The FJ Cruiser's throwback styling attracts a lot of attention. It also imposes compromises. Visibility is significantly limited by the small windows and wide roof pillars. Further, the rear-hinged rear doors limit access. Handling is clumsy, disconcerting at its limits and ride quality is jittery. On the other hand, impressive off-road ability and the strong powertrain are real strengths.
There are 9 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"The car feels sure footed in any road conditions. The manual transmission is very precise and the awd combined with the 4 liter V6 provides good acceleration."

Juan C., IL (2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"Acceleration is great if you don't care about gas mileage which if driven carefully is 19-20 but never better on highways or in-town. Emergency handling (dodging a deer) is mediocre, brakes are mediocre, but 4-WD mode is very good in even 2 feet of snow (using Blizzak tires). 4-WD is also excellent off-road, as ABS sensors on all 4 wheels allow computer to add brake to any wheels that spin. Open differentials (front and rear) are cheap but extremely reliable. Front and rear can be locked togethe"

Anonymous, VA (2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"I may get lost but I'll NEVER get stuck!!! I'm 65 years old and have owned many vehicles. I've owned this vehicle since 2009 and, hands down,it's by far the best vehicle I've ever owned! And that is despite your organization's refusal to recommend it."

Anonymous, GA (2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"The FJ gets me to work in all kinds of weather... The truck is a beast!"

JODIE Q., DE (2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"Absolutely the best built off-road vehicle made. It's a real shame it is no longer made. Major screw up by Toyota. Smooth acceleration to and beyond highway speeds with 6 speed manual transmission. Will pull long uphill climbs smoothly by down shifting; not sure of the automatic... If purchased for exclusively on road operation it is fine as purchased. For off road operation the basic tires provided were pour. I added a 3" lift and 33x12.50 Mickey Thompson MTZ tires. They turned the FJ into a"

DAVID K., PA (2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"The manual transmission and drivetrain perform flawlessly. The vehicle is well balanced and has good snow and off-road performance. The FJ is not a joy to drive at the fastest 75mph (usually meaning traffic flow at 80mph) speed limits set on the interstate highways in Colorado; it remains well balanced and feels safe to me up to 70mph."

JOHN H., CO (2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"It's a truck. Not a sports car. That said, it's acceleration is decent. Handling? It's a truck. Not meant to tear up the streets. It will, however take you almost anywhere."

ROGER Z., FL (2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"Bad: Blind spots Good; very reliable 95,000 miles and no Problems."

Anonymous, AZ (2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"Again, the car vibrates only at 45 miles an hour"

BRIAN N., VA (2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"Automatic transmission is balky"

BRENT C., MI (2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"Again, this is a 4x4, so its not going to handle or accelerate like a Lexus. But get it in the snow, sandy beach, or mudding on back roads and its the best off roading vehicle out there."

Anonymous, IL (2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"Can go anywhere- off road is great"

Anonymous, CO (2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"This is an excellent off-road vehicle. It is superb on rough roads, can climb over rocks, ford streams, power through loose sand and mud. Also comfortable on paved roads, but it's real strength is off-road."

William T., CA (2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"The 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser takes curved roads superbly, and maintains drivability in crucial conditions especially Maine’s changeable weather late Fall through early Spring."

Anonymous, ME (2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"It's an FJ, so acceleration isn't great, but that is not why you buy one. I think handling is fine for a mid-sized SUV."

Bruce D., OH (2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"Handling is good and it has plenty of acceleration."

Robert K., ID (2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"Holds the lane well for a short wheelbase vehicle, has good acceleration and will go anywhere in any weather condition."

Anonymous, AR (2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"It has POWER with only a 4 cylinder engine!! Pulls trailers and loads up WV mountains."

Henry T., NC (2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"Never breaks, goes anywhere I want (off road), more than enough power to merge on highway"

Russell R., AZ (2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"The seats of my FJ are terrible. Very uncomfortable, specially on longer trips. Very little cushion and support. It is actually the only thing I dislike on this car."

Juan C., IL (2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"Very comfortable - front as well as back seats."

Anonymous, TX (2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"Bought an aftermarket dog screen that makes the back ideal for taking our dog on vacation."

Linda R., NJ (2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"Its jyst a fun car to drive. Fun fun fun"

Anonymous, IL (2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"Terrible seats and very noisy"

Anonymous, WA (2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"Seats very hard and gauges set too far in the ash."

Anonymous, CA (2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"As to the right, the car vibrates only at 45 miles an hour"

BRIAN N., VA (2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"Seats are hard and not very comfortable. There is a higher level of road noise in the cabin that the manufacturer could and should have solved with insulation."

JAMES F., TX (2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"I thought I would tire of this vehicle after 6 months but nearly 10 years later I still love it and wish I could buy another new. The nearest equivalent is a Jeep Rubicon, but the ride and standard equipment, maintenance, and overall record of this vehicle are far superior. If you think of it as a Jeep, it rides much better. You don't buy this vehicle if you expect a 18 way heated seats with massage functions--its a serious off road 4x4 that has more standard equipment than any Jeep--standard"

Anonymous, IL (2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"Excessive road noise"

JOHN D., TX (2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"off road capability, comfort, ride"

TERRY M., CA (2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"The X-Reas suspension is extremely compliant."

GARY N., CA (2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"Comfortable seats, good driving position, some wind noise, good balance between ride quality and off-road ability, visibility could be better"

Anonymous, IN (2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"Seats are very hard."

Anonymous, CA (2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser)


Anonymous, FL (2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"The FJ Cruiser is built like an off-road vehicle, therefor it has a very stiff ride."

Donnie B., FL (2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"The FJ was a great value, so-so gas mileage but amazing in the snow and handling is awesome."

Emmett L., PA (2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"Good value becaude few repairs!"

Anonymous, IL (2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"We love the manual transmission, the one previous owner, the strength and power of the vehicle, and the look. It handles very well in snow and ice."

LADONNA C., UT (2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"I purchased the car 4 years ago for $25k. It had 20k miles. It came with a factory roof rack, trailer hitch, cd/radio with aux inputs. I've never had a problem. It's been through snow, mud, and rivers. Just oil changes and brake changes. MPGs suck."

ROGER Z., FL (2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"Amazing SUV"

ROBERT H., FL (2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"The FJ has been great. I've had it 9 years and need to get the brakes done for the first time. The only other issue was the alternator went out last year."

PAUL M., UT (2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"it is a beast in the winter. very capable for off roading. No problem in snow or ice. Nice cruising on Highway."

RICHARD S., NY (2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"Mgp is horrible"

Anonymous, AZ (2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"This vehicle has never been in the shop for anything mechanical. Best vehicle that I have ever purchased"

LISA R., TX (2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"Price was much better privately than at a dealer"

Anonymous, ON (2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"Great reliability and excellent resale value."

Anonymous, NH (2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"handles great in snow and off road. Poor visibility when looking to your right 'cause the design put a panel right where you want to see if any vehicle are in your "blind spot." Slope of windshield is not enough to deflect rocks an pebble from other vehicles. This causes more chips and breakage and "sand blasting" effect on the the windshield glass. Could improve mileage"

Tom J., VA (2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"I could probably sell my car for close to what I paid for it twelve years ago....but I'll keep it because it's one of the best I've owned."

Anonymous, CA (2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"Has been a fun vehicle."

Verne B., AB (2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"It is good to drive around town and on rural roads. It is not very good for long drives."

Robert K., ID (2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"Good price"

Anonymous, ON (2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say


Anonymous, CO (2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser)


RICHARD S., NY (2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

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