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Convertibles If roadsters are about having an experience, then convertibles are about sharing the experience. Convertibles tend to be more mainstream cars that typically seat four, though the rear seats are usually tight for adults. Convertibles
Roadsters Roadsters are purpose-built two-seaters that are (usually) fun to drive. Choose a roadster if you're looking for a fast, sporty car that prioritizes performance over comfort and quietness. Roadsters are not built for practicality; they lack interior and trunk space and most sit low to the ground. Roadsters
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Convertibles Buying Guide

Buying a convertible has little to do with practicality and everything to do with enjoying the open-air driving experience. In years past, convertibles were fair-weather-only cars, but modern models require far fewer compromises than the ragtops of yore. Many can shed their tops in 25 seconds or less, and some convertibles even allow you to raise and lower the top while driving at slow speeds (a nice feature if you're lowering the top when a light you’re stopped at turns green).