemingly unavoidable collision into an impossibly small opening."

GLORIA K., TX (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Economical. Find CVT sometime works inappropriately at low speed"

Anonymous, QC (2014 Subaru Outback)

"This car has very sluggish acceleration and I've had to adjust my driving to accommodate this issue. This can be dangerous in certain situation and needs to be fixed!"

Anonymous, IL (2014 Subaru Outback)

"This vehicle handles like a dream. Steering is responsive, great road feel, terrific traction in all kinds of weather. I have a 2.5i engine but the acceleration is fine if a bit noisy. I hear the 2015s on are quieter."

TERRY D., OH (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Road noise, somewhat harsh ride, and slight vagueness about going where I aim it at high speed. I think all are most likely related to the tires, which are the originals. CVT has a little bit of a rubber band quality and wanders a bit, particularly at lower speeds, but delivers good mileage (25.5 over 9000 miles of mixed driving). Acceleration is not great. I still love the car, because it does well what I want it to do, which is to carry good sized loads, handle roads that require high clear"

Anonymous, MA (2014 Subaru Outback)

"The model I purchased has a dual transmission (automatic and manual). I had no idea I was buying a car with the dual transmission nor do I need it. The car is very bottom heavy, rough accelerating and noisy. It does a poor job of blocking out outside noises."

MEREDITH W., NJ (2014 Subaru Outback)

"The acceleration of this vehicle is sub-par and, occasionally when having to accelerate quickly, downright dangerous."

Anonymous, CA (2014 Subaru Outback)

"It has been great winter car in hilly rural upstate NY. The only downside has been how horrible the OEM Continental ProContact tires have been. For some reason the tires catch so many small pieces or rocks, resulting in two flats at most inconvenient times and places. I have had no problems with Michelin and Falken tires on another car driving on the same gravel roads around my home."

Anonymous, NY (2014 Subaru Outback)

"could use a little more horsepower"

Anonymous, CA (2014 Subaru Outback)

"We spend time in a mountainous area and the engine is a little underpowered (4 cyl) for that use. It makes a good deal of noise when climbing mountain roads."

Anonymous, NC (2014 Subaru Outback)

"4 cylinder is underpowered. I like the CVT though, wish more cars came with it."

Anonymous, NY (2014 Subaru Outback)

"For the price, I expected more power and quality. The car has neither. It is a blah car. Rattles (which they cannot find) and the headlight on the passengers side was defective and had to be replaced. Fortunately, I noticed the headlight problem a week before the warranty was expired. I will never buy another Subaru. They are junk."

ELIZABETH J., ID (2014 Subaru Outback)

"The ride is rough. Acceleration is hesitant at times and there is a pull at times on the drive wheels."

Anonymous, MD (2014 Subaru Outback)

"accelerates from stop or into traffic ok but kind of gives out in 2nd or 3rd gear. Just not powerful at all after initial acceleration (I know it's a 4 cylinder)."

Anonymous, OH (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Excellent mpg, and very nimble- easy to maneuver. Good acceleration"

Anonymous, OH (2014 Subaru Outback)

"The driving experience that I have had with this vehicle is far Superior than any previous Subaru vehicles that I Have owned"

Anonymous, NJ (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Handling is excellent. There is a lag time between pressing the gas pedal and acceleration."

KEN H., CA (2014 Subaru Outback)

"It's bigger to handle in crowded cities and more difficult to park. We like the back up cameras in each car. The Subaru doesn't always tell us accurately about lane transgressions. Sometimes thinking extra tar strips as line paint."

Anonymous, WA (2014 Subaru Outback)

"I have a standard shift vehicle with six gears. It accelerates very well compared to the automatic outback that I tried out before I purchased the Forester."

BETTY B., WV (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Could use more torque."

GAIL T., CA (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Acceleration is very good (have the 6 cylinder model) and handling is reliable and easy."

SCOTT M., KY (2014 Subaru Outback)

"no issues"

CHARLES G., ID (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Car feels so solid on the road compared to the string of Mitsubishi cars we have owned."

JEFFREY D., NH (2014 Subaru Outback)

"The acceleration of the outback is surprisingly good. Very comfortable car to drive. Would $ have recommended this car."

JERRY P., TX (2014 Subaru Outback)

"During a 4000 Mike road trip this summer, over many high mountain ranges, some high speed highways, and also gravel and dirt country roads, the car handled amazingly well. Even with the lower horsepower, it accelerated well when needed and hugged the road. We felt safe in the car and found it very dependable."

SUSANLEE B., CA (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Transmission surging since new, company has not been able to fix."

JERRY A., NC (2014 Subaru Outback)

"The CVT transmission is lack luster, passing someone sounds like my first new car a 1966 Beettle, you only get by them because they can't stand the screaming of your engine. A 6 speed Auto or 4 speed standard would be my preference."

DAVID T., NC (2014 Subaru Outback)

"The Outback handles in all weather conditions. Disappointed in acceleration I realize it's a larger car but should from a standstill accelerate faster."

GREGORY A., NJ (2014 Subaru Outback)

"The 4 cylinder accelerates fine for around town, but it is painfully slow if you are trying to pass someone."

Anonymous, IL (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Don't like CVT transmission although it functions well"

LEONARD W., NY (2014 Subaru Outback)

"With six cylinders and about 250 horsepower, Subaru Outback has good acceleration. It handles very well - it is responsive. Fun to drive."

H B., IL (2014 Subaru Outback)

"cannot start up when brakes have been applied. it starts and then "dies" when it starts to move leaving me in front of an oncoming vehicle -- then it will accelerate fine after the hesitation. NOT SAFE....."

R M., OR (2014 Subaru Outback)

"We own the 3.6R engine. This is a 6 cylinder with a lot of power. The 6-cylinder engine utilizes a timing chain, rather than the timing belt used by the 4-cylinder engine. This means less maintenance over the life of the engine and it eliminates the possibility (admittedly a remote possibility) of a snapped timing belt causing massive internal engine damage."

Anonymous, AZ (2014 Subaru Outback)

"It has the power and maneuverability and road hugging that we've long appreciated in Subarus and hauls our little camping trailer very smoothly, even in the Rockies"

Anonymous, WI (2014 Subaru Outback)

"4 cylinder engine needs more power"

STEVEN F., FL (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Superb in winter conditions. We would most certainly have rear ended into a pile up last winter if not for the Subaru that allowed me to drive around it at speed. Great AWD!!!! We have the 3.6R, as I understand, it has the best AWD system..."

TIMOTHY S., PA (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Outstanding control in snowy conditions. Accurate stearing and stability in straight line and corner manuevers."

CLARENCE R., WI (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Car has "EYE SITE" feature which I find very helpful & increases driving safety although it is not recognized by the insurance companies as an item for which they give any discounts."

Anonymous, CA (2014 Subaru Outback)

"I have become accustomed to the acceleration of a 6 cylinder engine. This car is a 4 cylinder; so does not provide the passing acceleration I get from my other car."

DAVID H., WA (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Highway acceleration with the manual transmission is better than what was advertised."

OLIVER S., CT (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Excellent in winter driving. The manual transmission enhances an already strong Asymetrical All Wheel drive. It also provides surprising jump from standing start though it gets noisy when you wind out."

RODGER G., PA (2014 Subaru Outback)

"It has sufficient power and handles well, but the initial throttle tip-in (?) is too sensitive. It's hard to make a smooth start from stop."

JOE W., CA (2014 Subaru Outback)

"sluggish acceleration"

MRK K., CT (2014 Subaru Outback)

"It has enough power to do what I want it to do but now I am thinking of pulling a small trailer and may want to move up to the 6"

JOHN L., VA (2014 Subaru Outback)

"We bought the Outback primarily for my wife to drive. She needs a vehicle that handles well and in which she can feel secure and comfortable. This vehicle fulfills those functions very well. It also handles well on rainy or icy roads."

GEORGE Y., TX (2014 Subaru Outback)

"The car drives and handles very well. I like the fact that it is 4x4 all the time. No need to turn it on or off when the weather changes. The car is very good on fuel if driven at speed limit. (as low as 6.8L/100km In perfect conditions). Because of this the car is a little sluggish if you have to take off quickly. The next time I buy one it will be with the 6 cyl engine and not the 4 cyl. Overall very pleased."

Anonymous, AB (2014 Subaru Outback)

"There is no acceleration in a 4 cy."

ANGELA E., VA (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Too damn slow"

Anonymous, OK (2014 Subaru Outback)

"The previous Subarus I have owned all came with theBoxer 4 cylinder engine. The 2014 has the 3.6L 6 cylinder. The difference is like night and day. The acceleration is wonderful. I don't get nervous trying to merge onto an interstate that I had before. I have lost a coupe of miles per gallon but it is worth it."

RAYMOND W., FL (2014 Subaru Outback)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"One of the most comfortable vehicles I've driven in. Great value for money."

WALTER F., AZ (2014 Subaru Outback)

"The transmission is "whiny" which is my only minor complaint about the car. This was made more noticeable when I got the new Legacy which is so quiet."

Anonymous, NY (2014 Subaru Outback)

"seats are not greatly comfortable"

RONALD S., BC (2014 Subaru Outback)

"The car rides nicely in city traffic. The engine is noisy when accelerating."

Anonymous, CA (2014 Subaru Outback)

"The seats in my 2014 Outback are quite comfortable, even on very long trips. The only thing I would request as an improvement would be integrated seat coolers."

JOHN F., NJ (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Fits my back comfortably."

HELMUTH H., FL (2014 Subaru Outback)

"It would be better if they had separate controls for the driver and passenger for climate."

Anonymous, WI (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Passenger seat should have more controls to adjust comfort"

Anonymous, CA (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Tire and road noise are excessive. Nearly any deformity it the road will be heard and felt in the passenger cabin. Ride comfort is very acceptable even on long trips."

JAMES H., NE (2014 Subaru Outback)

"I am a short person and the Outback does not complete adjust to my statute. I need an aftermarket device to drive the car."

Anonymous, CA (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Moderately stiff ride"

Anonymous, CT (2014 Subaru Outback)

"seats are very uncomfortable for long drives."

Anonymous, AK (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Wind noise is a persistent unresolved issue with some outback including ours. Also, roof rack on new models is almost useless. Otherwise it's a great car but these two factors are a problem. Oh. The oil usemail so far is a concern but within tolerances."

CLIFF H., CA (2014 Subaru Outback)

"The seat is uncomfortable for me. I sit on a cushion and have one behind my back also. I am short and can never get quite comfortable."

Anonymous, PA (2014 Subaru Outback)

"rear passengers complain about inadequate air conditioning or heat"

JOHN K., NY (2014 Subaru Outback)

"sometimes the ride is what i call "herky jerky" but it might be my husband's driving rather than the car."

Anonymous, KS (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Very comfortable on long trips."

JEFFREY P., NC (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Climate controls are manual and there is only one set for the entire vehicle except for the heated front seats. Even though the vehicle is painted silver, the ceiling gets hot in the sun. There appears to be no insulation between the headliner and the exterior metal. This makes it noisier, too."

Anonymous, MD (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Cloth seats are somewhat uncomfortable on long trips. Power driver seat not easy to get to the correct position. Noticeably outside noise."

Anonymous, IL (2014 Subaru Outback)

"can ride for hours without needing a stretch. Very comfortable in all seasons with the black leather seating and heat."

ROBERT P., NH (2014 Subaru Outback)

"AC does not cool the cabin very well, windows fog up way to easily even with the AC on. 1st new car I've bought and also the 1st car ever to have these 2 problems. Cabin is also noisier than my previous Subaru as well."

CHARLES H., IL (2014 Subaru Outback)

"subbaru needs to change where they place the seat warmer buttons - they get accidently turned on too often. They also need to change the location of emergency flashers - they are easily turned on accidently"

DIANE G., NM (2014 Subaru Outback)

"My driver seat is no longer comfortable for long drives"

Anonymous, TN (2014 Subaru Outback)

"The seats are not really comfortable. The side bolsters on the front seats are so snug that they limit arm movement. My 2004 Subaru Outback had much more comfortable seats."

Anonymous, CO (2014 Subaru Outback)

"My wife says the seats are uncomfortable for her shorter legs."

Anonymous, NY (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Noise: Find the vehicle noisy. Particularly when using a cell phone."

EDWARD H., FL (2014 Subaru Outback)


KATHY P., SC (2014 Subaru Outback)

"I'll start with the positive. First car I've ever owned that had truly comfortable back seats. No suv exists that can say that they have truly comfortable backseats. Front seats are great, but with all the emphasis on comfort a little better lumbar support on both seats would clinch the Outback as the best car/suv on the market. Noise is low, ride is superb, and climate control is excellent."

JAYE C., NC (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Living in Boise, ID with this vehicle we like the a;; wheel drive."

CHARLES G., ID (2014 Subaru Outback)

"have a problem with the seat springs poking thru the seat"

MARY W., CA (2014 Subaru Outback)

"A little more noise than my Sienna. Transmission is slow to engage after backing up. Would like the convenience of automatic opening of hatch back."

Anonymous, WI (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Too much road noise. Bad sound quality on radio. Seat comfort and climate control are good."

Anonymous, WA (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Seats are not comfortable- no lumbar support. Strange Depo into car- always catch my feet on floor board by driver door - annoying enough to make me think about trading in the car"

Anonymous, NY (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Door locks do not engage automatically when car shifts into Drive. A notable security lapse. Also, back-up warning beepers are not available."

DAVID G., AR (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Driver's seat and steering wheel adjust to fit anyone comfortably, but I was disappointed the passenger seat is not fully adjustable, even on the higher trim options."

ERIC R., QC (2014 Subaru Outback)

"The vehicle pulls to the right all the time and it is a very uncomfortable car for tall persons. It's hard to get in and out of because it sits so low."

ANGELA E., VA (2014 Subaru Outback)

"The road noise is bothersome to my wife."

Anonymous, UT (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Cvt transmission no point paddle shifter for fake gears. Traction control on all time 4 wheel drive just stupid when i need all power to get out off snow and driveway car just dies no power."

Anonymous, PA (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Most comfortable seats I have ever had in a car. I am 6'3" tall and the comfort is amazing."

DAVID V., TX (2014 Subaru Outback)

"most comfortable seats of any car I've owned"

ERIC S., WA (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Noise is so bad in backseat to hear driver is difficult"

Anonymous, WA (2014 Subaru Outback)

"I bought top trim level and expected it to be quiet. Too much engine/transmission noise and too much road noise. Climate control hard to see especially fan control while driving. Heated seats are slow to warm up."

H N., IA (2014 Subaru Outback)

"seats are a little firmer than I desire."

RUDD T., MN (2014 Subaru Outback)

"We are unusually large and tall people. That said the seats are uncomfortable after long periods."

Anonymous, FL (2014 Subaru Outback)

"the vehicle could have more leg room"

Anonymous, NE (2014 Subaru Outback)

"I don't like the location of the front seat heater controls. They are on the console. It is too easy to accidently drop something on top and turn the heater(s) on."

Anonymous, CT (2014 Subaru Outback)

"It is a superb car for long trips."

PETER S., TX (2014 Subaru Outback)

"air conditioning slow to take effect Fan is noisy Audio is not nearly as good as my 2009 Taurus was"

Anonymous, WI (2014 Subaru Outback)

"The seat control fuse has going out and despite this and other seat motor issues, Subaru does not recognize this as an ongoing problem."

MATTHEW P., SD (2014 Subaru Outback)

"The engine can be loud under strong acceleration."

Anonymous, CO (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Adjustable drivers seat."

Anonymous, NC (2014 Subaru Outback)

"In dash navigation/audio is pretty dated, I have not figured out how to get an update to the navigation system maps. It works fine, just outdated."

PIERCE S., ID (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Front passenger seat not as supportive as drivers side. Seat at an awkward angle, almost flat."

Anonymous, TN (2014 Subaru Outback)

"very comfortable seats, dual a/c control, rides like a car and not the SUV it is. One problem: if you are short you can't change the visor position while you are driving -- like when you want to turn it to the side to block the sun. It hits you in the head and you can't get it past your head."

R C., NY (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Noisy ride Air conditioning output is barely enough to cool the back seat and cargo areas."

KEN H., CA (2014 Subaru Outback)

"The front passenger seat adjustments are not adequate. My wife is 4' 10" tall. The seat is not motor driven like the driver's seat. The seat can not go forward enough nor does it elevate. The same seat adjuster should be provided for the front passenger seat as provided for the driver. The driver 's adjuster should have the two button selector system so either driver can select his seat position by pushing a button."

LAWRENCE L., CA (2014 Subaru Outback)

"The comfort controls are very good. Seats could have a bit more padding . Road noise is an issue that additional sound proofing would Reduce or eliminate"

Anonymous, NJ (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Leather covering and underlying padding and support structure create an extraordinarily comfortable environment for both driver and passengers."

A G., PA (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Subaru's have a stiff suspension so on certain roads the ride is bumpy"

JAMES S., KY (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Lumbar support airbag failed"

DOUG C., ON (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Passenger does not have electric seat control"

Anonymous, WI (2014 Subaru Outback)

"all excelent"

Anonymous, CA (2014 Subaru Outback)

"front seats are uncomfortably hard"

JOHN C., CO (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Most of our dissatisfaction is due to lack of options we bought. When we were buying a Limited modell, we assumed it was fully loaded. That was a very serious assumption that has caused us a lot of heartache. Lack of rear hatch power lift and no intelligence in the locking system has been the source of serious dissatisfaction on out part"

MONTE B., TN (2014 Subaru Outback)

"The front passenger seat should have more adjustments should be powered."

LAURENCE C., AL (2014 Subaru Outback)

"In general we like this car but it is not as nimble as the CRV which we bought later."

Anonymous, WA (2014 Subaru Outback)

"The head rest is so far forward that it rubs on the back of your head. I hate that!!"

Anonymous, CT (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Roomy , good driving view"

Anonymous, NJ (2014 Subaru Outback)

"During a 4000 mile road trip this year, with many 14-hour driving days in varied climates, three passengers and a super large dog, we were amazed at how comfortable we were. The seats and leg room, as well as cargo space were great. The climate control was good but a bit confusing at first."

SUSANLEE B., CA (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Road noise is higher than other vehicles we drove, however I consider it a fair tradeoff for the outstanding handling and gas mileage."

JAMES B., NV (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Front passenger seat is not adjustable for height; just forward and backward. A problem for my wife."

Anonymous, NY (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Seats are very comfortable and easily adjustable. This car has been a delight to own and drive and we are likely purchasing a second one within the next year."

SCOTT M., KY (2014 Subaru Outback)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"A safe and reliable cat with high performance when needed on or off road"

Anonymous, VA (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Best value for AWD vehicle."

RANDALL K., NM (2014 Subaru Outback)

"I needed safety above all else. The Suburu's eyesight technology and airbag placement make it the most safe vehicle on the road"

Anonymous, FL (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Bought the vehicle so I woild have reliable vehicle for long distance trips. The low oil light has gone on before the next oio change every time, first time after 7000 miles, next time after 4000 miles. I carry oil with me due to worrying about oil consumption, especially in the mountains."

Anonymous, OR (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Told the dealer the price needed to be below 25,000 so I could afford to buy it at the end of the lease. When I went to sign the price was 26,0000 they said there was nothing they could do about the price. The oil light comes on before the sceadual oil change.the car needs more oil.They did a test at 1200 miles and said there's nothing they will do to fix the fact that in needs more oil"

Anonymous, MI (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Good trade in value, if I exercise it."

HELMUTH H., FL (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Exceptional Value for a dependable car that is less expensive to drive."

Anonymous, CT (2014 Subaru Outback)

"The 2014 Subaru Outback was purchased used with 65,000 miles. It was operated 10 weeks when it had a catastrophic engine failure. I paid $20,000 on the vehicle and needed a new engine which was NOT covered due to being 800 miles over the warranty. I lost my down payment, a functioning trade-in and had to spend another $3000 for a new used engine plus installation. It is running but not up to par.. I am disgusted with Subaru and the car dealer for not being helpful in this situation! I have"

GINA H., ME (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Lots of features for the money. MPG is not very good."

Anonymous, MN (2014 Subaru Outback)

"It's a reliable work horse"

Anonymous, VT (2014 Subaru Outback)

"A rear view camera was not available for this year even as an option. A rear view camera is definitely need for this car as viewing out the rear window is limited. And I am 84 years old and have limited flexibility to turn my head to look out the back window. The outside temp, time and gasoline mileage indicators are shown in a recessed center dashboard module that make them difficult to read during the day. Colored numerals like green instead of white would be better. The time should include t"

LAWRENCE L., CA (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Hands free phone is not great. The phone lady usually doesn't understand commands."

DOUGLAS S., CO (2014 Subaru Outback)

"We wanted a vehicle to pull a small teardrop trailer easily in western mountains and with safe and quick acceleration capacity on highways while towing. We also wanted a quiet comfortable ride and we got that with this vehicle. It is also very safe for winter driving in our snowy upper Midwest. We use it in winter and when hauling trailer mostly."

Anonymous, WI (2014 Subaru Outback)

"The best value for an AWD car of this size and class. Complaints are mostly in the area of engine performance. Seems a little underpowered for the size and weight of car, would consider the 6 cylinder"

Anonymous, MA (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Our dealer gave us an excellent trade in on our 2010 Outback. We trust the outback to hold the road in the winter weather here in the Northeast."

FRANK S., NY (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Subaru electronics and features don't meet those of other manufactures."

Anonymous, MD (2014 Subaru Outback)

"never, ever have had a problem. schd maint is the only reason it has been in the dealer's shop."

ERNEST R., CA (2014 Subaru Outback)

"It has the 'band Transmission" which at times can be frustrating when acceleration is needed. But other wise I'm very happy."

Anonymous, VA (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Excellent vehicle."

Anonymous, NJ (2014 Subaru Outback)

"I purchased this vehicle because it is best in it's class for easily towing behind our Motorhome. I also use it as a daily second car."

BARRY M., CA (2014 Subaru Outback)

"There were features I wanted that were only available on the next model up. (in dash navigation) Didn't want leather,V6, and sunroof though."

JAMES R., CA (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Very disappointed. Engine drinks so much oil that the low oil pressure light has come on 4 times in 1.5 years. Dealer ran 2 oil consumption tests and assured us this was normal. Now I find out there is a class action settlement. Also, there is a wiring problem causing the center display and clock to flicker and reset constantly. Dealer has tried 3 times to repair, unsuccessfully."

SCOTT R., WI (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Solid, good-performing car"

Anonymous, NY (2014 Subaru Outback)

"It is a well built solid car. I feel very comfortable driving it in adverse weather conditions."

NOEL M., WA (2014 Subaru Outback)

"worth the money"

Anonymous, NY (2014 Subaru Outback)

"The top of the line model lives up to and exceeds our expectations across the board."

A G., PA (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Outstanding value. AWD, good gas mileage, and a solid vehicle, it is versatile for families, single people, and people of all ages."

Anonymous, IL (2014 Subaru Outback)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"I like the looks in and out"

RONALD M., WA (2014 Subaru Outback)

"It still appears new after almost three years."

JAMES S., CO (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Not the sleekest or stylish appearance. Toyota and Ford both have nicer looking vehicles."

AL L., ON (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Looks good, easy folding roof rack"

Anonymous, NJ (2014 Subaru Outback)

"The car is black but the interior is ecru, not a great color choice. It's hard to keep clean and I will be purchasing seat covers"

KITTY K., AK (2014 Subaru Outback)

"Relative engine noise when accelerating."

Anonymous, CO (2014 Subaru Outback)

"To many blind spots"

Anonymous, MI (2014 Subaru Outback)

"The newer models look more SUVish. I preferred the older models' more station wagon look. Since I do a lot of outdoor activities, I had to change my rack systems from the older model to the newer model which added more expense."

Anonymous, IA (2014 Subaru Outback)
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