“Everyone thinks of changing the world,” the celebrated author Leo Tolstoy once wrote, “but no one thinks of changing himself.” At Consumer Reports, we strive every day to change the world by working with consumers to build a fairer, safer, healthier marketplace. And today, in the service of that enduring mission, we are changing ourselves.

Let’s start with what’s new.

You may have already noticed our cover and the fresh look and feel of Consumer Reports, including our new color scheme and new “CR” logo built to represent us to the world consistently—to subscribers, on every newsstand, and on all sorts of screens. Inside, we’ll introduce you to our new, simpler-to-navigate ratings design.

Created with your input and feedback, these new ratings are easy to interpret, are digital-friendly, and don’t require any special knowledge (or especially strong reading glasses) to decode, whether you’re a longtime reader or brand new to Consumer Reports. As one of the many subscribers who got a sneak peek at our new ratings system told us, “It’s easy to read, easy to follow . . . it’s more accurate . . . it’s easier on the eyes.” These visual changes are part of a broader transformation, one that, beyond the pages of our magazine, will see us take strides to better connect you with the trusted information you need.

As consumers, you face enough complexity in the marketplace. We owe it to you to do everything we can to make getting reliable ratings, reporting, and analysis as simple as possible without sacrificing any of the rigor or nuance that sets us apart. The changes you’ll see beginning with this issue add up to a clearer, crisper, more intuitive Consumer Reports, one that delivers the same quality you’ve always relied on in ways that reflect your life today.

Though our colors may be new, the principles they reflect are timeless and unshakable. We will never compromise our ironclad independence. We will never sacrifice substance for style. We will never deliver anything short of best-in-class testing and reporting. And, as we have for 80 years and counting, we will never stop listening to you—and working with you—to provide smarter choices for a better world.

Editor's Note: This article also appeared in the November 2016 issue of Consumer Reports magazine