The 2013 RAV4 redesign eliminated the awkward side-hinged rear gate and replaced it with a more convenient top-hinged hatch. The spare tire was also moved off the rear gate to reside in a well beneath the cargo floor, which was previously occupied by the discontinued optional third-row seat.
There are 6 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Both are very good"

EARNEST S., TX (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"good mileage and comfortable on long trips"

Anonymous, NV (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Ride is a little rough. Ride could be smoother."

STEVE M., IL (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Very fast and quite responsive. I love being able to get out of a tight spot in traffic without worrying if I can accelerate fast enough -- this car can do it!"

SUZI L., CA (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"This car is actually the Rav4 EV (all battery electric) It has great acceleration for merging on the freeway or just for everyday driving and still gets very high miles per gallon equivalent."

MARK W., CA (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"excelerates well in passing situations"

GERALD K., AZ (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Surprisingly the acceleration for a 4 cylinder is outstanding. I feel safe pulling into traffic or the passing lane on the highway."

Anonymous, RI (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Great handling, good acceleration, good gas mileage, good brakes."

WILLIAM B., GA (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"RAV4-EV with Tesla drivetrain has more than enough power (performs like a supercharged car) Wish it had all wheel drive option"

KANG L., CA (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Fuel economy"

CHARLES M., TX (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Acceleration and handling are very good. The automatic transmission is very smooth shifting."

Anonymous, NY (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Handling is very tight and has a solid feel at high speeds. Acceleration is very good overall for a non turbo engine.."

GARY N., ON (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"ease of getting in and out of ,at our older age the size of the doors and height are just right"

HARRY B., OR (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Could use a little more power."

CRAIG C., AZ (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"The RAV 4 does not get better gas mileage than my 2005 previous RAV4. The ride is not smooth. I would expect a smoother ride."

WILLIAM O., IL (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Transmission hunts for the correct gear at times, roaring or lugging. Worse in ECO mode."

DONALD G., MI (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Unsafe, inadequate visibility in back section of rear sidewindows for driver."

Anonymous, CA (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"The cruise control often kicks out."

Anonymous, NM (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"The suspension is very tight. Takes bumps extremely hard. This is the one thing I really don't like!"

BARBARA S., VA (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"very good"

Anonymous, CA (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Acceleration from stop very slow, then sudden surge. Have trouble seeing over right fender and judging curbside--seat cannot be raised high enough for 5'2" female."

Anonymous, MI (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"It is not so peppy and has SUV handling--not surprisingly. It does not compare to the 2013 Escape as far as fun goes."

ANDREW D., NH (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Car feels top heavy - on turns feels like its going to tip over. Experience is one of not feeling safe in the car"

FRANKLYN C., NJ (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Handling in winter driving."

Anonymous, AB (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"acceleration is good, handling is excellent. comfort is good. instrumentation is outdated ; speed should be digital in both mph and kph. Panel does not light up except at night with headlights on -- should be lit at all times. In an era of plug in instruments, more plug ins are required."

RON T., ON (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"There is a lack of power on the highway. It is a 2.5 liter four cylinder all-wheel-drive vehicle and with the cruise control on at highway speeds (especially at 80 mph in South Dakota - but even local 65-70 mph in Illinois) the transmission struggles to keep up on hills (even modest hills) as it downshifts down two, even three, speeds to try and maintain the set speed going uphill. I didn't like how the RPMs on the tachometer would go so high. Can't be good for gas mileage either. For an all-aro"

JOSEPH B., IL (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Great acceleration. Ok MPG's."

CHAD Y., TX (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Very spunky little car. Accelerates well and is fun to drive. Overall gas mileage on freeway not as good as advertised (up to 29 mpg). Usually only get around 24-25 mpg on trips."

ROSE C., OR (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"The only slight negative is a somewhat hard ride."

ROBERT S., MI (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"The vehicle has unexpected pep for a 4-cylinder! The exceptionally smooth ride was unexpected and the very tight turning radius a plus."

Anonymous, MN (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"handles great in snow."

Anonymous, CO (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Car handles great. Acceleration is a little slower than I am used to, however this is my first SUV."

Anonymous, TX (2014 Toyota RAV4)


Anonymous, NY (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Handed well. Good gas mileage."

Louis Z., IL (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Good pickup and excellent braking overall. Surprising good in snow."

Anonymous, NY (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"only had 2 months so really cant say...but so far handles well and easily.."

Anonymous, MN (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Acceleration is great. Find the steering a bit loose. Have to correct more often."

Christopher H., ON (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"The Rav 4 handles very well hugging curves with ease. However, the downfall is the 4 cylinder engine as it definitely does not have the get up and go my Camry xle v6 had."

Anonymous, AB (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Acceleration is adequate for in-town driving. Needs more power (V-6) on the highway especially going up inclines. Transmission shifts erratically, frequently, uncomfortably with cruise control on on roads unless very flat terrain. Braking is good all around. Steering is as expected for a small SUV. Unfortunately and disappointingly we had replace both rear shocks after less than 40,000 miles."

Anonymous, IL (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Drives and handles very good. Good acceleration"

Anonymous, OH (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Fun to drive on mountain roads. Accelerates well with good MPG."

Paul B., VA (2014 Toyota RAV4)


Karl S., NY (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Smooth with plenty of pick up"

Stephen P., MN (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"The RAV4 handles the road well and has good braking. Wind and road noise levels are fairly well contained."

John S., MA (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Predictable steering. Responsive handling."

Anonymous, NV (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"I generally like it, but transmission shifts too soon or is searching for the correct gear, can be annoying at times."

Mary G., MI (2014 Toyota RAV4)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"you feel bumps and potholes a little more than usual."

Anonymous, VA (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"The seats are very uncomfortable, but they were also uncomfortable on the other cars that I considered at the same time. It is impossible to sit up straight in new cars."

Anonymous, TX (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats are hard and cabin transmits road noise"

JOHN P., TN (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Like most smaller SUV's, the noise level is more than I would prefer; especially on a busy freeway."

Anonymous, IL (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Too much road noise."

MARTHA S., FL (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Driver's seat controls are manually operated. This is disappointing compared to my previous 5 Toyotas (Camry) that had electrical controls that were easier to use. Climate control, noise and ride are all excellent."

Anonymous, NY (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Pertains to noise only - could be a little bit more quiet. Maybe better insulation around the windows."

Anonymous, NC (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"The seats are very comfortable and offer several adjustments. AC is very comfortable."

Anonymous, MA (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"not very comfortable on long tips. Seats are not comfortable"

Anonymous, GA (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"On the limited model the leather interior is great, very quiet. Love the heated seats in winter. The automatic climate control works perfectly"

M H., IL (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"At night, with the interior lights on, there are still dark areas. The car is a little small for my size. There are no lockable areas like a glove compartment, separate trunk, etc. where you can lock up valuables (except the outer doors). And my biggest complaint is that you can only use the extremely expensive electronic ignition system. Extra keys or ones lost cost way too much to replace. There is no auxiliary switch position where you can charge a cell phone when you are out of the car"

Anonymous, ID (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Cabin noise is unsatisfactory. I would not buy again based solely on that point. However, everything else about this car is very satisfactory and exceeds my expectations. If I could solve the cabin/road noise problem I would keep this car forever."

Anonymous, KY (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Drivers seat does not have adequate lumbar support for me and is not adjustable. Road noise is very prevalent. While not part of this question, the engineers who designed the functional styling of the instrument panel must have graduated in the lowest 10% of their college class."

C T., TX (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Climate control is outstanding,seats are good,ride is good for a AWD"

Anonymous, NS (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Driver's seat could be more comfortable. Seams of seat seem to be in the wrong spot."

Anonymous, TX (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Noisy and ride is somewhat rough"

Anonymous, LA (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"We have taken a half dozen long distance trips in this vehicle and it has been a quiet, comfortable competent vehicle."

Anonymous, NY (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Road noise Going up small hills and overpasses the tubo kicks in until you get over the top. I will not purchase another 4 cylinder. I was told that the RAV4 did not come with a 6 cylinder ."

EARNEST S., TX (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Too much noise, The radio is a nuisance to control , the windows do not clean off the water or snow when rolling them down like older cars did."

Anonymous, NY (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"road noise hard ride"

Anonymous, NY (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"the ride is rough compared to our 2010 rav. it also feels less solid."

Anonymous, NY (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"easy to get in or out and has good inside room"

Anonymous, NS (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"One negative regarding the driver's seat is it is NOT a power seat. Instead, I have to use a handle to manually raise or lower the seat. The comfort of the seat needs to be improved."

Anonymous, MD (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Driver's seat uncomfortable,no automatic controls,hard to adjust"

Anonymous, NJ (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats could be more comfortable"

Anonymous, SK (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Very uncomfortable driving experience at approximately 45 minutes. Seats are extremely firm and do not 'adjust with time'. The Seat Length is too short to provide support for the thigh. The drivers arm rest is like concrete - can not place your elbow there for an extended period of time. Ride is rough and the car is 'top heavy' so when making turns it feels like the car is going to tip over."

FRANKLYN C., NJ (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"vehicle sounds and feel like out of round wheel or maybe a bad wheel bearing. Toyota sold me new tires that did NOT correct the problem. Also seat are only marginal in comfort"

D K., FL (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"The ride is to hard and the exhaust drones around 35-45 mph which is the speed your driving around town. Its quieter on the highway which is unusual."

Anonymous, IL (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"My only dissatisfaction are the seats. They are not the most comfortable seat on a long ride. After 2 hours my back and bottom become uncomfortable. I am very satisfied with my RAV4 except for seat comfort."

CHARLES G., NY (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Interior is not luxurious, but the seats are surprisingly comfortable. Road noise is present but not excessive. Ride is firm but not harsh."

Anonymous, NY (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Lots of road noise. OK on newly paved or smooth roads."

Anonymous, HI (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"I like everything mentioned as far as comfort goes. The design of the rear window is such that on our gravel roads the rear window is perpetually dirty and the overhang doesn't help. The seals on the doors are not on the edge so a strip of dirt is left which catches pant legs."

HORST S., AB (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"The seats are very comfortable especially with all the settings available. The air conditioning in the seats is an unbelievable feature that just adds to the comfort on a hot day....same is true with the heated seats in the winter."

Anonymous, RI (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Still ( noise )"

Anonymous, FL (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"The ride is a little stiff."

Anonymous, HI (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"When we first bought the 2014 RAV, the ride felt very bumpy compared to our 2006 Toyota Sienna. We ended up getting used to it, but each time I have a chance to ride in my old Sienna, I realize how bumpy the RAV ride still is."

Anonymous, KS (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Climate control system develops a persistent smell of mold the Toyota is aware of but will not remedy."

BRIAN C., CA (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats are not vented and are very hot in summer. Can never seem to find optimal driving position. Road noise in this vehicle is very bad."

JASON W., WV (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"RAV4 is a nice SUV. However, my wife complains about the imperfect ride. I find ride ok, but vehicle is pretty noisy at highway speeds."

Anonymous, WI (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Road noise level is higher than I like. We live in Idaho in an area that has low humidity and moderate temperatures. In this climate we still have experienced numerous ventilation system bacterial infections ( bad odor) that the dealer could not cure."

Anonymous, ID (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"I like the car but in the warmer months there's a horrible mildew/mold odor emitting from the hvac system. Toyota told me this is a "known issue with all their cars from 2004-2014" and told me to put in a carbon filter and leave the circulation vent open. Did nothing to fix the problem. It is gross!"

SHARON S., NY (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Rides like a truck. Not comfortable. Load road noise."

CHARLES H., AZ (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Road noise in back seat. May be due to the tires on rough road surfaces"

Anonymous, SC (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Needs arm rests on seats and a softer ride."

WALENTIN K., TX (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats are not as comfortable as I expected. Quite a bit of road noise. Ride is a little choppy."

JERRY T., IA (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"The front seats take a little getting used to -- they're someone confining on the outer edges of the seat, but once you get used to it, it's okay. The vehicle has more road noise than I like. I was very surprised to learn that there was no Home Link option for the vehicle, but I found an aftermarket rearview mirror with integrated Home Link that looks like it belongs and works perfectly. I was also expecting better gas mileage, but I'm not complaining about that. Overall, I'm pleased with the ve"

BRETT W., TX (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"The edges of the seats bend up slightly and I am used to a longer seat length and width. It is at uncomfortable--living with it."

Anonymous, MN (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Rides well for a small SUV, does pick road noise on ruff roads."

J V., CO (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Climate control is excellent, both heating and cooling. Seats are comfortable, but headrest tilts too far forward so I wind up sitting so that my back hurts if I'm driving for more than an hour."

DONA S., OH (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Automatic Climate Control is very erratic. Dealer states that this is normal. Temperature fluctuates in summer from too cold to too hot when set to one temp. Was told by dealer that the setting "is not like the thermostat in home"."

SAM G., NY (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"The noise in the cabin is ridiculous. The quality of the Bluetooth sound is poor. When I'm on the phone people have difficulty hearing me because the sound is choppy. Also while driving the noise from wind, tires, etc is so loud that I cannot carry on a normal conversation with someone in the passenger seat. I've complained extensively to Toyota, and they are unwilling to accept that this is a problem. They say it's normal."

Anonymous, FL (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"To much road noise and vibration from road seams is to evident"

JOHN S., MN (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Road Noise problem needs to be improved,which was supposed to taken care of on the 2016 RAV4 models."

Anonymous, OR (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats have really helped because I have back problems."

JAMES A., TX (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Toyota continues to have one of the best air conditioning systems of any of the vehicles I have ever owned (GM, Ford). It cools immediately and will freeze you out if that's what you want. They (Toyota) know how to do HVAC."

Anonymous, IL (2014 Toyota RAV4)


GRADY C., FL (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"The slide out expansion on the front seat is really neat"

Anonymous, OH (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats are not as comfortable as some Toyotas, but still above average."

PHYLLIS Y., GA (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"noise is very bad ride fair"

Anonymous, WV (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"A very stiff ride."

Anonymous, WA (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Significant road noise makes using Bluetooth challenging on certain road surfaces. Also, no remote or dashboard button to open/close rear hatch very annoying."

Anonymous, TX (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"This vehicle rides a little rough."

RODNEY R., AL (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Motor and road noise is excessively loud. Ride is excessively harsh."

KEITH P., MA (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"This small SUV rides a bit like a small truck, with a fair amount of road noise, bumps, and jolts. However, this is not a deal-breaker, as this vehicle has so many positives in other areas."

Anonymous, FL (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"If the seat is left in the most upright position, the headrest pushes my head forward and is not comfortable. I have to lean the seat back several notches to get this to go away."

GARY R., ID (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"I don't like leather-like upholstery. My next car will have cloth seats."

Anonymous, MD (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"seats are comfortable"

DONALD N., PA (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"The front seats are too hard & too small, not comfortable. The back seat is hard & uncomfortable & does not move back & forth very easily."

Anonymous, GA (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Too much noise when the sunroof is open"

LINDA B., MA (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Overall - a very comfortable ride! Climate control is great, very quiet, etc. The one negative - the front seats are arched - i.e. negative lumbar support. I've had this car a short time and am now looking into modifications to correct/reduce the impact of this shortcoming."

Anonymous, MN (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"For the price I paid for the vehicle in Canada, approximately $ 36,000. I do not believe it was good value for the money. It is my 7th Toyota and I can see the quality of the vehicle is deteriorating ."

STEVEN E., BC (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Navigation (Entunes) is weak. My previous Tom-Tom was better. I like convenience of built in navigation. Very expensive to update. Would love to feed iPhone navigation into dash."

Anonymous, PA (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"The ride is a little stiff."

Anonymous, TX (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Back seats not very comfortable."

Anonymous, AZ (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"The seats are not as comfy as my husbands Toyota Tundra. It a little more noisy on the road. Climate control is great!"

Anonymous, OR (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Lots of adjustments. Easyto find a comfortable position. Seat memory for 2"

Anonymous, IN (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Very comfortable, well padded seats with multiple adjustments."

Renee C., IN (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Comfortable, versatile. good ride and comfortable"

Anonymous, IN (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Bumpy ride"

Charles M., VA (2014 Toyota RAV4)


Karl S., NY (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"THe RAV 4 cycl is noisy upon acceleration. The ride is stiff. the seats are hard"

Anonymous, TX (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"very comfortable seats!"

Richard B., CA (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats are uncomfortable , road noise."

Anonymous, OH (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Part of the reason for purchasing the Rav 4 was its comfort over are other choices. It has not disappointed us."

Anonymous, NY (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Firm, comfortable seats, with enough adjustment to find a comfortable position fairly simply."

Thomas T., OK (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"The power seat system is excellent for choosing a good comfort level. The memory of your own seat comfort for when someone else drives it in between is a great feature. The ride tends to be rather rough. It's definitely more like a truck."

Anonymous, AB (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Dash board hard to read. Poor visability , Very dark."

Anonymous, MN (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Road noise is very noticeable even when the windows are up. When car windows are open it can create a noise within the vehicle that actually hurts your ears."

Linda W., MA (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"The XLE doesn't have lumbar support, you need to go up a level to the Limited. However, the seats are very comfortable for long rides."

Bill C., NS (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Adjustments are very good. Comfort and solid seats for long trips. Solid ride. Road noise needs to improve."

Gary N., ON (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"very good"

Anonymous, NY (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"The road noise in the RAV4 is terrible. It is hard to have a conversation from the back seat to the someone in the front seat. The ride in the back seat is very uncomfortable as the seat is just too stiff. Like sitting on a wooden bench."

Anonymous, GA (2014 Toyota RAV4)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"The car is a little pricey for the value. I wish it got better gas mileage."

ANNA F., PA (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Sharp styling; excellent handling; reliable."

LARRY S., IN (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Great vehicle for a very reasonable price"

PETER H., OH (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Excellent value for the vehicle."

Anonymous, ON (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"A mechanically perfect car at an affordable price."

MICHAEL T., NY (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Biggest factor is reliability. Never any problems after putting on 46K miles since purchase"

MICHAEL F., WI (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Looking at what others paid for the same vehicle, feel that we overpaid."

Anonymous, CO (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Rather expensive for the limited models but it's the only one with keyless ignition."

WALENTIN K., TX (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"I value reliability above all else. The car gets poor gas mileage, is noisey and has a bumpy ride. I cannot figure out how to use the navigation system."

PHILIP W., MI (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"too expensive for what you are getting, because it is popular they ask a high price."

STEVEN E., BC (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Excellent value. Bought it used fresh off a lease in outstanding condition. Also had a trade-in that dropped the price further. Very satisfied with car vs. price."

DANIEL S., WI (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"this car well worth the money I speny"

HARRY B., OR (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Excellent cars, very reliable"

Anonymous, NY (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Overall value, considering price paid compared to the vehicle's features, convenience, and reliability, is excellent."

Anonymous, FL (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Price I was quoted didn't include tax. Good, clean used car."

J B., MS (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"At the time of purchase, Toyota was one of the few brands that allowed you to upgrade to the in-dashboard navigation system without requiring you to move up to the highest trim level and/or add high-end packages like a premium sound system. This made a RAV4 with navigation thousands of dollars cheaper than similar small SUVs such as Honda, Mazda, Hyundai, and Kia."

CRAIG Z., WA (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Very satisfied .."

T H., TN (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"asking price was to high"

Anonymous, NY (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Because of my age, it is difficult for me to spend more for a car than I did on my first house. Overall, compared to other vehicles looked at, I was able to get what I wanted in a car."

JO-ANNA M., NY (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Reliability is great."

Anonymous, TX (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"I leased this vehicle."

PATRICIA Z., NE (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Toyota certainly stopped trying and is resting on its laurels, any comparable competitor model (i.e. Nissan Rogue, Hyundai Santa Fe, Honda CR-V, etc) is better equipped than this."

ANDRES S., FL (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"After leasing for two years, dealership didn't really give me a good deal. It is a solid vehicle with the usual Toyota reliability."

EUGENE M., WA (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"I was sold too many options which drove up the price about $7,000 more than it should have been."

JUDY M., CA (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"I bought RAV4 through the Costco car buying service, but, sleazy dealership didn't give a better deal than any other customer."

BARBARA K., NJ (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"With just a little decent care it will go and last a long time without nickel and diming you to death like a lot of cars I've had over the years."

Anonymous, NY (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"I think it was a bit overpriced for this vehicle."

Anonymous, OR (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"I spend less money on a newer model than I had thought."

RICHARD P., KY (2014 Toyota RAV4)


Anonymous, NY (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"The RAV 4 was actually less expensive than the Camry. It's a good car for the money."

Anonymous, NY (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"The limited version of the RAV4 provides an abundance of features in a dependable vehicle for a reasonable price."

John S., MA (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"It performs very well in the Buffalo,, NY winters."

Anonymous, NY (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"reliability, roomy, comfortable, excellent acceleration, utility, styling at a competitive price."

Anonymous, TX (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"You get a lot of car (size, features, luxury upgrades, etc.) for the money. Best all around vehicle!"

Anonymous, NC (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Storage space. All wheel drive"

Anonymous, NJ (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Good value for price"

Don B., NC (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"This was a RAV4 EV. Excellent vehicle. The best I've ever owned. Top notch economy and value. Very good capacity and handling."

Anonymous, CA (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"I tell them it can function as a truck to carry things and as a car to drive."

Anonymous, FL (2014 Toyota RAV4)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Fuel economy, ride comfort, std features"

JOSEPH B., MA (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"I like the large hatch in back for loading, and unloading. Easy to park. Very roomy back seats and front seats."

Anonymous, MN (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Visibility out the narrow side and rear windows is limited. Overall style is not attractive."

R R., NH (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"interior layout has little room for odds and ends in the front area. cup holder areas in front has a very poor layout."

Anonymous, NY (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Nice clean lines although there is nothing unusual or distinctive about the design of the RAV4."

G K., WA (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Solid looking vehicle"

GARY N., ON (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Don't like the rounded back."

DONA S., OH (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Much trouble with Entune. New radio"

Anonymous, CA (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"I think that is Rav 4 is very nice looking. The styling seems to flow. To me it is very pleasing to the eye."

Anonymous, TX (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"I hate the sliding console lid! My dogs especially hate it! Please get rid of it. I've tried to find ways to disable it but haven't found anything yet, short if using duct tape."

Anonymous, CO (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"Do not like the fabric on the seats. Show everything and are hard to clean."

Anonymous, PA (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"I just like the way it looks outside, and the interior is very nice, although the ride is a little loud."

WILLIAM B., GA (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"it looks like every other small suv. I want unique for the brand."

Anonymous, PA (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"To me, the styling on most modern Toyota products goes from odd (Toyota Camry's angry face) to downright ugly (Prius). In contrast, the RAV4 is actually nice looking - wedgy profile with a good mix of straight edges and curves, and lacking Toyota's usual indulgence in strange angles and overly styled body lines."

Anonymous, NY (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"I like the sporty style of my rav4 and the color (charcoal Gray"

DORISE H., VA (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"good lines"

Anonymous, NS (2014 Toyota RAV4)

"like and use the back lift for shopping, gardening supplies; sound system is better outfitted"

Anonymous, MN (2014 Toyota RAV4)

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