The Toyota RAV4 is well-rounded and easy to maneuver in tight spaces. Although narrow and a bit cramped, the RAV4 features a flexible interior, with rear seats that can be folded, tumbled forward, or removed in sections. A new engine for 2004 provided acceleration comparable with a V6 and relatively good fuel economy. Handling, which is aided by standard electronic stability control (ESC), is nimble and secure.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Noisy, uncomfortable ride"

TOM H., CA (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"Great car, handles well and moderate power. Noisy inside however.."

SAM J., CO (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"The RAV4 is genuinely fun to drive, especially now that we have it equipped with the top-rated all-season tires. It's a pleasure to drive up the canyon to our cabin."

DOXEY H., MT (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"Handling - solid, not soft, ride; easy steering and performs very well when rainy or snowy. Easy to hold on a straight track, even at higher speeds."

Anonymous, MO (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"This RAV-4 is the perfect car for my son (used to be mine until he learned how to drive). Its size is great for the Washington, DC area. It doesn't eat up gas. Parking is a breeze. And frankly, I prefer its size to my 2012: not too big, not too small. Yes, just right!"

Anonymous, MD (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"This little Rav4 has the best get up and go of any vehicle for it's size. The little engine runs very well and does not hesitate like other vehicles I have seen. For a SUV it will turn on very quickly. No problem driving in traffic."

Anonymous, OK (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"Ease in handling in curves and backing into my garage. Ease of driving and able to see drivers on the interstate in traffic."

Anonymous, AR (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"It's good for tight areas (like, Hoboken, NJ) and very good in the snow."

Anonymous, NJ (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"Smooth drive on highway and takes dirt roads like a little tank, even in the snow. Slips into all wheel drive automatically when needed. Acceleration, braking excellent and turns on a dime in small areas."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"Has wonderful power and acceleration. Great for running around town doing errands and short trips"

Anonymous, TN (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"Responsive steering, great acceleration, tight turning radius. Comfortable ride."

Hal-Deb W., IL (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"Very responsive and peppy."

Robert M., NC (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"For a small engine it has very good acceleration. The SUV drive very well and responds quickly."

Anonymous, OK (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"The CVT works very well. Most of the time you are not aware of it. Our S trim line has paddle shifters and every once in a while it's fun to run through the gears. It also works well to force a downshift just as you enter a hill. This prevents the CVT from hunting or disconnecting momentarily at about 4000 rpm. Acceleration to 100 kph is very satisfactory."

David B., MB (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"This car handles well."

Anonymous, CT (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"Excellent foul weather vehicle in a snowy climatet"

Dennis B., ME (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"The SUV has excellent acceleration and easy handing in traffic."

Anonymous, AR (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"Very noisy interior experience i.e. road noise"

William S., FL (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"This SUV has surprising acceleration for a four-cylinder engine. I'm quite comfortable four-wheeling as well. It's a tough truck. Manual transmission."

Robert T., SK (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"handles well on road"

Anonymous, VA (2005 Toyota RAV4)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"bad: climate control. Either too hot or too cold. Hard to keep correct bad: noise bad: seats"

BOB C., MN (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"Cabin is noisy at freeway speeds. Seems to be a combination of wind and road noise. Not noticeably different with different tires."

BRADLEY C., CA (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"Sitting in the drivers sear of this RAV4 is akin to taking a seat on a huge boulder. This is by far the most uncomfortable vehicle I have ever owned... and I've owned quite a few."

RAYMOND C., NY (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"The comfort of the car is a little stiff, but okay: I got what I paid for, and that is satisfactory. On the other hand: (1) Dashboard is extremely difficult to read. I cannot read odometer without taking my eyes completely off the road. I cannot read clock at all (although a passenger might). (2) When driving with headlights on in daylight, Dashboard meters are completely unreadable. The dashboard is dark. (3) There is a ceiling lamp just over the windshield. The switch for the lamp is unmarke"

Anonymous, MA (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"too much road noise"

Anonymous, AB (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"My husband drives it back and forth to work daily. He loves that vehicle so much he would never get rid of it. It has a zippy take off...much more than the Prius. But it does not have a leather interior, which we insisted on in the Prius. Like it almost as well as the Prius."

MARY L., FL (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats horribly uncomfortable, designed to demand poor posture."

MARK W., WA (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"Ok for short trips, but seats get uncomfortable after about an hour."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"Cramped driving position for a tall person"

Anonymous, CA (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats are very comfortable, height from ground perfect for getting in an out, very quiet and holds an amazing amount of gear for day trips camping etc. My friends sometimes call me Mrs MacGyver because I have so much handy gear.."

Anonymous, CA (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"Noisy in the car, road noise not effectively eliminated"

MANDY H., MA (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"A little bit noisy which makes it difficult to get much quality out of the sound system."

Anonymous, KS (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"The good is that it is great in snow and handling. The bad is the noise level of the car and the seats are not that comfortable"

Anthony G., PA (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"Best vehicle I've ever owned in my life. Rotated tires and changed the oil faithfully. Still running magnificently and at 165K miles. Rear passenger window rattled slightly when new. Just fell off track----first problem I've had with car in 13 years."

Thomas S., WI (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"My husband had a problem with the seats. He ends up feeling uncomfortable. I personally don't have a problem, but in comparison to or other car, the seats are not as comfortable."

Anonymous, CT (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"fits my wife perfectly"

Roy R., MD (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"Good seat comfort and road noise is tolerable especially with Michelin tires"

Anonymous, IL (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"The RAV is a great "around town" car, but if you take it for more than an hour or so it becomes very uncomfortable. The road noise is so loud that the volume of the radio must be cranked up quite a lot."

Anonymous, GA (2005 Toyota RAV4)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Rough ride. Noisy ride"

TOM H., CA (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"It's held up very well and it wasn't too costly."

Anonymous, NJ (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"The mileage comes in at 19 per gallon, but out 07 Highlander, which is bigger and has more miles on it gets 24. Off."

ANNE E., OR (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"Best car I ever owned. Easy to drive, easy to park, good acceleration, controls are simple an straight forward, It is the correct size and very stable in bad weather."

Anonymous, MN (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"Over 285,000 miles and excluding gasoline, this car has averaged 6.5 cents/mile to operate (oil, maintenance and replacement parts, insurance). Most reliable vehicle I've ever owned!"

Anonymous, MO (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"This car has run trouble free for 11 years and is still going strong - you can't beat it for the price paid!"

SUSAN R., CA (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"Purchased it used and received value for the money."

Anonymous, AZ (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"Accelaration and reliability, good"

Anonymous, AB (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"it is a real bargain. I have only to bring it in for regular/routine service twice a year....WOW"

BRUNO G., ON (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"I bought this vehicle new for my wife. She loves the vehicle. It was below list when I got it for a good deal. Also got add items at no cost."

Anonymous, OK (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"I did not spend enough time test driving the car. It does not have the power i would like, nor the amenities. I had to add several third party additions."

MICHAEL W., CT (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"Paid off, good size, good 2nd car"

KATHLEEN F., OH (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"My Mom bought it as clearance end of year model and was not given great price cold maintenance contracts when she drives only 5k miles in retirement and so overpaid mostly on aftermarket contracts which Toyota dealers were not honest in Acton Toyota about honoring and almost worthless when inherited on her death in 2007 w only 2 years 5000 miles on car! She paid about 22000 for basic RAV4 w no sunroof no 4wd no power seats, only power windows and basic radio so she paid al pat retail w 1700 7000"

Anonymous, MA (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"Once we got the airbag inflation problem repaired, love having at least one 4 wheel drive vehicle, fair mileage, cargo room for weekend trips, still looks stylish, has held up well, and I know my wife will be safe driving it."

Anonymous, SD (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"The is a very reliable vehicle, It accelerates well. and is very functional . The seats and ride are not comfortable."

Anonymous, PA (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"My RAV4 was a Company Car that was part of my compensation. When it was 42 months old it was retired and I had an option to buy it. It had about 25K miles on it and I bought it for about $12,000. It has been very reliable and fun to drive. I definitely got my money's worth."

Anonymous, GA (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"RAV is a great value for the money. Since 2005 have not had any issues with the car"

Guy L., NY (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"Good car for price"

Anonymous, VA (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"The car is a dozen years old, has almost 170K miles and has been a no drama auto. What's not to like about that?"

John F., NC (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"reliability over twelve years of ownership. Wonderful vehicle.."

Dennis B., ME (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"Handles a variety of tasks well, from local errands to road trips. The higher profile allows the driver a better view of traffic on the road."

Craig W., CA (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"only brakes and tires have needed replaced"

Roy R., MD (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"This has been the best quality most reliable vehicle we have ever owned. Over 300k miles and still going strong. We will definitely by more Toyota products."

Anonymous, KS (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"I have owned this vehicle for 12 years and have had virtually no problems with it. Other than a couple of replacements due to age ( such as an alternator) I have spent very little money on anything other than regular maintenance."

Ken O., KY (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"Excellent reliability. Very few major repairs required in 12 years. Mileage has only dropped from 9.5 litre/100km to 9.9 litre/100km over the same time period."

Anonymous, ON (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"This vehicle has been one of the best I have had. We got it new at a good price and it continues to run well day after day. Gets good mileage for an SUV and handles very well. Regular maintenance keeps it going with no problems."

Anonymous, OK (2005 Toyota RAV4)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Windows are large, the newer cars are like tanks"

C V., MA (2005 Toyota RAV4)

"I love how my 2005 RAV4 looks! The roof rack is a good-looking feature. I especially like that the spare tire is mounted in a silver case outside on the rear of the vehicle. I think that is a really sharp-looking feature! Plus, that tire has helped me find my car on numerous occasions if I have "lost" it in a parking lot. Having bought my new 2005 RAV4 in January 2005 as a less pricey, bottom-of-the-line vehicle, the new car did not come with a beeper key to find one's car in a parking lot.. Als"

DENISE E., GA (2005 Toyota RAV4)

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