Tesla Model X

    With its lineup of electric vehicles, Tesla is an unconventional company that thrives on throwing normality out the window. And while breaking the mold can benefit consumers, the benefit is questionable if it goes too far. And that, pretty much, sums up the Model X SUV. Filled with enough gee-whiz gizmos to give William Gibson a thrill, the X seemingly sacrifices practicality and pragmatism for the purpose of showboating.
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    Overall Owner Satisfaction

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    Overall Owner Satisfaction

    Owner Satisfaction with:

    Driving Experience

    Includes acceleration and handling

    What Owners Say

    "There is nothing better than the acceleration when trying to enter the interstate. This handles like a small car. It feels extremely solid on the road -- very safe."

    Carolyn B., AR (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "Quiet, great acceleration (standard 75 kWh battery), smooth handling...better in all aspects than our BMW."

    Anonymous, TN (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "The acceleration KICKS ASS, literally! Putting my foot on the accelerator always brings a smile to my face - but elicits grunts from unsuspecting passengers :)"

    Anonymous, CA (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "Very smooth and powerful acceleration. Great on corners and turn radius."

    Barbara I., NY (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "amazing car, so much fun to drive"

    Anonymous, CO (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "It drives like a dream and the autopilot is pretty nice also. It makes long trips a lot easier but you do need to pay attention and keep your hands on the wheel in case of emergency."

    Anonymous, CA (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "Fabulous acceleration and handling"

    Anonymous, PA (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "Acceleration power is instantaneous and plentiful. Regenerative braking is great at controlling speed."

    Anonymous, CA (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "Acceleration is astonishing. Autopilot very useful"

    James H., CA (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "The Model X has sports car acceleration, even with the base performance level. Handling is excellent due to its low center of gravity. The ride is commencerate with SUVs."

    Patrick H., CO (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "Amazing acceleration, comfort and self driving is a game changer."

    Anonymous, OR (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "Excellent driving experience"

    Anonymous, TX (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "Great handling for an Suv"

    Anonymous, WA (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "Best driving experience I've ever had, by a comfortable margin, and I've owned Porsches, BMWs, Mercedes and other quality cars. The Tesla blows them all away. I could never go back to a combustion engine. The Tesla's acceleration and handling are extraordinary, in a different league, with the single speed, instant and constant torque, and low center of gravity. Awesome."

    ARCH M., CA (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "5500 lbs and is faster then my MB 550"

    CHARLES S., CA (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "The X is so darn fast it frightens some passengers."

    RICK N., HI (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "Exceptional comfort and handling! The falcon doors are practical and cool."

    PAM D., UT (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "Most fun I've ever had. "Autopilot" DOES make driving much easier, less stressful (but has to be used properly). (You are wrong to want it dumbed down; you are right to request better training)."

    JOHN F., WA (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "Outstanding acceleration; amazing all wheel drive and stability"

    TED P., CA (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "Summon lets me park in VERY CLOSE size restrictions within my garage. Ludicurous speed acceleration is unmatched. Navigation plans all of my supercharger stops and even tells me how long to charge to grt safely to the next supercharger. Autopilot keeps me at the posted speed limits always. On the highway it controls the interval between vehicles flawlesly. Autopilot has been responsible for crash avoidance on numerous ocassions. Falcon wing doors are working flawlessly. The ONLY complaint is w"

    RICHARD N., VA (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "Faster than any car I have ever had, very responsive, feels like a 5,500 pound sport car"

    PAUL A., CA (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "incredible speed and cornering. better than any car I have ever had."

    FRANK G., AZ (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "Blindingly fast. Those Porsche turbos and ferraris don't now what happened when that mid size suv leaves them far behind."

    ALAN G., IL (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "Awesome driving experience"

    Anonymous, NC (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "Absolutely magnificent! Even on the 90D acceleration is perfect and the low center of gravity makes it drive like a European sports car"

    Anonymous, CA (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "The autodrive drives better than I."

    JOE H., SC (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "The autopilot feature is outstanding. Used properly, it makes long drives much more comfortable and safe."

    DANIEL E., NH (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "It drives like a sports sedan. I have never imagined a big SUV can be so nimble and stable on the highway. ]It's a pleasure to drive."

    CARL K., CA (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "Styling is excellent. Falcon doors are spectacular and work properly. Driving dynamics are excellent, likely due to low center of gravity. Very fast and agile"

    Anonymous, NY (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "Fast, fuel efficient, life time free charging at Tesla"

    Anonymous, CA (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "Instant torque acceleration and glued to the pavement control of the vehicle in turns."

    Richard N., VA (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "Handling and acceleration and marvelous. Its a pleasure to drive. I don't ever want to go back to an ICE vehicle."

    Anonymous, MA (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "The instant torque gives me all the acceleration I need to merge into traffic both from side streets and highway on ramps. It's amazing!"

    Darlin M., PA (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "It is amazing to drive. We love this, it is driving the car of the future."

    Anonymous, OR (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "Hold on to your hat!. It makes people giggle. I tell people that: Are we there yet ? Has turned in to: Do I have to get out now?"

    Tim O., AL (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "Quick acceleration and safety features."

    Anonymous, AZ (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "Acceleration is wonderful and the Autopilot makes driving so much less stressful."

    Jack P., OR (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "A Six Seat Seat Rocket Ship! Corners like it's on rails. Accelerates without noise or hesitation. I could never go back to Internal Combustion Engine - slow/loud/waist"

    Roberts J., CA (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "An amazing car in terms of performance. Acceleration and handling are excellent."

    Brian C., WA (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "It is amazing to drive. Comfortable, smart and safe. For years I have relied on Consumer Reports, but you got it totally wrong in evaluating the X. This car is the best I have ever owned, it’s been absolutely reliable and it doesn’t deserve your rating."

    Kraig M., AZ (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "The acceleration is instantaneous. No gas powered vehicle can provide such an experience. I will never go back to gas powered cars."

    Daniel C., NY (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "My wife said it best: I still get a grin every time I drive the Model X, unlike all of my previous cars with which I lost interest after several months. I would describe it as an experiential and emotional connection I've never had with any previous high end car. Or, as my wife also says, I'm still madly in love with my Model X."

    Gary C., CO (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "Good handling, acceleration for an SUV. Tall height makes easy in and out access."

    Anonymous, CA (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "It has 240,000 miles, and still drives well and is comfortable. Never thought I’d own this car for 12 years and still going strong. No need to get rid of it: it’s been a good value."

    Anonymous, OR (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "The Tesla X responds to me instantly and protects me better than any car I have ever seen in my 75 years. I understand autopilot, and love to use it appropriately."

    Ted P., CA (2016 Tesla Model X)


    Tyler G., FL (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "The handling and acceleration are phenomenal. It is wonderful to drive."

    Anonymous, CA (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "If you like acceleration, this is your car! Even in Launch mode it is near impossible to slip a tire. It handles extreamly well for a car of its size and weight. It gives several options for steering, acceleration and suspension to customize how you like to drive. I would say this is more of a touring car though so if you like driving hard through tight corners you may want to look at something smaller."

    Robert M., TN (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "Response is excellent"

    Joaquin G., NV (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "This car is a pleasure to drive, the auto-pilot makes longer drives much easier."

    Martin M., CT (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "Makes all other cars feel like horse and buggy"

    Jeanine M., FL (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "The drive is like no other, it’s fantastic. Smooth quick acceleration. Quiet fast take offs."

    Anonymous, CO (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "Acceleration is amazing -- so easy to merge on the interstate. Even though it is an SUV, it handles beautifully and is very sporty."

    Carolyn B., AR (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "Quiet!!! Acceleration (fastest off the line of any car I have owned). Handles very well for a big car. And it parks itself. Love to use the summon feature for pulling in and out of tight spots (including my one car garage)."

    Stanley C., CA (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "the best handling of any car I have ever had"

    Paul A., CA (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "The car is simply amazing in this regard. It accelerates and corners like a real sports car (think of Mercedes SL) and is as comfortable like a luxury sedan (but with great space for everyone). Autopilot is excellent and I use it every day for majority of my miles. The only negative about the autopilot is that Tesla now forces me to touch the wheel every 30 or so seconds - earlier this was every 2-3 minutes. I want my less frequent touches back."

    Anonymous, CA (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "Simply amazing. 0 to 60 in 2.7 sec or so, ease of steering, with just 1 finger, my Lexus RX 450h is really smooth power stering but after driving TESLA, the steering on my luxury Lexus RX 450h feels very hard. All the auto features, auto stop, auto collision avoidance, auto pilot (drive)!with both steering and drive is automatic and speed limit sensitive (means if you are on a highway with autopilot, and you are moving from 65 to 55 mph zone, the vehicle will automatically slow and adopt the new speed limit, will slow down automatically if the vehicle in the front slows down and will stop if the vehicle stops suddenly. Totally worry free, stress free driving. Comfortable seats, fully adjustable with memory, superb audio system with ability to listen to podcasts, various artist selection, YouTube, ability to watch movies, videos, etc from Tesla network. Hospital grade interior filter system ( same pollution level that in a surgery room), etc."

    Venkat S., NJ (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "The X has instantaneous very strong acceleration and sharp stable handling."

    Bob F., IL (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "The vehicle drives and accelerates effortlessly. The level of control this gives makes the driving experience safer and more enjoyable."

    Anonymous, WA (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "Amazing response with acceleration. No gear shifts required just 0-60 mph in no time flat and with with regenerative braking system, the car seems so much safer than a gas engine that once revved up requires active braking system to slow it down."

    Cheryl B., CA (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "For an SUV with this much cargo space, the driving experience is just awesome..."

    Arch M., CA (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "Driving this SUV is just fun. Snappy acceleration, and great stability. Still enjoying every single trip."

    Falk R., WA (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "Accelerating into traffic on the expressway is smooth and safe because my car is responsive and easy to maneuver. I appreciate how it decelerates when I lift my foot off the pedal and the car slows down without applying the brakes. This car is a dream to drive."

    Anonymous, NC (2016 Tesla Model X)


    Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

    What Owners Say

    "I love this car. But one now!"

    Anonymous, OR (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "Very load road noise make speaker phone difficult to use. Should have better buidt quality to prevent noise."

    Vlad F., MD (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "Overall the the seats and cabin of Model X are outstanding. Quiet, comfortable seats even on long trips and smooth ride."

    Roberto J., CA (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "The ride is super smooth"

    Anonymous, GA (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "Seats in the Model X are even better than in the Model S."

    Anonymous, WA (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "2nd row seats in 6-seat model do not fold flat. @nd row seats are very narrow, have no arm rest or grab handle. Passengers feel like they might fall off when the car turns quickly."

    Anonymous, CA (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "Seats, while soft are remarkably comfortable even on long drives. Ride for an suv is very controlled."

    ALAN G., IL (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "The air conditioning seems weak. The Front seats are actively cooled but air flow is weak."

    THEODORE L., VA (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "I wish the second row seats could recline significantly and/or fold."

    Anonymous, NJ (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "The integrated cooling on the front seats is nice."

    DANIEL E., NH (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "quiet! No pollution"

    Anonymous, CA (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "I am over weight and 6’2‿. This car is incredibly easy to get in and out, and is a delight to drive"

    Kraig M., AZ (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "Seat & ride are excellent. Noise in high speed is the problem."

    M R., IL (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "Seats are quite comfortable (I have driven a number of 14 hour days). Road noise is too loud at freeway speeds."

    Anonymous, WA (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "On clean pavement it's so quiet the tires sound like peeling tape. The seats are very adjustable (as in was this molded from ME?)"

    Tim O., AL (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "The X is easy to slide in and out of and comfortable to drive with no stress on my back. No noise compared to gas or diesel cars. The turn signal is the loudest noise in the car. I love it."

    Anonymous, CA (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "The seats are incredibly comfortable. The ride is relatively quite, but gets louder the faster you drive, of dependent on road surface. I use the autopilot mode frequently, especially on highway. It smooths out the drive with respect to maintain a safe distance from the cars I front of you, and keeping centered in your lane."

    Anonymous, OR (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "Very comfortable and easy ride"

    Joaquin G., NV (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "Seats in my Tesla are phenomenally comfortable. The car is incredibly quiet and the ride is smooth as glass!"

    Anonymous, NC (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "I would say this is a very comfortable car with minimal noise. It is so quiet that you notice noises outside the car even though it has good cabin insulation. The variable heat pump is responsible for 95% of the car noise when it is running and can be somewhat loud when working hard. The third row seating can be a little cramped for adults on a long ride."

    Robert M., TN (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "The seats are awesome - form and material are extremely comfortable."

    Falk R., WA (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "The ride is stiff and jolting on a rough road."

    Anonymous, CA (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "There is quite a bit of road noise. Cabin needs added insulation."

    Anonymous, TX (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "very quiet, comfortable, very adjustable"

    Ted P., CA (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "The seats and ride of the Model X are outstanding. For a luxury car I expected the road noise to be a lot less."

    John R., WI (2016 Tesla Model X)


    Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

    What Owners Say

    "It is worth every penny you will pay for it. There is nothing else like it out there. A dream to drive and own."

    Anonymous, CA (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "Pricing has been pushed to the limit for an SUV"

    Anonymous, CA (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "The only no compromise EV in my view."

    JAMES V., CA (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "Paid dearly to get a Founders Series, but Tesla should have paid me as a beta tester, as it feels like I have a preproduction prototype that they are still experimenting on. Whatever pride there is to be the first on the block ends abruptly when the neighbors see you climbing out the windows because the doors won't open. (When it's not back at Tesla being "fixed")"

    Anonymous, MI (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "It is an amazing car but not too expensive"

    AMY V., NY (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "I had no dillusion that this car was a good value. I bought it because of the leading edge technology and that Mr Musk is a game-changer. The car absolutely fully lives up to that and in that sense it has been a great value."

    JAMES B., SC (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "The car is beyond great, but it is not cheap. Overall good value for the money, but I'd love it to be more affordable"

    Anonymous, CA (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "Balancing ride, comfort and functionality it is an excellent automobile. It drives beautifully and has ample interior room. And I’ve had minimal reliability issues."

    Adrian C., PA (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "I wouldn't trade this car for any other type of car regardless of price. The only thing I would do is get more options"

    Kevin M., CA (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "Excellent value in terms of no longer needing to pay for gas, oil, engine maintenance, tune-ups, etc."

    Brian C., WA (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "(1) No charges for gas for rest of the vehicle usage; free super charger (luckily one available just 3.5 miles from home, available 24 X 7 X 365, unlimited usage at free of cost) use for rest of the vehicle usage. Even when traveling long distances, availability of super chargers along the major highways and ability to charge rapidly while taking a break with driving, like using restroom, using restaurant, etc. virtually no other time spent sitting and charging (which is needed for waiting on que with gas filling) (2) Incentives offered when bought new, no sales tax from NJ state, from IRS on tax rebate ($7,500), because the vehicle was bought for business use, ability to take depreciation credit, etc. (3) Amazing driving experience, ease of steering, no effort at all or just with one finger, all safety features like auto stop, collision avoidance, large screen with google map, ability to see rear view mirror on the front screen all the time, auto pilot (auto steer and auto drive, auto lane change with automatic response to the vehicle in the front), auto parallel parking, excellent visual support for parking in reverse, etc. Every part of the vehicle controllable from touch screen. If belt is not used by any one including any passenger visual indication on the touch screen of that passenger seat, ability to know the location of the car in the iPhone app, information about status of charge, how many minutes left for charge completion when being charged, etc in iPhone app, automatically put the car in garage and take out from garage using iPhone app, the ability to shut the doors and shut the engine automatically, and so on and on"

    Venkat S., NJ (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "After two years and 26000 miles, I KNOW I got more from what I paid than the dealer did from what he charged. The car is loaded with creature comfort and convenience features, drives and handles amazingly well, and perhaps MOST surprising is all the new additional features and improvements i have received over the air via free down loads that keeps the car from getting obsolete so i don't have to buy a new Tesla to get some new features. The car has exceeded even my fussy standards and expectations."

    Gary C., CO (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "The car is the sweetest driving car I have ever been in. And there is really no maintenance to think about - just once a year check up plus replace the tires when they get worn. Superchargers along most major routes allow for road trips without range anxiety."

    Stanley C., CA (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "Expensive to buy but very economical afterward. Home charging from solar means always being ready to go and no costs. As an SUV it rides a little harder than the Model S but handles well and has great power for getting out of the way when needed. Love it."

    Anonymous, CA (2016 Tesla Model X)


    How it looks inside and out

    What Owners Say

    "Everything. Extended windshield, door handles, winged back doors, etc etc"

    AMY V., NY (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "Think the cars blind spot notification could be much better"

    STUART B., MO (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "Styling is unique among high performance family cars"

    Anonymous, NV (2016 Tesla Model X)

    "Beautiful body line, technology, and convinient features."

    FRANK C., NJ (2016 Tesla Model X)

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