At 32 mpg overall, this generation Corolla's fuel economy was among the best we'd measured in any conventional car with an automatic transmission, other than a hybrid or a diesel. The manual transmission model gets the same fuel economy as the automatic. The pleasant and refined Corolla provides a comfortable ride, an improved driving position, and a roomier rear seat, compared with the previous model.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Consumer Reports’ Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey can improve the chances of finding a compatible car match. How? Our survey data reveals whether, all things considered, owners would buy the same car again. The answer to that question is what determines our owner-satisfaction rating, which is a powerful piece of intel because it predicts how well a particular model will satisfy other owners.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"handling is precise and consistent, acceleration could be better"

William T., VA (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"It has very sluggish acceleration, but it handles fairly well."

P D., TX (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"A lot of road noise. Acceleration is adequate but not as good as I would expect. Handling is great, car is very responsive"

Anonymous, SC (2011 Toyota Corolla)


Anonymous, ON (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"car handles smoothly, responds well and quickly when needed, acceleration on hills somewhat slow but acceptable. Very comfortable to drive long distances in varying traffic conditions."

Anonymous, RI (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"Nothing in particular stands out."

Anonymous, MA (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"Acceleration is not bad for a four cylinder and the handling is decent."

Jeff R., CA (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"Handles good. It has the option to select gears (drive, 3, 2, 1) so it can get up and and go if you need it to. The opposite is true as well- I feel pretty safe in snow as well with this vehicle."

Anonymous, PA (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"The drive is steady and predictable."

Joan F., MO (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"The S model has exceptional handling for car at this price point. Ride is also very comfortable for a car this size."

Anonymous, NY (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"It doesn't have a lot of "oomph." I am not exactly a "slow" driver. I have a hunch I "push" the transmission sometimes, to its detriment."

Anonymous, WA (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"Excellent ride,refined Engine,would appreciate more Reserve power."

Anonymous, CA (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"Weak acceleration; hesitant shifting at around 40 miles per hour."

Anonymous, WA (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"No acceleration, as expected handling but great gas milage"

Anonymous, MD (2011 Toyota Corolla)


Anonymous, ME (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"Great acceleration and pep. It handles well"

Anonymous, NJ (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"Excellent acceleration AND handling"

Anonymous, ON (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"It has plenty of power in passing and uphill drive"

Doris H., IA (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"Handling great car for city driving and parking. Great gas mileage"

Judy K., KY (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"The car acceleration between 35-40 miles hesitates. Complained to dealer but they claimed they could not feel it. Online I found the fix and gave the fix to the dealer. Now it hesitates around 25 but it is less noticeable at that speed."

Anonymous, FL (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"pretty slow pickup when merging into a lane. the handling is good. brakes are tooo sensitive, so the driver has to get used to that. Did i mention that the side view mirror rarely gets a good angle for oncoming near cars? even with a magnifier mirror attached."

KATY K., NY (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"It's wider than my previous Corolla. I find it too large and hard to judge distances."

Anonymous, MA (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"Acceleration is slow. Does not feel like it has much power. Runs well, handles fine for basic car; definitely not a sports car despite the S package."

Anonymous, MD (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"good acceleration with good fuel economy"

Anonymous, DE (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"Good = Can make sharp turns in parking lots, etc. Driver seat is very comfortable for wife Bad = Gas mileage is worse than expected although much of the driving in city stop and go driving"

Anonymous, TX (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"Rides nice for a small vehicle. adequate acceleration for my needs. Handling is good."

RANDY W., ME (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"For a 4 cylinder engine it is surprisingly very quiet and powerful. If you didn't know any better, you'd swear its a 6 cyl."

RICHARD H., QC (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"the layout of the dash isn't user friendly. I can't read the displays due to glare. The window lost a bolt, I was unable to roll up/down the window. the pick up and go isn't smooth and it's slow. when on cruise control it makes a weird noise/motion sometimes."

Anonymous, CA (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"The 2011 Toyota Corolla was designed for a 6 cylinder engine. I didn't know that when I purchased mine with a 4 cylinder engine. This vehicle gets lower gas mileage and is less responsive than I expected from it."

Anonymous, FL (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"There was a factory defect in the transmission computer which required a software update."

MARJORIE D., NY (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"accelerator has to be pushed harder than 2007 model"

MICHAEL C., TX (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"Accelerates and handles well. Did put snow tires on it for our winters as it was too light and did not do well in any amount of snow."

Anonymous, MI (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"Currenly we cannot use with a passenger in left front seat due to a fault withe that airbag for which Toyota has no solution. As a reult we cannot use the car freely and cannot trade it because everybody knows deadly lilitations. We've been cheated."

J M., CA (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"Acceleration when going uphill on the highway is atrocious, especially on cruise control. The automatic 2011 Corolla (4 cyl.) pales in comparison with my old manual 2008 Corolla (4 cyl.) in which I didn't even have to downshift when going uphill. The 2011 automatic feels less powerful when not on cruise, and downshifts aggressively to make it up hills both in cruise and not. Hill climbing gas mileage (real-time readout) is in the teens. I am certain it's the engine, not the transmission (from dr"

Anonymous, KS (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"Less than acceleration. Lots of understeer."

Ron S., NC (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"Acceleration is good, and although gas mileage is somewhat less than cars with 5 gear auto transmissions, it provides a much better driving experience around town (less upshifting/downshifting)."

Anonymous, TX (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"My only complaint is the lack luster power. Living in a hilly area requires my little car to do a lot of down shifting etc."

James H., AL (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"Very sporty handling and good acceleration. However, the handling is greatly diminished in slick conditions. I'm very nervous and drive much more carefully while driving the Corolla during the winter with snowy or icy conditions than I do with our other vehicles because it just doesn't feel as stable under those conditions."

Anonymous, MN (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"very average drivability"

William T., VA (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"Acceleration is very weak and that's probably one of the biggest disadvantages of this car"

Ali B., AZ (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"quick acceleration and smooth gas pedal action"

Ray N., CA (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"All are satisfactory."

William R., MD (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"The Toyota handles pretty well, but acceleration when you need to move quickly is very slow. This was a big factor in not choosing a Corolla when replacing our other car."

Anonymous, TX (2011 Toyota Corolla)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"For the size and price it is quite comfortable and relatively quiet and smooth-riding."

Richard C., SC (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"Too noisy and driving it is work"

Anonymous, NJ (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"Our roads are full of cuts and patches from new subdivisions. The car bottoms out in the front suspension, resulting in a very harsh, bone jarring ride. On the good freeway the ride is smooth and feels like a larger car."

Harry K., BC (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"Long rides - seats are comfortable."

Anonymous, CT (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"Good ride & safe."

Michael E., PA (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"Hard seats, hard riding suspension,"

R W., MN (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"The adjustable lumbar support and other power adjustments result in a very comfortable seat"

Anonymous, MB (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"The seat bottoms are terrible. Long drives are a chore. The car handles satisfactorily, but the ride is rough and the suspension has never been a pleasure."

Mark H., FL (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"The seats are fabric but are nicer than many other fabric seats for this price point. They are plush, firm and mostly comfortable."

Anonymous, NJ (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"seats have good support, driver seat has good lumbar support. I wish to have same kind of support on the passenger seat too. Noise level is moderate, ride is acceptably smooth."

Anonymous, ON (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"The seats give good back support. The ride is smooth and comfortable, but there is a lot of road noise at highway speeds."

P D., TX (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"2011 Corolla has better noise, ride than 2012 Honda Civic compared when originally purchased."

Anonymous, CA (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"Seats get uncomfortable when driving on long trips. Cab is somewhat noisy from engine and road noise. Ride is OK."

Jeff R., CA (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"seat not as comfortable as I'd like. there is little lower back support."

Anonymous, CA (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"Wind noise on the highway is excessive."

Anonymous, OH (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"L'Insonorisation est déficiente. Beaucoup trop bruyante."

Anonymous, QC (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"The car is comfortable enough. The seat material is not good quality. After a while it pills, and it needs to be wiped or vacuumed to clean the upholstery up so it looks nice."

Aina B., RI (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"After seven years, the seats are still extremely comfortable. The ride is smooth and it is relatively quiet, if not up to the standards of a new car."

Tim G., OR (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"I'm finding the driver's seat increasingly uncomfortable. I now regularly use a pillow to support my back. About a year ago I had two new tires put on. They were a brand recommended by CR. I guess the tires are OK, but the noise level inside the car has increased to a level never before experienced. I can ALWAYS hear the road."

Donna R., VA (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"Ride is comfortable, but the headrests pose serious blind spots. Both front and back seat headrests make backing up very difficult."

Lynne M., MI (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"The seats for this model collect so much dust. I would not want a car with this fabric again."

Wesley S., IL (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"For an inexpensive car, the seats are comfortable."

Carlo E., CA (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"noisy -- sometimes covers the audio"

Anonymous, MN (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"Seats are a little narrow for fat people. Pinches my flab a bit."

Anonymous, CO (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"Noisy, probably due to the low profile tires."

Anonymous, WA (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"For being a base model- it is a very quiet ride compared to my 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse. (previous vehicle) Very smooth- good handling."

Anonymous, PA (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"The tire noise level is quite high with my winter tires."

Anonymous, QC (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"Climate is controlled with outdated dials."

CARL J., FL (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"seats are not comfortable. drivers seat is low slung and Im tall! Terrible ergonomics as far as the low back of the driver is concerned. Even when I bought a back support, it still is not right."

KATY K., NY (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"I am 5'2". The so-called "active" headrests make the driver's seat totally uncomfortable. My head is pushed forward and I can't see. In order be able to sit comfortably I use a seat cushion back back support."

Anonymous, MA (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"Comfortable seats, but the ride is slightly harsh over anything but very smooth roads."

ROBERT B., TN (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"The seats are not at all comfortable; hard and unforgiving. A long drive is a chore. The car is noisy, but I didn't expect more from a less expensive model like this."

MARK H., FL (2011 Toyota Corolla)


D F., NY (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"Noisy body. Driver's seat sinking (weigh 140; wife 120). Exhaust smells of sulphur."

KAREN R., CA (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"It is a bit noisy compared to more expensive cars"

Anonymous, NC (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"Odd odor when AC is on and outside vent is closed. Smells sort of like a chemical odor. Dealer could not detect the odor. It's minor, but annoying."

Anonymous, MD (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"Just the right height for sitting and seeing clearly and to be able to reach easily the radio, etc."

S T., HI (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"Noise, vibration, harshness levels are very good for such a small car; interior comfort is quite good and driver ergonomics are good for smaller driver; rear seat room is good."

Ernest K., VA (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"1) Driver's Seat too low based on the slant of the dashboard. Seat is at highest position possible. 2) Clock is the positioned too low to be seen without stopping the car. 3) Center A/C vents cannot be closed or otherwise adjusted to somewhat reduce the air flow."

Anonymous, MI (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"This car is a good commuter car but not good for long trips."

Jim B., CA (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"Seats are extremely uncomfortable."

Anonymous, FL (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"much more comfortable than expected"

William T., VA (2011 Toyota Corolla)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Oh my! This car may not be exciting but it is comfortable, gets moderate gas mileage, and at 188,000 miles I expect to keep going well past 200,000 miles."

Tim G., OR (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"Ultra-reliable, reasonably feature-packed at a very respectable price."

Eric G., ON (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"It’s a basic level car that meets all needs. The trunk is vey roomy as is the back seat. Gas mileage is very good and the car is totally dependable"

Anonymous, NJ (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"Since buying this care new, we have spent zero dollars for repairs. It is the perfect city car."

Peter B., AL (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"I did little negotiating, bought it off the lot; ended up paying almost sticker price. I am not sure that the car was truly worth $18500, but have been satisfied (rather than thrilled) with its performance, handling and space. Car is a little noisier than I would like, and comfort adjustments are no frills."

Anonymous, SC (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"great value for cost of car. very reliable"

Craig B., ON (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"Reliability, gas mileage"

Anonymous, QC (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"OK car for the price."

Jocelyne D., QC (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"easy to drive and has good sightlines"

William T., VA (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"Excellent value"

James K., PA (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"Dependable quality automobile"

Anonymous, CT (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"the price I paid is fair for the value of the car, I am looking forward to buying my next Toyota soon."

Anonymous, ON (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"Purchase price when bought new after discounts, incentives thousands of dollars lower than 2012 Honda Civic. No repairs needed ever outside of damage caused by accidents caused by others and vandalism."

Anonymous, CA (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"It is really inexpensive but you get a really no frills car - but it is dependable and low cost to maintain."

Anonymous, MD (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"Great car f.or the price"

Joan F., MO (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"Nothing has needed fixing in 7 years"

Anonymous, MB (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"I relied on CR evaluations in making purchase."

Anonymous, MA (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"Great resale value. Super reliability. Replaced the battery, oil changes and filter changes are the only expenses since I purchased it new."

Paul A., TX (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"Good value for my driving needs. All local."

Anonymous, TX (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"My second corolla. Last one gifted to friends child to go to school in (300,000 and going) Our newest one is cut from the same cloth. Durable and cheap to own and operate."

JEANNA H., GA (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"If you want a luxury vehicle, then you have to pay a luxury price. If you just want a good reliable transportation vehicle, then you can get it much cheaper."

Anonymous, HI (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"Bought this car for out teenage son. Very good used car and not any issue over the past year. 2011 model has stability control and anti-lock breaks safety features standard. Plan to pass this car down to our teenage daughter."

DAVID K., TX (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"I bought it new and got a good deal with great Toyota financing. Over the last 6 yrs I've spent very reasonable $$ on maintenance. My little car just keeps going and going."

James H., AL (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"Has remained a reliable car for us."

Anonymous, WI (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"Such a dependable car for a great price."

Anonymous, ON (2011 Toyota Corolla)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Nothing stands out; fairly conservative styling which I like."

RANDY W., ME (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"can have more styling like the 2016 prius"

Anonymous, ON (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"Plastic body components around bottom of car are easily broken/damaged and costly to repair/replace."

Anonymous, MD (2011 Toyota Corolla)

"Hard to distinguish my car from other Toyota Corollas and Camrys. Even a tech in the service area asked if the car was a Camry as I was checking in for service recently."

Anonymous, GA (2011 Toyota Corolla)

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