The RAV4 is a well-rounded package, combining good all-around performance with a comfortable ride and agile handling. Its engine gets impressive fuel economy and an optional third-row bench was offered to bring seating to seven in a pinch. Cabin furnishings include straightforward controls, a roomy rear seat, and generous cargo space (with the tiny third row folded).
There are 6 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Have the V6. Car really only needs V4 but I pull a trailer for Boy Scout camping trips and the V6 is needed for pulling the trailer. With the V6 and no trailer the RAV4 can move quick when getting on the highway - there is power to spare."

THOMAS O., VA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"This was the last year of availability of the 3.5L V6. Along with AWD, it makes the SUV a very able performer with the added benefit of the AWD negating any FWD torque steer issues."

R W., TX (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"The larger engine is great on the highway. It is too bad Toyota stop making the Rav4 without this engine option."

JON W., MI (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Great acceleration for a I4. Handling is just okay."

Anonymous, NV (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"The V-6 is really useful in highway driving."

Anonymous, ON (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"The acceleration is good and handling is decent."

Anonymous, NM (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"My 2012 Rav4 has a V6 engine. I believe that 2012 was the last year in which this model was available. The acceleration is fantastic and , for a small SUV, the handling is excellent too. Driving other cars after being accustomed to mine is always a disappointment."

Anonymous, CT (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Love the big V6, and sad that newer models don't seem to offer it."

SAMIR T., CA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"I love the Toyota 6 cylinder. It's reliable with good response. It only gets about 1 mpg less than the 4, according to reputable reports."

JOHN M., OR (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"It sometimes hesitates when I press the accelerator."

B G., GA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"I really enjoy the acceleration for highway and ramps, etc. Also good gas mileage."

LARRY M., MO (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"I am not a jump accelerator type. The Rav4 handles well in heavy rains, does not have excessive sways in turns"

JOHN E., FL (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"The smaller engine needed some getting accustomed to up north. Now I live in Fl. and my travel is flat and with MUCH less interstate driving and the decr. in acceleration does not bother me."

Anonymous, FL (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"We had an earlier model Rav that was a fine vehicle but gutless. This one is a tremendous improvement and provides all the acceleration we need."

ALISTAIR J., SK (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"I am very impressed with how this 4-cylinder vehicle has so much pep, i.e. passing another vehicle going uphill."

Anonymous, MT (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Handling, size"

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"It is fun to drive ."

CRISIS, FL (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"The 2012 RAV4 Limited I own is equipped with a V6 engine, which provides it with excellent acceleration and power with very little loss in mpg over the 4 cylinder version of this vehicle. The vehicle is a pleasure to drive. I was very disappointed to learn Toyota no longer offers the V6 engine in the RAV4 after the 2012 model. I was looking to buy a new RAV4 last year, when I was lucky enough to find a certified 2012 Limited model just coming off its 3-year lease. I bought the 2012 V6 model"

JOHN M., PA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"I love the acceleration on this vehicle, because I live in an area with a lot of traffic and have to merge onto busy highways. I can put my car into any space available with confidence in the immediate acceleration."

Anonymous, VA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Poor visibility, acceleration, & sticker price"

Anonymous, HI (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Handles great for a tall SUV and is a V6 with lots of power"

DALLAN B., VT (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Acceleration is excellent and handles very well."

JAMES S., WA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"...explained in question before this one!"

JOE H., NY (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Great handling for SUV acceleration ok"

Anonymous, NH (2012 Toyota RAV4)


Anonymous, IL (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"It is easy, decent turning ratio. It practically drives itself. But I don't want a car to drive for me. It handles smoothly and easily."

Anonymous, NY (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Very quick acceleration - no problem blending with traffic."

Anonymous, TX (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"We purchased a V6. We've test driven newer RAV4s which only have 4 cylinder engines. We will not purchase another RAV4 due to what we consider poor engine acceleration/performance with 4 cylinder RAV4s."

Anonymous, MD (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Compared to the other Toyota vehicles I have had, I am very unhappy with this model. The range of view is limited for the rear and sitting lower. It seems to struggle to accelerate."

THERESA M., TX (2012 Toyota RAV4)


DAN L., UT (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"With V-6 and AWD, with Sport suspension, it is really fun to drive. Need to watch odometer since you tend to go much faster than you think you are."

BILL L., CA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Rav 4, six cylinder is a quick and good handling SUV. Unfortunately we can not buy another because you can no longer get the V6 in the Rav 4."

Anonymous, TN (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"traction not as good as expected from AWD"

JUNE P., WI (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"4 cylinder has very good pickup and is great for highway travelling."

Anonymous, SC (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"I previously drove a 1999 highlander and I liked it better in terms of handling and visibility but I realize this is a smaller cheaper vehicle so I did not expect it to have as many features. the Rav 4 seems to have more blind spots and I don't sit up as high"

Anonymous, LA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"RAV4 seems to have better acceleration than our Rogue. The RAV4 is a basic model but we bought it for the cargo carrying ability. Handling is very good on the hills and curves of our WV roads."

Anonymous, WV (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"acceleration excellent with v-6 power; overall handling has been very good"

Anonymous, IL (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Engine and brakes are excellent. Handling is firm and pretty good for an SUV. Acceleration is great with V6."

TIM B., VA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Hesitant on acceleration."

HENRY T., TX (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"The V6 is smooth and powerful. Plus it is almost as economical as the 4 cylinder version, but is a lot quicker. It can climb high Colorado passes with ease. I don't understand why Toyota stopped putting the V6 in the RAV4."

DON R., CO (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"The V-6 engine is powerful and very responsive. The newer models of RAV-4 didn't have a V-6 available, so we purposefully searched for a good used 2012."

Anonymous, NE (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"acceleration and handling"

Anonymous, FL (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"It has a lot of zip. I didn't get the V6 and I certainly don't need it. It is very responsive to handling maneuvers."

LORI G., AZ (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"This car has a V6 engine, which I really appreciate when I have to merge into traffic. I was impressed also by how it handled when I swerved once in traffic."

M L., VA (2012 Toyota RAV4)


Anonymous, QC (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"V6 power, but there's a lag between stepping on the accelerator and the full application of that power."

RICHARD D., ON (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Excellent acceleration and firm ride."

RUSSELL D., WA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Purchased the Sport (comes with tuned suspension) model with V6 and 4WD. It can tow 3500lbs, has outstanding acceleration and excellent mileage when driven moderately. Handles like a sports car at speed despite high CofG, but jarring at low speeds on rough roads"

KEN W., ON (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"The car handles nimbly but solidly. It's easy to cruise down a highway without having to over-steer. That wasn't true of the comparable Subaru we tested. The V=6 gives us plenty of power to get safely onto a freeway and to change lanes as needed."

TINK T., CO (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"The Rav4 is great too drive in the snow - excellent handling."

KATHY T., CT (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"My model has a V6. It has a slight hesitation when I first start to accelerate. Once the RPMs are above 2000 the acceleration is fine. Handling is good, esp. in snow."

DANIEL L., NJ (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"This 6 cylinder has a lot of pep"

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Last year of V-6 power-excellent acceleration when passing or in mountain passes."

Anonymous, CO (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"It has all wheel drive that has proven useful in heavy rain."

PATRICK M., CA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"The good is the much preferred transmission performance with prompt shifts without excessive engine revving."

JIMI S., AZ (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Handles very well. Acceleration is very good."

ALBERT S., OR (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"We have the RAV4 EV. It has a lot of torque at low motor RPM so is very snappy around town, and is of course very quiet."

TOSHI C., CO (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"I live on a dirt road and cross two creeks. I have success with the RAV getting through the creeks and all the dust. This is my second RAV"

Anonymous, AR (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"the v6's acceleration would be excellent if not for the transmission, which makes the transitions in speed uneven and abrupt. If it didn't have the V-6, I don't think I would have bought it."

Anonymous, NJ (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"It doesn't get very good mpg."

STEVE T., MN (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"I just told you."

Anonymous, UT (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Exilent handling specialy in snow with 4 whil drive"

Anonymous, FL (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"I have the 3.5 six and it accelerates quickly - especially for a 4000 lb vehicle (0-60 in 6.5 sec) Easy to drive in traffic and handles well on curvy roads in the mountains"

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Acceleration is good, but had mileage is bad for such a small car. Handling is good."

KURT C., NM (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"It feels very car-like. The V6 is very eager, quick and smooth, and efficient! Steering feel is nicely weighted and communicative."

TEDD S., WA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"V6 very smooth and strong"

MARK C., FL (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"acceleration is great but ride is rough"

BRUCE R., AR (2012 Toyota RAV4)


Thomas B., CA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"This vehicle has a V6 engine which gives me the acceleration I need when I need it. Unfortunately they do not offer this engine in there newer models."

Jon W., MI (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"It accelerates great but handling is erratic when using the power available. i think the problem is too much horsepower for this size vehicle with front wheel drive. i do not think it would be an issue if it was a rear wheel drive vehicle."

Anonymous, FL (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"EV-electric version. Handles amazing. Extremely good cost per mile- 3 miles per kwh or better. Fast in "Sport" mode, responsive in standard."

Mike K., WA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"The 6 cylinder has that little extra power, the vehicle feels heavier and solid and handles better."

Anonymous, NB (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"zippy, fun to drive, good handling"

Anonymous, MA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Since it is Sport, with a V-6 and 5 speed transmission, it accelerates quite well and handles well too. Just drove it across country and back. Passed well in the most demanding mountain traffic situations. Maintained 85 to 90 mph in those states which allowed higher speed limits."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Great oiwer even when towing"

Anonymous, SK (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"The car has a v6 (270 horsepower), the acceleration is outstanding and handles quite well although it might be considered overpowered. It's like the hot rod I never had as a teenager!!! The only item I would say is unsatisfactory is the back up camera facility located in a portion of the rearview mirror."

Ed V., ON (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Very peppy acceleration and generally good handling. It is the v6 which Toyota has since discontinued."

Terry B., NB (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"The V6 has excellent acceleration."

Anonymous, MN (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Its gradually getting bumpier, bouncing me around too much."

Anonymous, MN (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"I already went over the acceleration on the previous question. My wife drives it more than me. I find the steering a bit touchy but other than that it handles fine. Last Thanksgiving we went to Truckee, CA. Driving on a windy two lane Hwy 20 was a bit of a challenge but the RAV4 did fine. So nice, not having to put on chains."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Surprisingly quick and fun to drive."

Brian G., NJ (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"power of the v6"

John W., TX (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Average handling, good acceleration."

Anonymous, MN (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Very poor acceleration"

David M., NC (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"The V-6 in this car gives it amazing and makes it fun to drive"

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Living in a rural setting, the RAV4 has been able to handle very well in all types of weather and terrain conditions."

Anonymous, PA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Have had several Toyota vehicles and am very disappointed with the Rav4. The handling and acceleration quality is far less than what I am use to for Toyota. Find the rear window is not a good design to see the back clearly. The radio does not receives stations well and rarely can use satellite radio because of radio positioned."

Theresa M., TX (2012 Toyota RAV4)


Jeff W., MN (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Acceleration is fair, but less than I expected"

C W., FL (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"The 2012 Rav4 was the last year offering the V6 engine option. That option provides an excellent drive train with acceleration that exceeds most sedans. Mated to the all wheel drive option, there is virtually no torque steer and this also provides excellent snow and some off road traction. And all with very good mileage for a V6. A superior drive train that I'm very disappointed is no longer available."

R W., TX (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"peppy and predictable"

Anonymous, WI (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Having only a 4 cylinder engine, it has great power. I like the way it steers effortlessly."

Jeffrey H., IA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Nice compact runabout car which my wife uses and likes if we have any snow."

Paul G., WA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Good power and sound from the v6. Drives like a car"

Anonymous, NH (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Very quick to accelerate Surprising to me for a 4 cylinders"

Anonymous, WI (2012 Toyota RAV4)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"The seats get uncomfortable after about an hour on longer trips."

Anonymous, OH (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"The steering wheel will only come down a little and I have to move the seat close to be able to steer well and when I do there is no room for my left foot. I have to keep my knee bent and can not strach it out."

JOE B., FL (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"The information is located in too many places. The adjustments for the outside mirrors are located in the console vs. next to the steering wheel dash area. It makes harder to adjust mirrors. The location of the outside temp is in the speedometer and the clock is located on the dash.. The overall lighting is poor especially at night when more than one function maybe used, such as radio, AC instrument panel."

Anonymous, CT (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats get uncomfortable after several hours of driving."

RALPH M., WA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"seat adjustments just adequate for driver side. Rather soft suspenion-could be slightly stiffer to manage less lean on curves."

Anonymous, CO (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Comfortable seats' reliability; sound system; navigation system"

JAMES S., WA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"the car could be a lot quieter."

Anonymous, SC (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Love the heated seats, the climate control. However, the ride is stiff and the noise level remains higher than I would like."

Anonymous, VT (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Driver's seat is difficult to find comfortable position in"

Anonymous, NC (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"I like the quick acceleration when needed, seats are very comfortable, the ride and steering are very comfortable and easy, however, the roadhouse is quote prominent and can interfere with the listening experience of the radio....which is of mediocre in sound quality"

JOE H., NY (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"This car is noisier than it should be. Although better than many cars, there is a lot of wide and road noise in the compartment."

Anonymous, KS (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Granted the roads are bad in Tucson, but this feels more like a truck than a car even on a rare newly paved road."

Anonymous, AZ (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Unhappy with seat fabric, shows stains too easily."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Very noisy on the road. People I talk to on the car Bluetooth even comment on the noise."

Anonymous, TX (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Comfortable interior but cheap noisy ride"

Anonymous, NH (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"No AC vent in back seat area! It is also a noisy car."

Anonymous, FL (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"The seats are vinyl and slippery when trying to get comfortable and they are cold until they warm up with the heated seats."

Anonymous, NS (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"The glove box comes off its track once"

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Sport model suspension stiffer then expected. Spouse not pleased. I am not bothered by the suspension. Took it on a 5k road trip (without spouse) loved the car averaged 23 mpg."

MIKE V., WA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"A bit noisy when I compare to other cars"

Anonymous, NJ (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"A bit louder on highway than we'd like"

HARRIET T., TX (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Climate control is terrible. Always turning internal re-circulation on even when Auto temperature control and air conditioning is not turned on. Dealer service can't help"

Anonymous, OR (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"It rides very quietly and the A/C works great. The seats are super comfortable and even on long road trips, my back holds up well. It is top notch in this regard."

LORI G., AZ (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"I continually have a problem with the windshield defrosters NOT keeping it clear. I've had two dealers check it and they both tell me it's working normally. I've NEVER had a car which had such seriously bad defrosters!"

J N., IL (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats are very hard and become painful on longer drives. I sit on a removable cushion as a result. Road noise could be reduced, especially when moon roof is opened"

MARLA B., NY (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Front drivers seat is configured with seat pan and seat back such that is forces an awkward placement of lower back, that is extremely bad for sitting on long distances. If one has lower back problems, the drivers seat can cause serious problems over time. After market fixes that truly work aren't available. Needs a firm (not cushion) wedge for seat pan to raise the back, allowing for a level or perhaps slightly tilted forward seat pan. Seat backs lumbar support is poorly placed, requiring the d"

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"seats not very comfortable for long road trips"

Anonymous, QC (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Acceleration - V6"

Anonymous, MA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"I really like the leather heated seats."

Anonymous, FL (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Its a bumpy ride and noisey. The seats don't go back far enough for my husband to be comfortable driving. There are many blind spots and I have to be extra careful when backing out of a parking spot or changing lanes. The air conditioning is not at all strong enough and I miss climate control. I am constantly adjusting the settings. I had to take the back headrests off the seats because they blocked my rear view."

REBECCA E., VA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"I like everything about this car except that road noise is excessive, I think."

Anonymous, MT (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Tue RAV 4 does not have good cup holders for coffee and feels cramped for space. The A/C unit cools well... but is loud."

Anonymous, AR (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Reliability. Handling. Gas mileage."

Anonymous, MN (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"The seats on the basic model are very no frills. There is considerable road noise and the transmission is not smooth with the V6 that it is paired with"

Anonymous, NJ (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Too many hard surfaces, even on the door where you rest your arm. Fans on air and heat are incredible noisy as is the car in general."

BRENDAN F., WA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Somewhat noisy ride. Hear some road noise"

LAWRENCE A., OR (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"very, very noisy esp. on concrete highways"

DICK G., OR (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"The drivers electrically adjustable seat is a great feature."

Anonymous, WA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"The climate controls are confusing and over complicated."

Anonymous, CO (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Road noise is very annoying. Much louder than i think it should be"

Anonymous, NY (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"When you put the windows down there is a sound that reverberates. I've heard it while in other Rav4s as well."

Anonymous, MA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Driver's seat not very comfortable for long periods of time. Manual seat controls make it hard to find a comfortable position."

MICHAEL H., FL (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Front seats on RAv are VERY comfortable. I tell people frequently that they feel like they made a mold of my back and made the seats around my mold"

JOAN A., KS (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"driver seat is too soft and has no lumbar support"

Anonymous, NH (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Front seat can be uncomfortable, not good for my back."

WILLIAM R., WI (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"The comfort is ok..basic. fans are very loud when running at max. and climate control is anything but subtle."

Anonymous, CO (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Nothing I didnt like about the RAV4!"

MARSHA L., NY (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Wish it were a little less noisy."

Anonymous, OR (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"comfortable seats, ride is less than desirable"

BRUCE R., AR (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"The climate control is somewhat lacking where the ac is concerned. It takes a long time for the vehicle to cool off in temperatures above 70 degrees. Not having rear climate vents is probably the reason for that. However, once it does cool down, it maintains the temperature very well."

SHIRLEY A., NJ (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Not as quiet nor as smooth a ride as my previous Town & Country."

Anonymous, IN (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"It fits! Everything within easy reach. Back seat folds down and up easily. Great visibility. Easy access getting and out."

Anonymous, NY (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"My RAV4 is running great. I think it is very quiet compared to other small SUV. However, it is still more noisy than my Accord."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"The driver's seat is not the best for long trips. Toyota used to offer an upgraded seat in earlier models with the 6 cylinder engine, but that was discontinued. If you expect to drive distances, it would be a definite plus."

JOHN L., OH (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"The seats are supportive and comfortable. A/C cools the interior very well. Nice car to drive, handles well, it is the Sport model so the ride is acceptable on the city streets and the interstates."

R Y., CO (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"The road noise when using the Bluetooth could be improved!"

KATHRYN P., CA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"I have a bad back and the seats are the most comfortable I have experienced. Quiet smooth ride"

GREG P., NS (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Interior is very noisy at highway speeds"

Anonymous, OH (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"The seats are not as comfortable as we would like."

DAVID R., ND (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Choppy ride on Chicago's 3rd world road system"

Anonymous, IL (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Although the ride is very smooth I wish the road noise level was lower. I'll pay closer attention to that should I replace this vehicle."

Anonymous, GA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Once we got the baby/toddler, we learned that living in Phoenix, the standard air conditioning of the RAV, with only front row vents, really impacts comfort in the back seat. While I know that the RAV is geared one level below the Highlander and Sienna which includes back vents, since we did get the Limited trim line, I think it should be included. The only thing missing really from a great vehicle."

MICHAEL D., AZ (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats are not highly cushioned, headrest uncomfortable (but probably safer for anti-whiplash purposes)"

Anonymous, MA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"I have a small stature - 4'10". This car 'fits' my build. I can easily see."

JOYCE K., WI (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats aren't comfortable on long drives. The console and drink holders are awful ."

CHARLES W., TX (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"The seat (driver) is somewhat uncomfortable during a long trip. I purchased a lower back support to alleviate this issue. Also, the air conditioning has trouble keeping up on a very hot day."

ALLEN L., DE (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"more road noise than I expected"

Anonymous, TX (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"The rear seats are not very comfortable for passengers. The seat backs don't angle back and the passengers have to sit very upright."

C L., WI (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats are very uncomfortable don't have good back support"

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Handles well. Tows well with the V6. Good visibility"

JOHN E., FL (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"It is really noisy with all the wind noise. A quieter inside would be preferred."

C H., MD (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Engine and brakes are excellent. Seats are very firm, which I like. Ride noise is a little high and bluetooth is difficult to get set up."

TIM B., VA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Don't cool down fast"

HARRY W., AL (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"The front seats are not comfortable to sit on, the edge of driver's seat rubs the back of my legs, making them feel fatigued within a short drive. The back row seating is stiff and hard for passengers. My former Camry Solara had much better seats! I'm disappointed by the amount of road noise you hear in the cabin and the ride feels rough. It is not a smooth drive to work everyday. I wish I would have rented a Rav for a week as a "test drive" before buying one. I probably would have gone with"

ANGELA M., AZ (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats are acceptably comfortable, but road and wind noise is very tiresome on trips."

Anonymous, CO (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Everything is great except that a sport model RV4 has the stiffest suspension I've ever experience. Like no shocks to speak of."

MARY W., GA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"This is my wonderful wife's primary car. She misses the heated seats (!) that we have in the Acura TSX."

Anonymous, BC (2012 Toyota RAV4)


Anonymous, IL (2012 Toyota RAV4)


Anonymous, NY (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Sitting high. Good for long trips, esp. the driver's seat. Ride is firm but stable. Fairly quiet when windows are closed."

David K., AZ (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"It's very noisy. I have to turn radio quite loud. It also has an annoying sqeak sound in console between front bucket seats. It comes and goes and happens under normal driving conditions."

Sara N., NY (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"I like the RAV4. It handles securely in driving rain and also in the snow. It is roomy in the passenger compartment and also in the back cargo space. However, it is sluggish in accelerating on the highway and/or from a stop. The passenger compartment is also noisy when the vehicle is in motion."

Anonymous, PA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"It seems to me that the vehicle is noisy inside."

Kathleen U., OH (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Comfort for short distances is fine, but long rides become uncomfortable. Very much prefer the ride of our Highlander."

Anonymous, OH (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats are comfortable and have plenty of adjustment, but wish they had memory settings for different drivers."

James C., NE (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Aftermarket leather seats from Toyota authorized dealer are very comfortable. Car is great for long family trips, quiet and smooth."

Lucinda M., SC (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Noise level on highways a bit loud"

Richard R., CA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Our RAV4 is a six cylinder - it has a relatively smooth ride for a smaller vehicle, the seats are extremely comfortable (leather) and the noise level is more than acceptable."

James S., FL (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Disappointed in the road noise, whining engine, and seat comfort ... car seems crude compared to my 2015 Camry Hybrid"

C W., FL (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Rough ride, especially in the back"

Anonymous, MD (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Does not ride nearly as comfortable as Camry and has more rattles. This is our second one and they are same in both Rav's."

Mary H., PA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Seat not supportive nor comfortable for long trips"

Anonymous, NB (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"We have leather seats and the backseats in particular are relatively hard and not necessarily comfortable on long rides"

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"This is our second Rav 4, the seats have never been comfortable.. Ride is okay. Noise is about average"

Michael B., AB (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"like the power of the v6"

John W., TX (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"seats are like sitting on a board"

Anonymous, VA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Leather heated seats are fantastic."

Jeff W., MN (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"This is a 6 cylinder RAV4 its quiet and comfortable and has that little extra power to merge with traffic and cruise. The new RAV4 has the better rear door that lifts up rather than the side opening."

Anonymous, NB (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Drives a little "truckier" than our Subaru. The outside noise is worse than I would have anticipated. It is comfortable and overall, I have little to complain about. Personally, I rave about my RAV. It is my second one and I anticipate buying a third one when the time comes."

Richard M., NY (2012 Toyota RAV4)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"cabin quality is what I would call 'poor' and the fuel economy and overall drive-ability of the vehicle is not very good."

Anonymous, FL (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Too expensive"

JUNE P., WI (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"My Rav has held its value extremely well"

Anonymous, NE (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"I live in a remote northern community with only a few kilometres of paved road in the region. Reliability was my most important concern. Friends with Ford and GM SUVs have already worn their vehicles out considerably but our RAV4 with similar km travelled still drives like a new vehicle. No squeaks or rattles, no mushy steering or suspension. The only repairs to date have been a brake job at 110,000 km and a loose screw on the driver's side window. The only repair it needs now is a new wind"

JOHN R., AB (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"This car saved my life in a T-bone accident. It also goes anywhere and everywhere no matter what the road and/or weather conditions."

ROBERT M., PA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"In Florida, ALL Toyota's enter the market through SE Toyota Distributor. I did not want a sun roof or leather seat on the Limited edition model. This type of vehicle is very rare, BUT I was able to locate it on the SE Toyota web site and alert my dealer to get it."

Anonymous, FL (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Interior space, easy to drive, good MPG"

Anonymous, IL (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"The dealer service is great. We had to go out of town . Cought not deal with the local dealer"

D H., ON (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"trouble free"

Anonymous, FL (2012 Toyota RAV4)


Anonymous, QC (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Love everything about this car."

MARSHA L., NY (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Certified pre owned great value"

JAMES W., PA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"We got an excellent value for this car because we found it on a dealer's lot and it only had 13,000 miles on it. The price was really excellent. We are happy with this car as a third car mostly to ride around the city and to transport my husband's music equipment."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Got a very nice price from the dealer"

LARRY M., MO (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"History of reliability and value"

MARK K., WI (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"To replace my 18 year old mini-van, I was looking for a vehicle that had three items: six-way adjustable seats, cargo room and ability to add a tow bar for my mobility scooter; also no more than 4 years old with low mileage. Looking to spend around $20,000 and expecting to have to pay a couple thousand to add a tow bar with wiring. The dealer had this beautiful blue Toyota RAV4, with factory installed tow package (6 cylinder engine, over-sized hoses and a tow bar)! At three years old with 44,50"

SUSAN R., FL (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Large cargo area. Very helpful when I moved--could get large items in the car."

Anonymous, OR (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"I did not get a price that was close to what I wanted to pay."

NORMAN F., OR (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"A tough little car"

Anonymous, NC (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"The value of this RAV4 is everything I could have wanted in s small 4wd vehicle. But, the feature of talking on cell using the blue tooth only gives out static. I have to use my phone speaker-can't use through car. Surprisingly, text voice (Siri) does work,"

JULIE H., OR (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"For $18, 000, I got a dependable, well-made vehicle. I can no longer drive a manual due to knee surgery, so I now have an automatic which I can easily maneuver through traffic. Does not eat up gas, either."

Anonymous, MD (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"All in all, it's a basic car with mediocre gas mileage. And it's not the least expensive small SUV. But we've been driving Toyotas for the last 30 years, and you could say something similar about all of them. We keep coming back for the same reason. They're reliable, and in the end, we place a high value on that."

Anonymous, CO (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"other than tires no additional cost but maintenance"

ROBERT P., MI (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Cost included valuable "extra's: trailer towing package, V-6 engine."

RUSSELL D., WA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Tough little car."

Anonymous, MN (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"since Toyota stopped making this model with the V6 motor not sure we would purchase another one in this series."

RONALD S., CA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"This car has a lot less "bells and whistles" than my 2002 VW Jetta wagon. It lacks lighting on buttons and other amenities. It also feels cheaply made compared to the VW. So in ten years, I paid about $6500 more a less comfortable car."

BRENDA K., MD (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Just keeping regular maintenance on these vehicles and they last forever. Dealerships try to rip you off with maintenance packages, but you don't need them."

Anonymous, FL (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"I got the LIMITED model and it was $28,486. With the sales tax and other fees it came to almost $30,500 which I thought was a bit pricey. I have friends who got the ore bare-bones model at a better price."

S F., PA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"We felt we received a fair price from our toyota dealer"

MARIELLE R., AZ (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"reliability, excellent acceleration, and enough features to make it a good value"

Anonymous, FL (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"It is dependable and safe to drive. Gets good milage."

Anonymous, WI (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"zero interest rate kept payments lower"

Anonymous, BC (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"We needed something that would allow us to sit taller in the Southern California Traffic (five months per year). We also needed something without a clutch. CR recommended the RAV4, and we have been pleased with the recommendation."

Anonymous, BC (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"good value for the price I paid"

Anonymous, QC (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"We were looking at both the RAV4 and the Subaru, because we wanted a small SUV with all wheel drive. At the time the RAV4 edged out the Subaru. We felt that the price was about right for this kind of vehicle. Although all cars seem like they are pretty expensive today. Not a lot of bells and whistles on this one, we did get the V6. Great get up & go and you really notice the added acceleration when climbing. Yes, we sacrificed better gas mileage but we don't put a lot of miles on it."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota RAV4)


Thomas B., CA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"All around, this is a perfect vehicle in that it performs very well, looks great even after 5 years, and has never given us any trouble."

Brian G., NJ (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Although the RAV4 is a four/all-wheel drive vehicle, the tires that Toyota equipped the car with were useless in snow. I would sit and spin in two inches of snow on flat ground. I had to get new tires at 10,000 miles."

Don S., ME (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Very economical, descent cargo or passenger room, interior is easily convertible to the type of space I need (cargo vs passenger)"

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"All the features I needed at a reasonable price. I do lots of winter driving so awd was important feature. Has been extremely reliable to date - 153,500 km in only 4 years."

Anonymous, BC (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Love the car. Only needed tires and brake pads so far. Looks great still."

Anonymous, NY (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"This SUV has had no problems - all we have had done to it is the required routine maintenance."

James S., FL (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Excellent reliability."

Anonymous, FL (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Smaller size SUV for parking but large towing capacity."

David S., MD (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"It is a very dependable car with good value. The company is very responsive and seems to care about it's customers. The car has a great re-sale value. The value I got for my money is excellent. I plan on buying my third RAV 4 when the time comes. I have given up on "American" cars. Sad"

Richard M., NY (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Reliability, good economy and versatility"

Anonymous, OH (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Nothing glamorous but dependable and very useful for hauling things that would not fit in a sedan. Pretty reliable overall."

David Z., NV (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Good purchase price"

David M., NC (2012 Toyota RAV4)


Anonymous, SK (2012 Toyota RAV4)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Not quite enough storage space & cup holders are a little too shallow. By storage space, I mean glove box & console."

DAN L., UT (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Styling is basically the same as the 2016 model year for Toyota and not much different than other higher priced, newer model year SUV's. Fundamental body design that was ahead of its time in 2012."

GLENN S., KY (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"I like the external spare tire"

Anonymous, AB (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"As a 2012 model my Rav4 does not have the latest styling -- it still has the spare tire on the back, for example. However I am not at all bothered by this. I deliberately chose a car with decent styling, but low "flashiness". It looks neat, smart and orderly but won't draw stares on the street. What I love is that the exterior totally belies the power and handling of the vehicle, which has a V6 engine. I love driving it. Perfect!"

Anonymous, CT (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Would not buy another vehicle with back door opening from side. Big problem if someone parks too close for loading."

Anonymous, PA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"The pad in the rear space is cheap and flimsy."

Anonymous, WV (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"I like the appearance of my car on the outside. It could look a bit more stylish and polished inside."

M L., VA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"No spare tire on rear door...for this series. It was changed the following series."

BILL L., CA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"I like the height of the seating for good viewing of the traffic."

Anonymous, CA (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"interior is somewhat cheap; vinyl sides in cargo area creak/crackle when driving over rough/uneven roads"

Anonymous, IL (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"Vehicle is red, 2012, Rav 4. I had clear coat applied at time of purchase. People often remark about "that nice red car you drive.""

VIOLET P., OH (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"This is a base model Rav4 & my wife is the primary driver. It doesn't have the creature comforts I like. It's also too small for me in the cabin. On more then when occasion I've found my foot on both the brake & gas pedal when I was trying to brake, a bit scary. I really don't like the fact that when you turn on the cruise control a green light appears. However, when you engage the cruise system, nothing changes. On every system I've owned before, even Toyota, a second light comes on or the in"

DAVID D., TX (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"I purchased the 2012 model in order to get the exterior spare tire before Toyota changed the model for 2013. I was afraid that the new model would have less room in the back for hauling my bicycles. They fit well inside the 2012 model."

STEVE G., TX (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"26oo miles on Toyota when I purchased !"

Anonymous, MI (2012 Toyota RAV4)

"The plastic cover that goes over the wiring for the rearview window fell off. The dealership used sticky tape to put it back on, but it only stayed on for about two weeks. Bad design."

REBECCA D., KS (2012 Toyota RAV4)

Would you buy this car again?

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