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Sport-utility vehicles blend expansive cargo space, affordability, and performance into a versatile, all-weather machine.

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Subcompact SUVs Bantam SUVs provide hatchback versatility, all-weather traction, and fuel efficiency. Space tends to be snug for rear passengers. Subcompact SUVs
Compact SUVs Small SUVs offer a blend of roominess, functionality, decent handling, fuel-economy, and all-wheel-drive at a good price that has seen them gain popularity as a do-it-all, Goldilocks solution. Some models approach midsized SUVs in size and comfort. Compact SUVs
Midsized SUVs Mainstream, midsized SUVs are commonly offered in three-row configurations, with seating for five plus two in the way back. These are functional, multipurpose vehicles that escape the nerdy image of a minivan. Midsized SUVs
Large SUVs These behemoths are scaled for big jobs, such as transporting abundant cargo, and pulling heavy trailers and big boats. Fuel economy and parking challenges are trade-offs. Other vehicles are often easier to live with, but not as capable. Large SUVs
Luxury Entry-Level SUVs Diminutive, premium-branded hatchbacks with all-wheel drive provide entry into upscale SUV product lines, but they often have snug interiors and lack true luxury. Small size can be conducive to urban driving and parking. Luxury Entry-Level SUVs
Luxury Compact SUVs These models provide a good balance of size and luxury, though price can often climb steeply as upscale options are added. All major premium brands offer a compact SUV, with some developed from their compact cars and other spun off mainstream models. Luxury Compact SUVs
Luxury Midsized SUVs Commonly sharing a platform with a related midsized sedan, these SUVs tend to be luxurious, quiet, comfortable, and technology laden. Being midsized brings ample comfort for at least five adults, along with decent cargo space and modest tow capacity. Luxury Midsized SUVs
Luxury Large SUVs Nothing says luxury like space, power, and capability--the qualities that define luxury large SUVs. This class is populated by models with all the upscale appointments found in high-end cars, coupled with serious towing capability and sometimes off-road chops. Luxury Large SUVs
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SUVs Buying Guide

Sport-utility vehicles are available in a wide range of prices and sizes, ranging from small models not much bigger than subcompact cars to extended-length giants based on pickup truck hardware. Midsized models typically provide the best balance of interior space, fuel economy, and engine power. Smaller SUVs are typically less expensive and get better fuel economy, but they usually have less passenger and cargo space. Larger models provide more room and towing capacity but get poor gas mileage, are less maneuverable, and have a significantly higher overall ownership cost.