YoshiBlue skillet review: Should you buy one?

Can this 10-inch pan take the heat?

Consumer Reports magazine: September 2012

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The claim. The  “amazing” 10-inch Yoshiblue Skillet, made of  “diamond infused nano-ceramic,” is “the greatest pan you’ll ever use,” says its website. “You don’t need oil, fat, or grease to cook with it,” and it  “wipes clean with ease.” Yoshiblue’s price? Ah, there’s that old 99-cent lure: $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping and handling.

The check. We conducted our usual cookware tests on the Yoshiblue. We cooked eggs to see whether they slid or stuck, checked whether pancakes got evenly tan, tested for durability by rubbing the pan with steel wool, and used a lab instrument to measure the handle’s sturdiness.

Bottom line. To oil or not to oil? Despite the website claim, the package instructions say, “Always apply a small amount of cooking oil before you start cooking.” Eggs did slide off easily. And after 2,000 strokes with steel wool, the pan’s coating survived in good shape, though by then, the eggs needed a little coaxing to slide off. Heating evenness was just so-so in our pancake test, and the handle wasn’t very sturdy.

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