The second-generation Volvo XC60 is a scaled down version of Volvo's XC90 three-row SUV, whose arrival signaled the brand's rebirth. Like its big brother, the XC60 boasts an elegant, uncluttered interior design. It also brings the latest in advanced safety features, and the Pilot Assist driver-assistance system. But not everything is rosy in this newest Swede, including its frustrating controls and stiff ride.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"I have the T6 and while it doesn't sound good it's amazing torque from standstill gives it a electric car like feeling. Also the adaptive cruise and autonomous driving is better in my oppinion than my friends 1st Gen Tesla."

Cezar C., NY (2018 Volvo XC60)

"safety systems, adaptive cruise control, lane departure assist, sreering"

Odell O., AB (2018 Volvo XC60)

"Good acceleration"

Anonymous, MO (2018 Volvo XC60)

"Very quick to respond to touching the gas pedal. Gives the driver confidence when needing to merge into heavy traffic."

Michael C., MD (2018 Volvo XC60)

"this car has amazing acceleration"

Charles W., CT (2018 Volvo XC60)

"Fast acceleration, Smooth ride, holds the road, keeps me in line with gentle steering wheel nudge, slows me down between car distance with cruise control, love the Sport mode on highways."

Lynne B., NJ (2018 Volvo XC60)

"Very reliable performance especially entering freeway traffic."

Anonymous, CO (2018 Volvo XC60)

"excellent handling & conrol"

Anonymous, NJ (2018 Volvo XC60)

"great seats, high quality, best looking mid size suv, great acceleration, good room in back seat"

Daryl C., BC (2018 Volvo XC60)

"This car is smooth as silk. As a PHEV it runs entirely on electricity for my local driving. Absolutely silent. It's quick and quiet off the light, and when it needs ooph the ICE kicks in. Shows of massive HP and Torque when needed on the highway."

Robert B., CA (2018 Volvo XC60)

"It feels very safe and allows me a great measure of control."

Rene D., MD (2018 Volvo XC60)

"The engine is powerful and the handling is very good for this type of vehicle."

Anonymous, MB (2018 Volvo XC60)

"Auesume acceleration for a four cylinder"

Anonymous, NY (2018 Volvo XC60)

"For a 4 cylinder engine, the car accelerates well when needed and feels like you are driving a larger engine."

Anonymous, FL (2018 Volvo XC60)

"Acceleration and handling are very good. The auto pilot works very well especially in heavy traffic."

Howard B., NY (2018 Volvo XC60)

"With both supercharging and turbocharging, plus electric, this car is a screamer, and it handles the road like glue."

Glenwood P., NJ (2018 Volvo XC60)

"Good acceleration, but engine is hesitant on hard acceleration and steering is vague."

Joseph M., WA (2018 Volvo XC60)

"XC60 handles extremely well. Both in city and highway driving it’s a very comfortable drive and responsive. The pilot assist and adaptive cruise control are extremely value added features but the process to turn them on could be more intuitive."

Anonymous, NJ (2018 Volvo XC60)

"Love it - handles well and accelerates asily"

Anonymous, CA (2018 Volvo XC60)

"The acceleration is incredibly fast! I hate the sound of the engine- it sounds weak and too small for an suv. I think Volvo should at least pipe in better engine sounds. The pilot assist is mostly good but it hugs the line way closer than is comfortable so I’m constantly trying to edge it toward the center of the lane. Pilot assist also isn’t great in stop and go traffic."

Rob S., OR (2018 Volvo XC60)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Wonderfully adjustable seats, very quiet cruising, and the (psychological) comfort of knowing we are in vehicle crammed with safety features."

Anonymous, DE (2018 Volvo XC60)

"The seats are incredibly comfortable and the interior is very quiet and well appointed."

Anonymous, MB (2018 Volvo XC60)

"The XC60 is a very comfortable car. The seats are excellent. There is very little noise, even when accelerating. The interior is a very pleasant place to be. Sound system is good."

Anonymous, ON (2018 Volvo XC60)

"Seems much quieter in interior when driving then our AUDI. Seats are very comfortable, adjust many ways. The ride does seem abit "stiff" though."

Lisa M., IL (2018 Volvo XC60)

"Extremely comfortable front seats"

Jim R., FL (2018 Volvo XC60)

"The lumbar support is the best I’ve experienced"

Peter O., GA (2018 Volvo XC60)

"Best seats of any vehicle in which I have ever sat - and your take a drive just to use the massages function."

Anonymous, PA (2018 Volvo XC60)

"Very accommodating to every body style"

Anonymous, OH (2018 Volvo XC60)

"Seats are very comfortable for a long ride and the entire cabin is extremely comfortable."

Steve W., NY (2018 Volvo XC60)

"Seats are sport seats and hug your body. Ride is smooth during acceleration and noise level is low."

Michael C., MD (2018 Volvo XC60)

"Truly phenomenally comfortable and beautifully styled seats."

Andrew T., ON (2018 Volvo XC60)

"Best seats of any brand."

Robert E., NC (2018 Volvo XC60)

"They are simply set up to provide great comfort on long drives."

Anonymous, ON (2018 Volvo XC60)

"Very comfortable and versatile"

Anonymous, OH (2018 Volvo XC60)

"Back comfort on long drives"

Erik N., WA (2018 Volvo XC60)

"Had back problems in other cars on long trips. The seat's lumbar support is excellent. No more back problems"

Anonymous, VA (2018 Volvo XC60)

"Handles very well, better than my Audi Q5 diesel but love that diesel, seats are the best anywhere, quality is as high as any german vehicle, engine not as sophisticated as some of german vehicles but not a big deal, also something different. Love it and would buy again."

Daryl C., BC (2018 Volvo XC60)

"Most comfortable seats I have owned"

Anonymous, FL (2018 Volvo XC60)

"Comfortable seating with lumbar adjustments. 3 level heated seats. Unobtrusive headrest."

Lynne B., NJ (2018 Volvo XC60)

"Exquisitely comfortable seats, whisper-quit interior, smooth ride."

Glenwood P., NJ (2018 Volvo XC60)

"The massage function is fantastic"

Roger O., NC (2018 Volvo XC60)

"Living room comfort"

Anonymous, VA (2018 Volvo XC60)

"Very smooth ride with very little outside noise. The seats are incredibly comfortable."

Michael K., FL (2018 Volvo XC60)

"Soft comfort"

Kevin C., NY (2018 Volvo XC60)

"The XC60 is the most comfortable car I have ever owned. It is ergonomic in every way. Back seats are a comfortable as the front and leg room would easily handle a 6’6‿ person. Love the car, comfort and associated safety items."

Ron K., MO (2018 Volvo XC60)

"The seating comfort is outstanding. Though the ride is overly firm, the car feel secure on the road"

Anonymous, KY (2018 Volvo XC60)

"The seat in particular is extremely comfortable even for long rides."

Anonymous, NJ (2018 Volvo XC60)

"Seats are very comfortable, but because the headrests do not move/remove, my wife (who is shorter) has her head pushed forward into her chest."

Jonathan G., NY (2018 Volvo XC60)

"I have had old Volvo's in years past because they were safe cars. they drove like a tank. This new Volvo is not only safe, it is the most comfortable car I have owned to date wether driving short or long distance."

Anonymous, FL (2018 Volvo XC60)

"I have a very bad back and the standard seats are amazing for both the driver and passenger, power lumbar for both passengers is a big deal for me. I crossshopped the Q5 and the seats in that car were horrible and there was no excuse for the passenger seat to not have power lumbar."

Cezar C., NY (2018 Volvo XC60)

"Able to drive long hauls with no discomfort."

Rene D., MD (2018 Volvo XC60)

"Outstandingly comfortable"

Anonymous, FL (2018 Volvo XC60)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Good value has every safety sysytem as standard"

Anonymous, OH (2018 Volvo XC60)

"The base model comes well equipped. Competing models require purchase of option packages to get similar equipment."

Anonymous, ON (2018 Volvo XC60)

"Not only performance but adde d safety features only provided by Volvo and no other manufacturers."

Anonymous, CO (2018 Volvo XC60)

"Very safe automobile"

Anonymous, FL (2018 Volvo XC60)

"Wow, this car's safety features have already saved my life. A car to my right at a highway Y realized it wanted to go where I was going and cut in front of me. The car's anti-collision systems took over. Seat Belts tightened, seat adjusted, and car automatically braked to avoid accident"

Robert B., CA (2018 Volvo XC60)

"Suite of safety features outstanding, plus remote start, make this car exceptional. (Remote start is an important feature in hot or cold climates, and it is offered by very few manufacturers. (GM and Volvo, but not Porsche or Audi.) CR low rating completely off-base. For anyone without racing ambitions this is the best car in its segment. The Sensus system is complex with many options, but once set the features work well."

Stephen K., FL (2018 Volvo XC60)

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