The XC60 is quick, pleasant and benefited from Volvo's latest safety advances of the time. While handling is sound and secure, the mid-sized SUV is not exactly sporty to drive. Further, fuel economy is mediocre and some controls are not intuitive. While interior fit and finish are impressive, rear-seat room is only sufficient.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Excellent acceleration. Feel in control of the car"

Anonymous, FL (2011 Volvo XC60)

"Excellent acceleration and handling."

Henry S., BC (2011 Volvo XC60)

"Very responsive."

DENNIS K., TX (2011 Volvo XC60)

"Great Car for longer trips.. miss not having the turbo version, although acceleration is quite adequate"

BRUCE B., ON (2011 Volvo XC60)

"Excellent acceleration both in the city and highway. XC60 handles behaves very nicely on the highway."

HENRY S., BC (2011 Volvo XC60)

"Great acceleration and handling. Built strong."

Anonymous, TX (2011 Volvo XC60)

"They need to improve the road (curves) handling. Way to soft!"

Anonymous, AZ (2011 Volvo XC60)

"Love the acceleration., when I need it. It’s a very smooth and comfortable ride. I feel safe when I drive Volvo"

Jill E., NM (2011 Volvo XC60)


Anonymous, FL (2011 Volvo XC60)

"You would never be able to tell this is a 4 cyl car. Acceleration is excellent."

Anonymous, NV (2011 Volvo XC60)

"maintenance cost is high"

Christina S., NC (2011 Volvo XC60)

"peppy 6 cylinder engine; tight, responsive handling; controlled ride"

Anonymous, TN (2011 Volvo XC60)

"Acceleration is reassuring, and handling is very responsive. Adaptive cruise control is a very desirable feature, along with other built-in safety systems. Warning lights and messages are particularly sensible and responsible. When a tire picked up a nail, the low pressure message first came on, followed by a more stern warning to pull over and repair the tire as pressure continued to get lower. I was able to drive to a safe, lighted location, where Volvo On-call quickly showed up and changed the tire late one night in NYC."

Paula V., VA (2011 Volvo XC60)

"It has plenty of get up and go, but is not a bomb. I don't want a bomb. The car is very responsive and handles exceptionally well."

Rodney R., AZ (2011 Volvo XC60)

"Excellent handeling and acceleration"

Anonymous, CA (2011 Volvo XC60)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Extremely good support provided by the seats"

Anonymous, FL (2011 Volvo XC60)

"Safety is excellent"

Anonymous, WA (2011 Volvo XC60)

"This car is engineered for long drives. It's the most comfortable car I've ever owned."

Anonymous, NY (2011 Volvo XC60)

"There is some road noise with this vehicle. For the price, this could have been better."

Anonymous, GA (2011 Volvo XC60)

"Seats very comfortable. Air conditioning excellent as the vehicle is cooled down very quickly."

HENRY S., BC (2011 Volvo XC60)

"Most comfortable seat of any car/SUV."

DENNIS K., TX (2011 Volvo XC60)

"Adjust well and fit your body well"

Anonymous, NH (2011 Volvo XC60)

"Comfortable and ok on noise"

Anonymous, CA (2011 Volvo XC60)

"Front seats cradle my body perfectly and provide support and stability. Rear seats are very comfortable. Steering wheel fits the palms of my hands and provides ergonomic support while driving long distances."

Paula V., VA (2011 Volvo XC60)

"Comfort in seating was a high priority for us and we find these seats meet our needs"

Anonymous, BC (2011 Volvo XC60)

"Very comfortable seating quiet in cabin drives well"

Christina S., NC (2011 Volvo XC60)

"Handling and noise levels are significantly worse than the AUDI (about $12,000 less than the AUDI however )."

Anonymous, PA (2011 Volvo XC60)

"Volvo seats are very comfortable."

Anonymous, NY (2011 Volvo XC60)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Safety and comfort are excellent"

Anonymous, WA (2011 Volvo XC60)

"This is a very overpriced car. It offers very little in the way of technology and is costly to maintain once the warranty is up. My warranty expired before I had the car for 5 years despite my assurance that it was a 5 year bumper to bumper warranty (it starts the year the car was manufactured, not when it is purchased)."

Anonymous, NY (2011 Volvo XC60)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Well built and offers great acceleration and comfort."

Anonymous, TX (2011 Volvo XC60)
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Would you buy this car again?

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