At 32 mpg overall, this generation Corolla's fuel economy was among the best we'd measured in any conventional car with an automatic transmission, other than a hybrid or a diesel. The manual transmission model gets the same fuel economy as the automatic. The pleasant and refined Corolla provides a comfortable ride, an improved driving position, and a roomier rear seat, compared with the previous model.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Consumer Reports’ Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey can improve the chances of finding a compatible car match. How? Our survey data reveals whether, all things considered, owners would buy the same car again. The answer to that question is what determines our owner-satisfaction rating, which is a powerful piece of intel because it predicts how well a particular model will satisfy other owners.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"acceleration could be better, handling is fine"

WILLIAM S., NJ (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"reliable acceleration, good handling"

ROY H., NC (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"The engine is weak. No power at acceleration and when trying to cruise at 65 to 75 mph, the engine downshifts and revs to very high rpms and feels and sounds like it is going to vibrate to pieces."

ANDREW Q., IN (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"Acceleration is poor"

JOSEPH D., NJ (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"Acceleration can be labored or jerky at times, especially when going up an incline. This happened in my previous Toyota so it wasn't enough to outweigh the affordability, reliability, and sefety"

MAUREEN H., MA (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"Needs 3rd gear on moderately steep hills."

Anonymous, HI (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"The high front head rests block visibility in certain situations."

Anonymous, TN (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"Given the rather weak acceleration/power/torque, it should get much better gas mileage."

Anonymous, OR (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"Terrible accelerate , handles great,"

JIMMY D., TX (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"As I am new t the Toyota Brand (being a life long GM owner) I find two issues: ---hesitation during acceleration from a stop ---infrequent episodes of rough idle"

Anonymous, IL (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"holds the road well even in winter weather. good acceleraton and handling. very comfortable"

Anonymous, MA (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"we have a 5-speed standard which has great acceleration"

Anonymous, ON (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"The car has under steer. I think the front suspension it too stiff. Also, I have to be very gentle on the accelerator when accelerating from a start or the front tires will spin. Especially on a wet or snowy road."

THOMAS M., PA (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"The Corollas has very good acceleration for a care with good mileage and a small motor."

LEWIS A., VA (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"poor visability from the drivers seat also drivers seat is uncomfortable"

BERNARD S., CA (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"Occasional hesitation when accelerating after slowing down."

Anonymous, CA (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"Very under powered. We live in a very hilly area, which this car doesn't do well with. On the highway, the cruise will actually kick off going uphill because it can't keep up."

Anonymous, MO (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"acceleration could be better, handling is OK, but requires constant attention to avoid lane drift"

Anonymous, FL (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"I wish the Corolla had more pep."

Anonymous, ON (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"Very good handling. Acceleration is ok for an automatic shifting"

ALBERTO B., FL (2013 Toyota Corolla)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"The seat does not provide lumbar adjustment. While comfortable on shorter trips, it can be tiring on longer road trips."

Anonymous, MN (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"It is a somewhat noisier ride than I expected. But it is difficult to tell whose fault it is - the car's or the bad road's. I liked the climate control in my old Ford Escort better than I like this one; but it could be that I have yet to figure out the best ways to set the dials."

Anonymous, MO (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"seat belt fraying trunk seal collects water and debre causing rust seats after two years lost foam and are hard"

ED I., FL (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"Could use a little more headroom accessing the car for taller drivers. Once inside very comfortable though"

Anonymous, AB (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"1) Seating is fairly comfortable in the car. No problems. 2) Car is not made for tall people! Discovered that tall people have to duck getting in and out of either front or back, and go through contortions getting in and out! I've heard that this problem may have been fixed in newer model Corollas."

Anonymous, IL (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"The best feature is visibility; all of the side and rear windows are larger than most other cars, and easier to see out. This is the most important safety feature in my opinion."

TODD S., NM (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"Driver seat adjustment difficult. Have tomanually pump seat up. Ride bumpy and steering very sensitive."

PAUL E., MD (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"Seating is poor; causes back pain."

Anonymous, TX (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"It was difficult to enter the driver's side without bumping my head on the top of the door frame. I am 6'-1" tall."

Anonymous, OK (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"The interior is very user friendly except for the seats. They are uncomfortable and I would not recommend them for trips over a couple of hours. They are very uncomfortable after a few hours. I have the "S" Model!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

RAY M., CA (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"This corollas air condo ditioning does not cool as well as my previous corollas. I would rate the a/c as poor."

Anonymous, KS (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"Outstanding air conditioning! Doesn't handle bumps well."

Anonymous, GA (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"Ride is somewhat stiff and road noise is high"

Anonymous, OH (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"The ride and handling are very nice and it turns very tightly. But the driver has very little leg room and it's too hard to adjust the seat to where you want it."

JEANNETTE B., MD (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"I like the light colored leather seats and the heated seat function. I wish I had just another couple of inches for the back seat leg room."

MICHAEL F., PA (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"It ride very good for a car that size. We are old enough to want the smoother ride of a Camry"

GERALD V., VT (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"Love for driving around town but a little too much road noise for long trips."

Anonymous, KS (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"The seats are not very comfortable for longer trips. Also, the arm rests on both sides are hard materials."

BART E., NC (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"Comfortable seats, there's a bit more road noise than expected nothing major"

ROY H., NC (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"The ride of our model is somewhat hard, perhaps because of the larger wheels on the SE model."

Anonymous, MA (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"tires very loud"

Anonymous, NM (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"Driver seat could be more comfortable for long journeys"

RON M., BC (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"bad ride"

Anonymous, FL (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"Interior Noise level seems to be getting worse as time passes. The vents are either 'in your face' or provide no relief. Purchased car with heated seats and now fuse keeps blowing and no heat."

Anonymous, PA (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"Seats are not comfortable for tall people.I am 6 ft.tall"

Anonymous, IL (2013 Toyota Corolla)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Buy at the end of the month and you'll get a better deal."

Anonymous, WA (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"The orice of the car was resonable based on what i paid. But i haveno idea what is a good deal as no dealer would deal with me on pricing or extras."

CATHY A., PA (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"The overall value is good but I would spend more next time to upgrade"

THOMAS W., VA (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"After the initial purchase, I change the oil and put gas, this is it"

ANDRE G., QC (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"It was a repo from Florida, no rust. And it was 2 years old with 23K miles on it. Only paid $17,000."

ERIC L., NY (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"Reasonably priced."

JOHN L., CA (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"My car looks more a more expensive luxury car from a different company, but cost about $20,000 less. Plus, no other car can beat Toyota's reliability. That's incredibly important in a state like MN where the weather always effects your commute."

Anonymous, MN (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"Low mileage for the price."

Anonymous, MN (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"I believe I got a fair price because I went shopping with the printout from Consumer Reports. As I talked with the salesman I kept referring to the printout and the salesman just looked at the figures and wee agreed on a price. I paid $4200.00 less than the MSRP and 0% financing ! My advice: use Consumer Reports and go prepared."

M H., CT (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"For the price I paid, I think I got my money's worth. I am using this car for everyday commute - home to work."

Anonymous, NV (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"Excellent. Just fill with gas, have it checked at the Dealer as required for warranty, All's well."

STAN A., ON (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"I have had this car for almost 3 2/3 years. I change the oil and rotate tires and some filters yearly and have not had one problem with the car. I only have 31000 plus miles on it."

GEORGE B., MD (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"This car is not very stylish but I wanted a smaller car that had some upgrades like leather seats etc. This car is a limited addition that I got a reasonable price."

MARGARET C., HI (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"I like the small size and the gas mileage"

BARRY B., TN (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"It has features that were once considered luxury features."

Anonymous, CA (2013 Toyota Corolla)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Poor visability and drivers seat not to comfotable"

BERNARD S., CA (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"Looks stylish but not too sporty."

Anonymous, CA (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"Color , style, price"

JIMMY D., TX (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"I like the rear spoiler. I realize it has no aerodynamic effect on the car's handling, but appreciate that it does make the car look a bit sportier."

DENNIS W., MN (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"At this point in time (2013) I don't think that the Toyota Corollas had been redesigned in several years so this car looks sort of dowdy. The Honda Civics are much more stylish looking but I don't like the owners of the Honda dealership in Honolulu so would not buy a vehicle from them."

MARGARET C., HI (2013 Toyota Corolla)

"While the styling is attractive, it does not appear to have been tested in a cold climate. Rear window defroster works great but the runoff can freeze the trunk lid shut."

GORDON B., ON (2013 Toyota Corolla)

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