Combining the practicality and frugal fuel economy compact-sedan buyers want with more interior room, upgraded amenities, and a sorely needed shot of style, this generation Corolla is a reasonable alternative to a midsized sedan. Slightly larger than the outgoing model, Corolla has a surprisingly spacious rear seat with ample leg room. Despite the bump in size, the car remains small enough for easy maneuvering and parking.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Manual transmission makes it fun to drive."

Anonymous, GA (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"The Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) is fun to drive. It gives me a lot of flexibility with respect to performance vs. economy. It's great in the mountains, whether going uphill or downhill."

Anonymous, NC (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"My main problem with the Corolla has to do with the rear side-view mirrors. They cause a blind-spot when turning either left or right. I have tried to adjust the seat to deal with it but I am still having to stretch my neck and move my head and shoulders to see around it. These mirrors did not cause a problem in my previous car, a Camry."

Anonymous, ON (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"The handling is great, but the acceleration is lacking. It's only powered by a 128 hp (Ithink) 4-cylinder engine, and it really, while being somewhat peppy, just isn't enough."

CHARLES W., FL (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"This auto is just a terrific car that does just what it is supposed to do for a very reasonable price. MPG is almost as good as a hybrid would get."

PAUL C., OH (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"Slow to respond on ramps"

Anonymous, FL (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"Ru.ns better then my Harley. Gets better fuel mileage then my Harley. I love this car except I want more room"

KEITH B., PA (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"First: The car is a 2014 Corolla; not 2015. I am dissatisfied with it's acceleration. It hesitates and comes near to stalling after slowing down or stopping at a red light."

Anonymous, MD (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"fun to drive"

LEIGH L., FL (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"Very big leap vs my 2005 Toyota Corolla."

Anonymous, PR (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"Acceleration is poor, but it gets great fuel economy. Handling is average, not bad."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"This car has great acceleration"

JOAN H., NC (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"Top marks for handling, acceptable but not great marks for acceleration."

JAMES H., MD (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"drives OK lots of road noise"

Anonymous, AB (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"The CVT transmission is hesitant when accelerated."

Anonymous, GA (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"I am very impressed with this car. It has great power though the engine is noisy when accelerating quickly. The blue tooth has problems connecting with my phone a lot and playing texts. I highly recommend what used to be a throwaway car. No more. Great price and worth much more."

MICHAEL H., TX (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"Drives very good, and peppy"

AL N., TX (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"The CVT transmission has a little quirk to it when accelerating uphill. It permits the engine to stay in the upper rpm range a lot longer and then seems to simulate shifting points like a regular transmission when allowing engine torque to take over."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"Acceleration and especially handling can vary significantly depending on the tires. Handles better with Dunlop Winter Sport 4D and Michelin Premier AS than with the O.E. tires."

JAMES S., MO (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"Slow acceleration, may be "standard" for 4 cylinder?? Previously had 6 cylinder."

BELINDA S., OH (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"Just finished a 4000 mile trip--San Luis Obispo, CA to Truckee, CA to Park City, UT to Buffalo, WY to Glacier Nat'l Park to Bonner's Ferry, ID to Astoria, OR to San Luis Obispo. Ended up accidentally going 100 mph at one point to pass in Montana on a two lane road; the car handled perfectly. Didn't realize how fast I was going until I looked at the speedometer. Drove across the Nevada desert, up to 9666' at Powder River Pass, WY, on the Going to the Sun Road in Glacier and more. Lots of wind"

DIANE C., CA (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"Slight delay accleration, not a smooth start."

RICHARD O., HI (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"stiff handling"

Anonymous, ON (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"The acceleration is slow. The car sounds like I'm flooring the accelerator when I'm not, I'm just trying to get up to speed. The Cruise Control has a 5-6 MPH play area. It should be closer to the set Cruise speed, like 2-3 MPH."

Anonymous, OH (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"rough ride, doesn't take bumps well, loud in cabin when driving above 50 mph"

Jimmie G., VA (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"Fun and solid smooth ride. Comfortable and secure feeling. Acceleration is perfectly adequate."

Brad C., SK (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"For a small car, the 2015 has good acceleration and handles well. I have the Corolla S and do not like the headlight settings and having to reset them for night driving, etc."

Anonymous, NE (2015 Toyota Corolla)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Annoying creaking emanating from B-pillar at slow speeds when turning or going over uneven services. Only 15,000 miles on odometer."

PHIL T., TX (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"Seats are not comfortable. I a pretty sure I paid too much."

Anonymous, FL (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"The noise and ride of the Corolla are not quite as good as the Camry, but the improved gas mileage makes it well worth the difference."

Anonymous, WA (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"I LOVE the heated seats and the rear view screen. One is for comfort, one is for comfort of mind."

KARI V., ON (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"The ride is comfortable for a small car and is quiet."

JOSUE E., CA (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"The road noise in the cabin is very high, this makes it difficult to hear the radio from time to time, especially talk shows. That is very disappointing. Other than that, everything is great."

Anonymous, WI (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"My only complaint is that there is some wind noise at medium to high speed"

Anonymous, IL (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"The seats in the 2015 Corolla are POSITIVELY the most comfortable auto seats that I have ever ridden in!"

JOHN M., MA (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"The parking brake handle digs into my thigh when I sit in my usual position. It's annoying, but a small thing."

SCOTT R., CA (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"Strong AC"

DAVID S., AZ (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"The seats are a little too firm, and there's no lumbar adjustment."

ELLEN B., NY (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"A bit small but used mostly for driving around town."

LEONARD P., NV (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"I don't think I have ever ridden in a Toyota that is comfortable enough to sit for a long trip. My back sometimes gets sore just driving to town (15 minutes). They just don't seem to shape the seats well."

Anonymous, NC (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"Noisy interior. Stiff handling."

Anonymous, ON (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"Car is somewhat noisy to drive --- ie road noise due to lack of insulation in order to boost fuel economy"

Anonymous, NS (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"It seems to always have air flowing out hot or cool even when you turn off the fan and the steering wheel always blocks the speedometer in every position. Seat adjuster is inconvenient for up and down adjustment. The seat covers really hold stains and are hard to clean."

VERONICA C., VT (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"Seats are comfortable but if u r short have to push seat all the way up and knees too near steering wheel."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"I find it noisy . Hard to hear the audio. Not a great sound system"

Anonymous, NS (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"ride could be smoother"

IVAN B., IA (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"I'm only 5' 11' and my head brushes against the ceiling every time I get in the car."

Anonymous, NY (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"Cramped seats when changing drivers from short to tall people."

BERNARD M., TX (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"The ride is the best I have ridden. The noise is there on the highway but overall ok. the seats have enough room in the back."

Anonymous, TX (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"Very easy to drive and with the comfort to go with it"

Anonymous, CA (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"We previously owned an Avalon and it was more expensive ,of course, but much quieter But we got better safety features"

Anonymous, BC (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"Seats are designed to be "sporty". The passenger seat is extremely low and impairs forward vision. Both seats rise at the edges (the bucket) and places uncomfortable pressure on the sides of the hips. Can get VERYuncomfortable on longer trips."

ROBERT P., FL (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"The Seats on the 2015 Corolla are not as comfortable as the 2004 Corolla"

Anonymous, WI (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"Visibility for a short driver is difficult. I see none of the hood, blind spots in front side from rearview mirrors and upsweep of doors, blind spots all over the back. If I tilt the drivers seat too much, trying for more lift and visibility, it causes back pain. That said, all small cars and small SUV type vehicles I test drove had these same issues. This was the lesser of the evils purchase. Parking and curbs when turning are horrible, because once I'm within 10-15 feet I have to judge by"

JEAN P., IL (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"The climate control system resets automatically and is difficult to adjust properly. It's too fancy for its own good. The more manualized climate control in the older car is better because it's easier to adjust to the comfort one likes."

Anonymous, CT (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"Seats are very uncomfortable, seat panels do not match anatomy. Climate control is very good. There is a lot of road noise that can make talking difficult."

MICHAEL H., TN (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"noisy on the road door handles can pinch"

Anonymous, FL (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"We had purchased a new Honda Fit Sport, and could not sit in the car for any length of time it was so uncomfortable. We turned it back in to the dealer, and tried several other models. We happened to rent a Toyota which was so comfortable we bought a new one."

LOREN C., WV (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"It is impossible to close the heating/ac vent at the dashboard level. It drives my wife crazy because it blows hot or cold air in her face. There should be a way to shut the vent."

STANLEY A., PA (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"There's a lot of engine noise when going over 40 mph and accelerating."

Anonymous, MA (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"The only area of complaint is the noise of car on Highway and rattling from interior"

Anonymous, ON (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"Road noise, wheel bearing went bad, lots more road noise in bad weather"

Anonymous, FL (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"Seats need more lower back support"

LARRY R., MO (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"The seats are not comfortable. The seats need more adjustment options."

Anonymous, OH (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"Manual seats are way too hard to adjust with hand levers. Will only consider power option in the future."

Anonymous, OH (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"The noise is very loud and ride can be rough at times"

D P., FL (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"seat heat up fast"

Charles R., WI (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"My wife just loves to drive this vehicle. She fells like the seats are the right fit both in length and height and gives her complete view all around. Noise is very low and ride is one of the best she and my daughter have found."

Kenneth D., FL (2015 Toyota Corolla)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Great gas mileage + good value for the money. Hopefully resale will be good to great."

Anonymous, OH (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"We bought the Corolla when it was 9 months (15K) old as a Toyota "Certified" used vehicle. It came with a 7 year 100K warranty and was an extremely good value for less than $15K."

T M., AK (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"The extra width and length makes parking and manuevering harder than the previous model"

Anonymous, CA (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"I failed to do everything that Consumer Reports said about buying a new car. Therefore I paid way to much. I have no one to blame but myself."

JAMES D., AZ (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"Mine is leased. Feel I was victim of a bait and switch."

Anonymous, ID (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"I traded my previously owned vehicle for the Corolla, was given a good price for it, this helped me purchase the Corolla for a lowered price, I got a good bargain."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"Very good and reliable cars for my teenage daughter"

Anonymous, CA (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"I wanted to stay within my budget and get the best value I could. After offering $3,000 less than they were asking, they said no and I left. I was called twice by the dealer in the following two days. First caller lowered the price but not as much as I asked so I refused. The second call from the dealer was the manager, who met my price. And I accepted. I have never paid sticker price for a car."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"Did not have automatic headlights"

Anonymous, NC (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"Overpriced. I could have gotten a Honda Civic, better value and cheaper cost."

ADEL Z., PA (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"We expected basic transportation, that's what we got."

Anonymous, VA (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"Heavy conveniences for a very reasonable price."

JEFFREY B., VA (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"only has 20k so hard to say in the long run but when we were shopping it was the best deal on the market with the solid reputation and a big plus is the free 24k miles maintenance package."

Anonymous, TX (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"For the price we paid didn't get all the bells and whistles. No blind spot indicators, radio very small indicators, no access to telephone thru the car, no GPS."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"Purchased the S premium. Very reliable car with a significant number of features for a very reasonable price"

Anonymous, MA (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"Good economical, reliable car with lots of amenities."

PAUL C., TX (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"I don't know if I over paid for this car"

DIANA S., SC (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"A lot of car for a very competitive price."

Anonymous, VA (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"This car works well, handles well, looks good and I am fully satisfied with it including the value for what I paid."

KARI V., ON (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"Good: Very high reliability and drivability with decent price. Bad: Frumpy and generic styling that says Toyota does not employ even a single capable designer. Overall: I bought it for the quality of construction and handling along with the safety features all at a decent price, but I my sense of design and grace is assaulted every time I look at it. It is a purely utilitarian choice of a car."

JAMES H., MD (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"both cars very reliable with minimal maintenance"

Anonymous, FL (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"It's a great car for its price. I had a 2004 Corolla which I traded in for this 2015. The difference is like day and night: roomier, quieter, peppier, much more stylish, much better handling, excellent feel economy!"

E F., AZ (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"I am not sure other than I wish I had bought another model."

Anonymous, FL (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"It has been everything that I read about in CR. It has nice exceleration (for a 4 cylinder), good gas mileage, lots of safety features, great value for the price."

CHRIS E., TX (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"I feel the car offers great value for what I paid and I think the 2 yr/25k free maintenance given by the manufacturer is a great incentive and helps with not having to worry about the maintenance cost for the first couple of years."

JOSUE E., CA (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"The Corolla carries on the well known reputation of the Toyota brand. I just found it a little boring to drive."

Steven R., NY (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"My wife and daughter did a lot of research on vehicles in this price range and size. They both purchased the Toyota Corolla, 1 year apart and from different dealers. They both feel like they got a great deal at the right price."

Kenneth D., FL (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"fairly smooth ride, good value for the price"

Constance G., NY (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"I think the Corolla is the best value, especially if you look at the long term."

Brad C., SK (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"Very solid build typical of Toyota cars. Uphill speeds are slightly jerky. So far no problems with this car."

Eliezer P., CA (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"Not much ... it's an OK car. I know it's reliable, but it's got too many shortcomings. Can't get excited about it!"

James G., OH (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"Excellent value for the money when factoring in long term reliability"

Anonymous, CA (2015 Toyota Corolla)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"The car handles well with no problem and is easy to drive and control, but despite my age I would like it to look a little smarter on the outside. The inside looks good but the outside need to be redesigned for some pizazz."

EDITH S., PA (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"very nice styling"

Anonymous, AB (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"Body looks like it was carved from a block of clay by a sculptor.."

WILBERT A., NJ (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"Dated styling compared with others in this class"

Anonymous, FL (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"I like the sporty style of this vehicle & the nice rims."

Anonymous, MD (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"Don't like the changes in the console because I can't temporarily store CDs in the area below the radio."

Anonymous, NS (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"Exterior styling isn't the sharpest. The interior styling is really nice but the seat fabric doesn't seem very durable and stains easily."

PAUL L., TX (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"it looks nice and people like the way it looks"

Anonymous, OR (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"Inside rather bland. Seats could be more comfortable with more seat positions for driver without having to buy next level of car."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"Interior lacks many storage compartments the 2010 model had and seems "cheaper". Looks like they traded some comfort to add the new electronics. Miss the key access to the trunk. Love the gas mileage."

Anonymous, VA (2015 Toyota Corolla)

"Even though this is a Sports model,this car looks like an old man car but I knew that when I bought it."

JOHN M., MA (2015 Toyota Corolla)

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