The RAV4 is quite competitive in its class with either the standard four-cylinder or the optional V6 engine. Improvements to the four-cylinder engine for this version of the compact Toyota SUV reduced noise. An available third-row seat and powerful V6 make it a good alternative to some midsized SUVs. The RAV4 is agile and roomy, rides comfortably and has a smooth drivetrain and a flexible interior.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Handling and acceleration are great. I has always been a pleasure to drive"

JOHN B., IN (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"When the A/C is on and I step on the gas, the gutless car lunges forward."

ELISE M., NV (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"there has always been a pause in gear, shifting out of low gear."

Anonymous, VA (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"I tow a small travel trailer in mountain country. The V6 engine does an outstanding job."

EDWARD D., CA (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Jerky acceleration/transmission. Hesitation."

TIMOTHY P., OH (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Huge power from the 3.5L V6. Had to change to low profile tires and bigger wheels to improve handling. There are no aftermarket suspension mods available."

SPEROS H., OR (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Due to small wheel base, it wanders some."

JAMES N., NC (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Both acceleration and handling are very good. I always feel safe in all driving conditions."

ROBERT H., FL (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"I was hoping for way better handling on snow/icy conditions. The way they implemented the 4 wheel drive doesn't seem to be that great. Considering a full time all while drive car next time (Subaru)"

Anonymous, NY (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"very good acceleration"

Anonymous, ON (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"It can move. Step on it it move. Great in the snow. With good tires."

KARL T., CT (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Ride is very stiff and it feels like it does not have good traction in the rain or snow. Turning radius is very good, however."

RICHARD D., MD (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Handles well for a four cylinder car."

Anonymous, VA (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Winter performance on all-season tires was very good."

Anonymous, ON (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Acceleration is poor especially when trying to pass another car."

Anonymous, CA (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"I love the V6 that delivers 269 hp and has almost the same economy as the 4 cylinder version. It is responsive and handles very well - love it. Since the RAV4 is no longer available in a V6 I will likely not get another one-too bad."

HARRY K., BC (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"With its V6 engine, it is almost over-powered. It is great in the mountains. The put-in for kayaking has a 15% grade and the RAV4 doesn't even work up a sweat taking 4 people and 2-3 boats up the hill. Handling is accurate and sensitive. I enjoy driving the car."

J N., NC (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Would be nice if it was a smoother ride and less noisy."

Anonymous, WA (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"I was pleasantly surprised that the acceleration of the four-cylinder model was so much better than my previous CR-V. Can't imagine needing the six-cylinder unless I was hauling a trailer"

MARY E., IA (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"I have the V6 (unfortunately now discontinued) which makes this pretty peppy in acceleration and passing situations."

JOHN M., AZ (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"It has excellent zip or "pick up" when you need to accelerate in traffic."

Anonymous, IL (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Great value. I have put no money in this other than regular maintenance. Great acceleration. Handles good. Solid little rocket."

MARK B., CA (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"V-6 engine is very fast accelerating to highway speeds. Too bad Toyota dropped the V-6 in later models."

EDWARD L., ME (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"The car is underpowered with the 4-banger. A standard transmission would have helped, but they discontinued it. A V-6 would have helped, but they discontinued it.The well under the cargo floor was very useful to put emergency items, but they filled it in with the spare. Why do they keep killing the things that make this a better car?"

RICHARD L., OH (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Rear end can be "squirrely'" when accelerating, Has a lag between when gas pedal is depressed and when car accelerates."

Anonymous, CA (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Handling is clunky, steering difficult. Hard to maneuver even in bigger areas."

WAYNE J., CO (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Extraordinary power, acceleration (V-6); yet good highway mileage (27 mpg)."

DONALD S., AZ (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"The sport model handles like a sports car and is a pleasure to drive. We did a 6,ooo mile trip and we have nothing but good to say about the rav-4."

RALPH H., KY (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"excellent acceleration, driving experience"

GERALD M., NY (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Good acceleration with the V6 but considerable torque steer."

CRAIG S., UT (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"V6 is smooth and quick. Handles fairly well but there is some lean on turns, which is to be expected with high profile and center of gravity."

ERIC W., CA (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"slightly uncomfortable driving long distances"

DONALD D., NH (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"It is easily buffeted in the wake of larger vehicles."

Anonymous, NC (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Handling feels like it might tip during turns (seems like a high center of gravity compared to other small SUV)"

Anonymous, VA (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"V6 engine has great acceleration and Sport trim line has great handling with less body roll than would be expected for a SUV. We picked this car, in part, because it had better handling than its competitors."

CHRIS B., WA (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"This is a great driving car especially because of the V6."

ALAN B., CO (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Due to V6 engine this car is really great on acceleration and handling."

GEORGE S., OH (2008 Toyota RAV4)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Has gotten noisy (interior). Rattles and squeaks."

KATHRYN K., OH (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Very noisy, lots of road noise, short wheel base makes ride "jumpy", It's a truck so some of this is expected."

Anonymous, NH (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"3rd row seat pretty useless."

CRAIG S., UT (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats are comfortable and easy to clean. Climate control is good. Cabin noise is higher than I would like."

CHRIS B., WA (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"The driver's seat gradually sinks lower over time & has to be adjust up again. There are no adjustable lumbar supports in the driver & passenger seats. (These are just standard seats.)"

WILLIAM K., OR (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Plenty of get up and go.Shooth ride"

Anonymous, NC (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Only bad thing was replacing the water pump at 30,000 miles on the engine was large expense and required a day."

Anonymous, TN (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Just a bit of a stiff ride."

JOHN H., IA (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"bumps create an unpleasant ride"

JOHN V., VA (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Noisiest car I have ever driven. Poor radio sound."

LISA F., FL (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"The only complaint I have with this vehicle is the whine noise from the transmission. Most noticeable at 45-50 MPH because road noise drowns it out at higher speeds. This vehicle has a harsh ride. That plus the transmission noise result in considerable ambient noise while driving."

Anonymous, MI (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Tight ride"

DAVID L., NJ (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"The leather seats are too rigid, lumbar support could be improved. After day-long drives, lower back is always sore ... even with several stops to walk around"

D W., ON (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"We like everything except that there is a bit of road noise."

MARGARET D., KS (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"road noise"

Anonymous, SK (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"The seats are not well padded, making them uncomfortable for long distance driving."

Anonymous, MI (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Highway speed road noise is higher than I expected and that I have experienced in other similar vehicles. Seats are very firm and take getting used to."

ROBERT C., NC (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Automatic seat is only driver's. Bad - oil burning. Need a quart every 1000 miles. Second Toyota to have this problem."

MICHELLE K., NY (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"This vehicle is very comfortable either long distance or around town. My wife is much shorter then I am but the Toyota adapts to our driving positions."

ROBERT H., FL (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"We drive almost daily in the mountains. The car is a pleasure to drive. It is powerful going up steep inclines, exceptionally quiet on the highway and quite comfortable. It has been totally reliable, with negligible maintenance costs."

J N., NC (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"I like the seats very comfortable & easy to adjust. Road noise is annoying. The ride is what I expected from this SUV."

Anonymous, WI (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"rear seats are not comfortable for long trips; relatively loud road noise"

CHARLES B., NJ (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats are uncomfortable on longer trips for me. Wife has no complaints. Vehicle has become more noisy over time - wind noise in particular."

ROBERT P., TX (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"The interior is noisy. The A/C doesn't cool as quickly or as well as I would like. It didn't offer power seats and the driver's seat are difficult to adjust, especially for my wife. Rear center seat belt is hard to use. Ride is very stiff and you really feel the bumps."

RICHARD D., MD (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"I am satisfied with the comfort; it is pretty standard. The ride could e better and there is some road noise."

JOAN Q., CA (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"It would be better to have temperature control. Also, have less noise level, even I know it's a SUV."

FRANKLIN C., CA (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Sun visor is a safety issue flops to block view during driving Dangerous safety issue for pedestrians and speed bumps replaced 3 times expensive more than it should it is heavly padded to protect head not solid for daily use"

CARL D., CA (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"The road noise is so great that I cannot hold a conversation with the person riding next to me. This will be a factor in my next purchase decision."

LESTER S., MD (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"There is more road noise then I expected and I can hear the wind moving around the antenna."

Anonymous, NC (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Road noise is excessive"

Anonymous, CO (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Bumpy ride"

Anonymous, IL (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Really dislike the climate controls as it is hard to set for simple air flow with no hear/air conditioning. Also when the auto climate is engaged the fan can be quite forceful & loud."

J B., IL (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Comfortable seats, road noise on the high side"

RUSS L., VT (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Terrible ride. Do my best to avoid even the smallest potholes. Uncomfortable seats. Noisy interior."

WAYNE J., CO (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"There is quite a bit of ride noise; that is, noise that exists from air resistance"

Anonymous, CA (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"It is very noisy on the freeway. The ride feels more bumpy that what I would like."

Anonymous, TX (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Somewhat noisy at highway speeds"

PAUL T., NL (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Road noise inside the car is very loud, even with quiet tires."

Anonymous, CA (2008 Toyota RAV4)


Anonymous, CA (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Bumpy rough ride, noise"

Anonymous, CA (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"The Sears, noise level, climate control and ride is great. I would like for it to be roomier"

Anonymous, TX (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Noise when just 1 window is rolled down. Will test this feature when purchasing next car."

MONICA B., AK (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"too much road noise in the cabin."

JOSEPH P., OR (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Ride too bumpy with front and back motion."

Anonymous, CA (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats - after 3 years the seat material was cracking (drivers weight is 101 lbs) Climate control - poor design, need to divert eyes to the controls to change control settings - not at all safe!"

Anonymous, CA (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Drivers seat slightly out of true (level,) Insufficient lumbar support (for me.)"

BYRON H., NC (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Very comfortable seats, ride, etc. However, this "7 passenger" vehicle with the optional third row seat will accommodate only two LATCH carseats in the vehicle. The seat belts in the second row cross at the seat, making them unusable for a car seat in the middle position."

CRAIG T., TN (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Seat will not slide back far enough"

Anonymous, NH (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"The RAV4 has really good acceleration and handles ok for a cross over but the seats aren't comfortable because they are way too hard and aren't long enough to give support to your thighs. Worst is excessive road noise. You can't talk to anyone if you are on a concrete highway. Way too noisy!"

Anonymous, WA (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Noisy, uncomfortable/unattractive seats, interior noise made by motion of car causing plastic-like interior to creak, ride is not smooth"

Anonymous, MN (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Notice a lift of road noise. The RAV does not rude as smoothly as some other similar size cars."

Anonymous, IN (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"seats and headrests are not as comfortable as they could be."

Anonymous, CO (2008 Toyota RAV4)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Very good reliability, no mechanical issues. It was a corporate car and was in excellent condition when I purchased it. It was my first foray into SUVs and I love it."

Anonymous, IL (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Made well and low maintance"

PETER K., NY (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"We are getting noise from the vvti system. It's not an urgent repair but we've receive a $4000 estimate. (Yikes). My wife just loves the car and doesn't want to replace it. (Double yikes)."

Anonymous, AB (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"bought the optional V6. and love the acceleration in all conditions."

JACK H., MI (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"I only wish that the car was a little bit less expensive"

CHARLES H., MI (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Perfect car for our 16 year old driver for the price."

KELLY M., AR (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"By buying at the end of a model year (and on the last day of a month (November), I was able to negotiate a price that was $750 less than what I paid for the 10 year old RAV-4 I was trading in. Timing IS everything."

Anonymous, IL (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"at 100,000 miles it burns oil and Toyota knows it and unless it burns a certain number of quarts they won't fix it. This is not a new problem with this motor and I feel Toyota should fix this issue on all the Rav4's."

Anonymous, NY (2008 Toyota RAV4)


Anonymous, TX (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Did not realize for 3-4 days that the sales person brought the wrong red Toyota from the lot and that was the vehicle she did the paperwork on and the one we drove home. Two days later, had to go in and sign different paperwork, because the payoff on my trade-in was wrong. Then she lied about it and said the payoff was what I told her, I did not, because I did not know what it was at that time. She was the one who made a phone call to get the pay-off, mid evening. NEVER ACCUSE A CUSTOMER ABO"

JERRY V., FL (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Excellent reliability. Does well in inclement weather. Comfortable."

NATHAN S., VA (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Still running well after almost 200,000k"

Anonymous, AB (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"The vehicle is very reliable. We have 143,000 miles on it now and it performs very well. A great family car with plenty of room for passengers and hauling."

Anonymous, OR (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"good value for inter city car"

Anonymous, MN (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"I have been extremely satisfied with the 6 cylinder engine that we chose. The acceleration is quick and the gas mileage is great."

JOHN B., IN (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Had to replace the engine. They said it melted down, possibly due to a malfunctioning water pump. It was under Toyota Care warranty but they didn't cover the repair. Cost $5500."

Anonymous, VA (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"a real solid car"

ARTHUR M., NY (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Very reliable"

JULIEE S., OH (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Engine recall resulted in rebuild this Spring (on Toyota's dime). Very satisfied with results and, considering the age of the car (7-years old), we thought it was very righteous of them!!"

JAMES H., WA (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Over 200k miles and still running well"

DAVID C., PA (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"About 2 years ago all 4 wheels began to experience corrosion under the clear coat paint. I'm now looking a spending an extra $700+ this fall to replace all 4 wheels due to Toyota's poor painting process."

MARK L., IL (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"In hindsight the overall value of this vehicle so far has not been equivalent to the premium cost. The head gasket issues at 90k miles was disconcerting as well as the $3000 repair"

JEFFREY H., IL (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Rav was purchased after someone had leased it previously for 3 years, Rav 4 has been extremely dependable and I also purchased a warranty on Rav which paid me back on cost of warranty / great savings for me. Had a Subaru Outback before Camry low quality and performance from Subaru Outback 2004"

Anonymous, NY (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"We bought the car used from a dealer, with about 32,000 miles. It was in like-new condition but we felt the price was a little too high considering the mileage"

Anonymous, FL (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Reliable and trouble free"

Anonymous, CA (2008 Toyota RAV4)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Has the sporty looks of a SUV unlike the new model."

Anonymous, TX (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Everything still looks good. Since I've had it for 7 years, there are a few things starting to wear out. But mostly all lthings look good."

Anonymous, MS (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"There are a lot of cheap touches to the inside of the car. This, of course, doesn't change how the car operates which is wonderful, but for the money I would think the inside would be a little better."

JUDITH R., AL (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"The edge of the front door at the bottom of windows angles upward, front to back. Not being horizontal makes ut difficult to judge the car's position when parking."

Anonymous, AZ (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"I liked the looks both interior & exterior. The only things I didn't like were the rear door that opened out because of the tire. The tire also affected the view out of the rear window & was a dirt collector."

Anonymous, WI (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Would prefer spare tire was not on hatch door. Also would prefer that hatch lift went up rather than sideways. Toyota has changed This design in more recent years."

Anonymous, NJ (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"It is an SUV, looks like a box on wheels."

FRANCIS C., MA (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"It looked like a vehicle that you wanted to take camping. With it's ground clearance you knew it could get you in and out. Handy for shopping because of the swinging rear door and with small hooks to hang your plastic bags on. Good speed for a 4 cyl. and a good ride. Road noise was always a problem, some roads were better to drive on then others. thank toyota."

J H., AZ (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Oil consumpation"

Anonymous, VA (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"We wish the spare tire was not stuck out on the rear of the vehicle."

Anonymous, MA (2008 Toyota RAV4)

"Styling was good with bumpers painted same color a rest of car."

Anonymous, TN (2008 Toyota RAV4)


RUSS L., VT (2008 Toyota RAV4)

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