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A good sedan offers the best combination of affordability, fuel economy, safety, while providing consistent reliability.

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Subcompact Cars These pint-sized, bargain-priced models provide good fuel economy and versatile interiors with a tiny footprint. Expect trade-offs in comfort, ride, noise, and power. Subcompact Cars
Compact Cars Small cars can be affordable, fun, and thrifty, though they can vary widely in practicality, price, and performance. The better examples have good fuel economy and space for four adults. Compact Cars
Midsized Cars Midsized sedans provide a good balance of cost, comfort, and efficiency. Top trims on mainstream models can provide an upscale driving experience, without the cost of a prestige brand. Midsized Cars
Large Cars Often bigger versions of midsized sedans, most large sedans are very roomy, quiet, comfortable, and have powerful engines. When well equipped, large sedans can provide more overall car and comforts than a like-priced luxury model. Large Cars
Luxury Entry-Level Cars Small, upscale, and dressed in prestige branding, these entry-level luxury cars often promise more than they deliver. These can be rebranded, upgraded versions of mainstream models that command a price premium. Luxury Entry-Level Cars
Luxury Compact Cars This popular segment features truly sporty, luxurious models from prestige brands. Optional equipment can make the prices soar. Reliability varies widely. Luxury Compact Cars
Luxury Midsized Cars Truly polished cars, the best midsized models define luxury with space, power, and a pampering driving experience. Expect all the latest bells and whistles. AWD is widely available. Luxury Midsized Cars
Ultra-Luxury Cars The top of the car hierarchy, ultra-luxury sedans stand out for their premium packaging, potent powertrains, and leading-edge technology. These are big sedans that command big prices, but they providing a rewarding experience for both driver and passengers. Ultra-Luxury Cars
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Sedans Buying Guide

The classic sedan body style covers a broad range of cars with varying levels of comfort, fuel economy, overall quality, performance, and reliability. Because of the diversity of size and price, the traditional four-door, five-passenger sedan remains among the broadest car categories, but the growth of SUVs as all-purpose family transport has eroded the sedan's long-held marketplace dominance.