At 32 mpg overall, this generation Corolla's fuel economy was among the best we'd measured in any conventional car with an automatic transmission, other than a hybrid or a diesel. The manual transmission model gets the same fuel economy as the automatic. The pleasant and refined Corolla provides a comfortable ride, an improved driving position, and a roomier rear seat, compared with the previous model.
There are 13 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Consumer Reports’ Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey can improve the chances of finding a compatible car match. How? Our survey data reveals whether, all things considered, owners would buy the same car again. The answer to that question is what determines our owner-satisfaction rating, which is a powerful piece of intel because it predicts how well a particular model will satisfy other owners.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Drives and handles well. Quick on the accelerator when it needs to be"

TAMMY C., DE (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"Hesitation upon acceleration."

Anonymous, CA (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"Ability to accelerate varies with ambient temperature and / or season."

Anonymous, SC (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"I've added a TRD rear sway bar, TRD front strut brace and TRD springs which have transformed the car. It was okay in stock form but this improved the handling 100% without hurting the ride. Reports should expand on what a positive change these things make to a car!"

JIM C., WA (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"fuel injection for the S Version"

MICHAEL P., MD (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"fuel economy"

ROBERT R., TX (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"Steering feels uncertain at higher speeds. Buffeting affect, as with wind, even when not windy. Theoretically this is not 'unsafe' per toyota, but it does not feel safe especially on long drives. There is a TSB on issue"

Anonymous, MA (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"very good acceleration"

Anonymous, PA (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"Steering is poor, and it can be a rattletrap."

Anonymous, MO (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"Great accident avoidance and braking. Able to prevent collisions no less than 3 times to compensate for errors by others."

KRIS R., TX (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"Generally boring to drive. Has excellent turning radius. Changing to Pirelli P7 changed the character of the car: less noise, better traction in rain, better ride."

JAMES C., FL (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"Acceleration is adequate for a car in this category but the steering and brakes are miserable compared to my other car (which was much more expensive so I give the Corolla a pass on this)."

Anonymous, CA (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"My only complaints are the poor visibilty when backing the car and difficulty in seeing the front hood and fenders when driving."

JOE H., NY (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"Turning around and turning corners is more flexible than with previous cars I have owned."

LEE H., OH (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"It is a little boxy and big-feeling. Compensated for somewhat by the roomy interior."

Anonymous, CA (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"Relatively weak acceleration and steering is not as precise as I would like, limited road feedback through the steering."

PHILIP W., ON (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"Not a drivers car. Despite being the XRS model which is supposed to be sporty, the mid range mazda3 we have beats it hands down. The XRS has more power, but doesn't like corners. The Mazda3 loves corners and just feels much more connected. The Corolla is a great car overall, but Toyota needs to learn from Mazda about how to make a driver feel like he's involved with driving the car."

DAVE M., ON (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"Seems to sway side to side a little too easily around 70mph"

MARY L., NH (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"Very snappy acceleration. Stopping on most hills, the transmission will hold the car without braking. (no roll back)."

Anonymous, CA (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"Haven't owned an automatic in years, can't wait for this car to die so I can buy a standard transmission."

MICHAEL D., NS (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"good overall good power and great mpg"

GINO T., QC (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"even with the great mileage, when i have to get out of danger, the acceleration is great."

LUANN B., FL (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"when we first start the car there is a rattle type of sound like something is loose, it only last a few seconds.. The mechanic thought it might be the starter and replaced it, but the sound didn't stop. It doesn't seem to affect the running of the car."

Anonymous, AB (2009 Toyota Corolla)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"For a short driver (4'10") the seat adjustment is barely adequate and it is not possible to see the end of the hood. Also, the driver's side mirror's large size interferes with visibility, as does the post between front and rear driver's side windows."

Anonymous, NM (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"I find the seats to be uncomfortable and outside noise is very noticible. I would probably need to buy another make of car or just move up to Camry if I stick with Toyota. I drove Nissans from 1975 until I bought my 2009 Corolla in 2008. This is the first car I've not traded in at 5 years."

Anonymous, KS (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"I do not know for sure if the wind noise is from the car design or due to a wreck that I had."

Anonymous, LA (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"All round excellent vehicle. Outstanding heat/ac. Doesn't take long to adjust to either. Good ride. Some road noise but nothing bad. Does have a problem while driving with the rear windows down. The wind reverberates, almost like a pulse. The sound you hear when a helicopter flies overhead"

TAMMY C., DE (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"Driver's seat refuses to maintain its height setting. I have to reset it, every two or three days. The display window on the AM/FM radio ( factory supplied and installed ) frequently misbehaves. The window goes blank, or comes up with little square boxes, where numerals should be. Also, sometimes I completely lose control over the volume setting; the setting refuses to change. The dealer replaced the unit, while under warranty, but the problem persists. Also, the damper which gently lowers the"

DONALD H., CA (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"well on long trips the seats are not as comfort as they should be"

STEVEN W., NJ (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"The climate control heats up or cools off quickly. The seats are comfortable also. I find the ride now that my vehicle is almost 8 years old, could be better but may need new shocks, as they are the original to the car."

Anonymous, ON (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"The seats are terribly uncomfortable after only about 30 minutes of driving. They are hard and don't provide the right kind of lumbar support for my back."

ROBERT L., TX (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"I've taken a lot of long road trips in my Corolla of more than 5k miles. The seats are very comfortable in my Corolla S."

JIM C., WA (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"there's a lot of road noise."

Anonymous, OR (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"AC is marginal for 95 plus degrees outside"

Anonymous, TN (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"Seat comfort, ride, and noise are less than optimum, however the car is a base level compact car."

JAMES S., WV (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"Very noise ride"

Anonymous, WI (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"Way too much road noise."

RHONDA D., VA (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"seats need to go farther back"

G S., MO (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"I find that I have to "pump up" the seat about once a month to keep it from getting to low and squishy."

ELLEN S., FL (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"I'm 6'1". Getting in and out is an effort."

ROBERT W., WA (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"Efficient and comfortable"

ANTHONY L., NY (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"Quite comfortable ride except for the road noise. Sometimes it is hard to hear audio-books driving down the highway, even though the volume is turned up to the max."

CRAIG M., TX (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"Air conditioner is a little under powered. It takes longer than I would like to cool down the cabin after the car has been parked in the sun."

FABBIAN D., FL (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"Our 2008 Toyota Corolla seems a bit too small for my someone getting in and out of the front passenger seat while accommodating two pre-school grandsons riding in the back seats.."

Anonymous, TX (2009 Toyota Corolla)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"it is reliable. owner is told by car of any service needs. in my 8 years, only regular service has been required."

LUANN B., FL (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"This has been a fantastic, reliable car for the money. It is a very low maintenance vehicle. My average MPG is higher than the estimated hi-way MPG>."

Anonymous, IA (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"Car has satisfactory acceleration, mpg good, very reliable car. Original brake pads & rotors were of poor quality. The A/C requires a few miles of travel to cool interior on hot days. Road noise level is high."

Anonymous, CA (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"excellent gas mileage especially in town, easy to park and cost per mile is great."

ROBERTA S., ID (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"Hesitation upon acceleration after main computer was re-programmed by dealer for recall."

Anonymous, CA (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"very high reliability. $12,000. Manual windows."

KEVIN H., VA (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"Good reliable transportation for the money. Comfortable too."

Anonymous, VA (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"A very solid and reliable car."

JUAN H., FL (2009 Toyota Corolla)


Anonymous, AB (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"Price was so reasonable for a completely reliable car. I've only had to have tires & the battery replaced & of course wind shield wipers. Handles well in snow here in PA. I get it regularly maintained at my local reliable garage. I love this car and hope to drive it a lot longer!"

SUSAN L., PA (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"Reliability has been excellent, only routine maintenance has been performed outside of factory recalls that don't affect performance or reliability"

Anonymous, MO (2009 Toyota Corolla)


SHARON B., NY (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"Toyota gives the consumer excellent quality at an affordable price."

Anonymous, ON (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"It is so economical to run. Great car to drive long distance for work."

SUSAN W., MD (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"Bought private from a friend; excellent value for the brand and low mileage."

Anonymous, CA (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"Needed a couple repairs before 100K miles. Cost was relatively good to repairs so far. Was lied to and over charged for one repair by dealership."

KRIS R., TX (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"Good milage, problem free!"

JANE W., TX (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"Basic car with minimal features. Good car, well built, wth good economy"

RICHARD D., NH (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"Runs forever great on gas."

Anonymous, MA (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"Dependable, low cost, good mileage"

KENT K., MN (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"It only had 7000 on it when I got it and still has very low mileage for a 2009. I have had very little trouble with it"

JUDITH A., OH (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"Bought this car during the first winter of the recession and got a good deal. I do not like the vague handling it has, where the car seems to wander a bit on the road."

Anonymous, FL (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"Cheap to maintain. Cost of ownership is very low and the car never breaks. 130,000 and I've changed tires and an alternator. Everything else is normal maintenance. Great car!"

RANDY B., TX (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"Excellent gas mileage and regular gas."

Anonymous, CT (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"Good - cheap price, very reliable, always starts first time down to -27C, good gas mileage Bad - nothing"

S Y., QC (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"Toyota has a KNOWN problem wherein at around 60000 miles cars that use this engine will experience a brief rattle for a second at startup. $1600 to repair. wait too long and you'll do more damage. Air conditioning does not keep up!"

BRIAN A., CA (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"This vehicle has had no breakdowns and only regular maintenance. The purchase price and mileage it gets are a great value without sacrificing comfort. I like the design of this car."

PERRY L., SK (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"The car is extremely reliable and inexpensive to maintain."

Anonymous, CA (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"Great value for the price"

ANTHONY L., NY (2009 Toyota Corolla)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Exterior striping started peeling off shortly after warranty expired, almost like it was planned."

CRAIG M., TX (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"2009 Corolla is boring."

THOMAS G., NY (2009 Toyota Corolla)

"Clean lines simple ,comfortable interior Easy to use controls"

JOANNE M., AZ (2009 Toyota Corolla)

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