The Yaris is offered as a hatchback and a sedan. Either will deliver excellent fuel economy and a very good ride, although handling is sloppy and unforgiving at its limits. Acceleration is adequate, but the engine is noisy at high revs. Stopping distances for our non-ABS equipped hatchback were extremely long.  Many drivers found the driving position flawed.
There are 10 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"I feel that my Yaris handles fine. Acceleration is not what you would get with a car with a more powerful engine, but it is certainly sufficient. It has never left me in a situation where I felt unsafe. I was never expecting it to perform like a sports car. It handles fine in snow, although tires can have a lot to do with that."

Anonymous, OH (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"By now it's an 11 yr. old car and still very peppy and responsive in traffic. I don't do much long distance driving where you have long up-hill inclines, probably a bit weak there. Breaks are still responsive. I service it regularily2/year."

Anonymous, BC (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"Initial acceleration is not smooth"

Anonymous, MD (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"This car is surprisingly fun to drive, and it handles really well."

David S., CT (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"The acceleration is adequate. Quick and nimble in town. The car suffers from strong crosswinds when on the highway. You can feel the wind pushing the car around."

Lawrence H., NY (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"This little car has thee acceleration of much larger one, it handles extremely well on curves. Wind sheer can be a problem for individuals not familiar with small cars. I love this car."

Judy C., OR (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"It's zippy and gets great gas mileage."

Thomas P., IL (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"Not the smoothest of rides but it's been super dependable."

Barry S., AZ (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"Acceleration on this car is weak. I would like the new Yaris to have a better acceleration. It is an excellent car. Handling has been good in this car, I like it."

Mario L., CA (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"A peppy car to drive, it handles well and is fun to drive."

John P., ON (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"Once we replaced the standard tires it came with, it handled so much better. We installed Michelin Defenders and it made a huge difference int \he winter."

Thomas P., IL (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"The acceleration is so poor with the Yards it is a danger on the roads, for example trying to merge onto a busy highway."

Jayne S., MI (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"it does not have the best acceleration, but that is to be expected with a tiny engine. I wish I had gotten an automatic because I find driving the stick shift in traffic to be more unpleasant than I thought I would."

Kelly N., IL (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"the clutch has always been very "touchy""

Anonymous, BC (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"The size of the Yaris hatchback allows me to access much smaller parking spaces; also, it allows me to make turns and U-turns in a much smaller space. Gas mileage is great. As long as I keep up with the maintenance there have been no problems. I have owned it eight years and the mileage is now at 240,000 miles!"

MICHAEL L., VT (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"Acceleration is remarkable for a 1.5L engine and certainly adequate for most needs. Handling, although not very sporty is certain and quite comfortable."

JOHN V., VT (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"All things stand out...Wife drives it to death, but it keeps on ticking and cheaply (about 35-40 mph stil)! Two recalls taken care of by local Toyota dealer...quickly, easily...Never had problems with any driving. Cheap to drive and service!"

Anonymous, FL (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"Acceleration is great and it is a very peppy car. Tires it came with weren't so great, but upon replacement, winter driving became a snap."

THOMAS P., IL (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"Our 2007 Yaris has prompt acceleration and responsive steering, but the ride is light and can be bumpy and noisy. Whenever I wish it was heavier, better on bumps and quieter, I remind myself what a great buy it was."

BRADLEY G., NE (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"Good acceleration; good traction in snow."

Anonymous, IN (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"drives good for the price suspension could be better"

Anonymous, NV (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"It is not a pleasure to drive."

Anonymous, MD (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"Car steers to the side when wind blows from side, or during shifts in weight."

ERIC S., ON (2007 Toyota Yaris)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Plenty of leg room and a decent comfort for ride"

Anonymous, NY (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"The seats are very firm and supportive, so traveling all day on the highway doesn't leave you as stiff as it does with a car that has soft cushy seats."

Lawrence H., NY (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"The seat is very comfortable for me as driver - like it was custom fitted. The door opens very wide - easy to get in/out. The dashboard does not intrude into the doorway to impeded getting in/out. Headroom is more than sufficient, even for my husband who is over 6 feet tall. The noise level is average. The ride is somewhat choppy - but this is a small vehicle & is to be expected."

-M V., AB (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"Love this car, it’s just a bit much with the road noise. A bit of soundproofing behind the back seats would have helped"

David S., CT (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"It has lots of leg and head room and the seats fit us both well"

Anonymous, BC (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"seats are comfortable but car is noisy on the highway mostly tire noise but some engine and wind as well, however this car was designed to be a city runabout so this is really not a complaint just a note."

Anonymous, AB (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"I particularly chose a higher model for the difference in the seat. It's higher and has better support. By comparison, couldn't drive a Honda. I'd also like to point out that it is a 4-door hatchback - not an option you presented"

Anonymous, BC (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"Seat are not very comfortable. After some time of driving, you start feeling uncomfortable the rest of your trip."

Mario L., CA (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"Just comfortable all around"

Anonymous, CA (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"seat is comfortable but the position relative to pedals and steering is off unless you proportionatly short legged. So when legs outstretched comfortably you have to strain to reach radio knob and comfortable have wheel"

Wendelin C., NC (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"Front driver's seat needs to roll back another 2". My 2007 Yaris hatchback has been very dependable and has now surpassed 250,000 miles; it has never left me in a lurch. I have the oil changed every 4,000 to 5,000 miles, and have my mechanic check it over x2 and sometimes x3 a year."

Michael L., VT (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"Our Toyota Yaris is a great car. The price for what we got is excellent. Although it is over ten years old, the body model and style holds up to current standards, and it still runs like a top. Super satisfied with this car."

Anonymous, CA (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"A small car with really good gas mileage but a bumpy and noisy ride."

Anonymous, TX (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"Not a quiet ride."

Robert O., GA (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"Car has a fair bit of road and tire noise and the rear seat is not a 60/40 split"

Anonymous, AB (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"the car has a fair bit of road noise on some road surfaces, and it is a bit small but this is a personal preference"

Anonymous, AB (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"Air con. Compressor clutch broke down at 130000 km, (6 yrs old). Won't be fixing it - too expensive."

ERIC S., ON (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"The back seat is super comfortable - roomy and great support. It's also perfect for taking a nap! The front seats are very comfortable and adjustable. With the back seats folded down you could transport just about anything. I call it the TARDIS - it's bigger on the INside."

Anonymous, WI (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"Gauges are in the center of the dashboard - driver must look slightly right to check. Center AC vents don't close."

MICHAEL F., IL (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"Engine noise is loud. Sound system is ok"

Anonymous, WI (2007 Toyota Yaris)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"The price I paid for the car was excellent for the overall satisfaction the car has given to me."

Mario L., CA (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"If I had had a choice of different options available at the dealership in 9/06, I would have opted for electronic side mirrors, and cruise control. This was sitting on the lot, and that is what I bought."

Anonymous, AR (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"This is a great car with great mileage, and has rarely had any mechanical problems. If you are looking for a run around car, with good mileage and low maintenance, this is it. Not the most comfortable ride, but a great little car."

Anonymous, VA (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"Low pricing with very good gas mileage, particularly on open highway driving"

Anonymous, TN (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"Great value as both low maint and extreme reliable -even insurance and taxes are lower. Got mine now exactly 12 years ago, mostly highway miles but has never needed much other than coolant flush and just replaced serpentine belt (under 100 cost)- nothing else cept oil/tires"

Wendelin C., NC (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"When I was shopping for a new car in 2006 I was looking for value and reliability. The Yaris delivered that in every way. The styling attracted so many people asking me questions about the car. "Is that a hybrid?" "What kind of gas mileage do you get?" "I like your car!" My fuel bill is about $30/month. A lot of people spend that every time they fill up. I feel I absolutely make the best choice for my needs at the time."

Anonymous, OH (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"I got eveything I needed in the base model, plus a couple of extras that I paid for. I am still very satisfied with my purchase!"

-M V., AB (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"Love my car and it was a GREAT value"

Anonymous, CA (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"Other than repairing the air conditioner once, there have been no problems. Easy to maneuver!"

Dave S., WA (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"It has been a good, reliable car."

Anonymous, GA (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"CR has reported repeatedly how cheap the Yaris is to own, and I have to agree. I bought it in 2006 after it was clear that the gasoline hikes that started in 2004 were clearly sticking around for some time. I have gotten no worse than 32mpg in winter and upper 30s in summer - even hit 40 a couple times. No major repairs so far and it's 12 years old."

Carl S., WI (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"Great a to b car. nothing special about the yaris just a good basic car. definitely worth the money"

Anonymous, ON (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"Super reliable and great overall value. Today's vehicles are far better, but it has been super in the value category."

Barry B., AL (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"It was one of the least expensive new vehicles available at the time of purchase but it has been extremely reliable and survived a rear end collision and repairs to the trunk and back bumper that had the insurer suggesting a write off. It still rides well."

Anonymous, BC (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"Very good fuel economy, excellent long term reliability, low maintenance cost, very good city manoeuvrability and ease of parking."

Donald G., QC (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"The 2007 Yaris is an incredible value. While it might not be the most attractive or comfortable vehicle, its reliability and ease of ownership more than make up for those negatives. After 10 years of ownership (including being rear-ended twice and totaled/reconstructed once), I can honestly say that I hope for another 10 years out of this car. The harsh and salt-filled winters really took a toll on the exhaust system, which I replaced in its entirety in 2016, but considering that most of the..."

Dennis S., PA (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"The was inexpensive. It drives great - like a go-cart - turns on a dime. We haven't had that many problems with. It has held up well over the years - still looks new -"

Phannee H., NC (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"You get exactly what you paid for it and not a single thing extra. I knew I was paying the bottom dollar for this economy car for basic commuting to work. A;lthough, I frequently travelled and left the car in the airport for weeks at a time. Hence the very low mileage on it after 10 years."

R J., IN (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"good gas mileage, reliable"

Anonymous, CA (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"Very economical and reliable vehicle (what Toyota is known for), This car has not disappointed us once in it's relatively long life."

Richard H., FL (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"Low price subcompact that looks and feels more like a regular sedan. Still looks and runs great after 150k miles and 10 years. Got more than my money worth for this fun to drive 5 speed stick. Starting to have a few expected maintenance repairs but never anything major, just normal preventative stuff. Mileage is starting to drop slightly but still averaging 39/gal since I bought it."

Roger C., KS (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"Justs keeps on ticking and makes the wife feel safe, comfortable, and relatively cheaply!"

Anonymous, FL (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"incredibly reliable, well-designed and economical car to own over the long term."

Roland V., IA (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"It was a very inexpensive car and it gets wonderful gas mileage, especially on trips (consistently above 46 mpg). It has had some reliability problems, not what I expect from a Toyota."

Gerald N., OH (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"This car is a very basic model without any luxuries but it has been an excellent value and very reliable and still looks brand new after 10 years!"

Kathleen C., MD (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"We have put 260,000 miles on this vehicle and it has never had any engine work."

Barry S., AZ (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"Few repairs cheapest car per mile ever owned!"

Anonymous, MD (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"It depends on who owned it before you, but a carefully maintained 2007 Toyota Yaris Sedan is a great choice for getting around in comfort and super cost efficiency. It's not a hot rod, but I love this car, and it's performed all the functions I need it to since I bought it."

Anonymous, CA (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"Surprising amount of trunk space, more with the back seats folded down. Good gas mileage for much less money than a Prius. Repair record is excellent."

KEVIN W., CA (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"Excellent transportation. Good on gas, transmission shifting ok. Confort ok but could be better. I'd rather have reliability versus fancy and in the garage getting fixed all the time. Great car."

RONALD S., BC (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"I compared several subcompacts at the time, looking for a good little commuter car at a good price. The Yaris sedan looks bigger than a sub compact, gets great gas mileage and has great excelleration. Maintenance is minimal since I've owned it so along with the low purchase price it's been a great value. I don't commute any more but its so cheap to own we decided to hang onto it."

ROGER C., KS (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"Economical city only car"

STEPHEN M., ON (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"Gas mileage is superb. Perfect car for a couple. Can haul a lot if back Sears are collapsed."

SIEGLINDE F., TX (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"Bought used. Had 120000 km. Haven'thad to do any repairs except routine maintenence."

HUBERT B., AB (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"The Yaris is a great pickup for daily use. The seats are comfortable & this storage Is great. The mileage is never less than 30 mpg"

Anonymous, FL (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"We paid $6,500 for a two-year-old Yaris. Other than replaceables and routine maintenance, we have spent nothing on this car. It just runs. Great MPG, too."

BRADLEY G., NE (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"I have owned a handful of cars in my lifetime and the Yaris is my favorite. It is not sexy, or powerful, or particularly comfortable. Despite these points, I love the economy and dependability that this car has delivered. I will drive it for as long as it lasts and all indications suggest that it will last for many more years."

KENNETH B., NY (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"Reliable. Now has 175,000 miles. Plus in the NYC area the small size is a bonus wnen it comes to finding parking"

RICHARD M., NJ (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"Never breaks, handling is very good for a Yaris."

BRIAN L., NB (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"No repairs other than tires, wiper blades, filters. Our first Toyota but not our last."

NORMAN S., MI (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"Very good driving experience"

Anonymous, BC (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"It is a quality vehicle but you get what you pay for... As a bottom of the line low priced car you don't get many frills and the ride is fairly loud. It's a dependable low cost vehicle with great gas mileage but it stops there."

RAYMOND S., NH (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"ALWAYS starts. Zero problems. This is a very basic car, and while not nearly as comfortable as a large car, it can be driven on the highway at 70MPH for long periods of time thanks to the supportive seats. Strong crosswinds are noticeable on the highway. Lots of legroom front and rear. Good quality but basic stereo."

LAWRENCE H., NY (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"This vehicle has 250,000 miles on it and has only required normal maintenance."

Anonymous, IL (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"It has lots more room than one would anticipate for a small car. and the gas mileage is great. Even got 46mpg highway, 60mph over a 7 hour drive!"

THOMAS P., IL (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"Good gas mileage. Peppy and dependable"

ELLIOT L., CO (2007 Toyota Yaris)


Anonymous, CT (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"Indestructible, will keep going for a long time"

ALEJANDRO B., FL (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"My husband drives 100 miles daily. We ordered this car as his work vehicle in 2007. We ordered it with a manual transmission. The Yaris with a manual transmission is pretty zippy and gets great gas mileage. We have the hatchback model which is kind of cute. Overall the car does exactly what we needed it to do. A great work car with a little zip, and great gas mileage. We paid approximately $11K dollars out the door for this basic car and it has over 200K miles on it and is still going str"

Anonymous, AL (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"Very economical car to operate and very reliable. Got a notice about airbag recall for passenger side, but not implemented yet"

PAUL R., HI (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"Best buy EVER! Wife's car used for shopping, taking trips, helping with food for animals (SPCA), large truck very helpful, newest set of Bridgestone tires noisy...but very good on the road."

Anonymous, FL (2007 Toyota Yaris)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"I had someone call it "fru fru", whatever that means. Another person commented on how small it was(this from a woman driving a gas guzzling suv)."

Anonymous, ME (2007 Toyota Yaris)


Anonymous, BC (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"styling is nice not the coolest"

Anonymous, NV (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"Looks quite classy for a small car."

SIEGLINDE F., TX (2007 Toyota Yaris)

"Timeless, simple styling with no gimmicks. The current Yaris is very ugly by comparison."

Anonymous, BC (2007 Toyota Yaris)

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