Not only has it pioneered the genre, but the Toyota RAV4 has been one of the better compact SUVs, consistently among the top-ranked models in the class. But competition in the small-SUV class has never been stiffer, so to maintain its position the freshened 2016 Toyota RAV4 underwent a number of changes.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Very smooth acceleration. Easy to steer and sharp turning radius."

Anonymous, FL (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"I've always been impressed with the handling and acceleration of both the old (2007) RAV4 and the new (2016) RAV4. When I go from driving my Tacoma to driving the RAV4, I have to go easy on the gas pedal or I might give my passengers whiplash."

Anonymous, NY (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"We got the top of the line "Limited" with the best technology package. The Limited has settings for economy and "sport." You can really feel the difference in sport mode which is great for highway driving. While you can drive in the economy mode full time, I love the sport option. The ride is quiet and handling is great."

Robert P., MA (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"I keep the mode switch in economy, so I've never tried the sport mode. I don't believe I'd have much use for it. Even with AWD, handling is effortless."

Brian W., PA (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Acceleration is OK and what is expected for a 4 cylinder engine. The handling is very good and responsive, especially for a small SUV."

Mark L., OH (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Good on snowy roads"

Anonymous, MI (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Handling is difficult at night due to headlights cut off the top and therefore have to constantly change to high beams to see clearly the road ahead."

Dave H., MI (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Roomy and handles well."

Anonymous, NJ (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"see previous"

Anonymous, PA (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"I dislike that there isn't a digital readout for the speedometer. It takes more time than I would like to figure out how fast I am going. I also dislike the side mirrors. Because of the design, they are blocking some of my forward view."

Anonymous, CA (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Solid handling. Acceleration is excellent."

Carlos A., KS (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"It i n all wheel drive, so I feel safe driving it in snow. I handles well in all other kinds of weather."

Terry R., NY (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Great gas milage.. great acceleration... very comfortable to drive.. very functional. No negatives"

Jeffrey A., VA (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Excellent - the same as my Lexus with much lower price"

Anonymous, IL (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"The RAV4 handles good for an SUV. The radar controlled cruise is one of my favorite features, just set it at the speed limit and then I put the actual miles per gallon on the information center between the dials. When the mileage increases, I change lanes."

Jan S., IN (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Great driving experience. Love the adaptive cruise. But the hybrid drive could be beefed up for better milage"

Robert M., SD (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"The drive is acceptable, but the acceleration is average with good handling"

Anonymous, NY (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"fast acceleration"

Anonymous, NY (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Poor acceleration, and dose not handle well in curves or moving through traffic."

Dean S., CA (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"My wife's only concern about moving from a Prius to the much larger RAV 4 was how well she could handle it. From the outset, she's felt safer and in better control than she had in the Prius. She loves its power and handling, especially in traffic as well as all its new safety features, including the 360 degree camera system, with its comprehensive warning systems."

Russell B., PA (2016 Toyota RAV4)


Rhoden L., FL (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"It handles very well but on the acceleration is a little slow"

Santiago N., NJ (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"needs more power, needs an optional V6"

ADAM C., WA (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"The comfort and ease of the handling of this vehicle."

J D., OH (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Handling is fine, but uphill acceleration is poor. The six-speed automatic transmission seems to "hunt" excessively even on mostly level roads"

Anonymous, UT (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"The star slows down by itself if it comes closer to another vehicle. Love it."

S L., NS (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Responsive drive. Good control"

MARY P., SD (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"I went from a 6cyl to a 4cyl and could not tell the difference in acceleration and handling"

Anonymous, TX (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"handles great"

DENTON S., MA (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"great pickup"

NEIL B., NY (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"The LE AWD Handles and drives better than expected, compared to a CRV."

Anonymous, CA (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"this car is a smoother ride than my 2013 rav 4 which was identical model to my 2015"

IAN H., ON (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"It is easy to speed because the accelerator has a light touch while the break takes a heavy foot."

Anonymous, ID (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Car seems to handle well with plenty of power but I dislike the way the car seems to "surge" with sudden large increases in RPM when going up hills."

Anonymous, NB (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"The RAV4 handles nicely in virtually all traffic situations. The acceleration is relatively smooth and gets up to speed in less than 8 to 10 seconds. Despite its size and rugged appearance, the car handles well and can be nimble if needed."

Anonymous, NH (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Recently drove in mountains with switchbacks and 7 -8% grades. We were very impressed with how the Rav4 handled."

JUDITH I., IL (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"It seems to be more "peppy" and more quiet than the last RAV4 we tried prior to leasing a 2014 Camry (which we turned in to purchase the RAV4). It also seems to handle the road better than that previous model."

JOHN W., RI (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"automatic transmission shifts quickly and is responsive. Well paired with the 4cyl motor. The frame seems rigid which helps handling and bump absorption in combination with the suspension. The rav4 handles well even when fully loaded with passengers and luggage."

ANDREW S., NY (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"My only complaint is the fact that the automatic transmission hesitates a bit when I step on the gas. I am partial to the stick shift which responds immediately. However, it is hard to find stick shifts these days."

DIANE K., RI (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"It has quick acceleration and it always feels solid on the road."

NORBERT R., TX (2016 Toyota RAV4)


Anonymous, CA (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Roomy and a quiet, very nice ride. Nice improvement from older Rav 4's."

Anonymous, WI (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"It is quieter, more comfortable ride and steers more exactly than I expected"

Anonymous, BC (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Quite ride"

PHILLIP F., FL (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Good acceleration, precise handling, great safety warnings (i.e., lane drift)."

BRADLEY T., NH (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"They could have more storage space and better cup holders and cup holders in door compartments. The styling and colors inside are very classy though."

VIRGINIA M., CA (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Engine RPM too high during hard acceleration. Transmission doesn't upshift soon enough."

K S., FL (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"The acceleration is better than the previous 2008 Rav4 I owned; however, I feel like I need more power to navigate the mountainous areas of Utah where I live."

TRAVIS C., UT (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"looks and comfort driving blue tooth"

LYLE Z., WI (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Acceleration not what I exp.sorry it does not come with a v6"

PAUL B., DC (2016 Toyota RAV4)


Anonymous, TX (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Your choice of Sport or Econ for power."

LINDA K., NC (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"poor acceleration"

Anonymous, FL (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"I wish the Rav4 had a 6 cylinder engine."

BRADLEE H., CO (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Fun to drive. Plenty of power"

ROBERT E., NJ (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Handling good. Absorbss larger bumps/holes pretty good but but rough on roads with cracks and small ridges. Now that applies to many of our roads, unfortunately."

Anonymous, SC (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Auto- transmission revs after quick acceleration"

Anonymous, TX (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"It is a SE model and the acceleration and handling are great."

LYLE W., MO (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"It's good for the size engine"

RAYMOND M., FL (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"This car has great acceleration. Lots of go and handles so nice and easy."

RUSTY M., CA (2016 Toyota RAV4)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"For a small SUV, I was amazed by the RAV4's smooth ride, lack of road noise and comfortable seating. I knew during my test drive that this would be a perfect vehicle for me."

Brian W., PA (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats are fairly comfortable but driver's seat is not easy to adjust by hand levers, especially when changing from a tall driver to a shorter driver. Takes a lot of time to get the comfort level correct.Road noise is not bad and fussing around and ride is comfortable."

Anonymous, CA (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Outside noise penetrates cabin at certain times."

Richard S., PA (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"I love all of the ways I can adjust the seats, and how comfortable they are. My RAV4 has a very quiet and comfortable ride."

Anonymous, SC (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Nice riding car for the price."

Anonymous, MN (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"like a higher position; acceleration good"

Anonymous, PA (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Road noise is good for the most part, but is a little loud at higher highway speeds (110 km/h). Ride is very smooth. Seats are comfortable."

David T., PE (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Great ride, firm but not harsh. Road noise is good, easy to talk over and not necessary to keep adjusting radio volume."

Anonymous, AZ (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"It is not as quiet as I'd like but it is fine for a car like this."

Anonymous, WI (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Very competent compact SUV. LED headlights are amazing at this price point."

Thomas T., KS (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"The height of the RAV4 is about perfect. The drivers seat is comfortable and you can see over most cars."

Brian L., CA (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Great value and well designed vehicle."

Salvatore E., FL (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"heated seats are excellent, comfortable, noise is minimal, and ride is excellent for an SUV"

Steve Z., FL (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats and ride are great. It has lots of road noise."

Anonymous, TX (2016 Toyota RAV4)


Anonymous, NY (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"We don't like the material the seats are made of. We have a dog and his hair gets stuck in the material. We find the ride choppy."

Anonymous, ON (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Comfortable seat, adequate headroom with sunroof, excellent lumbar support"

Anonymous, IL (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"road noise and choppy ride"

J P., CA (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Very smooth comfortable seats with average noise level but acceptable. The ride is rather slow, but get great mileage"

Anonymous, NY (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats are relatively comfortable, ride is good, noisy as far as outside noise when using phone, radio, and just general noise."

Anonymous, WV (2016 Toyota RAV4)


A G., NC (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"I'm 6'5" tall. I can stretch out and am very comfortable for long trips. It is a quiet and comfortable experience."

Ray C., ID (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats are VERY comfortable, especially on long road trips. In addition, the front seats are heated & feel great during winter. For an AWD vehicle, it rides very smoothly, handles very well, and the road noise is at an acceptable level."

Anonymous, PA (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"The seat design is and comfort levels are uncomfortable on long trips. The seat portion is too short and width of the seat needs to be widened. The engineering of these seats were not well thought out. There is no excuse for uncomfortable seats in today's vehicles. Why would you want to frustrate a customer with uncomfortable seats ?"

Anonymous, ON (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"My husband really likes the car but I find the passenger seat very uncomfortable. Back seat has lots of leg room for a smaller car. Road noise is not too intrusive. Electronically adjustable driver's seat is a plus but not the manual passenger seat. Back seats have adjustable backs which makes for a more comfortable ride for passengers. No climate controls in the back."

Anonymous, CA (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"The driver's seat is "mushy" and you can feel the spring on your seat. It is quiet and it has excellent acceleration but a little jerky at the start."

Richard M., NC (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"The seats could be a little more firm and comfortable and the road noise should be abated and the interior quieter. Also the door panel switches for the door locks and windows should be illuminated and the gas cap release should be taken off the floor."

Anonymous, NY (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"You can really feel the bumps on the road and the handling is poor at best."

Dean S., CA (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Somewhat noisy when accelerating hard, but less noisy than the Honda CRV that I tested before buying the RAV4. Also, there is noticeable wind noise at higher speeds, and some whining noise from the hybrid propulsion system, but overall still less noise than the Honda. Good support from the front seats even though the XLE trim package doesn't include lumbar support adjustments or power driver seat."

Eric M., MA (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats are extremely comfortable and the road noise is significantly less than other small suv's i've driven."

Anonymous, NJ (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"This is my fifth Toyota and I find they are always better than advertised the ride is great and the mileage is better. I get 35 mpg on regular gas and it out accelerates a regular RAV4"

Anonymous, SC (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"The passenger seat is very uncomfortable for tall people. There is a "shelf" that runs across the length of the dashboard that extends into the space occupied by a tall persons knees. It can be painful to ride in the passenger seat for long periods due to this shelf."

Anonymous, VA (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats are very comfortable, handles well and very quiet ride."

Rhoden L., FL (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Hybrid NOISE level even with motor engaged is excellent. Seats are comfortable. Ride is surprisingly good."

Anonymous, NM (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Fine for this type vehicle."

Anonymous, FL (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Lot of road noise and very rough ride. The accelerations is very poor on any sort of a uphill slope."

Anonymous, UT (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Difficult to reach seat controls while sitting in car"

Anonymous, SD (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Comfortable seats, fits the body well"

Anonymous, IL (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Comfortable seats, roomy interior and quiet ride."

SLAWOMIR B., OH (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats aren't as comfortable as I'd like."

Anonymous, IN (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Very comfortable seats for a tall driver; good climate control."

BRADLEY T., NH (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"I'd expect leather seats for the price. It is also noisy. I have to turn the volume up when I am driving. The Bluetooth system for the phone remains stuck after I initiate a phone call. No problem with receiving phone calls. The dealer told me that the current software does not support Androids very well."

Anonymous, FL (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"The vents are all located in the front. Rear seat passengers keep complaining about the lack of air. Honda CR-V has rear seat air vents. Toyota needs to install them."

NEELKANT R., OH (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"It does quite well, a great improvement on our prior Rav4. The downside on the seat controls are their are so many inter-related positions you could play with it forever -- since we can set a seat memory for each drive, it is annoying that it doesn't include a memory on mirror positions. Everything works quite well."

Anonymous, AL (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Nice front view and confort"

FERNAND R., QC (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Very comfortable ride and seats. Lots of room for rear seat passengers. Great looking style that I get complements on often."

MICHAEL C., OH (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Ride is a little bumpy. It seems like you feel every bump in the road"

EARNEY Y., WI (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"My car is the SE and the suspension is stiff"

CULLEN W., CO (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"I am a short person (5'2) and the driver's seat does not quite go up high enough. Also, because I have to have the seat forward so much, the Bluetooth microphone is too far behind me and people have a hard time hearing me."

WILLIAM S., NC (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Most uncomfortable driver's seat I ever had. Buildup on the sides of the seat hurt my hip bones. Need to use a cushion on seat to fill in, but haven't found one that works well."

Anonymous, NV (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Needs lumbar support"

RON F., FL (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"The driver's seat adjustment allows for very specific comfort needs."

Anonymous, UT (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"I had to pay for someone to modify the front seats. They made my back really hurt. The other areas are fine."

Anonymous, TX (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Driver seat not that comfortable. Car is quite. On a rough road the ride is rough"

ABRAHAM L., NY (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Great seats, climate control is good, ride very comfy"

Anonymous, NY (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats are very uncomfortable for extended driving. Was told the limited model had air cooled seats this feature is not available for the RAV4. Climate control is OK but excessively noisy and upper and lower vents do not work efficiently at the same time. No rear heat or ac. T"

Anonymous, AZ (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Very comfortable conforms to your body. Very quite ride"

Anonymous, FL (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Front passenger seat does not have electric controls. It has to be adjusted manually. I can't understand why Toyota failed to make this seat electronically controlled; after all, this is the top model."

Anonymous, AB (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"I wish the seats were a little more comfortable."

ADAM C., WA (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"I haven't found the perfect set of seat adjustments yet, but I think I'm close. Ride is a little rougher than the Highlander. Dual climate control is nice to have."

L L., MN (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"The Best AC I have ever had. In florida it cools a hot car down very fast. I measured the temperature output on high at 39 degrees while the outside temp was 95 degrees. The cloth seats are the best in this hot climate."

RICHARD J., FL (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats are terrible, The raised up portions cut into your thighs Good for short trips only"

THOMAS B., FL (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"bad: when decelerating, the car sounds like a jet (the whoosh of a jet engine).. Otherwise, quite satisfied."

Anonymous, OH (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats supportive and comfortable. Reasonably quiet. Ride controlled."

Anonymous, AR (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Lots of road noise on the highway and rough ride"

Anonymous, TX (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"comfortable driver & passenger seats"

RICK B., SC (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"It is a very quiet vehicle. And the ride is smooth and peppy. You"

MARY P., SD (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Comfort holds up very well in long drives."

HARRY I., OR (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Very noisy ride"

RICHARD R., NC (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Very comfortable to drive. Excellent visibility. Quiet and stress free driving."

JOHN S., ON (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Extremely comfortable seats but would not fit anyone more than just a little above average height."

TOM C., WI (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Front Driver's seat not comfortable. Highest output of fan for climate control is sub-par. Relatively quiet at 55MPH plus. Rough ride with stock Dunlop tires. Did a take-off at 49 miles and installed CR recommended tires."

Anonymous, MD (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats are extremely hard. Outside mirrors are intrusive. Block the view."

Anonymous, FL (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"The manual sets are very uncomfortable to ride in for any distance"

RICHARD S., FL (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Driver's seat can be pumped higher. A/C3 works well. Much quieter than the 2013."

JON M., GA (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"I think it is a bit noisy on freeway. Great room in back. I can fit my large dog kennel in back. Overall comfortable and very satisfied."

Anonymous, MN (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"The seats are very comfortable, the a/c is very good and front and back seats are comfortable in the Florida heat. The cabin is exceptionally quiet and the ride is smooth."

DONALD M., FL (2016 Toyota RAV4)


Anonymous, TX (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats are not very comfortable. There are not a/c in the back, so you must increase the fan speed when you have people seating in the back."

Anonymous, FL (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"smooth ride, engine so quiet, climate control is good, seats comfortable but too low. Can't see over the hood so hard to guess where the white lines are for parking slot. Side mirrors block vision."

MARGARET N., CA (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"FINALLY! A quit Toyota!"

Anonymous, TX (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Front and rear seats are very comfortable. The rear seats are much better than other similar SUV's and have a reclining feature. Adult males can ride comfortably in all seats on long distance trips."

ROBERT S., OR (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"The seats are very comfortable. The headrest is the best I have ever used"

CHERYL H., NJ (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Very comfortable seats, low noise, quiet on the freeway."

JESSE B., AR (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"For an XLE, one would expect power seats. However, all are manually operated."

JANE B., WA (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats are a bit small"

KENNETH H., NY (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"poor ride, very bumpy and noisy. seats are very uncomfortable with very little support for the back."

Anonymous, HI (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Drivers seat too low. Front passenger seat does not have power controls."

SUZANNE G., CA (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Noisy ride on most roads and does not handle bumps very well."

Anonymous, VA (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"seat has a built in backwards tilt which is annoying on long drives"

J B., ID (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats much better than my 2005 RAV4. Climate control satisfies driver and passenger. Quieter and much smoother ride than 2005."

LINDA W., VA (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"seats in the limited are tiring on long trips"

Anonymous, FL (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Seats have a lip on the edge, comfortable when seated, but uncomfortable to get into the seat."

Anonymous, AZ (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Ride,bumpy ride"

GARY H., OR (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"I love this RAV4 as I have driven previous models (even bought a new one in 2014 and returned it 3 days later due to such a hard ride! It jostled my whole body--returned it, bought a one year old Venza (which was noisy) then waited for Toyota to come out with a more comfortable small SUV. This was the year! This is quiet, comfortable, smooth riding, and the perfect size for me!"

BARBARA B., WA (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"A/C needs improvement"

JOE B., NJ (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"drivers seat can adjust upward"

JAY T., FL (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Rides rough and is noisy"

Anonymous, AZ (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"With the SE model I could not get automatic adjustable seats, or electric passenger seat"

Anonymous, AZ (2016 Toyota RAV4)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"My wife traded her 2004 Prius, with over 110,000 miles on it, when Toyota came out with a hybrid RAV 4, which gives her a higher "perch" in traffic and a safer vehicle for bringing our twin grandchildren ten miles home from their school every afternoon. Using the same dealer from whom we bought the Prius, we got an excellent deal on the RAV 4."

Russell B., PA (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Felt it is a great value for the money. Did a lot of resurch before buying. After buying and talking to friends and relatives 3 others purchased the vehicle (I need my commission form Toyota)"

Anonymous, AZ (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"High quality and reliability"

Francisco S., CA (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"It is a serviceable vehicle. Nothing special but OK."

David B., AZ (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"I like how Toyoto makes available all the safety features for their cars. Other manufactures make you wait a year or two to get some of these features on all models."

Anonymous, MN (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Our RAV4 has been a very good vehicle at this point. Great gas mileage, comfortable ride, and sleek design."

Scott R., SC (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Great engine nice even day drive car with good gas mileage,"

Anonymous, TX (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Paid a reasonable price for this vehicle that includes all of the new safety systems"

E K., NC (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Good winter driving. Does have a snow concern up under the door bottoms that builds up and enters the cabin of the Ra 4 : snow, salt"

Anonymous, MI (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"The 2016 RAV4 is a lot of vehicle for the money when considering the included features, performance, and exceptional re-sale value."

Steven T., TX (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Toyota (We've had five) are a bit pricey. They know they have a good product, and they charge accordingly. Toyota also doesn't have much in the way of meaningful year end deals or financing."

MARK M., MN (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"I have had no issues at all. We just drive it which is much better than other vehicles we have had."

TIMOTHY R., OH (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"I initially wanted a hybrid but was told they were hard to get. The car I tried was apparently an xle but the one I took home did not have items I expected--smart key, electronic seats, etc. Being very familiar with Toyotas (since 1976) I was very careless because I'd just totaled my car and needed this fast. And I paid what I would have paid for the hybrid."

LYNDA H., NM (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Had a true car print out but didn't need to use it because our salesman Vann White beat the true value price and then lowered it when we told him we were returning customers. We actually got an AWD lower than the FWD price. Vann White made the difference for us. Thanks to Vann and the dealership Acton Toyota of Littleton Massachusetts."

WILLIAM P., MA (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Car is fine, but is anyone ever satisfied with the price? I don't like haggling over price."

Anonymous, ON (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"The auto buying firm that brokered my purchase of the 2016 RAV4 Limited made the acquisition from a regular large Toyota dealer. The price I had requested was based on a less technology endowed car. So when we went to take delivery I feared a mistake was made in the the "Limited" is the most upgraded tech model. My price point had been met, but my expectation of a lesser equip car was not. Now understand that I really did not desire to have all the very expensive goodies to have to maintain i"

JAMES M., CO (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Lame value compared to others in class of vehicles. Terrible gas mileage. Brake petal is soft and all most on the floor . You need a lot of room to stop. Two toyota dealers State all is fine.3000 miles on car. Hate it"

PATRICK J., NY (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"When reliability is considered, there is no better value in a small SUV."

LEONARD L., NY (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Because the RAV4 is leased, there wasn't too much I could do about negotiating a price for the lease. Overall, in the few weeks that I've driven the car it meets my expectations despite a limited time on the roads and highways."

Anonymous, NH (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Expected more add on electronic packages."

Anonymous, CA (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"The top of the line limited charges extra for an alarm system."

Anonymous, CA (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Monthly lease payment very good"

Anonymous, NM (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Bought the lowest priced model (LE stands for Least Expensive) with plain front wheel drive with the fewest Toyota high profit mandatory add-ons I could find. I believe this model could be actually sold for 1000-1500 less and a profit for all."

Anonymous, MD (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"It is a Great riding vehicle, handles the road great"

Anonymous, IL (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"We got a super trade in deal for the 2016 Toyota RAV4 from very helpful and knowledgeable dealer. A great bonus for AEROPLAN miles too!"

Anonymous, ON (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"One odd finding was that there was no rear hatch release for the driver and nor was there a switch for the driver to close the rear hatch in the cabin."

DONALD H., CT (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"%0 financing, better mpg than previous Rav4. Minor thing: panel clock visible all the time."

JON M., GA (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"The RAV4 cost the most compare to the CRV and the Rogue. I should have bought the CRV which gives a better value."

Anonymous, HI (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"This is out 3rd RAV4. 100 % satisfied"

ROBERT E., NJ (2016 Toyota RAV4)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Good. I work with little dogs and made a dog playpen in the trunk space. A sheepskin pad and the net makes it safe and comfortable."

Anonymous, CA (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"The interior is classy looking but they could improve on the cup holders and compartments and also door compartments need cup holders and more room.."

VIRGINIA M., CA (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Front end styling"

ROBERT P., NY (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"I could only get black interior, which was not my preference."

Anonymous, MD (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"The SE model has great wheels, aggressive styling, and a nice profile."

BRETT M., NY (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"some of the parts feel cheap"

MARY P., WA (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"great interior feels like a luxury SUV feel. its brand new so my view is of a new owner here."

CHUCK C., IL (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"I bought the new SE trim level and I love it!"

DONNA F., TX (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Having downsized from a Highlander to a Rav4 I am thrilled with the look of the car and the fact that it is much more stylish than the vehicle I had before."

Anonymous, VA (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"What I love most about the new RAV4 is the safety features. I got the tech pkg and the backup camera along with the radar cruise control make it one if the safest vehicles around. It slowes you down when you set a speed and a,eats you when there is a need to stop due to an possible crash. I feel very safe in the new RAV4 Plus...It is so pretty. Great Red colour, body style is very stylist. Love the new headlights. Overall very happy with my purchase. I just wish I had got the hybrid as I"

Anonymous, AB (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"I do not like the rear door. My last RAV4 opened to the side. This one opens from the bottom up, and dirt accumulates on the rear window because of the lip over the top of the door. It also drips on me in the rain when I am loading and unloading."

Anonymous, ID (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Front end sculpted, size externally and internally, unique color, unique look."

Anonymous, MO (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"It's a great car."

JULIA P., DE (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"I like the looks and color. I'm happy looking at her."

RUSTY M., CA (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Color (Black Currant) and overall looks"

Anonymous, NM (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Not very good material. Gets dirty too easily."

Anonymous, OR (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"I think it has the "cleanest" lines of the models available in its segment. I'm glad Tpyota dropped the spare tire storage area from the rear door."

JOHN W., RI (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Bright lights, style is new and sporty. Wheels are atractive on this SE model."

MICHAEL C., OH (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"all the prior questions you asked, we are completely satisfied!"

Anonymous, GA (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Every time I see the RAV4 in this blue electric storm color we chose I think it really works. A fine looking car and in my opinion the best looking in its class."

PHILIP M., BC (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"A little dated"

RAYMOND M., FL (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"The 1015 model has better exterior styling I think. The interior is all black except in 3 paint colors in the LTD models The silver dash trim reflects badly in the driver side and passenger side mirrors and also in the front window on sunny days. We test drove it on a cloudy day, other wise we might not have bought it"

DAVID M., BC (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"A wide view through the windshield"

NEIL B., NY (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Don't care for the fake leatherette as only option for seats.Wish the driving modes "eco, sport" were lighted so you can see find them in dark. wish labels were larger print/icons fore readability. wish speed was viewable in digital format because the speed indicator is hard to read and inconsistent with US speed limits of 55, 65, etc. Wish glove compartment was lockable, and that the area under the rear storage was lockable. Wish there was a place for purses."

Anonymous, MD (2016 Toyota RAV4)


Anonymous, SC (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Acceleration and quick turns awd"

PAUL H., NJ (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Love the new LED lights, both front and rear as well as all the safety tech that was added for 2016."

ANTHONY B., NY (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"sport edition, very cool"

JOHN H., AZ (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"Super sharp looking exterior. The headlights and tail lights look fantastic. Love the curves"

CHRISTOPHER G., FL (2016 Toyota RAV4)

"I have the Limited model and I really like the color and styling on the outside and the comfort and styling on the inside."

Anonymous, PA (2016 Toyota RAV4)

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