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Philanthropic Partners

A diverse community of philanthropists, foundations, and nonprofits partner with Consumer Reports to address marketplace failures that affect everything from the food we eat and the quality and affordability of our family’s healthcare, to the safety and sustainability of cars and other products, and the fairness and transparency of the financial services on which we all rely.

One example is an innovative partnership with the Ford Foundation, the Craig Newmark Foundation, and the Craig Newmark Philanthropic Fund, which made possible our ambitious, open, and collaborative effort to create The Digital Standard, a privacy and security effort crafted to put consumers first in the design of software, digital platforms and services, and internet-connected products.

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation has provided support for Consumers Union, the advocacy division of Consumer Reports, to understand the role of encryption in consumer products and services, and—along with funding from the Energy Foundation and Fidelity Charitable Fund—has helped us raise the voice of consumer interests in the fuel-standards and energy-efficiency debates.


We welcome partnerships with philanthropists, foundations, and other nonprofit organizations. To learn more, please contact Geoffrey MacDougall.

Geoffrey MacDougall, Vice President, Social Impact Partnerships

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