While a good car, the Corolla is not one of the best in this crowded and competitive market segment. It does fairly well in most major areas of performance and design, but it doesn't stand out in any of them.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"not a very smooth ride, not a quiet ride, seat is uncomfortable, roof is low, unable to see dashboard details without adjusting my head,"

GALE T., CA (2001 Toyota Corolla)

"The acceleration & the braking is very responsive to the touch. I can turn on a dime also."

Anonymous, VA (2001 Toyota Corolla)

"The car is very light and for the lower power it has decent acceleration - sufficient for day-to-day driving and it will also will not get you in trouble. Handling is predictable (especially in the dry), and easily managed, even in case of hydroplaning, it is easy to recover. In the wet sometimes it is hard to know where the traction is - it may break loose without much warding on few occasions (but again, easily recoverable). Perfectly fine in turns, definitely body roll in harder cornering but it feels light and let's you know what it's doing. Braking is ok. These comments are made in mind that this is an older economy car with all original suspension components."

Anonymous, CA (2001 Toyota Corolla)

"The acceleration and handling of this car has been great!"

Anonymous, TX (2001 Toyota Corolla)

"Sluggish but adequate"

Anonymous, BC (2001 Toyota Corolla)

"The windows are excellent"

Barbara F., PA (2001 Toyota Corolla)

"fun to drive"

Dale C., FL (2001 Toyota Corolla)

"This is a basic economy car. It handles with a fairly loose feel and has adequate acceleration for a small engine"

James P., PA (2001 Toyota Corolla)

"It handles very nicely and responds to acceleration when needed."

Anonymous, VA (2001 Toyota Corolla)

"I bought the Corolla because it drives more like a sports car than a sedan. Now that we have put in new tires and brakes, it is back to its sporty performance again!"

Greg A., NE (2001 Toyota Corolla)

"The engine now lacks power, sometimes more than other. It really needs an overhaul or replacement, that is just not in our budget. Still, it is still running with over three hundred thousand miles. The transmission was replaced a little before two hundred thousand."

Anonymous, MO (2001 Toyota Corolla)

"easy parking, great in snow"

Anonymous, ON (2001 Toyota Corolla)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Heater & A/C are especially good! Very quick to kick in, better than friends' newer, higher end cars! The car is noisy on the road but that doesn't bother me."

Anonymous, WA (2001 Toyota Corolla)

"The ride can be a bit bumpy. Car might need new struts or shocks."

Anonymous, CA (2001 Toyota Corolla)

"The drivers seat is not comfortable for me."

Anonymous, PA (2001 Toyota Corolla)

"Seems roomy for a small car"

DALE C., FL (2001 Toyota Corolla)

"comfort - The interiors are plastic and chipping. Car is stored in direct sunlight and is just drying up with age. Go cloth on the interiors. Also had issues with power windows - they don't always work and handle to open door broke on driver's side interior - I had to replace."

Sarah P., CA (2001 Toyota Corolla)

"Noisy when driving, shakes"

Anonymous, MA (2001 Toyota Corolla)

"The seats now no longer provide enough support for my wife to comfortably drive the car. She is unable to see the road very well without straining."

Anonymous, MA (2001 Toyota Corolla)

"Very supportive seats Handles very well As I age harder to get in or out as the seat is low."

F G., CT (2001 Toyota Corolla)

"The seats are entry level and lack good lumbar support. But otherwise function well."

James P., PA (2001 Toyota Corolla)

"For a small car it handles the roads very well. Unlike my wife's Civic which gives you more of a feel for the road, my corolla drives like a much larger car - kind of like floating with very little feed back from the road. I like that and my wife doesn't. Road noise is definitely more pronounced given that its a 17 year old car but you get used to that when you drive it everyday."

Mark R., NY (2001 Toyota Corolla)

"Very comfortable seats with no discomfort on a 9-hour ride, ne issues reaching controls, etc; noise is on a higher end (mainly engine and wind), but ok for this type of vehicle/age, ride is smooth on good roadways"

Anonymous, CA (2001 Toyota Corolla)

"It keep going year after year with only minor maintenance."

Anonymous, BC (2001 Toyota Corolla)

"My car is noisy, but it offers me very reliable transportation at very little cost"

Paul S., RI (2001 Toyota Corolla)

"The 2001 Corolla seats are very low to the ground. And not very comfortable. The ride can be rough. But for a commuter car, you can't beat the economy."

Larry S., UT (2001 Toyota Corolla)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"A good used car, very reliable"

Anonymous, NC (2001 Toyota Corolla)

"We paid too much for it at the dealership."

Anonymous, OR (2001 Toyota Corolla)

"This car has been almost entirely trouble-free for almost 200,000 miles. Of the things that failed (interior door handle, turn-light lens cover), they were $7 to $14 and a couple of minutes to fix. I buy cars new, for cash, and drive them into the ground - but this one just keeps going and going."

ALAN F., CT (2001 Toyota Corolla)

"good gas mileage and very reliable"

JOSEPH D., NJ (2001 Toyota Corolla)

"My car has served me well despite daily abuse in RI decrepit roads. Extremely reliable and overall a great little car."

Anonymous, RI (2001 Toyota Corolla)

"the reliability of the vehicle is very important. In seven years it has never refused to start"

Anonymous, NJ (2001 Toyota Corolla)

"The transmission has been problematic- the car has irregular acceleration. Two mechanics offered the following advice: the tranny will eventually need a valve job. We won't do that- we'll ditch the car when that happens."

JULIE N., MA (2001 Toyota Corolla)

"I inherited it from my brother, so it cost me nothing"

DALE C., FL (2001 Toyota Corolla)

"The vehicle is 17 years old, need I say more! It's in great shape, runs well and is inexpensive to operate."

Anonymous, AB (2001 Toyota Corolla)

"bought new, most reliable car, has had 4 drivers during its life, wife, 2 sons and myself"

Anonymous, ON (2001 Toyota Corolla)

"It is a very good ride for the cost"

Anonymous, VA (2001 Toyota Corolla)

"Incredible value. Still going strong after 16 years!"

Anonymous, MA (2001 Toyota Corolla)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Given the age of the car I have begun to have issues with the clear coat peeling on the side exposed to the sun. Some of the interior door/window trim is peeling too probably due to age and heat. But the styling (look) of the car is fine."

Anonymous, NC (2001 Toyota Corolla)

"There's nothing wrong with its styling. It looks like a mini Camry."

Anonymous, OR (2001 Toyota Corolla)
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