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Toyota Yaris

On the surface, Yaris has much to offer people who are looking for an inexpensive subcompact. It rides fairly well and is easy to maneuver and park. Handling is secure, thanks to standard stability control and braking is very good. Excellent fuel economy is another plus. However, the Yaris is noisy and uncomfortable, with a driving position none of our testers liked. It's also short on reserve power and not much fun to drive.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Acceleration is remarkable for a 1.5L engine and certainly adequate for most needs. Handling, although not very sporty is certain and quite comfortable."

JOHN V., VT (2010 Toyota Yaris)

"the interior lights never seemed to work right--not coming on all the time"

Anonymous, DE (2010 Toyota Yaris)

"Great power for such a small car; driving in traffic or on the open road is a pleasure."

LEZETTE Y., OK (2010 Toyota Yaris)

"There is nothing particularly good or bad about the handling. The acceleration on hills is lackluster."

Anonymous, CT (2010 Toyota Yaris)

"Everything great, except there is some getting used to the way it starts moving from standstill in first gear. It can squeal the tyres a little, or can nearly stall, if I am not very careful. I have gotten used to it."

Anonymous, IA (2010 Toyota Yaris)

"Its hard to control initial acceleration when stopped. When car accelerates, it's too fast."

Anonymous, KY (2010 Toyota Yaris)

"Actually dangerous when going very slow...it will jerk quickly if I am not hyper careful. And it is very perky for a small car if I need to maneuver at faster speeds in traffic. Parking is outstanding. CD player is broken—stopped working."

Anonymous, WA (2010 Toyota Yaris)

"I find the car responsive."

Anonymous, SC (2010 Toyota Yaris)

"No problems."

Anonymous, IN (2010 Toyota Yaris)

"Pound for pound, the Yaris gets up and moves very quickly for a four cylinder while getting 40 mpg."

Anonymous, WI (2010 Toyota Yaris)

"The Yaris is an economical little work horse. It is primarily driven by a teen. Older and larger drivers will not find it comfortable for rides of any distance."

Reva C., OK (2010 Toyota Yaris)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"The A/C system does not keep up with the heat. If it is over 90 degrees outside, it can't keep up. This is a design problem the manufacturer blames on the EPA for the new freon system that does NOT get as cold as the its predecessors. Its an "ok" car for short distances, but would not be comfortable for long trips"

Anonymous, WI (2010 Toyota Yaris)

"the seats are very uncomfortable - can't seem to adjust the seat to a point where I am comfortable sitting in it."

Anonymous, CA (2010 Toyota Yaris)

"I am a short person (5'1"), and the Yaris fits me perfectly. I find the driver's seat and the passenger seat very comfortable."

DIANA R., CA (2010 Toyota Yaris)

"It is somewhat noisy and has a rattle upon acceleration. Seats are ok, but not great"

REVA C., OK (2010 Toyota Yaris)

"The seats were not comfortable for longer trips. Even a 3 hour ride was too much for these seats. They are fine under an hour."

Anonymous, MI (2010 Toyota Yaris)

"Not a particular comfortable car for a long drive."

Anonymous, NB (2010 Toyota Yaris)

"Driver's seat uncomfortable on long drives. Seating position too high to see red lights unless I lean forward."

Anonymous, TX (2010 Toyota Yaris)

"Seats are easily adjusted to different people driving it. The ride is much nicer than MOST small cars. The noise level is greatly improved from the previous small car Toyota model."

Anonymous, NJ (2010 Toyota Yaris)

"Seats are reasonably comfortable for this price-point, but there is a lot of road noise."

Anonymous, CT (2010 Toyota Yaris)

"Not enough legroom for tall driver or passenger."

John P., SK (2010 Toyota Yaris)

"There has been a persistent squeaking, like a rubbing sound that can be heard with driver window down since car was a few months old. Also, car does not have good lateral stability."

Greg G., CA (2010 Toyota Yaris)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"The least expensive and good reliablity for a commuter car."

Anonymous, OR (2010 Toyota Yaris)

"Good styling for sub compact, roomy, reliable"

GREG G., CA (2010 Toyota Yaris)

"45,000 miles with ZERO repairs except for routine maintenance."

DAN L., PA (2010 Toyota Yaris)

"Good reliable transportation at a good price. Bought the Yaris with 7000 km on it."

GRAHAM H., NS (2010 Toyota Yaris)

"Initial cost was reasonable maintenance cost reasonable."

Anonymous, RI (2010 Toyota Yaris)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"The placement of the cup holders are a real pain! Located in the wrong positions!"

MATTHEW D., NS (2010 Toyota Yaris)

Would you buy this car again?

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