The 2013 RAV4 redesign eliminated the awkward side-hinged rear gate and replaced it with a more convenient top-hinged hatch. The spare tire was also moved off the rear gate to reside in a well beneath the cargo floor, which was previously occupied by the discontinued optional third-row seat.
There are 3 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"No complaints at all."

S M., AL (2015 Toyota RAV4)

""Sport" mode button and "eco" button are located very poor location making them practically useless"

Anonymous, FL (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"No complaints"

Debra B., AL (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Comfy, easy to drive, good interior space, lots of reflection on the screen, difficult to see at times, still don't really understand the radio station change button on the steering wheel, seems random at times."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Peppy response when accelerating in traffic. No lag in pick-up. And the vehicle has a solid, tight feeling (for a small SUV) when cornering and driving over uneven and bumpy roads."

Anonymous, NY (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Nibble but noisy. Extremely sure footed."

Jim H., FL (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Very responsive"

Anonymous, MN (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Excellent acceleration and handling."

Martin S., MD (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Nice ride, excellent handling, comfortable seating, good visual ability, and fun to drive"

Bill Y., FL (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"4 cyl has sluggish acceleration. Handles ok. Just ok in snow"

Anonymous, NY (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"It is very quick and has plenty of power. It is very nimble and turns on a dime."

Brett P., TX (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"This vehicle drives very smoothly, has decent acceleration, and handles well."

John K., KY (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"could be smoother ride, like CRV"

Anonymous, MA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"great acceleration though somewhat harsh downshifts when driving in the mountains"

Anonymous, MN (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"4 cylinders provide very adequate response, handling is positive and secure. I am very satisfied with driving experience.."

Ernest F., VT (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Again, this little car handles extremely well! Acceleration, corners, stopping, etc."

John C., GA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"The transmission seems to dither when at moderate speed (30 - 50 mph, shifting sluggishly or delaying acceleration. this results in pushing on the pedal and revving the motor. The service person said it was set at the factory and not adjustable."

MILLARD R., PA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Highway mileage is actually better than EPA estimates and acceleration is respectable considering engine size."

MICHAEL B., WV (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Handling is not very good. My highlander candles much better. Acceleration is terrible."

Anonymous, NY (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"I should have a choice of engines. A 4 cylinder turbo or a 6 cylinder. The plain 4 cylinder engine is not strong enough."

Anonymous, VA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Good overall, but a major complaint is gear ratios for standard transmission are poorly distributed."

GREGORY T., WA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"the three performance abilities; eco, sport, standard"

Anonymous, CA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Easy to maneuver around traffic; has quick response to acceleration and handling."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Reviewers of the 2015 Rav 4 complained of not having the V6 option for the engine as they find the 0-100 km/hr acceleration is not up to par. I never use the 0-100 figures to evaluate my vehicles. My method is using on-ramps for the freeway. Last year I travelled from Ottawa Ontario Canada to the Province of Prince Edward Island (P.E.I), New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. The plus 5000km trip was a joy to drive in the RAV 4. Acceleration on on-ramps to merge into traffic never leaves me in a bad sit"

BOB C., ON (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Ride is rough."

Anonymous, WI (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Sometimes when accelerating on a highway the accelerator sticks in the wrong gear and RPMs go too high and the engine makes a loud noise. Normally corrects itself after a few minutes."

Anonymous, IA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"very noisy. climate control smells. navigation system can't be seen in sunlight. radio terrible."

Anonymous, FL (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"For a 4hp vehicle, it has great acceleration and great handling."

Anonymous, WA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"In the 'normal' mode it accelerates more slowly than you might expect."

Anonymous, MI (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Very good all-wheel drive for snowy, icy mountain roads. Also there is an optional 4-wheel drive. I've used it twice this winter, entering a highway with a steep uphill. It instantly gave me traction. It shuts off automatically (or you can shut off the in-dash button) at 25 mph. The most dangerous thing about this car is the touch screen audio, etc. There is no shaded viewer on the dash (like in the Forester)-- only the touch screen and a couple of buttons on the steering wheel. When"

MADELEINE B., CO (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Has excellent accelaration, handling, and braking."

DOUGLAS Q., OR (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Great car"

ANTHONY A., ME (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Very quick acceleration as compared to the prius I owned previously. Also has a button to push to increase acceleration for passing if needed. Drives comfortably for a sub. seats are very comfortable handles well. Has 7 air bags including one on drivers side to protect your knees"

PAUL Z., NC (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Traded a 2009 Camry Hybrid for RAV4 for space. Loved the Hybrid for smoothness, ride, general comfort. RAV not so much."

DONALD G., NY (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats are fairly comfortable. A bit of road noise. Great acceleration when I need to get on the highway. Handles well with responsive steering."

Anonymous, KY (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Dull , hard ride , lack of soft and quiet interior"

RICHARD K., NY (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"pedal design"

JEROME Z., FL (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Turns on a dime,good acceleration when attempting to pass."

L M., ON (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"loses power when first accilerating"

Anonymous, MI (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Rough and somewhat unpredictable ride. Handling is secure but straight line driving unsure. Multiple alignment fails to solve issue.One tech told me problem is Tram-lining. Examined by Toyota corporate but no satisfactory resolution. Internet research - problem may be caused by poorly designed electric steering system new in 2015"

Anonymous, NY (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"On freeway on ramps the car does not accelerate smoothly when pushed hard. Loses power ( gearing?). Does ok for slow acceleration into traffic, but not high speed acceleration)"

Anonymous, AZ (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"My best experience was driving in a bad snow storm up a steep hill. The RAV4 just accelerated up the hill, passing other cars with no problem whatsoever."

GERALD K., ON (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Road Noise is way too high. Like the RAV other than the excessive road noise."

JOHN C., IL (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"It handles very well. Even though it's a 4 cylinder, it cruses well on long distance driving."

LINDA M., VA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"The most disappointing is the disconnection of blue tooth cell phone for navigation system. I had it automatic in my highlander 2011 but they stopped it for new models. I know it's because they got greedy and wanted the consumers to pay for built in navigation. Also the acceleration for highway interning sucks. Seats are terrible uncomfortable in long drives. I might change on my next car purchase model and get away from Toyota just for these problems."

KENNETH G., IL (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Really miss the acceleration of the 6 cylinder."

Anonymous, MA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"was not offered in a 6 cylinder. acceleration OK with the 4 cylinder, but barely"

KEVIN C., IL (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Sport acceleration great but button not easily accessible also Eco button"

Anonymous, PA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"In emergency situations the car has a difficult time accelerating in order to get out of the way. Especially in ECO mode. Also the Odometer/Speedometer is over registering by 10%. I mentioned this to Toyota service 3 times. They agree it is off 10% but say the law allows them to be off. This is absurd. That means gas mileage is overstated 10% and the warranty will run out 10% faster. Also how can they be within smog at 10% overstating mileage?"

VICTOR M., CA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"In ECO mode the gas pedal is not as responsive when trying to accelerate. If you push down hard the car slows and the gas pedal has a 4-6 seconds delay before it accelerates. Very dangerous when trying to pass. Sports mode has less of a delay, 1- 3 seconds."

Anonymous, HI (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"The Eco vs Sport mode is very useful and used often. In Eco mode the drive is very smooth due to the accelerator pedal being very soft and non-responsive to small movements. On the other hand, the sport mode switches this accelerator sensitivity to high, making it very responsive to small adjustments, allowing for quick maneuvers. The normal (non-sport/Eco) mode is never used. The only problem is the buttons to switch in between these modes are located low and beneath a lip on the center consol"

AXEL C., MN (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"I like the acceleration on Sport mode and am very satisfied with that. I find it very difficult to park the car, even in the simplest parking situations, unless I am backing in and have the camera, because I cannot tell where the car is due to the curved body."

Anonymous, WA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"The secure feeling I get in driving it. Lane departure and blind spot mirror indicator is superb."

Anonymous, NB (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Could use more pick up on acceleration especially when the air conditioner is on"

BEVERLY J., NY (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"I drove a V6 engine for 11 years, so getting used to the acceleration of a V4 has been a bit of a challenge. Overall, I'm satisfied with the agility."

Anonymous, NC (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Poor acceleration when starting out at stops"

MARIA R., FL (2015 Toyota RAV4)


WILLIAM F., SC (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"On acceleration, almost always gears down one or two gears, that is, it is difficult to accelerate smoothly without high rpm."

Anonymous, ON (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"The 4 cylinder engine is efficient but underpowered"

JEFF W., MN (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"6 speed transmission is always shifting. Sometime it's hard to keep a constant speed."

LARRY E., CA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Good handling, driving and acceration"

Anonymous, PR (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"In some conditions, I would appreciate to have a V6 motor in order to get a better acceleration."

Anonymous, QC (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Bad lag when accelerating from a standstill or going around a corner."

GEORGE P., FL (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"quick to accelerate, good brakes, no skidding in snow or puddles..."

PATRICIA B., MA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Great acceleration for a 4 cyl."

P T., ON (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"The transmission over-revs, shifts unnecessarily and unpredictably, and remains in higher gear long after topping hills. This is especially the case in cruise control, which prevents me from using cruise except on flat roads. In "Eco" mode it is underpowered and doesn't get better mileage than in normal mode. The voice recognition only works effectively when there is no background noise - when not driving. When driving, nobody can understand me on the phone, and voice commands fail. Toyota is un"

DOUG T., KS (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"I traded in a 2007 RAV4 on this vehicle and it had a 6 cylinder motor. The 6 cylinder motor was not an option and I miss the oomph. I should have gone to another brand which offered a larger motor. Otherwise, the vehicle is flawless."

PAUL H., VA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Acceleration is not that great. My previous RAv4 (2011) had better acceleration."

Anonymous, NY (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Eco feature helps me control the overall mpg while the sport setting gives me that needed zip when road conditions warrant it."

CHARLES N., OR (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"lacks acceleration, making merging a bit challenging"

JOHN P., ON (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"This is a great highway car. It tracks straight and handles well."

FRED F., NY (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Love the car but it is pretty noisy on the road"

Anonymous, TX (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Drives great. Road noise could be better."

Anonymous, TX (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Noise level is high. A/C seems rather noisy."

L E., AZ (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"driving & handling of vehicle is good"

Anonymous, NY (2015 Toyota RAV4)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Could be quieter."

Anonymous, GA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Annoying rattle"

Anonymous, NY (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Ride noise present, not distracting though could improve. Driver's seat with numerous controls for multiple drivers, good head and leg roomcomfortable for long drives and daily commutes. Backseat average comfort with good head and leg room. Easy to get in and out as driver and pssenger"

Kelly K., PA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"just perfect for old people"

Anonymous, MI (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Good car no problems"

Michael W., MO (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"The seats are like sitting on a living chair or couch. Very comfy"

Anonymous, IN (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"good side and back support in the seats"

Anonymous, MN (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"very comfortable quiet & very cheap compare to German cars."

Anonymous, MI (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Auto is very noisy especially at higher speeds and on interstate. Very disappointed."

Marge H., WI (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"very comfortable front seats; big rear seats"

Anonymous, NY (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"The front seats would be more comfortable if they had more lumbar support. The noise level is fine, but not as quiet as a luxury car. The ride is better than the Forester that we test drove. Overall we are still very satisfied."

Anonymous, HI (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"It's a bit noisy"

Nick K., ON (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats adjust nicely and the cabin is relatively quiet for a small SUV. However, the seats aren't terribly comfortable when driving for extended periods of time."

Kevin L., WA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Noise level is high. Ride is very good."

Harold W., OK (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Toyota does not offer electric adjustable seating on the mid level Rav4"

Herb A., NS (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"No complaints in any area."

S M., AL (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"road noise is too high"

Jim Z., CA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"compared to Audi noisy and less comfortable"

David E., ON (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"I feel the ride is too stiff"

Anonymous, WV (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"The road noise is sometimes irritating, especially in the rear seat."

Hugh P., ID (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Considering the cost of the car, it works really well and is a good driving car. I think the noise and seats are slightly better than comparable cars."

Anonymous, VA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Car is a bit noisy and rough."

Gordon M., CA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Good for around town, not long trips. Excessive road noise. Dealer says its "normal"."

Anonymous, NY (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Climate control stays on recycle until I manually change it to fresh air. Dealership says there is no problem with it but the manual says it's supposed to change when the car has cooled off."

Anonymous, NC (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"The RAV4 is a very comfortable vehicle and nice to drive. I am, however, surprised at the level of road noise. It is not terrible but is noticeable after driving the Venza."

DON G., SK (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats should have a lumbar control; Climate control is great; Road noise is quite high; and, Ride is quite comfortable."

BERNIE T., NS (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"the ride is very rough. when on smooth pavement, it's great, but every crack and bump on the road is felt. I won't take this vehicle on long road trips due to the rough ride and noise"

STEVEN J., MN (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"We just returned from a 4500 mile road trip. After being in the vehicle for multiple hours at a time, the seats are not the most comfortable."

MICHAEL P., FL (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Driver's seat a bit narrow for me. Puts pressure on the outside of my thighs. Not comfortable on long drives. No, I am not a "wide" person."

Anonymous, TX (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"ride noise..small digital readout on speed..gas tank small, must refill way too often....medium ride"

RICKY W., MS (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Too much road noise on highway... We like everything else about the vehicle..."

Anonymous, SC (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats are very comfortable and the controls let you make a lot of adjustments. My daughter and I both drive it so I like the fact you can store the seat settings for both of us. Just press a button once you start the vehicle and your seat is exactly where it was."

Anonymous, VA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Front seats in Limited edition are narrow sport seats and somewhat hard."

JOHN D., MO (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats comfortable, climate controls great, but interior noise too high on some types of highways."

ROBERT R., SC (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Climate control cooling could be stronger---I live in a hot, humid climate."

JAMES C., FL (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Handling - comfort - mileage. The car is great - the dealership is terrible."

JIM H., TN (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Driver's seat extremely uncomfortable - the bucket appears to fit people with tiny butts. The lumbar support is not quite enough and I have to add some of my own. The sides of the seat rub against my hip and increased my hip pain."

Anonymous, SC (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"air conditioning odor"

GLORIA H., FL (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"The road noise is too loud inside the car. They need to deaden the noise level. My other choice is to buy a Lexus SUV which is more expensive but quieter. I have to turn up the radio volume to soften the noise level!!"

JAMES P., OR (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"It takes awhile to find a comfortable driving position. Once you do it's fine."

Anonymous, CT (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"The seats in the RAV 4 are very uncomfortable. They have padding on either side that rises above the seats and is very uncomfortable on your legs. It tends to cut off circulation."

Anonymous, VA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"I had a hip replacement, and it is just the right height for me to slip in and out without too much effort.The big tires make the ride smooth, but it is a bit noisy."

LOIS F., FL (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats could be a bit more comfortable. Would like power seat option"

Anonymous, PA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"It is a quiet comfortable ride for the money"

JACKIE A., CA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"My wife enjoys all of what she has.. Thiugh passenger seat could have a little more cushion. ..."

WILLIAM F., SC (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Rear suspension really clunks when driving over sunken manways. Rear wheels / axle too lite in winter on black ice- should have purchased AWD AC takes longer than normal to cool on warm days"

Anonymous, ON (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"I love the adjustability of the seats. I am very short and I have no issues with sight lines, reaching anything or feeling like I am too close to the steering wheel"

SARA L., NY (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"The navigation system needs a lot of improvement"

Anonymous, BC (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"front seat is somewhat low; raising it manually is a bit cumbersome"

ARTHUR H., NJ (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Road noise, stiff ride, air conditioner slow to cool"

Anonymous, MI (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Rather hard ride. Otherwise comfortable."

KEITH H., MD (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"great value overall"

Anonymous, MS (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"I would like the ride to be more car like. I think the ride is a little stiff."

PEGGY H., WV (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Seat height and direction adjusts easily, climate control syncs with driver and passenger while there's also a vent for backseat passengers in front which is directed back. Ride is smooth and goes over bumps nicely. Any noise is not noticeable. Center seat in back could be wider. Headrests on back seats come off for ease of viewing outside. Baby/child seats fit nicely in back seats."

Anonymous, FL (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Very rough ride"

ROBERT S., OK (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Electric seat does not go up high enough for a 5'5" individual to safely see and for comfort. Seats are hard."

Anonymous, MD (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Easy to get comfortable with two driver selections, climate control very responsive and quickly heats/cools the cabin. Quiet and rides nicely, not like a truck."

VALERIE M., CA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"There is not enough adjustment for the drivers seat, also the cabin is noisy."

TOM L., FL (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"lot of road noise compared to Honda crv"

JAMES S., PA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Develop lower back pain when driving long distances (one or more hours). Also, as the car ages, there is more wind noise from the doors/windows."

JOHN M., OR (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"It's too noisy."

Anonymous, WA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Piece in front passenger side needs to be redesigned (Cheesy). Some cabin noise when driving and car suspension is very tight...feel every bump."

JEFF H., IL (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats are ok but I am disappointed in the marginal comfort."

Anonymous, GA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"I am 6'4" and I fit perfectly in the car"

JOHN H., CT (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"We went with this trim level to get the best seats available. They still are not very good. Do not understand why car manufactures can not put healthy ergonomic seats in a car. The headroom getting into and out of the car is lacking. If you're not careful can take the top of your head off."

BOB F., WA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Not as quiet inside the cabin as I expected from road noise. Also, the cruise control does not decelerate while traveling downhill (up to 10 mph)"

Anonymous, AR (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"I am not happy with the gas mileage that I get. I had a 2012 Camry before and my overall mileage was close to 30 mpg. I love everything else."

Anonymous, FL (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"would go back to leather seats. miss power adjustment seats."

Anonymous, OH (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Mirror control is not lighted. Driving lights can be turned off. No dashboard indicator if lights are on. Mileage is terrible. Ride is very busy because of short wheelbase and height."

STEVEN S., FL (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Rides a little rough, typical of SUV's."

B M., SC (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Glare on backup camera screen in sunlight. Had to shade with my hand."

Anonymous, PA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Good...Adequate driver leg room, great cargo space, Not so good...wind and road noise"

MARYANN R., IA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"road noise and bluetooth quality are the only negatives"

DAVID W., NC (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Appreciate the separate temperature controls. Wife likes it on the warm side. I'm the opposite. Noise level an improvement over the 2012 RAV4 I previously had."

Anonymous, CT (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Ride is a bit rough. Can feel ever bump and ripple in the road."

KEN R., FL (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"I will get heated leather seats on my next purchase."

Anonymous, NY (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"The ride is somewhat stiff although it handles well."

MARK L., NY (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Lacks support in the seats."

Anonymous, AZ (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"A lumbar adjustment on the driver's seat would be nice on long drives."

Anonymous, OR (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"There is a smell similar to mold that comes through the vents if you recirculate the air. Toyota does not acknowledge this problem other than to tell you to use only fresh air, don't recirculate when using heat/air conditioning."

JODIE L., GA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Rides better in back seats compared to front seats"

Anonymous, GA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Extremely noisy"

FRANK D., SC (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"The RAV4 has a lot of leg room for all passengers. the Leather seats are very comfortable. i really enjoy all the new sophisticated electronics and the large back up camera. the Bluetooth is great and the GPS is accurate. It has a lot of storage space. ALL together this is the total package. One great car."

EMMITT W., TX (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"I think the ride is a little "bumpy""

Anonymous, WA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Road noise. Voice recognition stinks."

Anonymous, MI (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Hard Ride"

JUAN G., FL (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"seat are much better than other Toyotas I've had what I complain about is no lumbar support and adjustment, for the price I would of expected driver's electric seat adjustment"

LUIS V., CA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"climate control somewhat confusing to operate but I have not sought help from the dealership"

GREG T., ON (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Noise reduction should be greater; GPS has some quirky control issues."

GREGORY T., WA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Noisy! And not as many storage areas, esp. in front seat, as previous models."

Anonymous, MA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Significant road noise. Just completed a 2600 mile road trip and the noise factor was my only issue."

WILLIAM E., NJ (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"I like the car but could not add items like alloy wheels to the base model. I did Not want moon roof which comes with upgrade which is why I didn't consider upgrade. There should be more options available. The car is noisy and only has an ok ride. Gas mileage is far below competition. However I would probably buy again."

Anonymous, TX (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Road noise is apparent. Cabin fan is loud at full air volume."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats are harder than I would like. Seat and back side bolsters are highly padded and not wide enough for my larger body. They restrict any sideways movement. That might be great in a sports car driven hard but this is a family SUV."

THOMAS H., FL (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"I have basic model. No lumbar support. My back hurts after driving more than 15 minutes. The back seat does not have air vents so it heats and cools slowly. I have difficulty reaching entire windshield to clean."

REBEKAH C., OH (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"The back middle seat is extemely narrow (measuring the space between the seat belts). This does not allow for a car seat to fit in the center. This is very disappointing in an otherwise not compact vehicle. I would expect more flexibility."

KATIE P., GA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"The seats are not comfortable"

CHERYL K., PA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"High noise level (engine and wind)"

Anonymous, AZ (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"The seats were uncomfortable, so I had them changed and I put in after market leather. I am unhappy with the salesman, I this he had sold me a car with more frills i.e., automatic trunk lift, automatic seats."

Anonymous, LA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"The brakes are noisy when you start the car in the winter and when when you leave the garage the day following rain or snow the previous day. The noise disappears after the brakes have been applied a few times. Toyota should really address this annoying problem."

PIERRE D., ON (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats need to be more comfortable."

A S., RI (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"In order to have heated seats, buyer has to purchase top of line, Limited, version with faux leather. Heating good but sweaty and sticky in warm weather. Ride is also rougher than I prefer."

LAWRENCE G., IL (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Vinyl seats are not very comfortable"

DONALD K., CO (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Alot of road noise. Not great suspension. Can feel every bump in the road."

HOLLY M., ID (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"The seat comfort was the deciding factor in purchase vs. a Subaru Forester. The Forester had more off road performance capability & ground clearance and was significantly easier to maneuver, but my back ached after only 5 min. in the car preparing for a test drive."

Anonymous, WA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"I don't have any issues with any areas except for the road noise. Toyota apparently doesn't use any noise reducing insulation in the RAV4. The doors, fender wells nor the chassis have any insulation."

EDWARD P., MS (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Hard seats somewhat uncomfortable."

Anonymous, FL (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"The vehicle has a lot of road noise at higher speeds. ."

JOHN P., ON (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Road noise"

Anonymous, IA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats provide good support. The dual climate control is excellent, no matter the temp...a/c or heat."

DAVID P., MN (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats become uncomfortable after about 1 hour of driving, the seats also create problems for my lower back (lack of lumbar support)."

J K., NJ (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Road noise is a somewhat annoying when traveling with some roads being worse than others. Most likely it's the tires and when they wear out or I get annoyed enough, I'll replace them with another brand."

RON Y., VA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Both my wife and I find the driver seat to be uncomfortable (especially on the lower back) for longer rides. No amount of manipulation (including lumbar support) seems to alleviate the issue."

RIMON R., NY (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Very comfortable long distance driving car, very happy with this purchase."

PHILIP C., MI (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Rides like a buckboard."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Noisy inside cab. Lots of road noise! Also not satisfied with mpg!"

Anonymous, MN (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Well laid out very practical can carry a lot of people and their luggage."

BRUCE L., CA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"noisy road noise : lacks pep"

RICHARD K., NY (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Rides like a truck and the passenger seat very uncomfortable"

HAYDN E., PA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"I really do not like the seat arrangement. I have long legs and a short torso so the driver's seat just does not feel right. AND I do not like the head rest on this model."

Anonymous, VT (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Narrow front seats"

DAVID T., NJ (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"drivers seat back support not that good"

BRIAN T., NY (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Driver's seat adjustment is awkward. In order to adjust seat height there is a handle at the side of the seat. This handle must be "pumped" up or down in order to adjust seat height. The increments of each "pump" is very minimal. This results in many "pumps" to adjust seat."

JOHN S., NY (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Rough riding, somewhat prone to outside noise."

Anonymous, OR (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Horrible mold smell from air vents when AC is turned off."

Anonymous, WA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"The seats are OK. Not terribly comfortable for a long trip."

ROBERT B., TX (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Very stylish and comfortable and drives well"

LUCIEN L., WV (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"seats are not cushy. acceleration is very touchy, i.e., goes into high accelerate and very high RPM when gas pedal is pushed down"

PAMELA L., FL (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Very disappointed especially when comparing my 2012 Camry to the RAV4 - both being the same level seat - cloth catches all lint and hair phone speaker - cannot be heard on the other end no automatic seats although my 2012 Camry of the same level did really like the lift tailgate"

MARCIA F., FL (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"The ride is rough. The width of the seats is for small framed humans not broad shoulders."

SANDRA F., FL (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Too much rode noise"

Anonymous, AZ (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"A/C works great in California's heat."

KAREN W., CA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Road noise is bad"

Anonymous, NJ (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"I have driven and owned Toyota products since 1980 have had very few problems with those cars and I remain loyal to the product."

GRANT J., NS (2015 Toyota RAV4)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Very comfortable. Lots of interior room. Easy access & egress. Really like the standard safety devices particularly the vehicle proximity visual alarms. The adaptive cruise control is particularly helpful on distance interstate driving. Have no complaints or issues with the RAV4. Would buy another. Excellent quality."

Anonymous, AR (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"One of the Best Buy's for value"

Anonymous, MN (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Price was good when compared to KBB research"

Anonymous, MI (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"right value"

Geevar V., MI (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Lease price VG value: safety; reliability; gas mileage; size and attractive inside and out"

Kelly K., PA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Great fuel economy, great handling in all kinds of weather, great to pile the family into the vehicle to head off to deep-woods Maine. Comfortable on long rides, and the heat and AC work. My wife just wishes it had heated seats."

Marc H., RI (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"This is the Second RAV4 we leased. We got the same quality plus the backup camera and Bluetooth capability."

Anonymous, OH (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"For alot less than a comparably fully loaded Equinox, we love our Rav4. Not the most comfortable ride in the class but awesome reliability and most bang for your buck."

Russell H., FL (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"I use this vehicle in Vermont mostly in winter for higher edge on safety with 4 wheel drive. Its different from the Prius but also an excellent provider for safe driving with very good qualities for ride. Display is too low and small."

Ernest F., VT (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"economy is great. okay on long trips"

Theodore H., NY (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Two words reliability and resale! After 12 years my previous 2004 Tundra sold four sold for one half of the new purchase price They are great trucks."

Steve K., NC (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Top value! Looks good! Great fuel economy! Low payments/low price. Handles extremely well for a CUV! Highly recommend!"

John C., GA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"We put a lot of miles on this car in a short time and had no issues. Considering the inital cost, i think it provides great value."

Anonymous, VA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Good looking dependable vehicle"

Debra B., AL (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"We feel we got a lot of value from the RAV4. I think that, for the price we got a lot for the money."

Anonymous, NJ (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Has all the extras, looks great and handles great while much less cost than other similar vehicles."

Martin S., MD (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Good price and easy on the MPGs for the money."

Brett P., TX (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"gas mileage for a 4 cylinder engine is very low. acceleration can be over sensitive."

PAMELA L., FL (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"up to 32 mpg on highway. comfortable ride. lots of cargo space. lots of safety features for the price"

Anonymous, CA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"On the base Rav the drivers window has automatic down but not up. How much more would it have added to the cost to have auto up. Disappointed cheapness. More sound deadening would be nice."

Anonymous, CT (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Terrible gas mileage compared to my 2013 RAV4"

Anonymous, CA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"We were not told the truth when we were called into the dealership to up grade our vehicle. We did get a new vehicle but it didn't have any of the options the older car had."

KEVIN W., FL (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"very decent vehicle"

RICHARD P., CA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Only got the Rav due to a bad experience with a brand new 2015 camry. Had to get the most expensive model to get the automatic headlights which they put on the cheapest models they make. No in dash compartments to put change, sunglasses....etc. very annoying."

Anonymous, NY (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Shop around before you buy or lease. I got this RAV4 from a dealer I would never go to. It was at the end of the month and they were short of their "Number" for the month. They were glad to deal. This is something Toyota Dealers don't want to do."

Anonymous, NJ (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"I love the comfort and ease of getting in and out as a senior. The fold-down back seats allow for groceries and gardening purchases. Love the back-up camera...never thought I would bother with it, but it is a godsend."

WILLIAM R., DE (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Feels like Toyota cheapened this vehicle"

MARCIA F., FL (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"I have the base LE model. I'd upgrade to the XLE model for some amenities I don't have like extra lighting in the front, roof rack and nicer amenities on the interior."

Anonymous, CA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Was able to get a 2015 at a very good price point"

Anonymous, MI (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Good price and 60 month no interest car loan"

GEORGE S., OH (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Poor visibility using mirrors. Blind spots. Notice given to dealership about possible collision hazards involving this very serious issue."

R K., MA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Shop competition. Consider gas mileage when you purchase as this one is lacking. Ride is just ok and noise is problem. Depends how much you drive."

Anonymous, TX (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"I have xle model. Considering what is on the market I bought the Toyota over the Honda CVR. RAV4 is a little larger, I still hate the tightness of the console, wish it had more power. Radio speakers are not in the right location especially with the windows down. The back up camera is a waste, it is distracting, no view in the daylight and blinding in the night. Sirus radio has turned to be a bad pick. The exhaust pipe extends below the chasis making it less than the 6" ground clearance as advert"

RALPH B., IL (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"This car (LE AWD model) has all of the features needed, comfort, and an excellent reliability record for a very reasonable price. The only regret is that it does not get as good gas mileage as I had hoped."

Anonymous, CT (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Just think I may have got in a hurry & paid too much but otherwise a good car for the right price"

DONALD B., KS (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Car purchased significantly below dealer cost. Relative to comparable model (specifically Subaru), Toyota was much better value."

STERLING R., SC (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"My wife is not happy with it. I replaced a 2003 VW Golf and it's a little too big for her."

Anonymous, FL (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"great value"

JEROME Z., FL (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Price over performance is great and cheap to maintain."

JALAL K., CA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"I just expected more from a company like Toyoto such as headlights that would have automatic on/off capabilities and a quieter ride."

EDWARD P., MS (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"price was ok considering I had not been a member of Toyota financial for many years. Could have haggled more"

BEVERLY J., NY (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"While we really like the RAV4, the promised gas mileage is significantly less than advertised on their showroom sticker. The advertised gas mileage average was between 24-26 mpg, whereas we actually get 20.9 - 21.2 mpg, city and/or highway. Our 2009 RAV4, which we own, gets 23 mpg!"

LARRY-KATHY L., NY (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"I think I may have paid too much for this SUV, but I was tired of looking, so I did'n't bargain enough."

MARYDELL M., WA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"solid ride,good styling,economy"

VIRGINIA J., MN (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"poor gas mileage hard ride overpriced"

S K., AZ (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Love the feel. Gas mileage good. Comfortable. Love the inside temperature control"

Anonymous, CA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"The remote start on the Toyotas is basically useless. It rarely starts unless you are within about 30' and then shuts down when you open the door. You can not get the car starting to heat or cool."

Anonymous, VA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Very fair price from the dealer"

Anonymous, NV (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"There is too much unclear when buying as to what you get and at what level. In Florida, all wheel drive was not available but didnt seem to affect price. The in dash ENTUNE leaves a lot to be desired, especially for music. No bars for roof rack (extra). Cargo nets had to be requested; Overall, not as satisfied as with my 2007 RAV"

JOHN L., FL (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"It's expensive"

Anonymous, CA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"I had a 2012 Rav 4 before this and found that many of the standard equipment items in the 2012 were no longer in the 2015. Both were the LE models."

MICHAEL P., FL (2015 Toyota RAV4)


Anonymous, ON (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"I think it was overpriced, November was my time of purchase, feel that should have been the new year model,2016, especially for the price, which I believe to have had too much pressure to buy, wearing me down to purchase."

Anonymous, FL (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"All the same comments as for the 2014 RAV 4. The convienence of the dealership was also primary in my choice."

PHILIP W., MI (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"no built in garage door opener. only driver window has auto up/down switch"

Anonymous, PA (2015 Toyota RAV4)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Better compared to others, e.g., Rogue"

SHAREN S., NJ (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Looks nice on the outside."

Anonymous, TX (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"The drivers arm-rest is way too short. No A/C in the back seat. Gas mileage sucks. I got 24 with my CRV. I'm getting 20-21 with this."

Anonymous, AZ (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats in the xls are not leather- cheap material that attracts lint"

JULIE L., NJ (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"All the late model SUVs including the RAV4 sacrificed functionality for styling. The curved styling reduces visibility and cargo space compared to the older SUV styles."

STAN S., ON (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"Great styling"

Anonymous, FL (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"I selected black seats and the fabric picks up everything. I had black fabric seats in my last Toyota and they did not. So with this car I have to clean it all the time. Doors have a lip on the bottom this attracts dirt and snow, not a good design."

Anonymous, MI (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"It is a good looking vehicle, but I wished it had a GPS system."

Anonymous, WA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"I love the interior: the two-toned (black and rust colored with saddle stitching). I would rather have had a different color than the white exterior, but they didn't have another color with all the extras that this had."

MARYDELL M., WA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"My one and only complaint is it's size. I wish they left it smaller somewhere between my 2004 and this one. They keep making the Rav bigger and I loved my 2004 Rav."

CAROLYN G., WA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"The wind deflector over the rear window creates a vacuum which sucks up debris from the road and plasters it all over the rear window. Stupid design flaw"

FREDERIC L., VT (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"The front styling has the fenders rise high than the hood which makes turning difficult to judge distance from curb."

Anonymous, PA (2015 Toyota RAV4)

"I think it looks sleek and aerodynamic"

PAUL Z., NC (2015 Toyota RAV4)

Would you buy this car again?

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