Best Clothes Dryers of 2022

These electric, gas, and compact models from Consumer Reports' tests get your laundry nice and dry

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Have you ever raced against the clock—squeezing in a load of laundry before work, a job interview, or Happy Hour? Then you open the dryer door to discover your clothes are still wet—a real tumbler bummer.

What went wrong? Was the load too big, the cycle too short, or the washer’s spin cycle too lame? Or perhaps your dryer was never up to the task.

Not all clothes dryers deliver. Some dry better, some are quieter, while others are spacious with special features that ensure clothes get dry, so you can dash out your front door on time. CR’s ratings rank dryers by performance, reliability, noise, and convenience (for instance, whether the door is high enough to clear a laundry basket).

LG dryers dominate our ratings like The Beatles, Michael Jackson, and Drake dominated Billboard charts. The brand performs best in CR’s lab tests and reliability ratings, representing the top 12 spots in both electric and gas dryers, with most registering in the high 80s overall.

Beyond LG, models from other brands perform well, too—such as Miele, Samsung, and Bosch in the compact dryer sector. The best news: Good dryers are available in a wide price range, from about $700 to nearly $2,000. And some of the top-rated dryers are among the least expensive.

Overall, dryers are a value buy, if you choose a reliable one. Some offer a steam option that will dewrinkle your clothes by spraying a little water into the drum while heating and tumbling. But, by far, the most important dryer features are capacity and a moisture sensor, which detects a load’s dryness and automatically turns off the machine to prevent overdrying, saving energy costs.

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“Dryers can vary in external size by a few inches or more, and many people have space or access limitations, like doorways,” says Rich Handel, the CR test engineer who oversees our laundry lab. “Narrow your choices down to a dryer that has a moisture sensor, then look at the space you have and the capacity you need.”

Over the course of cleaning a load of laundry, a dryer consumes much more energy than a washer, due to the heat required to dry clothes. So while drying performance is essential, energy efficiency is also a worthy consideration. An Energy Star–certified dryer can save as much as 20 percent on your energy costs.

In our labs, we dry laundry loads of different sizes and fabric mixes (like cotton/polyester blends and synthetic delicates) to determine a model’s performance. A dryer’s controls and ergonomics, such as ease of loading and unloading, determine its convenience score. The sound quality and volume of an 8-pound laundry load define its noise level, as judged by an expert panel.

Consumers prefer electric dryers over gas dryers 82 percent to 18 percent. CR tests electric dryers, but decades of research and testing confirm that gas dryers compare favorably with their electric counterparts. You’ll find both types of dryers, as well as compact models, in our comprehensive clothes dryer ratings

If your dryer is on its last tumble, the models below are among the top electric, gas, and compact dryers from our tests. For helpful information as you shop, see our dryer buying guide, which also lists the brands we test.

Best Electric Dryers From CR's Tests

Best Gas Dryers From CR's Tests

Best Compact Dryer From CR's Tests

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