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From running errands to off-roading, pickup trucks are among the most versatile vehicles on the road. Small to large, there is a truck that can handle your workload and daily driving needs.

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Full-Sized Pickup Trucks Pickup trucks have become large, powerful vehicles with impressive capabilities. Myriad combinations enable these tools to be configured for your needs, from comfort to towing, though lengthy options lists can lead to big sticker prices. Full-Sized Pickup Trucks
Compact Pickup Trucks When a full-sized truck is simply too big, or expensive, for your needs, a compact pickup truck may be just right. With four- and six-cylinder engines, the trucks range from basic transport to well-equipped, crew-cab off-roaders. Compact Pickup Trucks
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Pickup trucks Buying Guide

A good place to start when selecting a pickup truck is with a realistic assessment of your actual needs. If you're not planning to carry massive loads or pull a very heavy trailer, you probably don't need a full-sized heavy-duty pickup truck. A lighter-duty full-sized truck or even a compact pickup should fit the bill.