Tess Yanisch

Survey Research Associate
Expertise: Research & Insights

Tess Yanisch is a Survey Research Associate and works on CR’s nationally-representative surveys. In her role, she conducts both qualitative and quantitative research, including the monthly omnibus survey, surveys on fuel economy and electric vehicles, and a six-month trending interview panel with people financially impacted by COVID-19. She has also compiled meta-reports on survey research about sustainability.

Tess comes to CR with a background in civic engagement and other applied research. Prior to joining CR, Tess spent more than five years as lab manager for the Chair of the Applied Psychology Department at New York University. She also worked as a consultant with the nonprofit Public Agenda, where she focused on topics ranging from participatory budgeting to teacher collaboration, and has contributed to research with the Educational Alliance on two-generation education programs.

Tess holds a B.A. in psychology at Oberlin College, where she graduated Phi Beta Kappa, and an MPhil and PhD in Psychology and Social Intervention from New York University.