Shanika Whitehurst

Associate Director - Product Sustainability, Research and Testing
Expertise: Sustainability

Shanika Whitehurst is the Associate Director for Consumer Reports’ Product Sustainability, Research and Testing team. In this role she is responsible for CR’s research and testing program on the assessment of the sustainable operation and use of consumer products which includes the evaluation of energy consumption, natural resource consumption, product durability, and carbon footprint, among other metrics associated with consumer goods. In addition, she will spearhead a research program that employs contemporary data analytics to understand emerging and persistent trends in product sustainability across a broad variety of product categories.

Shanika brings a wealth of experience working as an environmental scientist and program analyst for the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). While at the USEPA she led analysis, policy creation, and EPA oversight associated with the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and the Safe Drinking Water Act, among other leadership roles involved with the integration of environmental justice issues into policy.

Shanika holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science with minors in Biology and Chemistry from the University of Delaware and a Master of Science degree in Microbiology and Immunology with a specialization in Science Policy from Georgetown University.

“Sustainability in consumer products is an important and necessary step in reshaping our marketplace for the future. Having worked for the USEPA over the past 12 years I am very passionate about the environment. With the increase of adverse impacts associated with climate change globally, we must do what we can now to reduce these events and protect our environment.”