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Consumer Reports is not currently testing Ice creams & frozen yogurts. Please see our Ice creams & frozen yogurts buying guide for more information.

Find your new favorite frozen dessert. Ice cream and frozen yogurt come in a variety of flavors, but not all are created equal in taste and nutrition.

View our ratings and reviews and browse our buying guide to find the best ice creams and frozen yogurts.

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Ice creams & frozen yogurts Buying Guide

As you go down the ratings, the ice creams tend to be a bit more gummy or have flavor that's generic or less pronounced. The best frozen yogurts have a slightly eggy taste, a bit like vanilla custard. The also-rans tend to have more flaws, including a foamy or airy texture or slight bitterness. The Greek frozen yogurts are less sweet than most of the others, with a big sour-dairy flavor.

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