At 32 mpg overall, this generation Corolla's fuel economy was among the best we'd measured in any conventional car with an automatic transmission, other than a hybrid or a diesel. The manual transmission model gets the same fuel economy as the automatic. The pleasant and refined Corolla provides a comfortable ride, an improved driving position, and a roomier rear seat, compared with the previous model.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Consumer Reports’ Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey can improve the chances of finding a compatible car match. How? Our survey data reveals whether, all things considered, owners would buy the same car again. The answer to that question is what determines our owner-satisfaction rating, which is a powerful piece of intel because it predicts how well a particular model will satisfy other owners.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Acceleration is under all criticism! Not powerful enough for mountain driving or passing cars."

JAN B., CA (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"The Corolla has a good balance of power and handling, with reasonably good acceleration while keeping up with traffic, entering freeways, etc. While not a sports car, it handles nicely on curvy roads, etc."

PETE M., WA (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"Just to note that steering was (for me) unacceptable until steering computer was replaced, to make the electric assist feel more like a traditional hydraulic power steering (in 2010). Ok now, but still wanders a bit more than many other cars, but is definitely acceptable now."

K S., CA (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"My comfort level is pretty low with the acceleration of this car, especially when passing or merging."

Anonymous, NC (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"We had cruise control installed, and that made a world of difference in driving on long trips. Otherwise this is a "Plain Jane" car - no electronic window adjustments, no inside rear view adjustment and no automatic door locking/unlocking.."

Anonymous, KS (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"Our best example of the good of this is the following: We just returned from a 6,000 mile trip to 6 National parks in the West and Canada. In the Western states where the speed limit is 75mpg, we were able to cruise all day at about 82 mpg for days on end, up into higher altitudes and up and down as the terrain changed. Through Mt. Helens, Olympic, North Cascades, Glacier, and Banff National Parks our Corolla never faltered, and navigated the roads easily, which could have given problems. We"

DONALD B., IA (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"Steering is not good."

Anonymous, PA (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"My son enjoys driving it since it has a manual transmission."

Anonymous, NC (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"It accelerates so well that I sometimes feel I'm in a sports-like car. The handling is very nimble. There is nothing "stiff" about the steering, accelerating, or braking."

GARY W., TX (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"Its very nice on the highway, low noise and drives like a larger car. Has large side mirrors for checking traffic. Also has a lot of trunk space."

Anonymous, ON (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"The vehicle is economic it's reliable it's sufficient for my son's needs."

Anonymous, NJ (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"Reliable! Good resale value."

DOTTIE W., WA (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"Steering is very dangerous, braking system is not safe, the outside mirrors blocks your sight when turning and blind spots from most angles"

SHERRY H., WA (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"Handling misses the mark in that it behaves like a larger vehicle than it is."

JOSEPH L., TX (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"Rear visibility is poor and I have had two parking lot collisions at very low speeds which resulted in $2500 plus repairs costing me $500 deductible each time."

Anonymous, WA (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"Does not handle well in snow"

LESLIE K., NY (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"I like the handling and acceleration on this Corolla.The brakes are also very good."

Anonymous, IL (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"Not great pickup on highways or hills."

Anonymous, WA (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"Excellent value for the money, reliability, and fuel economy. Good acceleration and handling but not as nimble or fun to drive as my 2005 Honda Civic. Leg room versus distance to reach steering wheel doesn't fit my body well - either too little leg room or a bit of a stretch to reach the wheel - but better than earlier Corollas."

GARY R., TX (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"The vehicle tends to wander a lot at highway speeds."

GERALD R., FL (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"Handles well"

Anonymous, KY (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"The engine revs too high. At 60 mph it revs around 4000 rpm. It doesn't feel and sound right. Something is fundamentally wrong with this design."

FOO L., CA (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"Doesn't corner that well (body roll). It isn't very confident in lots of snow. Otherwise ok."

Anonymous, WA (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"Too much road noise inside the car with A/C on and Windows closed. Have to turn radio way up to hear it well"

Anonymous, KY (2010 Toyota Corolla)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"I'm a "big" man, 6'3" and over 250 lbs. The Corolla, from acquisition was not a great fit for me. My head would scrape on the top of the door opening every time I got in or out of the vehicle. I'd previously had a Camry and would have preferred to get another Camry, but my wife "forced" me into the Corolla. Other than my lack of comfort, the car was actually rather good and quite reliable."

PETE M., WA (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"Hard to find a comfortable driving position."

CHRIS G., ON (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"I am very tall (6'2''), and I wish there were more leg room. My wife is fine at 5'6'' though. It is good otherwise."

Anonymous, WA (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"I'm a fairly long legged man. it can be difficult at times getting in or out of the vehicle."

Anonymous, NY (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"Seat and door opening too low for 6'1" driver, but otherwise good."

THOMAS S., MD (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"seats are not comfortable on long drives"

Anonymous, HI (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"seats are not as comfortable as I would like. clock is in poor location for viewing."

Anonymous, IL (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"Seats cramp my legs due to shape or depth of seats. Road noise makes hearing people in back seat difficult. View from driver through passenger window makes it difficult to see oncoming traffic when making turns. Turn indicator signal noise is not loud enough for older people like me to hear if signal is still on after partial turns."

Anonymous, MA (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"Difficult to get in and out"

JAMES C., VT (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"Slightly small for my 5'9'' build. Have a child and with child seat behind me it is very uncomfortable how close I sit to dash. Have car to wife and bought larger Ford Fusion"

Anonymous, MO (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"Climate, thermostatic control works great!"

Anonymous, WI (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"Front seat could use more back support. Windows up, too much road noise."

Anonymous, IA (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"I've had 3 sets of tires on this car, the road noise that travels through the car is awful."

Anonymous, FL (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"The driver seat is too long for my legs, and I have trouble reaching the pedals, my foot does not reach the floor. This strain causes me a lot of discomfort when driving. I am 4 feet 10 inches tall and my torso is long, so my legs are extremely short. I understand that most cars are designed for the average sized person, but I think that 1 or 2 inexpensive cars should be designed for drivers with short legs. Thank you."

SUE A., CA (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"I purposely purchased the stripped down model- no power windows, power locks- for my daughter as a first car."

BARRY Y., IL (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"Good practical car, inexpensive to operate, reliable, my second corolla. The ride can be a bit bumpy when going slow."

Anonymous, KY (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"Too much wind and road noise"

Anonymous, IL (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"It is a very noisy car. Road noise is very pronounced."

Anonymous, MD (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"seat does not move vertically, ride is bumpy, noise is louder than I expected for a Toyota"

Anonymous, CA (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"Comfort is relatively good. Cheap material used to build this inside and out. Interior uses very cheap material for seat material and dashboard. Ride and handling is OK on the highway, in the city its not good. Windows are to small, and visibility in the back is very poor. I removed the read head rests to see out better.Don think this care will last long."

Anonymous, ON (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"I need an extra pillow to sit up straight enough. Car can be a little noisy (outside noise I hear in the car)."

SUSAN R., FL (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"Seats in the S model are not very comfortable for long rides."

ALICE C., CA (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"Drivers seat is not comfortable for long rides."

Anonymous, CA (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"I am almost 6 foot, 210 lb. male. It feels like I am sitting very low and it is hard to get in and out. Most small cars are like this, so I accept this as a trait of compact cars."

DONALD C., VA (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"The seats are comfortable, the ride is smooth, noise level is fine. I just wish the Corolla had more little areas to stow things, with easy access (pen, paper, sunglasses, etc.). I'm spoiled from the Camry I used to drive."

JEFF K., VA (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"The seat lumbar is not adjustable. While comfortable on shorter trips, it can be tiring on long road trips."

Anonymous, MN (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"I have short legs and my husband has long legs. He does not like driving or riding in the Corolla, but I love it. So it is my driving around car, and it works well for me to travel in if Joe is not with me."

Anonymous, MO (2010 Toyota Corolla)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Great value"

Anonymous, FL (2010 Toyota Corolla)


DEAUBREY C., TX (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"Good solid reliable car. Good gas mileage and maintenance costs are minimal."

PEGGY Y., VA (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"Bought this Corolla back when Toyota was accused of uncontrolled acceleration. I believe this was a false accusation. But it did depress the price by a over a thousand."

Anonymous, CA (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"Very satisfied"

RICHARD D., CA (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"Basic value transportation"

Anonymous, OH (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"We purchased the Corolla at an excellent price. Our gas mileage is what was promised overall, and sometimes better. In other words, 32 is what we expect, and sometimes we get 38 or better. Besides regular maintenance and replacing parts that wear out on all cars, we have had no surprises or breakdowns. this is true for the 120,00 miles we have on the car, and we don't see things breaking down or getting noisey, so it should last a long time, meaning we are planning to drive it for a long time."

DONALD B., IA (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"Practical car for the price"

TIMOTHY J., CO (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"What can I say, it's a Toyota. They make unexciting but incredibly durable and dependable cars."

REX H., CA (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"It has been an amazing car. There are over 120K miles with zero problems. After 6 years it still looks and runs like a brand new car."

Anonymous, TX (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"Toyota hold their vaule"

Anonymous, KY (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"reliable and economical"

Anonymous, FL (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"Corollas are good for 10 years before they start needing major repairs. The maintenance costs are low for repairs. My car is in its 8th year, has had no repairs other than routine maintenance and costs very little to service."

ROSLYN F., ON (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"The vehicle has a lot of miles and I have not had a single repair issue with the car."

DOUGLAS K., FL (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"I never have to worry about this car no matter the weather, it starts and all I have to do is get routine maintenance. Nothing ever goes wrong beyond issues of wear and tear."

Anonymous, WI (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"Not happy with is vehicle, brakes are poor and noisy. Toyota service always try's to upcharge and selling me maintenance I do not need."

WALTER L., CO (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"This car cost nearly as much as the Camry we bought at the same time (because we bought the sunroof). The Corolla is less desirable in every category except gas mileage."

Anonymous, NJ (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"Good gas mileage, basic car with no frills"

Anonymous, AZ (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"Good car. It had 17,000 miles when we go it and it has not required any service except for new tires at 27,000 miles."

Anonymous, NY (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"Bought it used and it has been a great vehicle for my daughter who is 20 now. Very reliable for her going to college. No major issues yet. Still paying payments but it is worth it."

KRISTEN R., MA (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"Dependable,solid car"

EUGENE S., IL (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"The navigation system in the 2014 Camry is VERY difficult to master. It is not intuitive. It doesn't perform as expected"

PAUL L., AZ (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"The car keeps running with only maintenance"

Anonymous, MA (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"The car is great has never had any mechanical problems to date."

PETER F., NC (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"Purchased used from Enterprise Car Sales and felt I got high value - doors still close with that new car "thud" sound."

Anonymous, KS (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"Great price, very value-friendly, great economical car!"

BOB M., AZ (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"This car was on a three year lease and when purchased was low mileage. It has proven to be good value for the purchase price.."

Anonymous, MA (2010 Toyota Corolla)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"My Corolla still looks new and sporty (S model)."

LEONARD L., IA (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"I've got that car for my son and he's very happy with it he has never had a problem with it just maintenance."

Anonymous, NJ (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"I prefer a little more sporty style.Also I would pay the price for a convertible Corolla any time"

Anonymous, WI (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"The dash is relatively high for short drivers, even with the driver's seat is at its highest position."

MOHSEN S., VA (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"Clean lines, easy to get in/out of."

PEGGY Y., VA (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"i find that the interior is very cheaply made. My dashboard is cracked to extreme heat/ sun/ and extreme cold as well. Radio had to be replaced because when it was really hot or really cold the radio would freeze up and the screen would go blank."

JEANNETTE S., NY (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"I have a problem with blind spots. The seats are not that comfortable and it doesn't handle smoothly. I miss my 4-Runner."

DOTTIE W., WA (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"I would much prefer a softer dash surface."

M L., TX (2010 Toyota Corolla)


RICHARD D., CA (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"It's much bigger than my old 1996 Corolla. I love having more room inside. I also feel safer in a larger car."

DIANE M., CA (2010 Toyota Corolla)

"Hard plastic arm rest on console."

Anonymous, NJ (2010 Toyota Corolla)

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