The FJ Cruiser's throwback styling attracts a lot of attention. It also imposes compromises. Visibility is significantly limited by the small windows and wide roof pillars. Further, the rear-hinged rear doors limit access. Handling is clumsy, disconcerting at its limits and ride quality is jittery. On the other hand, impressive off-road ability and the strong powertrain are real strengths.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"The FJ handles wonderfully, has lots of power, and is highly dependable. Maintenance is simple, and it will go anywhere."

CALVIN S., AZ (2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"excellent handling, acceleration, driving. Takes a while to get used to the different doors and windows. I would absolutely buy another"

NATHANIEL H., VT (2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"I really really love this car. I got the trail edition, and it is amazingly fun and perfect for off roading."

Anonymous, CA (2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"It's awful!!! They need to consider making their vehicles for long car rides. I hate when we decide we need to take our smaller Toyota simply because it is not comfortable to sit in for long car rides. It's okay for running quick errands, but beyond that it is deplorable."

Joyce D., TX (2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"The front seats are quite comfortable in our FJ. The rear seating is tight but doable. It is not a quiet ride, however, we didn't expect it to be."

Teresa H., AL (2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"Very comfortable for a true off-road vehicle"

Daniel N., CA (2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"I have own numerous 4x4 vehicles in my life and usually off-road driving they beat you to death. The FJ Cruiser is like driving on the highway even off road."

THOMAS N., NV (2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"The front seats are too soft and squishy causing you to sink into them. It makes it difficult to sit up high enough when driving."

ROSS H., MA (2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"Wind noise at freeway speeds is excessive."

HOWARD J., NC (2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"This not a car you get if you're looking for a comfortable commute. For $39k (cost of my 14 special edition) you can get a near luxury SUV or sedan. However this vehicle is a fun vehicle that you can live with on a daily basis and can take off road on the weekends. As a value proposition you cannot beat it as it has one of the highest resale value of any vehicle on the market today period. Before you buy one it is important that you go in understanding what this vehicle is and is not and then yo..."

Anonymous, NJ (2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"This SUV has appreciated substantially since I bought it new!"

Anonymous, CA (2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"Most people think I paid in excess of $50K for the FJ, when in reality it was under $36K including all the extras like Lojack, exterior protection 'treatment', interior protection 'treatment', extended warranties, etc."

DANIEL N., CA (2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"an EXCELLENT DRIVING MACHINE.... especially on gravel back roads... VERY RESPONSIVE....I have driven some 2 million miles and the FL and 4 Runner are FANTASTIC, solid, economical, well built driving machines!!!!!"

NATHANIEL H., VT (2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser)

"good on and off road gas mileage fall off with extras (no kidding)"

A F., CA (2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"It's retro classic look. It has that capable and adventurous look to it."

FRANZ I., GA (2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser)
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