Roomy inside without feeling large outside, the Toyota Corolla is also impressively quiet. Corolla also has excellent fuel economy, while still posting good acceleration times, handling competently and providing a comfortable ride. The one drawback -- some of our drivers were not comfortable with the driving position. Overall, though, the Corolla is a fine choice.
There are 13 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Consumer Reports’ Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey can improve the chances of finding a compatible car match. How? Our survey data reveals whether, all things considered, owners would buy the same car again. The answer to that question is what determines our owner-satisfaction rating, which is a powerful piece of intel because it predicts how well a particular model will satisfy other owners.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Acceleration is good. Gas mileage is great. Handling is spirited. Plenty of power for most drivers. Passing speed and hard acceleration are adequate for most, enthusiasts may be disappointed."

JIMMIE D., IL (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"The Corolla is the best handling of the Toyotas, but I would prefer a more perfect sense of straight down the road without corrections. (Of course I keep comparing the handling of any auto to my first autos, 1948 to 1954 "step-down Hudson as in Hudson Hornet.)"

H L., PA (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"Fairly quick acceleration, decent handling. After driving other cars, I am always pleased at the handling of the Corolla. Brakes feel firm. Clutch has always been a little hard to modulate. Noisier and bumpier ride than I would like, but it seems on par for small cars of this vintage."

JOHN H., NC (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"I enjoy my Corolla because it is a manual and I have more and faster control. It performs well on acceleration. The handling is good, but even better when I have heavy items in my trunk. The car responds well to sudden necessary evasive maneuvers."

Anonymous, NS (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"I'm surprised for a little engine and relatively modest horsepower, this car has decent pickup and acceleration, and maneuvers well in traffic during lane changes."

Anonymous, CT (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"Still fun to drive after 12 years. Good acceleration and steady braking (even without ABS)"

SCOTT C., MB (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"Peppy and solid handling"

Anonymous, CA (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"it takes a corner very tight; get a comfy ride with suspension. I would prefer more cushion for lumbar on driver's seat--but overall, very happy with model. I know models are upgraded every 10 years--so, I was happy to find one when I did, as used corolla's of this model were scarce when I was looking to buy."

Anonymous, IL (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"My model wasn't listed. It is not a CE, LE, etc., but it a performance model called the 'X'. I do appreciate its acceleration and handling for a small sedan that delivers good fuel economy."

NEIL G., SK (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"Drive, comfortably, gas mileage, dependable."

Anonymous, GA (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"Very good"

DAVE R., GA (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"Handling and performance are boring. Car leans too much when going around corners."

ALAN H., CA (2004 Toyota Corolla)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"seats are too short, noisy ride."

Anonymous, FL (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"Great heat and air conditioning. I have problems with the seat belt crossing my neck even though I readjusted it as low as I could."

CATHERINE C., PA (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"Would have chosen a car w/more room in the back seat"

Anonymous, NY (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"Road noise gets to us after a fashion."

MARI W., OR (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"The seats are very comfortable and I like that I sit up high and can see well in the car. I hate the car is so loud. I have to turn the music up too high and it is sometimes difficult to hear a caller's conversation"

BARBARA G., IN (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"The primary driver is my wife who is smaller in stature and can never get the seat belts to fit comfortably. The car is used for short local trips as reflected in the poorer gas mileage."

PETER K., OH (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"Blower motor lost two fan speeds."

MATTHEW B., WI (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"Stiff ride and can be a noisy ride."

JOHN S., NJ (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"like the "tight" ride seats good for short person very noisy interior; difficult to hear sound system (even though sound system is good quality) when driving at highway speeds"

Anonymous, OH (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"Ride is a bit noisy"

Anonymous, QC (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"After driving the car for several years it seemed like road noise at higher speeds became more noticeable. General field of vision (including rear) is pretty good. Dashboard controls are easy to see and use."

Anonymous, VA (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"The driver's seat loses it's bounce and gets hard. I have to use a rubber donut to not feel the bumps."

Anonymous, VA (2004 Toyota Corolla)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"I bought this car new in 2004 and it has been a really great car in terms of reliability and being economical to operate. Other than the things that normally wear out, like tires, and oil changes, I have had to spend very little on maintenance..."

GARY J., MN (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"too small no legroom uncomfortable"

Anonymous, NB (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"Great car overall"

STEVEN L., NC (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"reliable to still have a good value after many years"

ROGER V., MI (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"Hands down the best car I've ever owned since 1961. Dependable, reliable, still looks as new except for a few chips on the front."

Anonymous, TN (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"Excellent gas mileage and reliability. Low maintenance cost."

ROBERT P., CA (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"The price was good. Fairly comfortable seats. Heater and AC work well. Road noise is somewhat loud. MPG is fantastic! 40 MPG on a trip. Enough power for 2 people. A little under powered for 4 people. Ride is acceptable but certainly not luxury. Very economical on long trips. Easy to drive and park. Tires are cheap when replacing. Original battery still going after 14 years."

LYNNE D., NY (2004 Toyota Corolla)


Anonymous, AL (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"This car gets decent mileage. No major problems. Dependable. These are the things I care about."

Anonymous, MI (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"I have put 280,000 miles on with no engine problems and just now put new struts on. Engine burns very little oil and is still has pretty good power considering the mileage."

Anonymous, NV (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"Very dependable with usual maintenance"

Anonymous, TX (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"Extremely low maintenance vehicle, but noisy."

Anonymous, PA (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"Solid, low maintenance and dependable"

Anonymous, CA (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"My Corolla has 204,000 miles on it, and I've not had any major issues. They built it well, and I have benefited from that."

Anonymous, CT (2004 Toyota Corolla)


BERNARD K., AZ (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"It has been a terrific car ....few problems, low maintenance"

Anonymous, MN (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"I now have 190000 miles on this car. I have never had any problems beyond normal wear and tear items like tires or the battery. Everything else (clutch, brakes, muffler, suspension, heater, a/c and so on ) is factory original. Remarkable !"

D B., CA (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"Overall good value, amazing gas mileage on highway still, Repairs have been regular maintenance only Has been a reliable vehivle"

Anonymous, QC (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"costs are very low"

ERIC K., BC (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"In 12 years [110,000 miles] the only repair was a new starter, as the solenoid started acting up."

LEE O., CA (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"I bought it used with just 20,000 miles. It's been very reliable. It's not electronic (windows, doors....) so nothing breaks! It works, and starts up every day. Good car. Drives well, parks easily. I'm short and can see around it, rear view mirrors good. Not a lot of fuss -- just a good, basic car."

Anonymous, ME (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"The most reliable car I have ever owned. Except for brake pads and light bulbs I have NEVER had to repair anything in 109,000 miles."

JOHN H., NC (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"Great little car for the money."

DAVE R., GA (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"Great value for the money!"

BARBARA G., IN (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"Excellent gas mileage. Never had this car repaired. Only complaint is the airbag recall."

C D., PA (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"Has been very reliable and economical."

R W., AL (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"I've owned Toyota before, purchased new. This is the first used vehicle I've purchased. Even my previous Toyota, at 12 years old and totaled (not my fault) was worth a lot more than I expected. They hold their value. I've been extremely satisfied with Toyota's performance and value for what I paid."

Anonymous, OH (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"good value and reliability"

M J., BC (2004 Toyota Corolla)


BILL O., IL (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"Great Toyota quality. The rear suspension had a very noticeable creaking, with the handbrake applied, when passengers got into the rear seats. The dealership refused to fix it."

JOHN O., ON (2004 Toyota Corolla)


Anonymous, AB (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"can't go wrong with a corolla"

JEREMIAH F., KS (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"It has 423,000 miles on it. It's a manual and other than regular oil changes, replacing brake pads and a new clutch, I have had no additional repairs. The car is an outstanding value. I continue to get 38-40 mpg on highways and about 32 mpg in the city."

RICK F., VA (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"Good price, good value"

Anonymous, GA (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"The only dissatisfaction is passenger-space is a bit limited : front seat space too short.; back seat spec too short for all."

Anonymous, CO (2004 Toyota Corolla)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Body style"

BILL O., IL (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"nice styling"

M J., BC (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"It is quite compact from the outside but suprisingly roomy on the inside."

Anonymous, MI (2004 Toyota Corolla)

"Exterior style looks awkward."

JOHN S., NJ (2004 Toyota Corolla)

Would you buy this car again?

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