Consumer Reports operates the largest and most sophisticated independent automobile testing center devoted to consumer interest anywhere in the world. Situated on 327 acres in rural Connecticut, the Consumer Reports auto test center is home to full-time staff of almost 30, including engineers, writers, editors, statisticians, technicians, photographers, videographers, and support staff. Consumer Reports anonymously buys all the cars it tests — about 50 per year — and drives them for a total of about 500,000 miles annually.

Formal testing is done at the track and on surrounding public roads. The evaluation regimen consists of more than 50 individual tests. Some are objective, instrumented track tests using state-of-the-art electronic gear that yield empirical findings. Some are subjective evaluations: jury tests done by the experienced engineering staff.

Learn more about CR's automotive testing program — including not only cars, SUVs, and trucks but also approximately 30 child safety seats and 60 tire models each year — from our automotive editors and testing staff.

Jake Fisher, Director of Auto Testing, shares his experience here at CR