The FJ Cruiser's throwback styling attracts a lot of attention. It also imposes compromises. Visibility is significantly limited by the small windows and wide roof pillars. Further, the rear-hinged rear doors limit access. Handling is clumsy, disconcerting at its limits and ride quality is jittery. On the other hand, impressive off-road ability and the strong powertrain are real strengths.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Automatic Transmission hesitates going into "passing gear" Fuel mileage is poor"

Anonymous, NC (2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"verry good"

Anonymous, QC (2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"Accelerates and handles very well when maneuvering in heavy traffic."

JOHNNIE O., FL (2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"Limited visibility for backing and changing lanes. Major blinds spots, small side windows and no backup camera."

JANET Z., OK (2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"The FJ has great acceleration for a v6"

Anonymous, TX (2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"Slightly noisy"

LAURENCE F., MD (2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"Outside styling is nice. Fun to drive. Plenty power to merge in traffic."

David H., KS (2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"It is very dependable in snowy or off road driving"

John C., KY (2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"We bought the Off-Road package, and have really put it to the test on several occasions (we live near Death Valley National Park). It has never failed to deliver. Sure-footed and built like a tank!"

Joseph F., CA (2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"durable retains it value gas comsumption terribel"

Herb H., AB (2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser)


Anonymous, TX (2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"Superb engine power and the manual transmission makes off road driving a dream."

Anonymous, NJ (2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"The FJ is a no frills, reliable SUV that handles well in all weather conditions especially on ice and snow. Rugged and fun to drive. I just wish it had larger side mirrors and smaller blind spots."

Robert A., CO (2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"Taking the FJ out elevates driving to a whole new standard. It's a solidly built SUV that will go wherever you need to go, through any weather conditions. Drinks gas as if it were free, but drives like a tank. Certainly not the quickest, but one of the safest vehicles out there."

George R., ON (2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"Handles great in all weather conditions."

Robert A., CO (2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Wish the rear windows could roll down."

SHERMAN B., TX (2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"Ride is comfortable, but side/rear visability is poor"

Anonymous, NC (2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"Comfortable seats, good driving position, some wind noise, good balance between ride quality and off-road ability, visibility could be better"

Anonymous, IN (2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"Seats are poor. After about 100,000 miles, the drivers seat is very uncomfortable and my back aches. Replacement seats are not a good option for safety reason. Otherwise, it is a great vehicle."

Anonymous, PA (2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"The Toyota FJ Cruiser is the best vehicle I have ever owned. It has been totally reliable, and no repairs other than tires and oil. Even the battery (9 years old!) is still going strong. If it was still offered, it would be my first choice for a new vehicle purchase."

ROGER H., KS (2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"Good value fills the needs perfectly"

BRUCE D., NV (2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"Best stock overall 4WD vehicle I have owned or driven."

D M., GA (2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"When we purchased this vehicle it was less expensive new than a 2 year old 4Runner"

DAVID H., VA (2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"We have had this vehicle since it was new 10 years ago. It has never needed any kind of repair (other than normal wear and tear, like tires and brakes)"

Anonymous, CO (2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"it is a sporty look"

Anonymous, QC (2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"Engine reliatbility"

LAURENCE F., MD (2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"My Trail Teams Edition is a styling hit and is unique in the world of 4WD vehicles. It has a 6 speed manual, full time 4WD and distinctive features for traction such as an electronic locking rear differential. I enjoy driving it just as much today as I did when it was new in 2008."

BRIAN B., IL (2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser)
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Would you buy this car again?

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