The 2013 RAV4 redesign eliminated the awkward side-hinged rear gate and replaced it with a more convenient top-hinged hatch. The spare tire was also moved off the rear gate to reside in a well beneath the cargo floor, which was previously occupied by the discontinued optional third-row seat.
There are 4 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Quick, easy, turns tight"

Anonymous, WA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"a bit lacking in torque, could ride smoother and quieter."

Pat F., CA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"I call it my "hot rod" in disguise. It's acceleration is awesome! Sometimes it even scares me by how it jumps out when I put the gas petal to the floor when getting on to a highway. I won't even drive it in "sport" mode because it's so fast. The steering is easy to turn which is one of the reasons I picked it over a Honda CRV which I found very truck-like."

Edgerly A., CT (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Fun to drive, very peppy."

Rick P., WI (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"My 2008 RAV4 had a 6 cylinder engine which was so much fun to drive. The 2013 4 cylinder engine is noisy and slow. Please bring back the 6."

Jane K., MI (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Smooth ride easy handling"

Chris W., IL (2013 Toyota RAV4)


Anonymous, MN (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Has an economy drive and a sport drive (added power) uses more gas, i think. Not used much however. Handles good."

Benjamin D., CA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Tight handling, but has ok acceleration."

Anonymous, OH (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"It handles well in snow."

Emily W., MA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Transmission shakes at 40 mph in eco mode. Very annoying"

Anonymous, PA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Wife loves this car."

Joel G., WA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"I drive on uneven roads and in very hilly terrain. The Rav4 is great with clearance and responds well."

Sue H., OH (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Good. The acceleration is phenomenal. I live in Myrtle Beach with the poorest designed roads and either the slowest reacting drivers on the planet or the most distracted drivers in this state of distracted drivers. The handling, braking response and pick-up have bailed me out of many dicey situations."

Peter M., SC (2013 Toyota RAV4)


Anonymous, TX (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"The engine is plenty powerful for this smaller SUV. Good acceleration, but lots of engine and road noise in the cabin, especially when accelerating or traveling at higher speeds. Our RAV4 is the Limited edition. I was quite disappointed at the quality of ride and amount of road and engine noise in Toyota's upscale trim, but handling and acceleration are quite good."

Anonymous, ID (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"I love the power and handling"

Patricia B., CT (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"This vehicle rides terrible. You feel every bump in the road. Manovering this vehicle is difficult. The RAV4 acceleration is terrible."

Anonymous, NJ (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"This is a less smooth riding very quick car with deliberate control and reassuring handling. Offering both ECO and SPORT mode handling, the RAV4 goes far beyond adequacy!"

GEORGE S., NC (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Amazingly "peppy" for just a 4 banger. The RAV handles like a sports car although the ride is a bit stiff."

TIMOTHY D., PA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Fun to drive"

Anonymous, MN (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"this guy has alot of power. no problem passing---no hesitation at all. It is a V-6-----and does not get the gas mileage the V-4 does---but I'd buy it again. Very easy to park----all around view is good while driving--using the mirrors on all sides."

Anonymous, PA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"I would like it to be less noisy."

Anonymous, BC (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Good acceleration with good fuel Economy"

CYNTHIA B., OH (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Acceleration and handling are very good."

Anonymous, ON (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"The ability to select normal, sport, or economy modes while driving."

RICK P., AZ (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"suspension is too stiff"

Anonymous, UT (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"The suspension is hard for what I want in a road SUV."

WILLIAM P., ON (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"The vehicle has terrible acceleration compared to my previous 6-cyl RAV4. At about 60,000 miles, the shifting began to have issues, grumbling before shifting and then constantly downshifting. This happened just after the 60,000 mile warranty expired. How frustrating!"

JUDE C., NH (2013 Toyota RAV4)


RON M., NS (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Good acceleration and handling"

Anonymous, PA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"The transmission seems to be constantly shifting up and down when driving between 35 and 45."

Anonymous, OH (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Ride is getting a little stiff, maybe the tires. Have 37000 on Bridgestones"

MARY H., OH (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"The price was excellent, the SUV accelerates very well and it is able to keep with all traffic situations."

JILL M., NV (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"It is under powered, and gets crappy gas milage for the power it has. The finish materials inside are cheap for the price we paid! Would not buy it again!"

Anonymous, NV (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Great driving view, and is fun to drive"

Anonymous, VA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Very responsive and fun to drive."

KEN K., PA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"It is amazing to me how quickly this SUV accelerates with a four cylinder engine and how well this RAV4 handles on unpaved roads as well as Interstate highways."

Anonymous, PA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"The car is very nimble and responds quickly. Very easy to drive."

Anonymous, GA (2013 Toyota RAV4)


JUDITH M., MN (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Very peppy and responsive"

Anonymous, LA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Handles well. I miss the acceleration I had on my previous 2010 RAV4 with a 6 cyl engine."

Anonymous, SD (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"It has great giddy-up and go"

Anonymous, WA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Don't like the transmission. Downshifts too early and often, Especially with cruise on."

DONALD M., IA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Car rides hard, more like a truck ride,then a car. I've driven a 2016 and the ride problem has been fixed as of the 2016 model year."

JOHN S., NJ (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Easy to drive"

Anonymous, IN (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"I like the pickup and acceleration on the Rav 4, but the gas pedal is so difficult to get used to"

Anonymous, NY (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"very bumpy ride on normal city streets"

MICHAEL L., KY (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"RAV4 has plenty of get up and go for a 4 cylinder engine and always responds when I need the power."

PAT M., VA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Very good acceleration and handles well"

JEFF G., KY (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Excellent in deep snow, walks right through large snow drifts."

JULEIGH W., NY (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"The RAV rides a little rough and seems to struggle a bit to accelerate. I wish it had better suspension with a more car-like ride. The acceleration issue is probably due to the 4 cylinder engine. It DOES accelerate well enough to merge onto the interstate, but it's not always a smooth operation. The car handles very well."

Anonymous, FL (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"handles like a small, cheap car."

Anonymous, MA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"My last RAV4 was a 6 cylinder. I really miss the exceleration and smooth transmission performance in that car."

JANE K., MI (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"poor acceleration, handles ok."

Anonymous, NY (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Drives very well. Acceleration fine and good when you need it. Handling very good"

ALAN L., VA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Kind of a stiff ride. Not as smooth a ride as other vehicles."

ANN S., MA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Very stable driving experience, especially in winter with winter tires and AWD"

Anonymous, ON (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"When driving in rolling terrain or even a strong headwind the vehicle is always searching for a gear. Either up or down and it is aggravating to me. Constantly sifting up or down and because of this I don't use the cruse control. Using the cruse results in some significant downshifts with jarring acceleration."

Anonymous, TX (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Doesn't handle as well in snow/icey conditions as my previously owned Highlander"

GERALD T., NH (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Seating position and comfort of the seats, Seat material is excellent, Good vision of surrounding, excellent backup camera, sufficiently powerful"

Anonymous, TN (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"A very perky 4 cylinder engine that is as good as my v6 in the sienna van"

PAUL W., OH (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Handles easily, also is quick response when accelerating which is helpful in traffic."

CHERYL J., MA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Handles well."

Anonymous, WV (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"It sounds like a sewing machine when you accelerate."

JOSEPH T., KS (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"For a four cul it has enough power"

RICHARD S., FL (2013 Toyota RAV4)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Hi road noise"

Anonymous, CA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"the Rav4 is comfortable, quiet and a great ride"

Barbara D., NJ (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Very comfortable seats."

Anonymous, CA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Tight, ease of drive"

Anonymous, WA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"The seat comfort and passenger room is fine. Road and wind noise is OK for a small SUV of this type. The ride is harder than we expected. Other small SUVs ride more smoothly and softer."

Anonymous, NY (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"They are uncomfortable on long rides. They squeeze you if your above average in size"

Christopher L., OH (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Drivers seat uncomfortable for my body. Fine for my wife."

Wayne S., BC (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Seat comfort is good. Ride is a bit noisier than our 2016 RAV 4."

Michael E., MD (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"seats not too comfortable"

Steven C., RI (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats give good support and are comfortable on long drives. The noise level is a little high. Overall, the ride is comfortable."

Anonymous, AB (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"The seat lacks lumbar support and has resulted in back pains."

Anonymous, FL (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Drivers seat is a little narrow"

Mary R., OR (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats are stiff and uncomfortable on long trips cabin loud you get what you pay for"

James L., CO (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Very comfortable and back seats can adjust slant"

Anonymous, CA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Very uncomfortable. Seats not wide enough for me."

Glynn R., TX (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Seat comfort is good the amount of wind noise and interior rattles is subpar for this class of vehicles"

Anonymous, NM (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats are very comfortable/supportive. Ride is fine but a little noisy."

Jennifer T., MO (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Road noise it loud."

Scott W., OH (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Cabin noise, especially wind, is excessive. Ride an be bumpy on rough roads"

Anonymous, FL (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Very noisy"

Anonymous, PA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Reliable and good gas mileage"

John M., MA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats are too narrow for an average sized person in this country. The "bolsters" on the seat bottom presses into your hips and is uncomfortable."

Anonymous, NC (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Road noise not loud but can be heard."

Peter M., ME (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Bumpy ride, noises, but seats are comfortable"

Anonymous, OH (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Really comfortable seats"

Anonymous, PA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Vehicle road noise and rough ride are very taxing on long trips."

Steven T., NC (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Its ride is somewhat rough compared with the Highlander and other comparable SUVs. I love the rear camera, although you can't see if the car is in the direct sun. It turns in very small spaces, which is very convenient"

MAURICIO R., FL (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Nice style, compare to other models lacks tech, soft material, noisy and limited trimming was a gimmick."

JOAO P., NJ (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"The road noise in the cabin can be pretty loud. That's the only negative I have about the car."

PEG M., AZ (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats are reasonably comfortable but a larger range of adjustment of the height of the leading edge of the seat providing more support to the thigh would be good."

PIERRE D., FL (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"RAV4 is a noisy car. Otherwise fine"

PIERRE G., ON (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"it rides a little rough"

ROGER H., IL (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Everything is great about this car. It is my 3rd RAV. The only thing I wish is that the ride was even smoother than what it is, especially for a LIMITED."

RITA G., AZ (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Noisy engine"

AIMEE S., FL (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Overall very good . I find opening the trunk hard work."

Anonymous, OH (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Great value"

Anonymous, NH (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Even some minor road upsets, and the ride can be just dreadful. Sometimes, shocking, jarring, and unexpected "slams" from the suspension system ....... it appeared the issue had improved in later models."

DAVID H., CA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"all of the above"

R W., MB (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"The headrests are too tall for me, this is common for most women. The seats are short, so when driving long distances, it is uncomfortable. The manual adjustment for the seat is illogical; if you need it higher to see over the dash and hood, you are too close to the steering wheel and air bag because when you pump the seat for height it moves it forward as well, poor design. The noise level is quite high when traveling on a freeway and acceleration is not the best in hilly areas."

ELLEN T., AZ (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Seat comfort could be improved; tiring on long road trips"

Anonymous, NM (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Overall comfortable for road trips, but downside is fairly noisy cabin, particularly tire/road noise."

Anonymous, FL (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Very loud road noise"

Anonymous, OR (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Everything is comfortable but noise level is very high. This is the only thing I don't like about my car, other than noise, I love it."

STEPHANIE C., CA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats could be more comfortable."

THOMAS C., FL (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats shaped in curves not comfortable. Road noise loud, ride a bit rough."

Anonymous, WA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"adjustable seats"

Anonymous, FL (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"The seats are very comfortable, climate control works just fine, noise is very acceptable, the ride is very good ."

Anonymous, PA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Harsh ride! Noisy- I changer the 18" rims standard on the Limited model to Toyota 17" rims from the Ex model to get more tire under the rim. Reduced very harsh ride somewhat, still too harsh. Toyota refused to facilitate this change and doesn't allow dealers to do it, so I had to do it on my own."

Anonymous, CT (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Generally speaking, the ride is pretty stiff and choppy. Seats are adequate, but not great. Engine and road noise is loud enough to become annoying, especially if you also own/drive a nicer car."

Anonymous, ID (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats are good height but need more range of adjustment."

PRUDENCE G., FL (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"seats are passable comfortable. there's a lot of ride noise, though there is an improvement over the 2007 Rav 4 we had previously. climate control is fine for front seat, but not as good for the back seats. A bit quieter ride than the 2006 Toyota Rav 4 we had, though still difficult to hear conversation, especially in the rain."

Anonymous, FL (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"The driver's seat gets uncomfortable on long drives. It feels like something is putting pressure on my upper thigh. The top of the center console does not lock in place."

BEVERLY P., GA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"seats are conforable"

Anonymous, VA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"The ride is very Bobby and somewhat noisy. I even replaced the 18 in. Tires with 18 in. tires with a 65 ratio to try to make it ride smoother, but it didn't help much. Also, the navigation map screen is difficult to read."

LEROY C., IL (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Road noise from sunroof is not good. It whistles"

Anonymous, IN (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"The drivers seat is very uncomfortable for a short person. The head rest pushes my head forward & gives me a stiff neck & the seat has something in the center that is higher than the sides & gives me a backache."

SANDRA S., MI (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Has a rough ride at all times."

ROBERT L., MD (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"The seats are not very comfortable on long rides. Too much road noise for a Limited Rav4."

Anonymous, QC (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"The comfort is great. However, it has the most tire noise of any car we've ever owned."

GREG D., AK (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Very noisy ride but overall very comfortable"

CATHERINE A., CA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats are very comfortable. Climate control is great. I just wish I had heated seats for the winter."

Anonymous, VT (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"noise, seats"

ALLAN P., NM (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"the ride and noise level could be improved"

Anonymous, TX (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"I have read that improvements have been made in less stiff ride,noise level and seat comfort in 2016 model. To bad it took so long."

Anonymous, GA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"The lack of a trunk means so much more noise from stuff rattling around in the back."

PETER H., CA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"I really am uncomfortable on long trips. The head-rest and seat back force me into an awkward position. I really need a power seat, at least."

Anonymous, CA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"seat are very comfort,especially in long trip. control;are very simple and easy to use. ride not bad"

WAI L., MB (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"very uncomfortable drivers seat"

Anonymous, OK (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"drivers seat should have more rear adjustment availsble"

JAMES F., NS (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"the noise level can be annoying, the tires are extremely noisy on concrete roads"

DENNIS S., OH (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"My last vehicle was a Camray. I find the RAV4 nosier with a rougher ride, especially with winter tires. Although considered 5 passenger, even with the rear center position holding a child, it is crowded. Leg room in the rear seat is great."

RICHARD B., ON (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Leather like seats feel nice, especially the electric lumbar support. AC and heated seats are also nice."

JAMES W., OR (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"The car has a lot of road and wind noise, more than expected. It also is a very stiff feel in seats and much more bumpy ride than I get with a Hylander."

Anonymous, MD (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"The dual climate control doesn't seem to be very accurate."

Anonymous, WA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"The seats and climate control are all excellent, The noise is too loud and the ride can be jerky."

JILL M., NV (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Front seats are somewhat uncomfortable on trips exceeding one hour."

Anonymous, IN (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"The ride is not smooth, it is very jittery. It has some wind noise. Climate control works great. Seats are comfortable"

JOE M., MO (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"No lumbar support, so we paid for aftermarket installation. This car does not have a smooth ride. It is OK for short distances, but not for trips. Passenger seat not as comfortable as driver's seat."

Anonymous, VA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"horrible road noise, horrible, radio has to go way up, to hear over it. knew it would be bad, but not this bad. Sloping front so no guideline, cant see didley. , like curb, or protrusions out on side of drive. Using way more gas then I expected."

Anonymous, MA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"The road noise is excessive."

NANCY S., CA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"The ride is very hard and every imperfection in the road is loud and uncomfortable."

Anonymous, NJ (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"All good"

JOE G., CO (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Several controls not visible while driving; seat heater, traction, dash light dimmersed controls. Plenty of road noise."

PAUL M., NY (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Climate control is easy to use."

STEVE B., NV (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Too small for two adults"

Anonymous, TN (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"It would be nice to have less road noise generated from the tires - this is one draw back for this car."

Anonymous, CA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Hard to clear condensation from windows with high humidity"

CHRIS K., WI (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Too noisy, especially at highway speeds on many road surfaces."

STEPHEN P., MA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"The ride was very stiff and bottomed out when driving over a bump or hole in the road. When I replaced the tires with Sumitomo HTR A/S PO2 the ride improved significantly and now barely bottoms out like the previous tires."

THOMAS S., NY (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"The ride is not as smooth as I would like."

Anonymous, MA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Comfort controls are not user friendly. Driver seat adjustment is crap, should be out lawed Rear window viewing is to small out the rear Rear view camera can not see it in the sun Radio controls not user friendly"

C D., IL (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"It rides like a gravel truck."

MARY G., IL (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Ride is a bit stiff; road noise moderate to high level; passenger seat should also be power; lumbar support a bit too high in the seat; climate control is very good"

RICHARD G., CA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Ride is very rough (suspension poor) and a lot of road and wind noise"

Anonymous, IL (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Noisey, harsh ride, less storage than previous Rav4s."

Anonymous, PA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Very stiff suspension and harsh ride on rough roads"

Anonymous, NH (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"The ride is a bit too firm for my comfort. Also, sometimes the noise level is high at highway speeds."

PETER R., MA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"The RAV4 could us rear vents for heat/ac. The Sienna is a fairly noisy ride but at 200k miles I guess it's expected"

Anonymous, MA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"There is a very annoying rattling noise in the back/top area. Had the car to dealership and they claim it is near the sunroof area, so they tried to apply padding, but no change. Their next remedy is to remove the ENTIRE interior roof liner to see where the noise is coming from, BUT, it will cost almost $1K and they can't guarantee that this will solve the problem, and other comments made by people who have had this done in the past is, the liner isn't the same reinstalled (out of alignment),"

Anonymous, FL (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"We had a Camry. This Rav4 is easier to get into and out of at this stage of my life. Other than for gas I've driven this car for 17 hours without to much discomfort"

Anonymous, MO (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"It is noisy on the road(road noise). Suspension is too firm...doesn't ride smoothly. Great around town car. Handling, get up and go we love. We just don't take it on the highway too much. Prefer the Highlander"

DEAN N., IA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Despite my height (5'8"), I find getting into the vehicle somewhat difficult: height of the front entry. Also the ride is "hard"--was spoiled by my 4 other Toyota sedans, but purchased this model for it's height and visibility in today's competitive traffic."

Anonymous, AZ (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"I made a conscious choice NOT to have power seats in order to save money. Wish now that I had gotten those power seats."

Anonymous, FL (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Infotainment system is lacking compared to most other cars. It is a touch screen but the layout is poor and the screen is small."

RALPH V., TX (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Road noise is higher than I expected, and the ride is "stiffer" than expected."

Anonymous, IL (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Great back and leg support for long drives-driving position, cabin noise is minimal, climate control is good."

SAM L., WV (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"The seats are very uncomfortable they do not fit me right and after a 100 km or so have to shift around in seat to try and find a better spot."

Anonymous, AB (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Rides like a lumber wagon."

Anonymous, MN (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Every thing about this car is great except it could be better on road noise. I wear hearing aids and they do magnify the road noise somewhat but my last car was quieter."

VIRGIL R., OR (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"The seats are not that comfortable, we had to add extra cushions"

RICHARD S., WA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"The road noise is somewhat more than I would like but it is not bad enough that I would not purchase this vehicle again"

VICTOR C., FL (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Rav$ is a very good looking car and is roomy in side. The ride is a bit noisy at times and the only other thing is the radio, a bit staticy."

Anonymous, NY (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Road noise is louder than I would have preferred. Height adjustment for front seats also moves seat forward or backward at the same time. I didn't want the seats to go forward when I adjusted the height up. Air conditioning vent locations are not ideal."

Anonymous, FL (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Very rough riding."

Anonymous, MD (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Mirror switch got pushed in by the wife's knee and the right lower side seat trim has come loose on the front edge."

WILLIAM P., ON (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"The seats are thin, cheap and uncomfortable. This is why I won't buy another RAV4."

KEITH B., MA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"For what I invested I got what I paid for. This car replaced a 2007 Highlander Hybrid which was a much better car. We got the for the safety features not found on the Highlander."

Anonymous, NE (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Driver seat uncomfortable, find it difficult to get proper Lombard adjustments"

Anonymous, ON (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"It rides like a truck."

Anonymous, OH (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"The tilt of the driver's headrest is not adjustable. It is tilted too far forward for me. If I recline the seat to compensate, then I must adjust the seat forward so my arms properly reach the steering wheel. But then my legs feel somewhat awkwardly cramped. It the headrest tilt was adjustable, the seat would me more comfortable. I make do with a compromise of seat back recline and forward position on the track. This is not a "fatal" flaw and is not weighted heavily in my overall satisfaction."

Anonymous, NY (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"side windows too high for short adults -- my mother in law cannot see out the backseat window very well because she sits too low."

WAYNE T., SC (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Noisy cabin especially on rough Arizona highways. Seats are very comfortable. Controls not easily seenfrom drivers seat.Climate control gets a good workout here in Az."

LAWRENCE B., AZ (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"More road noise than I would like for Limited version."

Anonymous, NH (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"noise level a bit high, mostly mechanical noise"

PETER M., ME (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"The ride is way too stiff---feel every hole or bump"

Anonymous, KS (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Severe door/window seal leaks. Suspension is rough and does not absorb much vibration"

Anonymous, TX (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"We have a 2013 RAV4 Limited and it rides like a lumber wagon - very choppy. The ride comfort is very irritating and distracting."

BOB B., IA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"There are squeaks and creaks that the dealer was unable to resolve."

MATTHEW A., MD (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Very poor & stiff ride. Does not take bumps well at all."

WILLIAM S., NY (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats could be a little wider. No illumination on the inside mirrir controls."

MARY H., OH (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Passenger legroom in front limited"

KAREN D., NY (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"The drivers seat doesn't have lumbar support. Very uncomfortable driving for more than 1/2 hour."

Anonymous, OH (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"confidence in my sturdy dependable car"

JUDITH M., MN (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Decent comfort, climate control outstanding,noise decent, ride excellent"

ALAN L., VA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"The ride is very stiff"

MARLA W., CA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"While I enjoy the seating position in the RAV4, the armrest on the door is quite hard, variegated plastic. After driving for a while it becomes uncomfortable, especially in short sleeves."

STAN M., NC (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"The ride is very stiff and hard."

PETER O., MA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"The 2013 RAV4 does not have an adjustment on either front seat for the tilt of the seat bottom. For example, in the 2006 4Runner, the rear of the seat bottom can be lifted or lowered to provide better leg comfort. My wife has problems with her legs and has purchased a wedge-shaped pad to help with comfort in the RAV4."

TOM Y., NV (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Very comfortable on long trips (7 hours trips)"

Anonymous, ON (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Heated seats warm quickly in the winter with variable heat levels. Leather seats are comfortable."

FRANCIS H., MO (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"I'm surprised it doesn't have lumbar support for the drivers seat."

PAUL D., CA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Exterior noise is excessive. Needs more sound insulation. The driver's seat lacks lumbar support and is uncomfortable on both medium and long drives. Tends to be rough riding on bumpy roads."

Anonymous, FL (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"front seats are not comfortable, dash styling is horrible, but acceleration is terrific, and gas mileage is okay. Fun to drive, but seats and interior style is lagging."

Anonymous, ON (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"The noise on the highway is very loud."

SUSAN S., SC (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"wife loves the rav4 and that is enough for me."

JAMES C., AL (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"The cabin is a bit noisier than I would like. The ride is not as smooth as the Camry we drove."

Anonymous, LA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"The seats attract and hold dog fur like crazy."

SUZANNE S., WA (2013 Toyota RAV4)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Well made. Absolutely no issues."

Steven K., OH (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Peppy, reliable, comfortable. Good technology. Decent gas mileage."

Anonymous, AZ (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"A very reliable vehicle. Not as many additional features."

Jennifer T., MO (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"At time of purchase, it included more technology in comparison to competitors. Dealer mark=up was only about 2% over dealer invoice price."

Anonymous, AB (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Reliable - very competitive price."

Peter T., CA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"This car has been great in every aspect. The only thing I don't like about it is the front seats which are very hard ."

Jack A., CA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Great car for the price"

Barbara D., NJ (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"good looking , very good mileage, a decent ride at a good price."

Anonymous, FL (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"The rav is great for long distance travel and very good on mileage. Pleanty of room and lots of comfort"

Pat M., IL (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"The size and weight of the vehicle make it a great drive with a 4-cylinder engine. The seats fold to make a big space for transporting "stuff." Even the normal configuration of seats leaves a big cargo area in the rear. This is an ideal multipurpose car for any family. An added bonus for me is that the driver sits higher than many other cars, so you can see further around you. It's a wonderful safety feature!"

Terry Y., FL (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Reliable, less expensive than other comparable vehicles, holds its value well, maintenance and repair costs are very reasonable."

Michael E., MD (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"It is an enormously good value all around"

Christopher L., OH (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"It rides ok. It looks ok. Gas mileage is pretty good. I have had no major problems. It is not a terribly expensive vehicle, but I didn't pay a terribly high price for it. So I feel that I got what I paid for."

Clifford M., TX (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"price performance reliability"

Anonymous, FL (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"The 4-wheel drive is very useful in a winter climate."

Emily W., MA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"MPG should be better. Fuel tank capacity too small, Ride is a bit bumpy"

Robert R., MA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Very roomy, comfortable ride, large cargo area"

Anonymous, NJ (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Toyota itself is fine for what I paid. However, I should have bought a used SUV (probably a RAV4) given how I've driven much less than expected at the time of purchase."

Anonymous, VA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"It seems I always end up paying more than I later think I should have. Sales people are too smart for me. I'm learning though."

Anonymous, MB (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"definitely worth the price I paid"

Anonymous, FL (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Solid vehicle. Would buy again in a heartbeat."

KATHY F., FL (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Extremely reliable, fuel efficient, easy on tires and minimal maintenance car; solid economical combination of cargo space and transport."

GEORGE S., NC (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Safe and reliable vehicle that you can depend on."

Anonymous, MB (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"All you have to do is maintenance items and Toyota does those for two years after purchase."

WILLIAM H., NE (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"We leased it, and at the end of the lease, the buyout is likely to be about $4,000 less than the market value."

BRIAN M., NJ (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Style and mileage"

Anonymous, IN (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Handles great in tight places, nimble"

Anonymous, VA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"I have been a Toyota owner for 35 and this is the most uncomfortable, bad driving Toyota I have ever owned."

Anonymous, NJ (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Quality vehicle"

Anonymous, QC (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Besides the seats not being comfortable, the road noise is terrible."

Anonymous, OH (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Bought it at a no-haggle dealer, Carmax."

Anonymous, CA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"I was not looking to buy a new car but a dealer near me had $6500 off MSRP. I ended up paying 1/2 what I paid for the Mercedes ML320 15 years earlier. To me, I cannot tell the difference in the ride or size."

KEITH H., FL (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Rav is cheaply made considering price. Seats, especially rear seats, are uncomfortable. Rides like a truck. Lacks good seat adjustment. Rear hatch is cumbersome. Dash screen and back up camera not visible in sunlight."

Anonymous, FL (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"We were told one price but when all the paper work was done it was several thousand dollars more."

Anonymous, IN (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"good mpg low cost upkeep"

Anonymous, WI (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"I love been able to get around in the snow. The RAV handles very well. Overall I am satisfied with the pricing. We have been buying toyota for many years. The comfort of the seats are the issue. It's perfect if only a quick trip or even a couple of hours in the car. However the seats are very firm and uncomfortable after a few hour trip. The back seat is more on the order of a bleacher seat at a sporting event. Toyota , you have really cut back on this feature! 35 yrs of buying toyota and really"

Anonymous, WV (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"I had a terrific buy. I purchased this vehicle using Consumer Reportspending car buying service.I saved thousands Would not hesitate to use this service again."

LAWRENCE B., AZ (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"The RAV gets excellent gas mileage. And the routine maintenance costs are minimal"

CHRISTOPHER L., OH (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"I should have purchased a larger vehicle. But for what I paid it's a fine vehicle."

TOM L., FL (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"I bought mine in the USA where they were less expensive with CDN $ at par. Otherwise it would not have been a special price."

R W., MB (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Handling is outstanding. responsiveness is great."

Anonymous, FL (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Outstanding reliability; good mileage; comfortable, good handling/ride; great looks."

S D., IL (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"should have gotten more options for price-"

Anonymous, NY (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"At the time we leased this car it was cheaper than comparable American options (Ford, Chevy)."

Anonymous, NY (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Had to haggle a lot but got a great deal. I only bought this car because of Consumer Reports and it was second on small,SUVs. It was a lease that was turned in but had very low miles"

BARBARA W., MS (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"One of the best smal SUV"

J E., NJ (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Price was very good. Car was off a lease and was in very good condition."

J H., VA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"This vehicle has been extremely reliable. It handles great in rain and snow."

ROBERT C., NY (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Great price at a new dealership in our area. A no haggle price plus a $1000.00 gift card from a jeweler in our area. We were able to use a nice diamond in a new setting. It cost us an additional $1.17"

RONALD P., IN (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Got a super price using Costco buying service."

LARRY K., IN (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Great handling good gas mileage worry free driving"

RON M., NS (2013 Toyota RAV4)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"styling of Rave 4"

Anonymous, AZ (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Very sharp looking vehicle that others have made good comments about."

Anonymous, IL (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Looks more boxy than we would like. Practical for hauling things is good."

PRUDENCE G., FL (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"It's an SUV, which is not going to rate high in my book. They are all boxy and bulky. It's used for more utility reasons and we have a Mercedes for the ultimate trip comfort and styling."

WARREN W., GA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Very Modern Design"

Anonymous, TX (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Good space utilization inside the vehicle."

Anonymous, FL (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"I am short & short waisted so I have a lot of trouble seeing what is in my blindspot to the back right of the vehicle. I am fine driving it in our town of 50,000 but HATE driving it on freeways in cities, like Kansas City. But my husband primarily drives this vehicle & this isn't a problem for him."

Anonymous, MN (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"I DO NOT like the front of this RAV4. I prefer the previous design of a squared off front. I am hoping the redesign coming up will go back to that squared design."

Anonymous, PA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"The dashboard is too busy with too many different types of materials and shapes used."

PETER R., MA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"It could use a place for a trash bag. The speedometer is poorly delineated."

Anonymous, WA (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"Overall styling is not real exciting, but it's fine. I don't like the "chrome" highlights bc at the right angle they reflect the sun at me while I'm driving and I really don't like the black carpeting because it looks dirty most of the time and makes the vehicle seem dark... and hotter in the summer."

Anonymous, IL (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"I wish it had a lock on the glovebox."

Anonymous, CT (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"My only issue is the way the back window is designed really leaves bad blind spots."

JULIE P., NJ (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"The way it sits up to see the road,along with comfort of the seats in the limited edition don't know if other models would be as good not having drove any other models. Over all appearance is very stylish."

PAUL W., OH (2013 Toyota RAV4)

"RAV4 is not very stylish compared to Honda CRV"

MICHAEL K., FL (2013 Toyota RAV4)

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