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September 2012

Cover Story

10 surprising dangers of vitamins and supplements
Don't assume they're safe because they're 'all natural'


Magnetic toys still attract safety concerns
Buckyballs, Magnet Balls, Zen Magnets, NeoCube, and others have been marketed as adult desk toys

Lab Tests

How to Find the Best Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
Our taste tests show that some oils don’t make the grade


Best compact sporty SUV review
New fuel-efficient engines shake up our Ratings

Up Front

To get cleaner indoor air, maintain your appliances
Ignoring regular upkeep could be bad for your health

CR Health

Speak up when talking to your doctor
Ask about costs, consent forms, and more

CR Money

Legal DIY websites are no match for a pro
They provide services for a fraction of what you’d pay a lawyer


From our president: A daily dose of risk

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