While a good car, the Corolla is not one of the best in this crowded and competitive market segment. It does fairly well in most major areas of performance and design, but it doesn't stand out in any of them.
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    Overall Owner Satisfaction

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    Overall Owner Satisfaction

    Owner Satisfaction with:

    Driving Experience

    Includes acceleration and handling

    What Owners Say

    "A little slow getting on highway unless you' floor' it. But not a problem just an observation. Nice handling."

    ROBERT B., NJ (2002 Toyota Corolla)

    "Handles very well in inclement weather, especially snow."

    Anonymous, MA (2002 Toyota Corolla)

    "Quick acceleration."

    JOE D., CA (2002 Toyota Corolla)

    "Slow acceleration (4 cylinder) so driving on freeway or pulling into freeway is not comfortable. See prior entry for into on handling, esp. seat belt information and steering box limits."

    NANCY B., CA (2002 Toyota Corolla)

    "There is no rust and could last many more years."

    Anonymous, BC (2002 Toyota Corolla)

    "See my previous comment."

    Anonymous, NY (2002 Toyota Corolla)

    "Never has had good acceleration. Makes reacting quickly difficult/unsafe."

    Anonymous, TX (2002 Toyota Corolla)


    Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

    What Owners Say

    "Road noise - I wish it were quieter"

    LISA G., CA (2002 Toyota Corolla)

    "The seats are under-stuffed, and can be uncomfortable."

    JOE D., CA (2002 Toyota Corolla)

    "The electric windows went out one by one, until none working at present. Too expensive to repair ($300 per window). Then ball joints went out. These all are things one should never have to worry about."

    Anonymous, CA (2002 Toyota Corolla)

    "Turning the AC on sometimes causes the car to start to stall. I discovered I can turn the air control knob to the combination setting defrost/air to feet, and the air conditioner will work without stalling the car, though cooling is slower and less well distributed."

    CHRISTINE R., IA (2002 Toyota Corolla)

    "Climate control is excellent. Rattles (after 6-8 year ownership) are annoying, but ride is ok. Acceleration is slow--this is a 4 cylinder car. Steering does not allow sharp turn, so difficult to pull into right-hand parking space without making a swing left first or make U-turn in only a moderately wide street. Seats are too low for a 5'4" woman to see well even with an added cushion. Side mirrors and rear view mirror do not adequately allow good vision for parking or backing up. Seat belts o"

    NANCY B., CA (2002 Toyota Corolla)

    "Living i AZ the A/C in this vehicle does not seem adequate. The A/C in the RAV4 seems much better."

    JOHN M., AZ (2002 Toyota Corolla)

    "Engine is noisy since it is 3 speed transmission"

    Anonymous, NH (2002 Toyota Corolla)

    "Fluid in air conditioner leaked within 1 year. I don't require air conditioning and did not recharge it."

    DONALD H., NB (2002 Toyota Corolla)

    "ive heard this model causes tires to "cup".. road noise is very bad."

    Anonymous, NY (2002 Toyota Corolla)

    "Had to get an after market product to use my phone through Bluetooth and the FM radio. Of course the car is 14 years old and running very well still."

    THOMAS K., BC (2002 Toyota Corolla)

    "It is functional, but nothing special."

    Catherine W., VA (2002 Toyota Corolla)


    Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

    What Owners Say

    "Very reliable car. Minor issues with clock, headlights indicator light."

    LESZEK K., ON (2002 Toyota Corolla)

    "It has no rust, should last many more years."

    ANN M., BC (2002 Toyota Corolla)

    "One of the most reliable cars I've ever had; almost no problems over 10 years. Excellent as mileage. However, not a very comfortable car."

    Anonymous, IA (2002 Toyota Corolla)

    "I bought it used in 2004 and never imagined it would be in such good mechanical shape in 2016, or even still be running after that long."

    Anonymous, RI (2002 Toyota Corolla)


    OLIN P., CA (2002 Toyota Corolla)

    "The car just keeps on running."

    Anonymous, TX (2002 Toyota Corolla)

    "This is the second Toyota I've owned. The last one was 14 years old. I keep it well maintained and it's still going strong. It doesn't have all the fancy bells and whistles as a new car, but it serves my purpose for the amount of driving I do. If I were to buy another car it would be another Toyota Corolla!"

    CLAIRE L., NH (2002 Toyota Corolla)

    "I have owned this car since new. overall the repair record has been minimal. it is 14 years old now."

    Anonymous, MA (2002 Toyota Corolla)

    "Excellent value, but next time I wouldn't get stick shift, as it has caused some issues in the past."

    R A., AL (2002 Toyota Corolla)

    "Greatly quality, least need to repair!"

    Anonymous, NY (2002 Toyota Corolla)

    "Car seems indestructible. Just keeps on working with little to no additional costs for repairs. Family does not want to trade for updated version."

    Anonymous, NH (2002 Toyota Corolla)

    "The car has been exceptionally reliable and affordable to own. You can't ask for more. It's an excellent value for an economy car."

    Catherine W., VA (2002 Toyota Corolla)

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