James K. Willcox

Senior Electronics Editor
Expertise: Tech & Privacy

Jim Willcox has spent more than two decades covering consumer electronics technology, products, and services. At Consumer Reports he writes about topics including net neutrality, broadband privacy, and pay TV and streaming services, as well as products including TVs, streaming media devices, and audio equipment. Jim is often quoted as an industry expert on TV, in print, and on the radio, and at trade shows, such as CES. Prior to joining Consumer Reports, Jim—a Columbia University alum—wrote for a variety of national magazines and newspapers, including BusinessWeek, Cargo, Men’s Journal, the Philadelphia Inquirer, Playboy, Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, and Sound & Vision. In his spare time he enjoys building guitars and racing sailboats.

“If you’ll be using a sound bar speaker with your TV, check out sets in the middle of our ratings that have excellent picture quality but subpar sound. You may find some bargains.”